The Skylark Solution Pt. 05

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tagIncest/TabooThe Skylark Solution Pt. 05

This is a continuation of The Skylark Solution.
Reading The Skylark Solution Parts One, Two, Three and Four will give you much needed context for this story.
Carter: my nearly forty-year-old husband.
Skylark: Carter's cousin, who is pregnant. She came to live with us in Part One where she and I established a sexual connection. In Part Two Carter and I both welcomed her into our bed. In Part Three and Four the three of us continued to explore each other sexually.
Isabella Emily: A wife, a writer, a pervert, a pleasure seeker, and your humble escort through this story.
If you'd like to read more about Skylark, Carter, and myself and our relationship please let me know in the comments or reach out in a private message.

From Part Four
By the time what I think was my fifth orgasm began to fade I had had more than I could stand, and in an overstimulated haze I began to push against Skylark and Carter with my legs and I tried desperately to move away from the sensations that had become almost painful.
"Stop! Stop! I can't stand any more! Please! Fuck!" my voice sounded to me like I was weeping and I realized how dizzy and out of control I felt.
I was down on the mattress, taking in huge gulps of air and shaking like I was having a seizure. Carter turned me over and pulled me to a sitting position, and limp as a rag doll I let him.
He moved behind me on the mattress and leaned back against the couch, pulling me back to lean against him. Skylark moved beside us and gently put a hand on my thigh.
"Wow." She said. "I've never heard or seen anything like that."
"Holy fuck," I said, "neither have I. It was all great, but your tongue was what did it Sky. Knowing it was you tasting me when it hit was caused it to go on and on."
Carter kissed my neck, and with a sudden surge of adrenaline I realized that he still needed to cum. And even though she'd had several amazing orgasms already today, I wanted to see if we could help Skylark along to at least one more.
"How are you doing back there?" I asked Carter with a grin. "How much more pressure can we build up in those balls of yours until you burst?"
"Not much." He replied, slipping his fingers around to pinch one of my nipples. "I'm about ready to cum just sitting here thinking about it."
"At least give us a warning before it boils over." Skylark said with a giggle as she snuggled closer to us.
"Perhaps we've stimulated you too much." I said. "Maybe we should wait until tomorrow before any more contact. We don't want to over load your circuits."
"Fuck that!" Carter declared with mock horror. "Too much more waiting and I'll end up handling it myself!"
"Well we can't have that." Skylark said to me. "He might get carpal tunnel and be unable to cook breakfast tomorrow morning."
"That would be a disaster." I replied. "I guess we better find a way to treat his poor overloaded cock the way it deserves. Someone bring me a bottle of water and both of you come along."
I turned around and kissed Carter on the forehead, and then got up and started down the hall. I paused in the bedroom and lit a few candles for light, and then proceeded into the bathroom.
I turned on the soft overhead lights and opened the door to our extra big shower stall. I'd shaved Skylark earlier today in this very shower before Carter got home from work. And after sharing some sweaty sex before dinner the three of us had showered together again.
Turning on the water I stepped into the stall and waited, and within a moment they had both joined me in the hot water. Carter's cock wasn't quite throbbing, but it was pointed straight out and leaking a steady flow of clear precum.
"I don't think we're really ready for a shower yet, but there's no sense in waiting for that cock to calm down on its own." I announced. "And if it doesn't calm down I'm afraid it's too close to losing control to do any of us any good."
I gave Carter a gentle push to the end of the oversized stall, and grabbed the handheld shower nozzle and directed a burst of cold water at him. He jumped and gave me a playful swat on my ass, which echoed loud in the tiled shower.
"Okay," I laughed, "maybe there's no need to waterboard that cock with icy water, but you stay over there and keep the water as cool as you can stand it while you back away from the edge a bit."
I hung the handheld nozzle back up and turned on the water flow to the showerhead over Carter's body, before letting him adjust the temperature. Our stall has three showerheads and the one at the far end has its own temperature control separate from the other two, which is handy because I like my showers scalding while Carter prefers them merely hot.
I turned my attention to Skylark and pulled her to me, while turning the water flow over the two of us a bit hotter.
"I don't want him to become completely bored." I murmured to her.
I gave her a deep kiss, running my hands through her fiery red hair and feeling her baby bump press against my stomach. I sucked her tongue into my mouth as I watched Carter with my peripheral vision.
He was leaning against the tile wall staring at us, watching each move we made. His arms were up over his head holding onto the showerhead and I figured some more visual stimulation wouldn't hurt him while his body tried to calm down.
"How the fuck am I supposed to calm down over here with you two driving me crazy?" he asked.
"Find a way or we'll handcuff you to the bed and all you'll be able to do is listen to us play through the wall." I told him. "And if you get overstimulated and spill your cum on the floor of the shower I'll bring someone else over to fill the beautiful Skylark's cunt up with cock and cum and make you watch the whole thing with your hands cuffed behind your fucking back. Do we understand each other?"
"Yes we do Mistress Cock Tease," he said with a grin.
"Good. Because Skylark needs some more cum real bad. Make sure it's yours." I told him while pressing my body against hers.
"She's right," Skylark said, "you wouldn't want to send us off to find what I need somewhere else would you?"
With that she leaned in and slowly licked both of my lips, before biting them while running her hands over my breasts.
"Fuck no." Carter whispered.
I took Skylark by the shoulders and gently turned her to face the shower wall. Taking her hands in mine I placed them against the wall over her head. I put some body wash in my hand and started to lather her up, mostly for Carter's benefit. I washed every inch of her back and arms, working my way lower to her waist, before squatting down and washing her feet, ankles, and calves.
