The Sex Talk Pt. 09

tagIncest/TabooThe Sex Talk Pt. 09

Requested by kuudere. All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older.
With her husband in bed upstairs, and the television blaring behind her, Naomi undulated slowly on her son's lap. His large, teenage cock hit a spot deep inside her and she squealed. She knew the episode of Community behind her was funny, but she couldn't catch the jokes. She'd stopped paying attention several episodes ago when David aggressively began biting at her exposed cleavage.
"Mom?" David nuzzled her breasts and ran his hands up her back. She still had a soft t-shirt on that she'd pulled up over her tits. Other than that, she was naked. "There's one more lesson you need to learn before I leave for college."
"Hmmmmm?" Naomi's eyelids fluttered. She didn't want to think about school. Maybe they'd make David take classes from home. Maybe he'd stay home with his parents, and she'd get to bathe in this sea of pleasure forever and ever. "What … ugh … could there be left … for you to teach me?" She rode him slow and steady, relishing how far she could raise her hips without dislodging him.
"What's the point of all this anyway?" David slid his hands back down her back and gave her butt a solid smack. On the TV, he could hear that Annie's Boobs had stolen a pen. David thought about what he'd stolen from his dad and smiled.
"Is … ugggghhhhhhh … that a riddle … sweetie?" Naomi didn't know what he wanted her to say. "I've … never felt closer … to anyone. I'm learning … and we're … bonding." She frowned when her son laughed at that. She opened her mouth to give him some motherly advice about laughing at a woman when she opens up to him. But then she closed her mouth, and rolled her eyes upward, as he hit that spot again. "Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh."
"I meant …" He slapped her ass again because he could tell she had thought about reprimanding him, and he wanted to make sure everyone knew who was running the show. "The point of sex, generally."
"I … don't even know … anymore." Naomi listened to the squelch of her pussy competing with the theme song behind her. When had another episode started? Netflix was going to ask if they were still watching soon. She thought about all the other people watching that show at the same time. How shocked would they all be if they knew a mother was coaxing her son to another climax while the very same program played in the background? "I thought I knew … what sex was … before we started our lessons. But now …"
"Don't overthink it, Mom." David laughed again. Sometimes she was so dense. He did have to cut her some slack, however. She seemed to have a hard time thinking with his dick in her. "I'm talking about babies."
"Yeah. You're going to have my baby." He grabbed two heaping handfuls of her butt and forced her to ride him faster. "That will be the final lesson."
"Oh, no … oh, jeez … ooooohhhhhhhhh." Naomi had no sooner heard those words than her face screwed up, her legs trembled, and she reeled from another orgasm. She wanted to stop her hips, but her son's strong hands forced her to continue riding him, which set off a series of orgasmic aftershocks. When she'd recovered enough to talk, she looked down into his focused, dark eyes. "We can't … uh … uh … uh … have a baby. You're …" She tried to put together a coherent thought. Why couldn't she let him impregnate her? That seemed like what her body wanted. "You're too … young to be a father."
"That's your … uh … problem with it?" This was the argument he wanted to be having with his mother while they fucked with his father upstairs. Maternal perfection. "Well, I wouldn't … uh … uh … uh … raise the kid. You'd raise it with Dad. If you can convince him it's his."
"Oh … no …" Naomi suddenly realized that she would give him this, too. There was no stopping David.
"Anyway … I've already knocked up … a few women around here."
"You … you … you … have?" Naomi came again at the news. He was driving her crazy.
"Yeah. A couple Asian women, but also some white ones. What do you think their husbands will say when they have hapa babies?" David laughed between grunts. He was getting close.
"Oh … God … David." She'd somehow raised a force of nature. Was she responsible for all those marriages that might fall apart in the delivery room? Streaks of lightning coursed through her brain. Naomi was now right back at the edge of another orgasm. "I'm … too young to be a grandmother."
"Shit … Mom … after the final lesson … you'll be a grandmother to your own kid. Tell me you want it." David savagely manhandled her round ass cheeks as he propelled her up and down.
