The Saturday Night Club Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooThe Saturday Night Club Ch. 02

"How do you think you've done?"
For some reason, that made Ryan laugh.
"Why is that so funny?"
He shook his head, surprised that I had to ask.
"When somebody asks me how I have done in my exams, and I say OK, it means exactly that. I think that I have passed, but I haven't excelled. But when you say OK, it means that you've smashed it. Perhaps even being top of the class."
Then he said, in a way that made it sound like an accusation, "You always get over ninety percent."
He was right, on both points. But ninety five, was actually my benchmark.
"Ask me again."
After giving a deep sigh, he did.
"How do you think you've done?"
After a dramatic pause, and with a cheeky smile, I said, "OK."
This time, he didn't laugh, but I did.
I would get my results next week, and if I had dropped more than a few marks, I would be surprised. I always study hard, but for these exams, I had taken it to a new level. After my last time at The Saturday Night Club, I couldn't wait for the next one. The only way that I could stop obsessing about it, was to immerse myself in my studies. And that's what I had done.
Now, my reward, for all that hard work, was that tomorrow was the first Saturday of the month!
The next day, when I woke, the first thing that I thought about, was The Saturday Night Club. That made me smile. Then I thought about my Aunty, and that was a mistake, because my cock was now rising, and at an alarming rate. Normally, I would swiftly deal with it, but I couldn't do that now, because I needed to save it for tonight. Fifteen minutes later, with some difficulty, I had managed to get it under control.
After lunch, I met up with Ryan.
"So your parents won't be there tonight, but your Aunty and Uncle will be?"
He already knew that, so I didn't bother answering. But why was he asking?
"Has your boss met them before?"
I shook my head, and then, because I had suddenly realized where he was heading with this, I said, "Stop, it's not going to happen."
After shrugging his shoulders, he said, "It was worth a try."
I'm not sure that it was. I had worked out that he wanted to pretend to be my Uncle, so that he would be able to go to the club tonight. It was a stupid idea, that for numerous reasons, was never going to work. However, I was impressed with his perseverance. But, if he was ever going to get to The Saturday Night Club, he would need a plan that was a lot more subtle than that.
When I arrived at the mansion, the maid who opened the door for me, was Lily. When I saw her, my cock twitched. I would enjoy fucking her again, but would I get the opportunity? I decided to ask.
"Will I be seeing you tonight?"
She shook her head, and then she said, "Sorry, it's not my turn."
To hide my disappointment, I made a joke of it.
"Haven't you been working hard enough?"
She laughed, and then she said, "I have, but not as hard as Agnes. It's her turn."
So she was the maid that I, The Stallion, would be servicing tonight. It was her reward for being a good employee. But what was she like? I didn't ask Lily, because I wanted it to be a surprise. Not knowing anything about her, would let my imagination run wild.
An hour later, I wished that I'd asked, because it wasn't a surprise, it was a shock!
Agnes was now standing in front of me, hands on hips, and she was smirking. Her body language, and expression, said it all.
'You are going to have to fuck me, even though you don't want to. And because of that, I will enjoy it even more than if you were willing.'
I'd seen her before, but I hadn't known her name. She was the maid that had greeted me on my first day as, The Stallion. I say greeted, but she hadn't really done that. She had opened the door, and then she had told me off for being late, even though I wasn't.
This was going to be difficult. However, I was twenty one, so I was happy to fuck any woman, that was of a legal age, and had a pulse. The problem was her attitude. She was miserable, and I knew that she would find fault in everything that I did.
As she closed the door, I made a decision. This might end up being a disaster, but if that happened, then it wasn't going to be my fault. Even though I didn't like her, and it seemed as if she didn't like me, I was still going to treat her with respect, and try my best to give her a good time.
"Would you like a drink?"
She shook her head, and then she did something that took me by surprise. She smiled, and it was genuine, full of warmth. It was so unexpected, that I almost laughed. And, it had transformed her face. Now, for the first time, I noticed that she was pretty. With better makeup, and a more stylish haircut, she might even be considered as beautiful.
We were now kissing, and it wasn't how I thought it would be. I had expected her to be unresponsive, even cold, but she wasn't. She was enjoying my mouth and tongue, as much as I was enjoying hers. When I put my hand onto her breast, it wasn't because I was being paid to do it, it was because I wanted to.
