The Root and His Mom Do the Deed

tagIncest/TabooThe Root and His Mom Do the Deed

This is the culmination of an extended story line I've built over several previous entries: Root and His Sister's Big Weekend, Root and Sexy Sandy the Painter, The Root and His Aunt Lynn, and The Root's Mom Gets Nasty on Film, among others. Given this installment's length, I've divided it into four parts.
For those new to this series, our hero, Luther Casey, aka "The Root", is a well-endowed, bass playing Midwestern college student.
Per usual, this story is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults.

PART ONE: The Die is Cast

Denise Casey lay in her favorite lakeside recliner and soaked up the Friday morning sun. With a cup of coffee and a book, she was settling in for what promised to be a relaxing and uneventful late summer weekend at her family's lake house.
The original plan had been for her husband Charlie and his brother Jack and family to also be there. But earlier that week an old college friend of Jack's with season tickets for the city's baseball team had offered Jack his seats for that weekend's home stand with the team's division rivals. So Jack, along his two boys and Charlie, were going off to the city for the weekend to take in the games. And instead of cancelling their lake trip, Denise and Lynn, Jack's wife, decided to make a girls weekend of it.
But as Denise sipped her coffee and gazed across the lake, she unconsciously slid a hand into her pussy and touched herself through her shorts.
Denise had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. It had been a busy summer for both of the Casey families. Jack was coaching his sons' soccer team, and their games swallowed up lots of weekends that might otherwise have been spent at the lake. And Denise and Charlie had been doing a home renovation project that had also taken up many of their weekends.
Pinching one of her nipples while she slid her fingers along her slit, Denise realized how much she wanted to have Jack's big cock back inside her. It had been almost two months since they had last fucked, and her lust for her brother-in-law's huge tool had been building, anticipating this weekend would satisfy her gnawing needs.
Lynn had also been looking forward to this weekend so she and Charlie could resume their own long-standing affair. So the sisters-in-law were going to be alone, and that had its own rewards, given the pleasures they would heap on each other with their men out of the picture.
Both ladies had taken the day off from work and arrived at the lake the night before – sharing a late meal and a bottle of wine before sliding into bed. They were experienced in pleasing each other and had a long languid bout of sex, both getting off before falling asleep.
But in spite of her affection for Lynn, Denise still couldn't get over her missed opportunity with Jack. Denise was a big cock lover of the first order. And though Charlie had a good-sized cock that she had enjoyed for years, nothing had ever quite satisfied her like his brother's huge member. And as she continued to fantasize about having Jack grope her big tits while he plunged her cunt, she slid her finger back and forth along her covered pussy. She was on the verge of cumming when she heard voices approaching from the house.
"Look who I found wandering around the property!" Lynn called out, followed by a familiar voice shouting, "Hi mom!"
Turning around, Denise saw that walking alongside Lynn was her son Luther, beaming the same big smile that always made her heart melt.
"Lute, what are you doing here?" Denise called as she quickly pulled her hand away from its unfinished business, "We didn't think you could make it this weekend!"
"Well, the wedding reception my band was supposed to play got cancelled," Lute chuckled as he stood by her chair, "Actually, the whole wedding got cancelled. Turns out the bride had been bonking one of the groomsmen."
"Ouch!" Denise laughed, so pleased to see her son again.
"Right, ouch!" Lute agreed, "And Lynn just told me about Dad and Jack and the boys, so I'm sorry if I'm crashing your girls-only weekend. I guess I should have called, but I thought I'd just surprise you all instead. So, surprise!"
"Oh, we're so glad you came!" Denise said looking at her sister-in-law, who gave her a sly smile and added in, "Absolutely, it's great to have you here, Lute. You can be our manservant for the weekend. You know, rub on our sun tan lotion, bring us drinks, make dinner, that sort of thing."
"At your service!" Lute said with a half bow, "What can I bring you fine ladies to start off with?"
"Since you're offering, I could use some more coffee," Denise said, holding up her cup.
"And bring me some too, sweetie," Lynn added.
"I'm gonna' get my stuff out of the van and then I'll be back with your orders," Lute said as he headed back towards the house.
Once he was out of earshot, Lynn sat down in the chair next to Denise and smiled at her sister-in-law. "I was going to talk with you about it this weekend, but did you know that Lute and Bridget know what's going on between you and Jack and Charlie and me."
