The Sexgang Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooThe Sexgang Pt. 02

"Nice to see that you are happy to see me," Nina says to Tom.
"And me," Lisa adds.
Both smile at him and then look at his schwanz, which is held in a tight white thong, and twitches slightly in greeting.
"You make it easy for me too, as cute as you look," Tom grins.
Nina takes a step towards Tom, touches his hard abs with the tips of her index and middle fingers and then slowly 'walks' up his upper body with them. Her head is getting closer and closer to his. Her mouth with the full red lips opens slightly, her eyes hold his with her gaze. Tom feels how his shaft becomes hard and presses against the fabric. Then he feels how a hand is placed on one thigh and tender fingertips move gently under his thong in the direction of his manhood, where they gently tickle his shaved balls.
At the same time, Lisa hugs him from behind. First she presses her hips against his bottom, then her stomach and finally her breasts against his back. She lays her head on his and breathes in his ear: "Would you like to come into the water with us? We need a bit of cooling down."
"Yes," he just manages to say, he's so excited now.
He also expects Nina to kiss him soon, but she kisses her sister instead. To do this, she hugs him from the front and pressed her loins against his swollen manhood and her hard nipples in his chest. Tom grabs Nina's firm buttocks and pulls her to him so that she can feel his swelling better. Meanwhile, he caresses her soft skin and perfect curves.
When Nina and Lisa end their kiss, they drop their shorts and bikini tops and run into the water with swaying breasts. Tom has his thong down just as quickly and when they jump into the water, the water closes over all three of them at the same time. They reappear, snorting and laughing, and swim towards each other.
Bert, Max and Zoe, who had dozed off in the sun, woke up to the noise and watch Nina, Lisa and Tom falling over each other.
"Aren't they here with you?" Max asks Bert.
"That's right, they really don't waste any time," Bert replies.
"Then we shouldn't wait any longer, either," Zoe says and looks around. "And I don't see the others either. They have certainly been over each other already, too."
Zoe grabs Bert by the pants. "The two chicks do not appreciate your fantastic device at all." She holds Bert's snake with a firm grip and feels through the fabric how it grows with every pulse in her hand.
Bert squirms out of his pants, grins at Zoe and says: "I know only too well that you know how to appreciate my cock."
In the meantime she holds a considerable rod in her fist. She pulls the foreskin back and exposes the piercing on the frenulum. Before she turns to Bert's cock, she looks at Max, who has taken his rod out of his pants and rubs it absently while he watches Zoe and Bert.
Zoe gives him a look and with a movement of her head towards her bottom she makes him understand that he should rather take care of something else than his own meatspear. While she starts to lick the tip of Bert's cock and the piercing with the tip of her tongue, she feels that her micro-pants are gently pulled down. Max skilfully caresses the inside of her thighs. A great shiver runs through Zoe, which causes her to slide her lips greedily over Bert's cock. Bert groans with pleasure.
Tom, Nina and Lisa stand body to body in the lake. Nina and Tom kiss with long tongues. They bite their lips and tongue again and again, while Tom has two fingers in her cunt and rubs her clit with his thumb.
Lisa snuggles up close to Tom from behind, rubs her cunt on his thigh and jerks his boner. "Do you like it when I wank you while you kiss and finger my sister? Which of us would you like to fuck first?" she whispers softly.
Tom doesn't get irritated and continues kissing Nina. But he loosens his hand from Nina's tight ass and pushes it between Lisa's legs. She moans lightly in his ear. Nina also moans softly. She grabs Tom's hand and presses it against her tingling pussy. Then she puts her forehead against his, looks deep into his eyes, puts her arms around his neck and pulls herself up on him. She clasps his hips with her legs and Tom directs her to his cock.
When Nina feels the tip of his maypole pushing between her labia, she slowly lowers herself on top of him. She enjoys the feeling of that thick, hard piston pushing itself into her tight cunt, pushing it apart, taking up space in her and so fitting into her perfectly. When she has completely absorbed him, she doesn't move. With her eyes closed, she enjoys the warm sun, the cooling water and the hot, fat shaft that has taken hold of her innermost being.
Bert groans and twitches under Zoe's sucking attacks. She has his rod deep in her throat and is horny to the point of bursting. Bert lies there in a crunch with his torso raised and enjoys watching Zoe take him. Max has his tongue on her butthole and his fingers on and in her cunt. If she wouldn't have Bert's fat dong up to his balls in her throat, she would only scream of lust and demand that the two of them poke her ass and cunt at the same time.