"I … I … I …" Was she going to say it? Naomi had fallen so far. What would her life be like if she'd never had tried to give David that awkward sex talk? "I want it. I want it. I want it," she chanted.
"Nice … ugh … you're totally mine … it's perfect … aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh." David pumped her full of his seed.
"Eeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," Naomi screamed. The last part of her mind that David hadn't broken worried that their combined howling would wake her husband. It was going to be hard to convince Barry the baby was his if he caught them and walked out on her. But that was a risk it seemed she was now very willing to take.
Water splashed in the sink and over Naomi's hands as she absentmindedly held a plate in the sink. Her mind replayed the events of the last few days. All the loads she'd taken in her unprotected vagina passed in her mind's eye. Maybe he'd already 'knocked her up' as he liked to say. But she didn't think so. Her fertile time of the month was now upon her, and she was sure that when David claimed her over the next few days, his seed would grow.
"Are you listening to me, Naomi?" Barry looked over at his wife with a cross look. He hated when she ignored him.
"Yes, of course, dear." Naomi turned her blank gaze from the running water to her husband sitting at his workstation on the kitchen table. "You were saying?"
"It seems we can finally get the house in order. Work wants me back in the office again. I guess the virus has run its course."
"But … Barry." She tried to process this new information. She blinked her eyes to try and release the memories of her recently flooded womb. "I was just reading that the virus is spiking. They haven't been testing and tracing. I'm not sure it's safe." She lowered her eyes and her cheeks mottled a rosy pink. Why was she arguing against him going back to work? She needed him out of the house. For his own good, as much as hers. It would ruin their marriage if he caught her and David. And with them all under one roof all the time, she wondered that he hadn't already stumbled upon their lascivious lessons.
"I'll wear a mask." Barry lowered his glasses and looked closer at his wife. "You look guilty, Naomi." He shook his head slowly. "I know what this is about."
"You do?" Her muscles cramped from fright, and her pulse suddenly hammered in her ears. She felt like she was looking at her husband from across a wide chasm.
"Of course, dear." Barry got up and walked over to his wife. He hugged her with his soft body, his pudgy belly pressing into her side. "You're feeling bad because you don't want me to go back to work. You've so enjoyed having your loving husband at home all this time. But we all knew the stay-at-home order wouldn't last forever. And someone has to earn enough money to pay for that kid's education."
"Yes, Barry," Naomi said breathlessly. "That's it. I'll … um … miss you when you go back to work."
"It's only natural." Barry patted her on the shoulder and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek. "A woman will long for her husband."
Before he could return to his laptop, Naomi turned off the faucet, grabbed his hand, and planted a kiss on his lips. She didn't long for him. Not like she once had. But she wanted to save their marriage. Which meant they'd need to have sex. Barry needed to think the baby was his. "Come on up to the bedroom, dear." She pulled his hand and lead him out of the kitchen.
"I've got more work. Can't we do it later?" Barry protested, but let his wife take him upstairs. He watched the sway of her womanly figure, and listened to her siren call. He could spare a little time for marital bonding. Minutes later, he had the best orgasm in years while she rode him on their bed.
"Not in the hot tub, sweetie." Clad in her sensible one-piece, Naomi pushed her son away.
"But, Mom. Dad's asleep by now." David knew better than to try to move closer to her again, instead he massaged her bare thigh under the water jets.
"It's not your father I'm worried about." Naomi couldn't believe she'd just said that. "It's just … today I'm not safe." She could see the confusion in his eyes. "I mean, it's my unsafe time of the month. You said you wanted to … you know. And if we do it in the hot water, I may not be able …" her voice trailed off until it was only a squeak. "… to conceive."
"Ah, right." David smiled like the Cheshire Cat. "Gotcha." He stood up, the water dripping off his hard body. He knew the bulge in his swim trunks was quite evident.