"Yeah, I know. Bridget came to visit us a couple of weeks ago and she told me," Denise said as she shook her head in resignation, "She said it was obvious from the way we all looked at each other, and it also seems we haven't been as quiet and discrete as we thought."
"Right, Lute told me when I saw him earlier in the summer," Lynn said, "You've got a couple of intuitive kids. My boys are still clueless. So, how do you want to handle things this weekend?"
"Well, it looks like one of us is going to be getting some big cock action," Denise replied with a chuckle, "And I'm fine with you two sleeping together. Just try to keep it down, okay?"
"Sure, no problem," Lynn laughed, "But shouldn't we all talk about it? You know, get things out in the open."
"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing," Denise mused, "It'll be embarrassing, but I knew this day was gonna' come eventually, and it'll be easier with it just being the three of us."
"And you're sure you're okay with me sleeping with your son?" Lynn asked with a sincere gaze, "I can be a good little nun for the next couple of days, if that's what you'd prefer."
"No, no, don't be silly. I'm fine with it," Denise said reassuringly, "If he wasn't my son, I'd be all over him too."
"Well, okay, if you're certain. But let me know if you change your mind."
"I will. I promise," then Denise asked, "So, does Lute know about us? You know, you and me?"
"Yeah, he does, and he's fine with that too. You'll see."
Returning with three mugs of coffee, Lute passed them around and then settled in with his mom and aunt. Sipping their morning brews, the Casey's caught up on each others' lives and then began making plans for their day.
After deciding that a long boat ride around the lake was a good way to start things off, Lute went to launch the family's speedboat while the ladies went inside to get ready. Then shoving off from the dock with Lute at the helm, they cruised around the big familiar lake. Many of the lake homes, like the Casey's, had been owned by the same families for generations. So the trio waved at old friends who were out sitting out on their docks and porches, and motored along enjoying the cool morning air.
It was approaching lunchtime when Lute suggested they head over to Ernie's, a lively lakeside bar and grill that had a boat dock for its patrons. After tying off, they walked through the bar and headed towards Ernie's outdoor over-the-water deck.
Doug, an old musician buddy of Lute's, was tending bar, so as the ladies went out to grab a table, Lute talked with Doug about the local music scene while he prepared them a complimentary round of drinks: a beer for Lute and two double-shot screwdrivers for the ladies.
While they waited for their food order to arrive, Denise, now loosened up after thirstily downing her first stiff screwdriver, started the conversation she'd been planning for years.
"Well, I hear you know what we've all been up to," she said quietly as she put her hand on top of her son's.
Deciding to play it up a bit, Lute replied, "And by 'all' I take it you're referring to you and dad and Lynn and Uncle Jack?"
"That's right."
"And by 'what you've been up to' I suppose you're referring to spouse swapping?"
"Yes, smart ass," Denise said with a smirk and a resigned shake of her head, "I should have known you wouldn't make this easy for me."
"Well then, yes, I am aware that you all have been having some fun together. And by 'fun' I mean 'having sex.'
"Right. We're having sex," Denise said as she rolled her eyes, "And you're okay with that? I mean, you don't think we're terrible?"
"Yes, I'm fine with it," Lute replied, giving Denise his best sincere look, "As I told Aunt Lynn, as long as it makes you all happy and no one gets hurt, I have no problem. So, no, I don't think you're terrible at all."
"Well, I'm pleased to hear you say that, because it really does make us all happy. And I promise you, no one's getting hurt."
"Alright then, you have my blessings," Lute said, and then continued, "We Casey's all seem to have unusually active libidos. It's true. Bridget and I inherited that from you and dad, and it's something we live with and enjoy. So, we're not a 'Leave it to Beaver' kinda' family. And thank god for that!"
Giving Lute's hand a squeeze, Denise lifted her fresh screwdriver, "To the Casey's and our active libidos!" she toasted, "And to hell with Leave it to Beaver!"
Joining Denise, Lynn and Lute both laughed and raised their drinks. And with that long-avoided discussion now over, their weekend together officially began, but in a new and very interesting direction.
While they lunched and drank, the threesome's conversation became increasingly candid. Both Lynn and Denise had fun reminiscing about some of the racy shenanigans they'd engaged in over the years. And when the ladies were into their third round of screwdrivers, they were prodding Lute for juicy details about his own active love life. This wasn't his favorite topic to discuss with his mom and aunt, but he gave out just enough information to satisfy their lusty curiosity.
