The Skylark Solution Pt. 04

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tagIncest/TabooThe Skylark Solution Pt. 04

This is a continuation of The Skylark Solution.
Reading The Skylark Solution Parts One, Two, and Three will give you much needed context for this story.
Carter: my nearly forty-year-old husband.
Skylark: Carter's cousin, who is pregnant. She came to live with us in Part One where she and I established a sexual connection. In Part Two Carter and I both welcomed her into our bed. In Part Three the three of us continued to explore each other sexually.
Isabella Emily: A wife, a writer, a pervert, a pleasure seeker, and your humble escort through this story.
If you'd like to read more about Skylark, Carter, and myself and our relationship please let me know in the comments or reach out in a private message.
From Part Three
My orgasm went on and on and on, until I was aware that Carter was sitting beside me and Skylark was on the other side, both of them caressing and softly touching me as I whimpered and stared at the ceiling as my vision cleared and the swimming feeling in my head slowly ebbed away.
I was left sweaty and panting, and reached for both of their heads simultaneously, pulling their mouths to mine. It was an awkward three way kiss, more lip touching and tongue flicking than anything else as we held our faces together.
I pulled my face away and grinned at the two of them.
"That was a very nice way to spend some of this rainy evening. But I'm not quite sleepy yet. What else shall we do to fill the time?" I asked in a soft voice.
"I know what I want until we think of something." Skylark whispered.
She leaned over me and kissed Carter. A long and wet and passionate kiss, with lots of heavy breathing and body movement that indicated how much she needed her own orgasm after having caused mine.
I reached over and slid my hands up her baby bump, finding her breasts and squeezing. She moaned against Carter and he stood up from the couch without breaking contact with her lips.
I slid down between them and moved behind Skylark, pulling her pajama bottom up over her breasts and leaning in to bite her neck. Her hands reached for Carter and grabbed his cock, still hard and pointing at us as we faced him.
"Come on," I said, "let's make this more comfortable."
I stood up and took Carter's hand and pulled him along behind me. Skylark held onto his cock until I pulled him out of her reach. I smiled to myself and held onto his hand as we went down the hall towards the bedroom.
"We'll be right back." Carter grinned at Skylark. "We won't be gone long enough for you to bother putting any clothes on, so please don't!"
Carter followed me into his home office, and I got down on my knees and pulled a plastic box out from under the futon. The box was stuffed with an old king size bed comforter, which we used as a sexual drop cloth when we fucked in this room.
I grabbed the comforter as Carter grabbed the futon mattress and followed me back to the living room. Once there we pushed the couch against the wall and positioned the futon mattress in the center of the floor.
Carter put another log in the fireplace while I spread the comforter out on the mattress and grabbed some pillows off of the couch. Carter went to the front window and opened it wide, letting in a gust of cool air that was infused with the smell of rain.
The shades were drawn on all the windows, and no one could get onto our property unless they had an electronic sensor for the front gate anyway. We lived far enough away from the nearest neighbors so that even the loudest of orgasmic cries wouldn't be a problem.
Skylark walked into the living room from the kitchen, drinking greedily from a bottle of water and carrying two more.
"I thought maybe someone besides me had worked up a thirst." She said.
"Not me," I replied, "not yet anyway."
"Well I sure did." Carter said, taking a bottle and twisting off the cap.
As the two of them stood side by side, with the only light from the flickering fireplace, I openly stared at them. Skylark had taken off her pajama top and was wearing nothing but a pair of cotton panties, and Carter's cock was semi hard and I could see a drip of clear liquid at the tip. He had recently been very close to spurting his hot fluid into my mouth, and I knew that his balls must be aching with their need to release their built up fluid.
I felt a surge of happiness that made me almost giggle. Here I was, a pervert who loved giving pleasure almost as much as getting it, and I was married to a man who loved to sexually experiment and shared my desire to push our sexual boundaries.
In fact, in the spirit of boundary pushing he was standing naked and aroused next to his own cousin, a positively drop dead gorgeous woman who I was learning was fairly sexually adventurous herself.