"Where are you going?" Naomi watched him drop his trunks and ogled at that gorgeous cock. How had she made something so beautiful? "We don't need to do it right now." Now that she was so close to the illicit deed, Naomi found herself having second thoughts. A baby? Really? "We could spend some quality mom-son time chatting and … mmmmpppppppphhhhhhhhhhh." She gagged a little as he shoved his dick down her throat. A second later, she relaxed and automatically bobbed her head. There was no arguing with David sometimes.
"That's my mommy slut." David pulled her hair back so he could see her mouth distorting around his dick. "You look so pretty blowing me."
"Mmmmmppppphhhh." Naomi doubted that was true, but she was sure that he enjoyed watching her struggle with the monstrous thing.
David let her blow him for some time while he stood in the hot tub. He stretched out his arms and looked up at the moon. His mother was right, it was a nice night. A perfect evening to add to their family. After a while, he pulled her off his dick. "Come on, it's time."
"Maybe now isn't the best time." Naomi definitely had cold feet. Was she really going to do this? Would she really go through another pregnancy, and raise another baby at this time in life? She was just ready to send her only son out of the house. "Maybe … oh …" Her eyes went wide as David bent down and lifted her up. She wasn't a slender young girl, but he put her over his shoulder, and carried her onto the deck. She kicked her legs feebly. "Put me down, sweetie. This isn't funny. Where are you taking me?"
"You're the one that said the hot tub was verboten." David grabbed her ass to hold her on his shoulder. "I'm going to fuck you inside."
A strange buzz spread through her limbs. She quit struggling. It was about to happen. She was fertile, and David was in the prime of his reproductive life. She was going to have his baby. In a fog, she felt him put her down on the Persian carpet in the living room. She felt her bathing suit slide from her body. He was going to do her missionary. "No … sweetie … like this." She curved her back and lifted her hips up in the air, supporting her weight on her upper back. She was aware of her boobs banging against her chin and the look of eagerness in her son's eyes. She put her elbows on the carpet and placed her hands just above her butt to keep the position. Her legs opened wide. "It's better to conceive … this way." Her eyes fell to his turgid penis and she watched it slip into her.
"If you say so, Mom." David didn't think the position mattered. His dick was big enough that he'd drop his load right on her cervix. But he was happy she was into it. He plunged all the way inside and pumped her with long, even strokes. He could see that she was fixated on him entering her. Despite her boobs bouncing in her face, her eyes never wavered from between her legs. "You like watching what I'm doing to you? You like seeing me destroy your pussy?"
"Yes." She squeaked.
"What's it look like?"
"Like … ugh … you're stretching me … farther than … I thought possible." Naomi shuddered. "Like … I'm opening to you."
David pounded her in silence for a while, enjoying her grunts and squeals. He was impressed that she managed to keep her hips elevated. "You want it?"
"I want the … ugh … baby," Naomi whispered.
"I want the baby," she screamed.
"I love to … hear it." David let out a snarling, growling laugh.
"Oh, God, sweetie. You're so deep like this. You're … at the bottom … banging up against … my … oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh." Her teeth clenched and pleasure surged.
"Take it … all … Mom … aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." David unloaded in her, banging her with several uneven lunges, and then holding his full length inside her. When she let go of her butt and her hips fell back to the carpet, he stayed inside her. He wondered how his stupid dad hadn't noticed the last piece of his humiliating puzzle drop. David had supplanted him completely.
"We … did … it …" Naomi reached up and pushed his damp hair out of his handsome face. "You're still … so … deep," she panted. "Wait … again. So … soon?" David often went back to back, but usually he took a few minutes in between. "You're … really worked up … about this."
"One load isn't enough … right? We want to be … sure, right?" David grabbed her ankles and held them aloft. "You want to be … bred … right?"
"Yes … your baby … your baby … oh, sweetie." She continued to mumble incoherencies as her son mounted her. By the end of the night, he'd emptied himself four times inside her.
As she lay in bed next to her sleeping husband, she could feel David's stuff practically gushing out of her. Her son had made his own sibling that night. She was sure of it. Naomi sighed and drifted off to sleep.

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