She was a tall woman, only an inch or so smaller than me, so about five feet ten inches. Full, was the best way to describe her figure. Others might disagree, and say that she was chubby, or even fat, because of a few extra pounds. But I like my women curvy, and she was certainly that.
I had put her age at mid-thirties, but the firmness of her large tits, was making me think again. She might even be under thirty.
Her uniform was now off, and I was unhooking her bra. It took me two attempts, then it was done, and her tits spilled out. I was on her nipples, before her bra had hit the floor.
As I sucked on her, she was squirming. Rubbing her right thigh against my leg. Then she reached down, to grab my crotch. I pushed her hand away, there was time for that later on. For now, I just wanted to enjoy her tits, and her prominent nipples. But it was back within seconds. This time, I left it there. If it was going to become a struggle, or even a wrestling match, then there was only going to be one winner, and it wouldn't be me!
I hadn't expected her to be content with just feeling me up, and she wasn't. She wanted my cock out. And she was doing it with a speed and enthusiasm, that was almost frightening. When it was out, three quick strokes with her hand, got it to its best. Then she stopped.
"Finally, a cock that will fill my big pussy up."
I nearly laughed. She had made it sound as if she had been on a long quest. To search the country, night and day, until she had found a cock that would fit her pussy. An adult version of Cinderella.
She was now quickly taking her panties off. She had seen my cock, and it was what she wanted, so she was going to have it inside her as soon as possible. I would like to finger her, and perhaps even go down on her, but I knew that all she wanted to do was to fuck.
I was going to suggest the position, doggy, but she acted first. After pushing me down onto the bed, with a force that made it clear that I shouldn't get up, she said, "I'm going to do it." Then to explain why, "I want to be in control. I don't want you fucking it up."
I could live with that. I was going to lie back and enjoy it, while she did all the hard work. And also, more importantly, the pressure was now off me. If she didn't come, then it was her fault and not mine.
As she slowly lowered herself onto me, she closed her eyes. When my cock had entered her, she had sighed. Now, because she was sitting on me, it had become a moan. Her eyes were still closed, but her expression had changed. She was grinning like the cat that had got the cream.
This was good. She was raising herself high, then dropping down, forcing my cock deep into her. She was using the full length of my cock. She was now getting what she had been searching for, her pussy stretched to its limit, by a big cock.
After five minutes, she started moving faster, and I could tell, from the expression on her face, that she was getting close. However, I wasn't. I was enjoying having my cock deep inside her pussy, but I was now feeling her weight on me, and it was putting me off. At times, when she landed heavily on me, I was almost winded. With hindsight, taking her from behind would have been the better position, and I should have insisted on it.
Somehow, she managed to keep going for another minute. Then, when she climaxed, she shouted out, triumphantly, "Yes!"
As it surged through her body, her pussy squeezed my cock. If I had been on the edge, it would have tipped me over.
When she got off me, my cock was still erect. She didn't seem to notice. As she dressed, I watched her. The sullen look was back on her face, and she wasn't showing any interest in me, or in my throbbing member. As she was leaving, I got a muttered thanks, and then she was gone.
While I showered, I was trying to make sense of what had happened. I had managed to briefly penetrate her hard exterior, and see her softer side. However, as soon as she had been sexually satisfied, I had stopped being her lover, and I had become the hired help again.
Then I laughed. Why was I wasting time trying to understand her? I was a Physicist, not a Psychologist. The important thing was, that even though I hadn't come, I had enjoyed it, and next time it would be better, because I would fuck her from behind.
When the knock came, my heart skipped a beat. This must be my Aunty. Before the maid could open the door, I was opening it for her. It was Agnes, and she was on her own.
Without any sign of friendship, or warmth, she said, "Be ready in thirty minutes."
I just nodded. Then, without saying another word, she turned and left. I shook my head. Less than half an hour ago, we had fucked, and it had ended with her having a big climax. And now, she was acting as if nothing had happened.
It was possible that my Aunty wasn't here tonight, or that if she was, she wasn't coming to see, The Stallion. However, I was still optimistic. Mother had sung my praises, and this might be her one and only opportunity to see me. I just wish that she would hurry up.
