The Sex Talk Pt. 10

tagIncest/TabooThe Sex Talk Pt. 10

Cowritten with Kuudere. All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older.
"We … ugh … really need to cool it. You'll wear me out." Naomi braced herself on her hands and knees as her son took her like a bitch from behind. Since her husband had returned to work, they'd spent more time with David's penis inside her than without.
"I'm … ah … ah … ah … going off to college soon." David held fast to her wide hips, absolutely pulverizing her pussy. He thought of all the unprotected loads she'd willingly taken over the last few weeks. He meditated on the new life that must be growing inside her by now. "And … you're going to miss me when I'm gone. You're going to miss the way I … fuck. You're going to … ugh … miss the way you suck. You're going … to miss me when I'm gone."
"Oh … sweetie …" Naomi's fingers dug into the linoleum kitchen floor. "Sometimes … uh … uh … I think this all a joke to you." She screwed her eyes tight as another orgasm built deep inside her. "Is it? Do you … ooohhhh … still respect me."
"Look at you, Mom." David laughed. "You're taking … your own son like a dog." He upped his tempo, really smashing into her. Her ripe ass was supposed to be only for his father, but David controlled it now as it flopped and rippled. Every bit of her was his. He'd stolen his mother. "Of course … I don't respect you. You're … ugh … my mommy slut. My inhouse … fuck buddy."
"Don't say … that." But his words only served to drive her more crazy. "You still … love me … right?" Had she failed completely as a mother?
"Yeah … I love you. Now … take it … slut … aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh." David unloaded in her for the fourth time that day and she took it as she always did, shaking and trembling in orgasm.
When her son pulled out of her a few minutes later, her muscles spasmed with aftershocks. She slumped down to her stomach and lay flat on the cool floor. Her ragged breathing pressed her breasts into the hard surface with a regular rhythm. Her fevered cheek soaked in the welcome chill. She wondered how dirty the floor was, but decided she didn't much care. She hadn't been keeping up with her household duties with the constant attention from her son. She needed a shower anyway. "Even when your father was young. We never did it four times in a day." She felt his hands massage her butt. Embarrassment brought new heat to her cheeks, but she knew he liked her womanly figure.
"How do you like being with a man that gives you what you deserve?" David leaned over and kissed her on the left ass cheek. The heart shape of her butt, as she lay on her belly with her legs together, was too much. What red-blooded man could say no to a thing like that? He kissed her again.
"Don't put your lips back there, sweetie. I'm all sweaty." She reached behind her and pushed his face away from her left cheek. "Let's get cleaned up." She pushed herself back up to her hands and knees, but her eyes went wide when his hands pressed on her back. She resisted for a second, and then let herself fall back to the floor on her belly. "Your father is going to … wait … you can't possibly want to do it again." She felt him mount her thighs and his heavy penis slap at the spot on her butt he'd just been kissing.
"Where have we done it today, Mom?" He slid back into her gaping pussy. It was such an easy fit, not at all like the first times they'd had sex.
"Oooohhhhhhhh." Naomi didn't respond. She didn't know what game he was playing at. She focused instead on the pressure inside her and the weight of his hands as he supported himself on the small of her back.
"Which … rooms … did we … fuck in … Mom?" He pumped his hips with savage strokes. Her brown hair covered her face as it lay on the linoleum, but he could tell by her whining that she was near another orgasm. What was that, her twentieth of the day? David didn't bother to count.
"In … your room … first thing in the morning … ooooohhhhhhhhh." Naomi's mind went in and out of lucid thought. Pleasure wrapped its tendrils around all her nerves. "Then … here … by the stove … while I made you breakfast." He had taken her from behind slowly as she'd fried him sausage. It was luck that she hadn't accidently set her hair on fire. "And then … in the basement … while you were … ooooohhhhhhhhh." The memory of sucking his eighteen-year-old cock while he played video games sent her over the edge. And then the look on his face when he threw the controller away, spread her legs, and took her. What a magical moment that had been. Her orgasm surged in and drifted out. "And then back in here in the kitchen … ugh … twice."
"Now … think how lonely all those rooms will be when I'm … uh … uh … at college. We need to use every minute we're here together." Despite having cum so many times in the hours that led up to that moment, David wasn't far off. "You'll only have the baby … for company … when I'm gone."