But the feeling is so fantastic that she wants more of it. Even if her body is crying out for satisfaction, it cannot just break it off. It is not up to her to set the pace anyway. As long as she is wedged between Max and Bert and as long as Max licks and fingers her and Bert enjoys being fucked by her mouth cunt, she cannot and does not want to change anything.
Max slowly stops licking her and caressing her between her legs. Instead he takes her hips and puts his hard one on her cunt. Zoe groans and looks forward to being finally taken. Max slowly pushes his cock into her and then pushes with a jerk. Zoe is thrown forward, causing Bert's cock to slip out of her mouth.
"Come on nail me you fucker. You already licked me so well," she encourages Max.
"I think we'll nail you both," Max replies. Pulls his cock out of Zoe's wet cunt, spits on her other hole and shoves his ram covered with cunt slime in there.
Mila's pussy is burning with lust when she comes out of the forest, where she has watched Kira and Kurt fuck. She needs Tom's monster truncheon inside her to hammer her lust out of her body. But as feared, he's nailing the twins right now. Mila sees him shagging Nina in the water while Lisa is holding her sister on the surface of the water and massaging her boobs. When she hears moaning from the side, she turns her head.
"Again, there is no chance that someone will do me," she thinks when she sees Max sucking Zoe's back door and her her brother's cock.
Although Mila is well informed about her brother's sex antics and he is well informed about hers, she doesn't want to watch him have sex. It is enough for her if her friends tell her how good her brother is in the box and how well he cares for them with his above-average equipment.
Or when they still lived with their parents. Very early on, he started to bring girls with him when they were gone and had loud sex. The siblings' rooms were next door and he didn't care if his sister could listen to him fucking. Mila found it repulsive and attractive at the same time. When she realized that it wasn't good for her to listen and to keep rubbing her nose about how much fun her brother was having and she wasn't, she quickly followed suit. She wanted him to see that she was having a lot of fun shagging too. Word quickly got around that the siblings were in a competition, but also that they were picky about their partners. Chances of fucking one of them could only be worked out by those who were good-looking and persistent and creative during sex.
Meanwhile, Max is thrusting his rod into Zoe's ass with small pushes while Bert has shoved himself under her and presses his pole into her cunt.
Then Max discovers Mila, who looks at them pensively. "Look, Bert, your sister. She probably doesn't know where to join in," he says and calls over to her, "Hey, Mila. Come here. There's still room for you here!"
"Yes, Bert and I can lick you", Zoe shouts.
"She doesn't let me lick her," Bert says to himself in frustration.
"Why not?" Zoe wants to know.
"I don't know – but I surely tried to."
Mila is already crouching down next to them.
"Tell me. Is it true that Bert and you have never done it together," Zoe asks straight away.
"Yes", Mila replies tightly.
"Why not?" Max wants to know.
"I don't like this inbreeding thought."
"And you never felt like it when I was fucking next door and you were alone?" Bert wanted to know.
"Or when you were drunk and horny?" Max asked.
Mila shakes her head.
"Have you looked at his cock?" Zoe wants to know. "You just have to get a wet cunt when you see it. And not only does it look good, it also feels fantastic, the way it spreads out in my love tunnel and fills it."
"I don't want to know that," says Mila.
Bert has carefully pushed one hand under Mila's bottom and is now touching the damp fabric of her thong from below. A shiver runs through her and she groans. Bert presses her cunt a little harder. Mila likes it, but she shoves his hand away. Zoe kisses her on the mouth, squeezes her tight tit and twirls her nipples through the thin fabric of the bikini top.
"Your brother is a great lover, he really has something to offer. You're missing out on a lot if you don't let his cock inside you," Zoe whispers while caressing Mila's breasts. "I am always happy with his thick dong."
Mila squirms under her caresses.
"Didn't you wish to be nailed by him when you could hear from the next room how he made me scream?"
Mila moans with lust. Yes, she got always horny when her brother had unrestrained sex and let her hear it. Nevertheless, she finds it repulsive to imagine him ramming his cock into the cunt of one of his playmates. He's her brother after all. She also avoids looking at his penis when he walks around the apartment naked. She likes to fuck, but with her brother?! – That would be kind of perverse.