This time, when there was a knock on the door, I didn't get up, I just shouted enter. It was Lily, the screamer!
"Mary, this is, The Stallion."
I groaned, and then I turned it into a cough. I think I got away with it. The woman in front of me, was attractive, and well dressed, but she wasn't my Aunty.
Then, in a plummy voice, my guest said, "I have a request, and I hope that you will indulge me."
I was up for most things, so it was probably going to be a yes, but to be certain, I needed to hear more. And I was excited, because Lily was still in the room. Mary might be asking for a threesome.
"I would like to see it. That's all I want to do. I don't want to touch it."
That was a surprise, and I was finding it hard to believe, but when I looked at Lily, for confirmation, she nodded.
It was now out, standing proud. I was smiling, waiting for her to compliment me on it. She might even be so impressed with it, that she would change her mind, and touch it.
"I thought that it would be bigger. I was told that it was eleven inches."
I could hear the disappointment in her voice. Then, after thanking me, she left. But Lily stayed behind.
I was shocked. For the first time in my life, I felt inadequate. Then Lily spoke, and what she said, cheered me up.
"Don't worry, you have another guest, and I'm sure that this one will appreciate your cock."
Then, as she was leaving, it got even better.
"I'll give you five minutes, so that you can get it back into your pants, before bringing Nancy to you."
That was what my Aunty was called. So, unless it was a cruel coincidence, my next guest was the one I had been waiting all night for. I was tempted to ring Ryan, to ask him to calculate the probability of it indeed being my Aunty, but I had the good sense not to. I was at the club, fucking, and he was at home, alone. I didn't want to rub his nose in it!
When the door was opened, the guest was the first one in, and to my great relief, it was my Aunty. It was typical of her. She was a successful business woman, full of confidence, who always wanted to be in charge.
"I'm Nancy," then she offered me her hand.
Her grip was firm, and as we shook hands, she turned her head towards the maid, and then she said, "You can go now."
As soon as we were alone, she sat down on one of the chairs, and then she beckoned me to take the other one.
"So, you are, The Stallion, but what's your real name?"
I had said it without thinking.
"That's a nice name. I have a Nephew called James."
Yes she did, and very soon, that Nephew of hers, was going to fuck her.
"Please excuse me."
Then she got up. I watched her as she walked towards the bathroom. She didn't wiggle her hips in an exaggerated manner. She didn't need to. Her normal walk was enough to get any man excited.
The first time that Mother had been here with me, she had gone to the bathroom, and she had returned in just her bra and panties. Would my Aunty do the same? Hopefully she would.
She was thirty eight, five years younger than her Sister. My Mother was lucky, she had got good genes, so her face was beautiful, and her body attractive. But my Aunty was luckier. Her lips were fuller, her eyes were a brighter blue, and her smile was more radiant. It was the same with her body. Just that bit more than her Sister. She was at least a cup size larger, possibly two, and her hips had extra inches. If I was to make my perfect woman out of clay, then it would look like her.
When the bathroom door opened, I was on the edge of my seat. But when I saw her, I was disappointed. She was fully clothed.
"Sorry to keep you waiting."
Then she gave me a smile, so bright, that it melted my heart.
When she sat down on the bed, and then patted it, I was out of my chair so quickly, that it made her laugh.
When she kissed me, I was so in awe of her, that I didn't respond. Then she kissed me again, and the dam burst. We were now in a tight embrace, with her big breasts squashed against my chest. Her tongue was in my mouth, and I was greedily sucking on it. This was just the start, but my cock was already doing its best to rip my trousers. And it was only going to get better, a lot better.
When she pulled away from me, I knew that it wasn't because she wanted to stop, it was because she wanted to give me access to her tits. I was quickly on them, groping them roughly, searching for her nipples. They were easy to find, because they were as big as her Sister's.
"It'll be better if I undress."
We took her blouse off together, her unbuttoning from the top, and me starting from the bottom. We met in the middle. I then unhooked her bra. She was now topless.
I wanted her tits, to smother myself with them, to suck and chew on her thick nipples, but first I needed to get my cock out. It was trapped at an awkward angle, and it was painful.