"Oh … the baby … oooohhhhhh." Poor Naomi was just a shuddering ball of orgasmic bliss. Her son had reduced her, little by little, to the woman now wriggling on the floor, taking his seed for the fifth time in her pussy. A place she had thought she'd given exclusively to his father. She had been so wrong. So wrong about so much of it.
"I remember you." The saleslady at the drugstore eyed her as she rang up Naomi's items. "Even with the mask. It's your pretty eyes."
Naomi blushed under her mask. White people were quick to comment on her eyes, and Naomi didn't usually care for it. But she supposed she could take a compliment. "Thank you."
"You needed the extra-large condoms. I was so jealous. A husband with a big one." She continued checking several bottles of peroxide. "Haven't seen you in a while. I figured you would have been back for more condoms. Lord knows, if my husband had one like that, I'd give it regular workouts." The saleslady got to the pregnancy test and stopped her work. She held it up before her. "Oh. I see why you didn't need any more condoms."
"Please …" Naomi looked down at the floor. "Please, just ring me up."
Slowly, the saleslady slid the box over the scanner and it beeped. "Now that I think about it. You might have had a man on the side. Not that it's any of my business. Am I remembering correctly?"
Naomi stood stiffly, her hand clutching her credit card, ready to pay the second everything was scanned.
"Well, I'm just wondering …" The saleslady put the last item in a bag and looked at Naomi's wedding ring as she inserted her card in the reader. "Never mind. I don't want to be racist."
"That is the very least you could do." Naomi picked up her bag and rushed from the store. In the future, she promised herself she'd shop elsewhere.
Naomi stole into her son's room that night after her husband had gone to sleep. "It's positive. We're having a ba …" She stopped in her tracks when she saw he was on a video chat with one of his other women. She put a hand to her mouth, hoping the woman hadn't heard her.
"Sorry, Mrs. Kwon, my mom wants to talk about something." David looked over at Naomi and smiled.
"What? Can she see me?" Mrs. Carrie Kwon was sitting facing the camera, naked, and twiddling with her pussy. She made a move to cover her vagina and breasts. "Wait. Your mom? Did she say –" But she was cut off as David muted her and hid the chat behind a browser window.
"What did you say, Mom?" David smiled over at her. He had his dick in one hand, slowly stroking.
Every fiber of her being told her that she should get on her knees and work his penis for him. "She looked pregnant." Naomi frowned. "Did you … give her … you know?
David laughed and gave her a warm smile. "My friends started calling me 'the Stork' halfway through senior year."
"The Stork?" Despite herself, Naomi walked over to him, spun his chair toward her, and dropped to her knees. She took hold of his tool and worked him with both hands. "I don't understand."
"What do storks bring, Mom?" He shook his head, amazed at how dense she was sometimes.
"Oh. Oooohhhhhhh. I see," she whispered. She'd nearly lost herself in the act of stroking him. "That's really …" She tried to think of the right word. "… irresponsible, sweetie. You shouldn't –"
David didn't want a lecture from the woman servicing his dick so he cut her off. "What'd you want when you came in? What's positive?"
"Right." Clarity returned to her dark eyes and she looked up into his handsome face. "We did it. I mean …" She bit her lip. "The Stork did it. I'm pregnant."
"Sweet. Let's celebrate." David had almost taken everything from his father. Almost, but not quite.
"Can you go again?" But she knew he could. She stood, lifted her skirt, pulled her underwear to the side, and sat on his lap. When his only reply was a widening smile, she reached under her and guided him in. "I can't believe you gave me another child." She pushed her breasts, encased in bra and blouse, up against his face and let him nuzzle her. "And I can't believe you got me to want it. Did they all want it?"
"Mostly." David's voice was muffled by all that tit around him. "Now ride me and tell me I'm the father."
"You're the father. Ooohhhhhh. You're the father. Ooooohhhhh, myyyyy. My son is my baby's father."
Across town, Mrs. Carrie Kwon worked her pussy furiously with two fingers inside, and her other hand rubbing her clit. She knew David Suzuki was trouble. After all, he'd talked her into his bed despite her happy marriage. But his own mother? And he'd knocked her up, too? She knew he hadn't left his camera on by accident. He was showing her what he'd done. Bragging to a nice housewife about one of the most forbidden acts. And it was ongoing. And Mrs. Suzuki seemed to love David's cock every bit as much as Carrie did. As she watched mother and son copulate on her screen, she wondered at how her life had taken a left turn when she'd agreed to help at the high school. Nothing would ever be the same again.
