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When I was in the Air Force, I had one of those roommates who was always horny. Barry was always bringing women back to the room and fucking them without regard to the noise it made or whether I was there or not. The women didn't seem to mind and it didn't bother me, for the most part, so I never made a big deal about it. Sometimes I'd even use the noise to cover my own jerking off as I watched as best I could in the dark.
Even when he didn't have a girl over, Barry would jerk off at least once a day. I caught him several times over the first few months we were roommates. By the time we'd lived together for a year, it was old hat and I avoided his routine whenever I could and kept my jerking off to myself.
One Friday night we came back from a club and neither of us had brought anyone home. We grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and sat around bullshitting for a while, mostly talking about the girls we'd seen at the clubs that we either struck out with or didn't have the chance (or nerve) to talk to before someone else stole their attention. After that conversation died out he asked if I'd heard about an acquaintance who'd been discharged for being gay. (It was the 90s so don't ask don't tell was in full effect.) I hadn't even heard the guy was gay so it was a bit of a surprise to me. Barry said he'd known for a long time and we left it at that. We finished up our drinks and were off to sleep. Before I drifted off to sleep though, I heard the springs in Barry's bed squeaking and I dreamt about people fucking all around me.
The next weekend we went out again and had more luck. We met up with a few girls we knew and we danced the evening away. When the club closed, we decided to head back to our room and continue the party with some shots and beers. Barry and one of the girls, Roxanne, were going at each other's tonsils after two shots and the other two girls kept drinking with me. We flirted but I didn't really pursue anything dramatic since I'm not fond of fucking drunk women. After a few more shots, one of the girls, I can't remember her name, started getting sick so the other, Cyndi, took her back to her room. When she didn't come back, I resigned myself to another night of listening to Barry fucking while I tried to release my own tension. By that point Barry and Roxanne had lost all pretense of modesty and were pealing layers off in full view. Roxanne had nice breasts and a tight ass encased in white French cut panties. I caught just a glimpse as they collapsed on the bed with Barry piling on top of her to grind against her with his pants still around his knees.
I went and brushed my teeth and came back into the room to find them now completely naked with their positions reversed. Roxanne had gotten between Barry's legs and started sucking him with her ass in the air toward me. I turned off the light to give them at least a little privacy (and some for me too) then dropped to my bed and tried to quietly take off my underwear still imagining Roxanne's upturned ass and pussy. I'd gotten my underwear to my knees when Barry's bedside light filled the room with a warm yellow glow. He was looking right at me and I heard Roxanne laugh a little around his cock.
"Dude, Roxanne wants us to double team her. Are you in?"
I nearly came right then. My shoulders and feet were planted firmly on my mattress with my ass in the air and my underwear around my knees. I just stammered. "Uh, double team? Seriously?"
Roxanne took Barry's cock out of her mouth and sat up. She shifted her beautiful hips , turned to stand, and she was on her way to me. I stared, completely frozen, as she walked, no… glided, over to me and slowly knelt down next to me on the bed. She put her hands on mine then pulled my underwear the rest of the way down to my ankles and let me step out of them. Then she leaned over and kissed me as she moved one hand up my leg and stroked me. She broke the kiss. "Seriously," she said, her lips still brushing mine, and then sat up again.
Barry had moved in behind her and was rubbing her shoulders; she continued to stroke me.
I made some guttural noise that didn't resemble any known language.
"I think that's a yes" he said. Roxanne started licking my cock and positioned herself between my legs while Barry maneuvered to the end of the bed and knelt between her legs. I could hear him slurping away at her pussy while she continued working on me. I reached down and played with her firm breasts as best I could, rolling her nipples between my thumb and finger every once in a while, eliciting a gentle squeal from her each time.
After a few minutes, Barry stood up and started rubbing his cock up and down between her upturned, perfectly heart-shaped ass. She moaned around me and then pulled away, arched her back and said "Somebody fuck me" then she dropped her face and shoulders to the mattress between my legs. I took the opportunity to slide back and sit up just to watch as Barry slid in and out of her slowly. She moaned every time he pulled out and sucked her breath through her teeth every time he pushed forward. It was amazing to watch and listen to and I slowly stroked my cock.
Barry started picking up speed and Roxanne let him know what was working and what wasn't. For 10 minutes or so I remained a spectator until Roxanne straightened up, and leaned back against Barry's chest with one hand up around his neck. Her pink nipples were swollen and protruding and she pulled me to her with her other hand, guiding me to her breasts. I swirled my tongue around one nipple and started massaging the other breast with one hand. I could feel her stomach trembling ever so slightly and reached my other hand to her clit. I rested my palm against her mons and pressed using a circular motion as I split apart her lips with my fingers. I looked up when I heard her yelp and caught her biting her lip. I could feel Barry's cock throb as it slid between my fingers and I pressed them together, squeezing her lips and his cock against each other. Roxanne went over the edge, then, and started convulsing in orgasm.
To his credit, Barry didn't come through all of this and when Roxanne had settled a little he slid out and we helped her lay down on the bed. She pulled us both to her by our cocks and started bobbing her head from one to the other. Then, to my surprise, she put our dicks together and started swirling her tongue around both of us at the same time. It was a thrilling sight and a feeling I don't think I'll ever be able to fully describe.