Skylark was not only pregnant, but the changing shape of her expectant body made her even more exotically beautiful. I loved both of them passionately and the fact that the two of them were here together with me made me happy.
The fact that the two of them were horny, undressed, and about to join me on a mattress in front of a fireplace for some more pleasure made my still wet cunt spasm with lust.
"Bring those bottles over here." I demanded. "I'm getting lonely over here. I need something to lick or touch."
They both stepped to the mattress, and Carter held Skylark's hand while she knelt down beside me, and then he joined us. The three of us sat smiling at each other, making a triangle on the mattress of naked and lusty companions.
"Sky," I said, "you're the one who needs to make up for lost time, so what would you like to try next?"
"I don't want to be in charge," she laughed, "I'm just along for the ride."
"I can't be in charge," Carter told us, "all the blood is rushing away from my brain and I can't be responsible for my own actions."
"Well Sky," I said, "I guess that means that you and I should just focus on whatever comes up."
"Sounds good to me." She said in an aroused whisper.
"Until something…ah…rises to our attention," I said, "we need to find a way to fill the time."
I reached over and pushed Carter down onto his back, and then took Skylark's hand and pulled her down to join me. We were laying with our heads near Carter's cock, and I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her forward, guiding her mouth towards his penis.
I used my fingers to hold his soft cock at the base while she took the head of it in her soft lips and began to slowly flick it with her tongue. I began to gently massage the base between my fingers and thumb to the same rhythm her tongue was moving, and I felt it begin to steadily thicken.
I ran my other hand up his inner thigh as high as I could, and began to massage the muscles I found there slowly and firmly. He gave a soft groan and Skylark pushed her head down on his thick cock and sucked.
I felt her hot breath against my fingers as I continued squeezing the base of his cock, which by now was too hard to pinch. I saw his balls tighten and I knew that he was close to orgasm. Again.
I withdrew my hands and climbed up next to him, running my wet fingers through his chest hair as Skylark began to slowly bob her head up and down while his hips began to rise and fall in pace with her hot mouth.
"Don't cum," I whispered, "let it build up. I'll tell you when it's been long enough and then I want you to pump Skylark full of your slippery wet cum."
I moved my mouth to his and kissed him, slowly and with a lot of tongue play as his hands caressed my breasts. I slid my hand down his belly and found the base of his cock again, soaked with Skylark's spit as she continued to fuck his aroused meat in and out of her throat.
He moaned into my mouth and I pulled myself away and straddled his stomach facing Skylark. I pulled her face away from his groin and kissed her, tasting his precum on her soft tongue while I wrapped my arms her and melted into the kiss.
We stayed like that, minute after minute, Carter below us trying to keep his breathing under control while his cock throbbed straight up into the air, and Skylark and I with our eyes closed and our mouths exploring each other as we each savored our own arousal, and the feelings of lust we were giving to each other.
After a long time, Skylark and I broke our kiss, and moved our heads away looking into each others eyes. My heart skipped a beat in lustful need as I saw the arousal on her face, and I reached down and found the still-erect-but-not-quite-throbbing evidence of Carter's need.
"I think he's calm enough for a bit more attention." I whispered.
"But I'm not," she giggled, "I'm so horny I don't think I can concentrate on anything but how bad I need to cum."
"Waiting can be physically delicious," I told her, "besides I'm trying to build up a huge load of sperm in his balls. I want to watch your face as he pumps it into you later. That is, if you can both wait."
"Oh fuck," she said with a shudder, "I want that so much."
"Help me get him to the edge again Sky." I said.
We sank back to the mattress, one of us on each side of my dear husband. I gestured for her to angle up, while I angled down on the futon mattress. If the mattress were a clockface, Carter was laying from twelve to six, with Skylark's legs angled towards the one o'clock position, while I angled myself so my legs were aimed at the seven o'clock position.
"Try not to do too much direct touching with your hands." I whispered.