By the time they all got back in the boat, their usual familial proprieties had been tossed aside and they were now simply three sex-loving adults: two comely forty-something women, and a young stud with a thick ten-inch cock. The ladies made no effort to conceal how turned on they had become by their lunchtime conversation, and Lute knew some manner of sexual coupling was imminent.
The day was heating up as Lute motored them back out onto the lake. Denise and Lynn shed their blouses and shorts and then stretched out in the back of the boat, soaking up the sun in their swim attire and topping off their screwdriver-induced buzzes with beers from the boat's cooler.
Denise had on a fairly modest bikini, but plenty of cleavage from her big tits was still on full display in the low cut top. And the bottoms nicely accentuated her shapely ass. Lynn wore a more revealing two piece ensemble that left little to the imagination, her own ample tits fairly spilling out of the bra. Both ladies were nicely tanned and they applied lotion to each other as they settled in.
Denise had a thick mane of dark wavy hair that she usually kept pulled back, but now it was loose and cascaded down onto her shoulders. She kept in good shape with tennis and swimming, and her well-toned body had just a few extra pounds, mostly around the middle and in her ass. And to Lute's eye, her tits had only gotten bigger and more succulent over the years. The same was true for Lynn, she was likewise fit and curvaceous, and with her short blonde hair and blue eyes, she remained every bit the foxy aunt that Lute had always lusted after.
Lute had brought along a fishing pole, so he pointed the boat towards his favorite fishing spot in a secluded cove on the far side of the lake. Once there, he dropped anchor in a shady corner of the cove and cast a line. As he fished, his randy companions continued the make-out session they'd started on the way over.
Now reclining on the cushioned back bench seats, Denise and Lynn were trading long sensuous kisses as their bodies rubbed together in a tryst that grew increasingly passionate as they groped each other's tits and pussies. Lynn's bikini top was soon removed and her big white tits, which in contrast to her bronzed body, revealed just how deep of a tan she had as Denise began sucking on her wide nipples.
"Yeah, that's so nice, baby, so nice," Lynn murmured as Denise moved her mouth from her tits onto her stomach.
Though continuing to fish, Lute couldn't avoid watching the action taking place nearby. Compared to his tipsy partners, Lute was sober, only having had two beers with lunch and none since. And though he knew his mom and Lynn were genuinely into their lovemaking, he suspected it was also partly a benefit performance for him. They wanted him to see how comfortable they were with him watching them have sex, proving just how dramatically things had changed between them all in only the past few hours.
Lynn now had her hand down Denise's bikini bottom and was working a finger into her slit. Leaning her head back against the the side of the boat, Denise moaned as Lynn pulled off her bottoms and then eased down onto the deck, positioning her head between Denise's spread legs. Planting her mouth on her lover's darkly thatched pussy and sliding her tongue between her deep red labia, she knew just what to do.
"Oh, god, yeah, sweetie!" Denise moaned as Lynn lapped on her pussy, her tongue sliding into her gaping twat.
Hearing his mother's sighs, Lute turned and saw her slip a hand inside her bikini top to squeeze her tits while Lynn worked over her cunt. Catching Lute's gaze, Denise gave him a euphoric smile before again leaning back her head, letting her mane of hair drape over the side of the boat.
Though Lute had seen his mother naked when he had spied on her and his Uncle Jack the previous summer, seeing her now at this close range – and with her knowing that he was watching – was totally different. Her bikini top was now undone and her floppy white tits hung down onto her torso, their big dark areolae and nipples accentuating the hefty flesh of her bosom.
As Lute continued watching, Denise transformed into someone who was no longer his mother. She was now a sexy and beguiling woman with a lover giving her cunt a thorough tongue lashing.
It was an erotically charged scene and Lute's cock was now grinding hard and long against his pelvis, stretching out along the drawstring waist of his swim trunks. It was all he could do to not yank off his shorts and go over and straddle Denise's head, shoving his meat into her sexy half-open mouth, suspecting she would gladly accept his offer.
But he wasn't ready for that – and he wasn't sure if he ever would be. Watching his mother have sex was one thing. But doing it with her was something else altogether. So he turned back towards the cove and made another long cast across the dark green water while his mother moaned blissfully behind him.
