The Resort Ch. 02

tagGroup SexThe Resort Ch. 02

*This series is written by two people co-operatively. It bounces back and forth between points of view between chapters. We hope you enjoy!*
After three years with this amazing woman, I am still amazed on how lucky I am. As I hold you in my arms, still basking in are first of what promised to be many many wild sexual experiences, I kiss your lips slowly; breathing you in. I give a glance to the completely satisfied man in the bed next to me.
"She is fucking incredible," he says.
"Oh I know," I reply, kissing you again before asking if you want to take a shower before dinner.
You quickly agree as we walk in the gym style showers off the main room. The showers have a soft rubber mat covering the floor which promises comfort for knees and backs, plus practical drainage.
We step into the community style shower. I can't help but stare at you. There is something breathtaking about seeing my beautiful wife have her mouth filled, and then transition to walking into a shower, you very comfortable naked.
As we step onto the shower mat, we notice a curvy middle-aged woman placing the detachable shower head on her completely shaven pussy; her magenta bead clearly obvious.
"Would you like help with that," you ask, as we go to the showerhead next to hers.
She just nods her head, as a small whimper leaves her lips.
I turn on another shower head so water is pouring over all of us.
I watch mesmerized as you embrace her and kiss her passionately, your hands going to her breast. I watch as you let yourself freely explore her tits and pinch her nipples; her nipples becoming harder as you play with them. You continue to kiss her as she lets her hands wonder to your breasts. One if my greatest fantasies unfolding infront of me. I walk behind you as you feel my rock hard cock pressing against your ass.
"I want to see you eat her pussy my love," I whisper into your ear.
You instantly drop to your knees as the showerhead is replaced by your mouth. I watch as the woman's head goes back in ecstasy; her large breasts heave as she shakes.
Not being able to resist, I take one of her hard nipples in my mouth as we build her orgasm together. I suck each nipple to make them redder and more pronounced. Her back arches as I can see you expertly eating her pussy. You run your tongue up and down each side of her wet pussy lips. Water cascades over us all in the shower as I see you take her clit into your mouth. Your lips suck and savor as you look up me. Your eyes show your excitement and happiness. Both of us finding pleasure from pleasing.
Your mouth completely engaged in her body as I run my hand down the woman's round ass. I give it a spank and grab onto her plump cheek. I then reach around her with my other hand and caress your head; groaning and petting your head as you enjoy her pussy. I know you feel the ripple of the spank into your mouth and I see your body covered in chills.
It doesn't take long before she is barely able to maintain her balance. She arches her back as she pumps her pussy into your mouth. Her body on edge as her orgasm builds.
Moaning aloud, she arches her back farther, her head back as she screams out, simultaneously squirting all over your face. You don't pull back, but instead open your mouth and slurp as much cum from her pussy as you can, just as I have done to you countless times. Her cum drips down your face beautifully.
"Mmmmm two squirters," I say, "fuck this is heaven."
I suddenly feel a familiar mouth engulf my cock as you take me deep. Your mouth works my cock and builds my growing need.
You pull away for a brief moment to encourage the woman to join you. She runs her hand along your back as you smile at her. You then kiss up my cock as the other woman kneels down in front of me.
You both take turns engulfing my cock while the other sucks on my balls. Unable to hold back, but also not wanting to leave anyone disappointed, I tell you both to open your mouths and close your eyes as I proceed to explode on both your faces. You open your mouth wide and look up at me. Ropes of cum land on your tongue, as another rope flows to her lips and cross her face.
You look at each other, your faces both covered in my cum and begin to kiss and lick it off one other's faces.
"Wait until you see how much she can squirt," I say as I push you onto your back.
The woman slides between your legs and starts devouring your pussy, with some of my cum still on her face.
I drop down and take your nipple into my mouth, before telling you to, "Cum hard for me."
You explode, washing my cum off the girls face with your own.
"Wow, you weren't kidding," she says, as she stands up and says, "thank you," before leaving us alone.
I kiss you, the woman of my dreams, as we both soak under the hot shower and prepare for an amazing weekend.

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