In David's room, he'd moved his mom over to his bed and was pile driving her on her back. He looked back over his shoulder and winked at the webcam. The bed squeaked, but neither mother nor son cared. They had become so reckless during quarantine with sex around his father and that continued when Barry was home from work.
They humped without talking for a long while. The only sounds were animal passion. The squeals of a never-ending chain of orgasms for Naomi filled the room, along with David's deep grunts, the slapping of skin, and squelch of Naomi's once seldomly used pussy. It's use now was nearly continuous.
Watching her tits flop on her chest, David thought about how she would soon be feeding their child. And that reminded him. He still had more ground to cover with his mom's conquest. "I was … uh … uh … uh … wrong, Mom."
"What … about … sweetie?" Naomi blinked her eyes and looked up at him. His chest was all flexing muscle, and his face looked determined and stern. She was giving him everything, but he didn't look happy. She longed to make him happy.
"There's one more … ugh … lesson." He drove his hips into her and held them there, burying his cock deep inside her. He could feel her belly convulsing as he pressed a sensitive spot.
"What … else … could there be?" He had already turned her world upside down and taken everything she had to give.
"Dad." David went back to pistoning again, holding himself up with hands on her tits. He rolled her nipples with her fingers.
"Your … father?" Naomi couldn't fathom what he was talking about. Her brain tried to process and came up with nothing.
David pulled out briefly, quickly turned around, and shut off his connection to Carrie Kwon. She didn't need to hear everything. Some things are private family matters. He turned back to his mother, lifted her knees to her chest and slid back in. He banged her hard, holding her jackknifed on his bed. "Yeah. You always … ugh … taught me to be honest."
Her son was thrusting his hips like some sort of sex god and talking about honesty. It was all too much. Naomi's only response was to grunt as his young dick nailed her to the bed.
"That's the last lesson, Mom. Uh … uh … uh …" He plunged into her again and again with all his might. He wanted to hammer home the final lesson both literally and fugitively. "Honesty. You have … to tell him … what we've done."
"I … I … I can't." It was hard to argue with the man currently plumbing her depths. But how could she give him this? "My … marriage … oh, God … everyone will find out … that I'm a slut … with you, David. With my son."
"Nah." David was getting close. Seeing her resistance to anything always got him extra worked up. That she was still talking back to him after all he'd done to her was a miracle. A perfect going away to college present. "He won't tell anyone … he'll be too … humiliated." David smiled at the thought. "He'll know that he doesn't have what it takes. He'll just accept his place as a … has-been. You'll see."
"I can't … do this for you." She felt her son's grip tighten on her legs and he pushed her more like a pretzel.
"I'm not asking, Mom. This … is … the … final … lesson." He punctuated the last words with savage thrusts and then held himself deep inside her. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh." David let loose inside her.
"Swwwwweeeeettttiiiieeeeeeeeee." Naomi nearly screamed. Despite everything, she had a massive orgasm as he filled her up. When he fell forward, his sweaty chest pressing against hers, she hugged him tight, digging her fingernails into his chiseled back. Her legs lowered to the bed but were still spread wide open around him. She thought about what he'd asked for. The stark reality that she'd indulged him too much fell over her. He had led her further and further down a sordid path, and now he wanted to send her off a cliff. "Get off, I have to go to bed." She pushed him off, and he rolled to the side.
"One more time, Mom?" David watched her eyes as she tried not to look at his dick standing straight up. "To celebrate the baby?"
"I have to go to your father." She searched the room and picked up her cloths, holding them to her chest.
"You'll think about what I said?" David knew he'd have to wear her down.
"The answer is no, David." Naomi jumped as she bent down to fetch her bra and he slapped her exposed butt. "Goodnight." She hustled out of the room without looking back and closed the door behind her. She leaned on his door, breathing heavily. She thought about when she and Barry had bought the house. Little had she known what sort of moral degradation would happen in every room of that nice suburban home. And poor Barry still had no idea what had happened to their house and family. As she softly walked down the hall to the shower, she vowed to keep it that way. She would have to show more restraint with David. She would have to do better.
David watched the door for a while and then eventually got up to turn off the light. He wasn't worried he'd pushed her too far. Not in the slightest. Once he got his dick in a woman, there was no going back for her. Even his mom. Any sort of pushback was always nothing more than a speedbump along the way. He would plow through. David climbed back into bed and rested his head on the pillow with a contented sigh. He would plow her right through.

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