Meanwhile Zoe has slid her finger under Mila's thong and then further into her slit and tickles her labia, which is soaked in cunt juice. She rubs her cheek against hers and whispers: "Fucking him will give you a very special feeling of togetherness, of oneness. No one else can do that. No lover, no boyfriend, no man."
Mila's cunt burns and she just wants to be nailed hard. Redemption is already too long in coming. First Kira and Kurt, now this. She just needs it, no matter who, no matter how. She is about to surrender when she is hugged from behind.
When Kira and Kurt come out of the forest from their little two-way fuck, they can hardly believe the sight that is presented to them. Lisa hangs in the water by Tom's neck and fucks him with her hips.
"You horny stud," she encourages him. "How hard you are. I can hardly believe that you just stuck into my sister and hosed her."
"And there is even enough left for you and your sweet, greedy, tight cunt," he says.
From there, Kira's gaze glides further to a sunlit piece of lawn on the bank, where Zoe fondles Mila's firm tits, Bert kisses his sister's thighs and Max watches rubbing his cock.
"I really never dreamed that things would be so hot here," Kira says.
"Neither do I," Kurt replies pensively. "Nina looks a little lonely, I think. I'll have to check that out."
They both grin at each other, take off their bathing suits and while Kurt is greeted by Nina with the cry "More incuming!" Kira walks to the group of three and crouches behind Mila and hugs her.
Mila is irritated at first, but when she hears Kira's voice whispering in her ear and feels her naked body with the hard nipples on her back, a great shiver moves through her when she realizes that it is hot Kira who is making her debut in group sex and wants to start banging around with her.
"Did you like the way Kurt and I shagged?"
Mila nods.
"His juice is still in me. Would you like to taste it?"
Mila nods again.
"I would like to taste you – may I?"
Instead of nodding again, Mila turns around and kisses Kira hard. She throws her on her back, throws her legs over her and pushes her cunt in her face. Just as quickly she turns and is between Kira's legs and on her cunt, which, as promised, is completely smeared with Kurt's and her own juice. Full of lust Kira bites Mila through the material of her narrow thong in the labia.
"Eat me already," Mila calls out. "You don't even know how horny you made me when you rode Kurt's maypole. Now bring it to an end!"
"I knew I was going to have fun with you," Kira groans and pulls the mini-string from Mila's cunt, which then laughs at her naked. The labia are rosy and slightly open. Above at the top button of her clitoris is a piercing. Kira runs her tongue through the slit, opens it and sucks on Mila's delicate, inner labia, which she slowly pulls out. Mila groans loudly with pleasure.
"Someone really needs it," laughs Zoe.
"That shit is awesome," Max mumbles still rubbing his hammer.
"We have been waiting for you," Nina greets Kurt. "Where have you been? Where has IT been?" She grabs him by his hard rod. "No matter. I know where he's about to be." With that she puts her arms around his neck, pulls him close with a lustful look and hangs herself on him. "Come on, fuck me," she prompts him while she wraps her legs around his hips and pushes her lap against his manhood.
"Hey, hey, what about foreplay," Kurt grins at her.
"Tom has already done foreplay with his shlong and juice, and your horny little girlfriend with you – or did she not my stud?" She teases him, interrupted by kisses and tender bites on his mouth.
Kurt grabs Nina's ass cheeks, finds her cunt, pulls the cunt flaps apart with his fingers and lifts her on his cock and slips her over it. "That sounds good, so I just need to fuck you."
"With the pipe that you just pushed into me? But please!" She kisses him hard and presses her hips against his with small, violent thrusts in order to feel his handsome hard-on deep inside her.
Kira circles Mila's pierced clit with the tip of her tongue. Meanwhile her own cunt is being attacked hard by Mila's tongue and mouth. Mila's behind stretches up invitingly. Her thighs are spread over Kira's head, who pulls her firm buttocks apart. The thin thread of her string runs over her butt-hole. The sight has a magical effect on Bert.
He gently strokes his sister's bottom, slides a finger under the thread and tickles her back entrance. Mila enjoys the caresses her sex hungry body experiences. Who gives it to her does not matter to her. Zoe hugs Bert from behind, huddles close to him. With one hand she caresses his muscular chest, gently pinches his nipple, with the other she grabs his pole and gently jerks it.
"Go for it," she whispers in his ear. "This is your chance!"
Bert pulls the thread of the string out of the slit between Mila's buttocks and bends over her firm bottom. He sticks out his tongue and touches his sister's sphincter with the tip of his tongue. Let it circle. Mila twitches her bottom slightly, enjoying the second tongue. Bert thinks the twitching movement is a defensive movement. He stops.