While I undressed, she removed her skirt and panties. We were now naked, and I was admiring her body. Her breasts looked even bigger, now that they weren't constrained by her bra. And her nipples were already erect, ripe for sucking on. Her pussy was hidden, under a surprisingly wild bush, but I just knew that it would be a thing of beauty.
Then she laughed. Was she like the earlier guest, who hadn't been impressed with it? Were all the women here tonight, extreme size-queens?
"It's ridiculous."
Now that was over the top. She might want more than what I had, but you couldn't call nine inches that. And how would she react if she was to see Ryan's small cock?
"You should take it off."
I laughed, out of relief. It was my mask that she was referring to.
"I thought you meant my cock."
That made her chuckle.
"I can think of lots of words to describe it, but ridiculous isn't one of them. And it's the reason I am here now. Seven inches is the most that I have had before, and not from my Husband. I have always wanted to try a big cock."
Then, after shaking her head, and putting her hands on her hips, she said, "Now take it off."
"Sorry, I have to keep it on. House rules."
If she hadn't been my Aunty, then I would have removed it. She had come to the Saturday Night Club, to have sex with an anonymous stranger, The Stallion. If she was to find out that it was really her Nephew, it would freak her out!
My hands were now back on her tits, and this time, there was no clothing in the way. I liked the weight and fullness of them, but what made them special, was the nipples. They were identical to Mother's. Long and thick. Did that mean that my Sister had them as well? She had her Mother's large breasts, but that didn't necessarily mean that they had matching nipples. I had a big cock, but my Father didn't. So her nipples might be different.
"You can suck on them if you want."
I muttered, "Sorry," and then I lowered my head. I was such a fool. I had these gorgeous tits in front of me, and I wasn't giving them my full attention, because I was thinking about my Sister.
I was now completely focused on them. Except for when I switched over, at all times, I had my mouth on one nipple, and my fingers on the other. When I sucked hard, she gasped. And as we continued, she got louder. Then she surprised me, by pushing my head off her breast.
"Lick my cunt. And I want to suck your cock."
That sounded like sixty nine, but I wanted to be sure.
"At the same time?"
"Yes, soixante-neuf."
I thought that I had been clever, by referring to it as sixty nine, but she had gone one better, by saying it in French!
We were quickly into position, on our sides, rather than on top of each other. And she didn't waste any time getting my cock into her mouth. She was sucking on me before my tongue was on her.
It didn't take us long, to get into a nice rhythm. She was bobbing her head at a steady speed, and, as I licked her clit, I was keeping pace with her. I let her take control. I wasn't leading, I was responding to what she was doing. When she started moving her head faster, I did the same with my tongue.
After a slow build up, that had lasted for at least ten minutes, it became frantic. She was now taking in more of my cock, and bobbing her head at an impressive speed, and I was trying to keep up with her, by licking her clit as fast as I could. It was a race, to see who could get the other one off first.
I was the winner, but only just. When her climax started, she opened her mouth wide, and then she moved her head back. My cock plopped out. I was nearly there, so close, that if she was to take it back into her mouth, I would come straight away. But that wasn't going to happen. She was out of it, almost comatose. Her eyes were closed, and she was whimpering. If it was going to happen, then it would have to be by my own hand.
It only took two strokes to make me spurt. I had wanted to come in her mouth, and for her to swallow it. Despite that not happening, it was still a good climax. But now I was worried. It was all over her face, and she even had some in her hair. When she realized what I had done, she wouldn't be happy.
However, surprisingly, it hadn't upset her. She even found it funny. That was a first for me. I had found a woman that didn't mind her hair being messed up.
She was now in the bathroom, cleaning herself up. Was she going to shower? If she did, then it would mean that we had finished. I had enjoyed licking her, but it was no substitute for fucking her. I was now anxiously waiting, listening for the shower to be turned on.
But it wasn't.
She was now back with me, and we were starting again. We both wanted to fuck, but we needed some foreplay first. This time, while I enjoyed her big tits, I fingered her. I started by giving her two, up to the knuckles. It made her moan. Then I quickly added a third. That got a louder moan from her. It was a nice pussy. Very wet, and probably, because she hadn't any children, quite tight. This was going to be a very good fuck.

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