Barry started breathing faster and she pulled away from me to focus on his cock. She cradled his balls in her hands and put her mouth around the head of his cock. I could see her cheeks caving as she sucked and slowly drew more of his dick into her mouth. After 3 or 4 inches were in she'd draw back and repeat the process. Barry lasted only about 5 of these strokes before he announced he was coming. Roxanne grabbed his ass with both hands and buried his cock in her throat. Barry let out a long, low moan as he bucked against her and she looked up at both of us. I'll never forget the look of pure joy I saw there. She truly got off on getting him off.
When Barry stopped convulsing, Roxanne sucked him gently then looked up at me again. "Your turn" she said, then stood and pushed me down onto the bed again. She straddled me and sank down on my cock. She started moving slowly forward and back with her hips, rocking on my dick like a velvet vice and I admired her breasts for a moment before she leaned down and kissed me. When she stuck her tongue in my mouth I realized I could taste Barry's come. I'd kissed girls after they'd blown me, before, but never after they'd blown someone else. I grabbed her ass and took control, forcing her hips down onto mine and grinding her clit against me. She kissed me harder and bit my lip. We continued for a minute or two and she started coming again.
"Don't stop" she said and then she pulled Barry in again. She started sucking the head of his dick and alternating between sucking him and kissing me. As I continued to pump, Roxanne pushed back with her hips to meet every thrust and Barry shifted closer and closer. At some point his cock was only an inch from both our mouths and as she kissed me Roxanne said "kiss it". She swirled her tongue around his cock head then and Barry leaned forward until we were both licking and kissing the tip of his cock. The sensation was exciting and strange. His cock was warm and soft and I continued tangling tongues with Roxanne around the bulbous head. Slowly, Roxanne moved back and I was left just licking Barry's cock. I heard her gasp as I lifted my head and popped the end of his dick in my mouth. "Oh, God, yes" she whispered and her pussy clenched around me. She convulsed on my cock as I started sucking Barry deeper into my mouth. I stopped moving my hips and continued sucking Barry, enjoying the feeling of Roxanne pulsing around my dick as I learned to give head. I tried things I enjoyed like swirling my tongue around the shaft as I moved up and down. When I did that Barry gasped and let out his own "Oh God." He put his hand on my head and started guiding me deeper onto his cock until I couldn't get any more in, then I pulled back to the very tip, sucking hard like I'd seen Roxanne doing. After a minute or so I looked up at Barry. He was watching intently and I glanced over at Roxanne. She, too, was unblinking and had started rolling her nipples in one hand and her clit in the other.
Barry leaned toward her and they kissed with my cock in her pussy and his cock still in my mouth, then Roxanne slowly raised up off my cock and moved away. Barry put his knee on the bed next to my head and leaned over to start sixty-nining with me. After a few moments, Roxanne came back over and I could smell her pussy next to me as I tried to get more and more of Barry's dick in my mouth. He, too was giving me excellent attention and had pushed my thighs apart with his elbows as he buried his nose against my scrotum. I could feel the wetness of his spit and my precum dripping down my ass and I was getting close to coming. I took a moment to breathe and said as much. Barry uttered a muffled "ungh huh" as he continued deep throating me. Roxanne then knelt over climbed on the bed, straddling my head behind Barry and I could see the wetness of her pussy barely inches above my nose. Just then, as if choreographed, Barry started running his finger around my ass tickling my sphincter. With that, I unloaded in a blinding explosion and grunted as I bucked my cock into Barry's throat. Barry gulped with each spasm, bringing more pleasure and more spasms until I saw stars.
About that time Roxanne started pushing her hips into Barry, forcing his cock away from me with each forward push and back into my mouth every time she withdrew. I realized she had put on some sort of strap on dildo and was fucking Barry just like he had fucked her. Barry moved back toward each thrust as if he'd done this hundreds of times and I felt his cock start to convulse. His scrotum tightened and I prepared as best I could to get a mouth full of come. I was surprised how much I wanted to taste his come directly from the source. With two more thrusts from Roxanne, Barry came a second time and flooded my mouth. I couldn't swallow everything and he pulled out, shooting more come onto my chin and chest as Roxanne continued fucking him over my face. Two more thrusts and she collapsed on his back, squirming in another orgasm.
I blew gently on her pussy and reached around to stroke her quivering ass while I listened to the three of us panting and trying to recover. After a minute, Roxanne got up off of Barry and they both climbed off of me.
"Now that's what I call a double team," she panted. Barry and I both laughed.
"That's far and away the craziest sex I've ever had." I didn't know what else to say.
"But you liked it, right?" Barry actually looked concerned.
"Hell yeah, let's do that again," I retorted.
Roxanne leaned over and kissed me, her rubber dildo bouncing by my elbow. "You're a keeper" she said.
Two months later they confessed that they'd planned the whole thing but that night was the beginning of a great relationship that lasted the remaining two years of my enlistment in the Air Force. To this day we all agree the planning was well worth it.

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