I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, while using my other hand to gently lift his balls. I leaned in to softly drag my tongue up and over one of his testicles, feeling a pulse as a new wave of arousal pumped into his cock.
I licked again, knowing that he loved the feeling of a soft tongue on his ballsack. I looked over at Skylark, who was staring at what I was doing.
"Go ahead," I said quietly, "work on the head."
I nuzzled closer to his balls and tenderly kissed his other testicle. Without moving my head my eyes caught the erotic sight of Skylark slowly licking the tip of Carter's cock.
I made my tongue flat and licked it across both of his balls before gently sucking one into my mouth, and I felt him push up from the mattress and his cock throbbed hard in my hand.
Skylark continued licking at the head, like she was working a lollypop, and as I watched in the flickering light of the fire, his cock hole opened up and a pearl of clear fluid bulged out, before running in a tiny river over his glans and then down his shaft. I sucked softly on the testicle in my mouth and closed my eyes in slutty joy as I felt his precum begin to pool on my fingers.
We spent time like that, my fingers holding the base of his cock while it drooled a steady flow of precum. Skylark kept licking the cockhead and I sucked and tongued his nuts.
His thighs were tense and I knew that with a sudden flurry of stimulation Skylark and I would have an explosion of sticky cum as proof of his lust. I began to suck harder, using my fingers to stroke the sensitive spot under his balls.
He made a growling sound and I stopped, holding his balls tight in my gentle hand, watching Skylark's tongue drive him wild. I caught her eye and gave her a quick nod, and she suddenly plunged her entire mouth over his cock and sucked while I pulled on his balls.
"Oh fuck! Oh fuck!!" he exclaimed through clenched teeth.
"That's enough." I told her. "We want him to feel that pressure build."
There was an audible 'pop' sound as the suction of her mouth around his cock broke, and it throbbed before us, sticking straight up with need. I fought the temptation to take him into my mouth and let him cum.
As much as I would have loved to taste a load of male sperm right then, I was even more desperate to see Skylark get pumped full again. I was also desperate for Carter to get to experience the feeling of losing control with his cock buried inside his beautiful cousin's cunt. I consoled myself by leaning in and running my tongue from his balls to his frenulum, tasting a remnant of his precum and Skylark's sweet spit.
"Come over here," I told her, "I need to taste him on your mouth."
I said this for Carter's benefit, and I knew that hearing me ask for a taste of his cock would drive him even more crazy with desire.
Skylark happily leaned in for another kiss, and we made a noisy job of it, smacking our lips and moaning as we licked each others tongues and teeth, letting ourselves drool onto his cock and balls.
Without breaking our mouth to mouth contact I pulled Skylark with me and we both moved up the mattress closer to Carter's head. As we lay down on either side of him I smiled at Skylark when I noticed that we both had begun running our fingers through his chest hair as soon as we were within reach.
I leaned in and kissed Carter, a closed mouth kiss on the lips, before looking at Skylark and motioning with a nod of my head that she should join in. She came in close, and gave him a kiss of her own, quickly and with a closed mouth like I had.
When she moved her mouth away I kissed him again, this time pushing my tongue into his mouth. When I moved my mouth away from his she leaned in and did what I had just done. When she finished I leaned in again, this time lingering and sucking on his tongue.
She bent in yet again and did the same, giving him a long wet and exploratory kiss with lots of tongue. I ran my fingers through her fiery red hair while they kissed, and felt a tight spark of lust bolt through my belly when I caught sight of his cock, so hard it wasn't even throbbing as it strained straight up in the air.
When Skylark and Carter broke their kiss I took her face in my hands and kissed her again, slow and gentle at first and then with more and more lust as our tongues intertwined and our hands roamed.
She suddenly gasped against my mouth, at the exact instant I felt Carter slip two fingers into my wet pussy, and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations his fingers were giving me while listening to the verbal proof that he was doing the same to Skylark with his other hand.
I kissed her again, ending by holding her face in my hands and licking her lips with my tongue, before pulling her back towards the foot of the mattress. We were on either side of Carter, with his cock poking straight up between us. I smiled at her and winked, and she grinned back, enjoying this game of teasing and build up.