Mila lifts her head briefly, but without looking who is making her bum happy and moans, "Don't stop – carry on!"
Bert now lowers his head between his sister's buttocks. He sucks on her back hole and gently pushes his tongue up her ass.
Tom, Kurt and the sisters are out of the water looking for solid ground so that the boys can push Nina and Lisa more powerfully. Nina lies on her back and Kurt rams his shaft into her naked, wet cunt. Her legs are spread wide so Kurt can thrust his fat cock deep into her. Her stomach is tense and flat, her bare pubic mound arches upwards. She enjoys how Kurt's piston pokes into her at high frequency. Her firm breasts with thick, hard nipples move to the beat of Kurt's thrusts.
Lisa is sitting next to her on her knees and elbows. Tom squats behind her, her slim hips firmly gripped, while he fucks her with hard thrusts with his hard manhood.
The four only feel themselves. Their tails, their cunts. They fuck with their eyes closed, focused on their lust. Kurt's sweat drips onto Nina. He breathes loudly and heavily. Nina moans with pleasure, she hits the floor with her hands, pushing her pelvis against Kurt's loin. Lisa's moan has turned into a whimper. She puts her head on the floor. All she can feel is Tom's thick cock in her abdomen, which he pounds into her again and again with firm thrusts.
The floodgates are finally opening for them. Nina screams out her orgasm as Kurt's juice floods her. As a result, Lisa and Tom break loose too, who mix their juices together before they collapse, panting heavily. When they regain their strength, they look over at the others and notice that a hot number is looming between Mila and Bert. They think that's so awesome that they absolutely have to see it.
Bert enjoys sticking the tip of his tongue into the hole of his sister and licking the soft skin of her anus. His shaft is hard and he has an irrepressible desire to slide his truncheon into his sister's juicy cunt and fill it with his cum. Zoe notices his anxiety and decides to help. She hugs him from behind and gently jerks his tail and nibbles on his ear.
Max is fascinated by the pack bang in front of him. His schwanz hurts in his hand. But he doesn't want to just let his juice squirt out of himself. He enjoys watching the four of them licking and wanking, always keeping himself on the level of horniness just before the discharge by rubbing himself, tickling his bare glans or his rosette and waiting for him to get his cream into Zoe's throat and cunt.
In the meantime Lisa, Nina, Tom and Kurt have arrived. Lisa immediately grabs Kurt and works on his genitals, which slowly come back to life. Mila finally comes under the thrusts and movements of Kira's nimble tongue. She twitches her hips, presses her cunt on Kira's face and screams out her orgasm. Bert has let himself fall back and Zoe comes over his well-waxed cock. She pushes her lips three or four times over his glans as Bert is already twitching his hip and driving his sperm-spitting rod deep into Zoe's throat. She gasps and swallows, but not everything. She breaks free and kisses Mila, who has fallen on her back and enjoys the twitching of her orgasm. Zoe kisses Mila and shoves Bert's semen into her mouth.
"Mmh," Mila reacts. "I'm still so horny. I finally want a cock inside of me. Who wants to fuck me, guys?!"
"Me," Bert says in a firm voice.
Mila looks at him and doesn't say anything at first. She looks at his bare cock, which is pumping up to its full glory again. The frenulum piercing flashes and a pleasant shiver shakes Mila. The mighty spear that is stretching out towards her is exactly the format that she would like to have in her cunt right now. She unconsciously takes hold of her treasure chest and rubs her wet, soft flesh.
"Shit," she thinks to herself. "This is my brother and I'm horny for his cock."
"What are you waiting for," whispers Zoe. "You have just swallowed his juice, now swallow this gem."
Mila looks at Zoe in horror and surprise. "You bitch, is nothing sacred to you?"
"Finally fuck him! You want that truncheon inside you, deep down, don't you?!" Zoe grins back.
Mila gets all woozy. She feels like it was the first time – which kind of it is. Slowly she crawls on her knees towards her brother. He crouches on his lower legs, his upper body leaning back on his arms and looks expectantly at his sister. His stomach is tense, the perfectly modelled six-pack is lightly covered in shiny sweat, his mighty truncheon, freshly shaved in the morning, stretches hard and trembling with pleasure towards Mila. The glans shines smoothly and the piercing sparkles invitingly towards her.

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