Lute had come to this cove many times before, both to fish and to fuck. Earlier that summer he'd boated out here with Julie, a frisky long-legged babe with a great set of tits. They'd met at a beach party and then ended up here when she accepted his offer for a boat ride home. She had wrapped her legs around his waist and screamed into the night as he stretched out her tight pussy with his huge cock. And they'd fucked right there on the very seat where his mom and aunt were now going at it.
Trying to focus his attention on catching a fish and less on the two lusty women moaning nearby, Lute slowly reeled in his line, hoping his lucky lure might again tempt a good-sized bass.
After a few more casts, Lute got a promising tug on his line, but as he did, he heard his mother begin to whimper, and when he turned to see what was going on, he lost the fish. However, "the one that got away" was nothing compared to what Lynn and his mom were now up to.
Lynn had re-positioned herself so she could suck on his mom's clit while also sliding a good portion of her hand into Denise's gaping pussy. And as her whimpering escalated into long moans, Denise rocked her head from side to side and announced her oncoming orgasm.
"Oh, god, baby, yes…yes…yes!" she wailed as Lynn increased her hand's thrusts into her lover's defiled cunt, "Aw, yeah, that's right…that's right!"
Gripping her big left nipple like it was a rosary bead, Denise's body shuddered as she let out a long cry that echoed through the tree-lined cove, "Oh, fuck, yes, yes!" bounced across the water and scattered a flock of birds from a nearby tree, "Oh, god, yes!"
Making another cast, Lute watched as Lynn removed her hand from his mother's drenched pussy. And Denise slowly came down from her orgasmic high, collapsing back against the side of boat, her hair now matted in sweat.
Kissing Denise's thighs and stomach as she moved out of her crotch, Lynn turned to Lute and gave him a mischievous smile. "Can you believe what a nasty lady your mother is Lute?" she chuckled as she stood up, "I mean, is she shameless or what, letting me fist her pussy right in front of you like that?"
Knowing all he did about his family members, Lute wasn't too surprised to see his mother lying naked in the back of a boat in a state of post-orgasmic bliss, courtesy of her sister-in-law. But he knew Denise's friends and co-workers would be stunned if they learned the extent of her hedonistic lifestyle.
Denise was a well-respected senior official in their city's planning department. She took her job seriously and worked hard to break the glass ceiling that was still in place for ambitious women wanting to advance their careers. Though she was known at work for having a spirited sense of humor, and all of her male co-workers definitely wanted to fuck her, she didn't dress provocatively, or in any way reveal that a sex-loving vixen lurked beneath her otherwise professional demeanor.
Shaking his head and grinning as Lynn finished up with his mom, Lute reeled in his line and turned back to make another cast, not sure what else to do at that particular moment. But as he prepared to throw his line, Lynn slipped in behind him. Pushing her big soft tits against his back, she put her face next to his and pulled him in for a long kiss.
"That's the taste of your mother's pussy," she whispered as she jammed her tongue into his mouth, "Did you see the way she gushed when she came? God her pussy is so sweet!"
Realizing that the piquant liquid on Lynn's tongue was in fact his mother's, Lute savored its taste as Lynn made sure he got a full sampling.
Reaching down as they kissed, Lynn grabbed Lute's thick member and began stroking it through his shorts. "I knew you'd be as hard as a rock after watching all of that," she whispered. "Jack fucked me yesterday morning, but I really need a big cock again, Luther. And I promised your mom we'd show her some excitement."
Then sliding back down to her knees, Lynn undid Lute's shorts and pulled them over the huge bulge that had been stretching out their front. As she did, Lute's thick member sprang out ramrod straight and hard, its veins bulging like a pumped bicep.
After taking a moment to admire his torqued manhood, Lynn wrapped her lips around its big mushroom head and drove it into her stretched mouth.
As Lynn began going hungrily at his cock, Lute looked over at his mom and saw that she was intently watching as she lay back on the cushioned seat. She was just as naked and sexy as before, but now with a towel partially over her lower torso. And when her eyes met Lute's, she gave him a provocative smile and an encouraging nod, prompting him to grab Lynn's head and drive his meat deeper into her mouth. As he did, Denise just nodded and whispered, "Oh, yeah…yeah. This is definitely exciting!"

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