I took Carter's cock in my hand, and gestured for Skylark to lean closer to it. As she did I gave it a gentle squeeze before suddenly jerking it and slapping Skylark in the face with it.
He grunted at the quick slapping sensation and she gasped, and I waited a full five count and then gently squeezed his rock hard cock before giving her another quick slap with it.
I counted silently to five again, and then repeated the motion.
One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
Her forehead.
Each cheek.
Her mouth.
Between her nose and cheekbone.
Slap! Slap! SLAP!
I built intensity with each slap. I waited the same count of five between the forced contact of his hard cock and her soft skin, and I started each one with the same gentle squeeze.
She began to anticipate my pattern and began to move her face to meet my motions. That varied the distance between his cock and her face and worked to keep him from being able to anticipate the impact of his slick cock on her soft flesh.
I giggled with the sheer joy of this, and she began to open her mouth and tried to lick the cock when it made its slapping contact with her lips. He continued to grunt with each flesh-on-flesh contact, and he was holding onto the mattress with both fists.
One, two, three, four, five.
Slap forehead.
One, two, three, four, five.
Slap cheekbone.
One, two, three, four, five.
Slap cheek. Lick.
One, two, three, four, five.
Slap mouth. Lick.
One, two, three, four, five.
Slap cheekbone.
One, two, three, four, five.
Slap cheek. Lick.
And then I stopped.
Suddenly I pinched the base of his cock and ceased all movement. Skylark and I stared at his aroused member, and I could almost feel how badly it needed release.
"Come here." I said to both of them, standing up and marching into the dining room without bothering to see if they would follow me.
I was trying to be careful and not be too domineering, since I wanted Skylark to get all she could out of this. Even though she was enthusiastically embracing the pleasure being given to her and eagerly returning that pleasure to both Carter and myself, I could still sense a bit of hesitation in her.
I wanted to bring her through that hesitation, and escort her up to the very edge of her comfort zone. But I didn't want to force her over that edge. I wanted to her to stay at the edge as long as she needed to until her own arousal and need made her step over the brink herself. Because I knew that if she took those steps of her own accord the physical rewards, for her, for Carter, and for myself, would be so much more delicious.
I understood some of her hesitation of course. She was a guest in not only our home, but now had been welcomed into the most intimate part of our relationship with each other. She didn't want to fully give in to her eagerness and cross a line.
As much as we'd already shared, and even with the glimpse of sex toys and outfits and paddles and restraints I'd given her that afternoon, she really hadn't yet come to understand that there weren't really any lines to cross with us. There might be things she wanted that we'd be uninterested in, just as I was sure there were things we did that she wouldn't want to try, but there were no boundaries with Carter and myself. And there certainly wasn't anything she could mention or ask for that we wouldn't consider.
So for now I was taking charge, directing our threesome in whatever ways I could think of to help her enjoy it as much as possible. This was also a great opportunity for me to introduce her to the things that really turned Carter on. I had a feeling she'd be needing that knowledge often from now on.
I walked to the far side of our dining room table and turned to face the living room. The room was in almost total darkness, with only the flickering light from the fireplace in the other room casting its shadows on the ceiling. There were no lights on in the dining room, nor in the family room visible through the passthrough.
I'd spent some time earlier that afternoon orally pleasuring Skylark, as she clutched the pillars in the passthrough. Now I planned to have her help me give some more naughty pleasure in this very same room.
Within a moment both Carter and Skylark were standing next to me. Skylark's face showed a combination of curiosity and anticipation as she wondered what was about to happen. Carter's face was a study in concentration, as he tried to keep himself from backing too far away from the edge of pleasure we'd been holding him on. His cock was still throbbing, and pointed straight out as if he'd taken a double dose of a male enhancement drug.
With a smile at Carter I grabbed the end of our dining room table, and he figured out my intentions and grabbed the other end. We pulled and the square table slid open, making room to insert a leaf that would allow us to set more people around the table.

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