I moved my slippery hands over her thighs, feeling her respond and pausing to smile at Carter often. He smiled back, obviously enjoying this development in our relationship with his cousin. I stood up and reached around Skylark, caressing her wet breasts and feeling her shudder. She closed her eyes and pushed her head back against me, while grinding her ass against my hip.
I pressed against her and turned us both, so we were facing Carter. I stuck my foot over into the water flow from his showerhead and grinned at him while pushing my hand between Skylark's thighs from behind.
"Colder." I told him. "This is no time for an accidental eruption."
He adjusted the knob and watched as my fingers slid along Skylark's gash and pushed up inside. I pulled her to me and wrapped one arm tightly around her.
"Oh fuuuuuuck." She grunted as she felt my fingers explore.
I pulled my fingers out of her and moved them higher. Her eyes opened to see Carter staring at us, as I pushed my middle finger into her anus. She moaned deep in her throat and reached back to clutch my wet hips.
Carter was taking it all in and I noticed his cock had shrunk considerably. I had no doubt that his balls were aching and that it wouldn't take much to bring him back to full hardness, but hopefully the cool water was helping him gain some control back.
I pushed deeper while kissing her neck. Her eyes took on a faraway look as I slowly moved my finger in her tight anus. She'd responded to a bit of anal play with me earlier, and I knew that she was so aroused now that my finger had to feel sensually enticing in her back hole. I pushed it just a bit deeper and bit her neck with my teeth and she lurched against me.
I hugged her tightly and pulled her towards me for another kiss, and with my tongue in her mouth I pulled my finger from her ass and reached behind me for the soap.
I lathered my hands and then washed her breasts while standing behind her, spending lots of time on her nipples and giving her gentle kisses on her ear. Carter reached out towards her and she put her hand out and took hold of his.
"This is lovely." She told us.
"All good things must come to an end." I replied, giving her nipples a pinch as I said the word 'come'. "Let's get out of here and finish this right."
I took the handheld nozzle off the hook and rinsed her all over, making sure we were both free of soap before turning the water off. I reached over and turned off the water on Carter's side of the of the shower as well.
I took Skylark by the hand and pulled her out of the shower. Carter followed us and reached towards the stack of towels.
"Fuck that." I said. "Let's just do this."
I pushed Skylark towards the bedroom and all three of us, soaking wet, hit the king size bed. Carter laid down on his back, and I guided her to climb over him and straddle his face.
"Lean over and grab the headboard." I whispered.
"Ohdamnfuckyes!" she howled as Carter's tongue snaked up her slit and found her sensitive button. She leaned forward and put her weight on the headboard, and I saw her hips begin to push up and down.
I reached over and pulled open one of the drawers on the headboard and found a tiny bottle of lube. I put some on my fingertips and then got on my knees straddling Carter's chest behind her.
"Feel it Sky," I whispered in her ear, "feel it all."
I again pushed my finger one knuckle deep into her anus and began to thrust in time with the rocking of her hips.
"So close!" she shrieked. "Fucking so close!"
I slapped her ass with my free hand and wiggled the tip of my finger in her asshole. Carter's hands came up and he wrapped his arms around her thighs.
"Cum Sky!" I urged her. "Cum in his mouth so he can taste it! Cum for him!"
"FUCKNOWFUCKFUCKNOWGOGONOW!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, and the entire bed shook as she convulsed through an orgasm, that seemed to build and feed upon itself as she continued to grunt.
"Yes! Feel it!" I whispered in her ear and she let out another yelp and began to shake again.
I turned around and saw Carter's cock rock hard and throbbing. I hoped the cool shower had restored a bit of control, but even if it had I knew his eruption wasn't too much stimulation away. He'd been on edge for more than an hour and a half by now.
I grabbed Skylark and pulled her down off of Carter's face. I sat against the headboard positioned her on her back with her head in my lap. I looked up at Carter as he sat up.
"Get on her and push that cock into her." I told him.
"Oh fuck yes please yes!" she begged.
He moved towards us and I placed my hands on her breasts. He put and arm on either side of her to prop himself up and lined his cock up with her swollen cunt.
He pushed forward and made contact with her opening, hesitating just a moment before thrusting inside of her.
"OH GAWDFUCKFUCK!" she wailed.
He grunted and I pinched her nipples as she wrapped her legs around him. She put her hands on his shoulders and closed her eyes.
"Don't hold back," I hissed, "let that cum pump into her so she can feel all of your hot sticky load."
"Fuck yeah." He said through clenched teeth and began to pound in and out of her.
"Cum for her Carter!" I urged him. "Cum for both of us. I need you to fuck that huge load into her hot cunt! I know you need to cum so bad!"
"I'm going to cum again!" Skylark said suddenly, before fucking her cunt against Carter's cock and screaming again as yet another orgasm slammed into her body.
"I want to see you fill her up with your cum!" I called out. "Make her feel that load you saved up for us!"
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It's going to happen!" he said, clenching his eyes shut.
"Cum! Cum in me!" Skylark screamed, and one second later Carter roared like an animal and pushed himself against her body as tight as he could.
He rocked back and forth, shaking with pure pleasure as he finally reached the edge and unloaded spurt after spurt of his hot sperm inside his own cousins' cunt.
"Yes!" I urged them on, loving the erotic sight of them pressed together while their bodies provided each other with wet pulses of gratification.
"Oh fuck yes!" Skylark said softly. "I can feel you cumming inside me."
He kept pumping his hips up and down, and I knew from experience that he was emptying his balls with each thrust, and even when he had stopped spurting the built up tension would cause his cock to continue to experience spasms of flexing pleasure.
They went on and on, him pumping in and out of her cunt and her clinging to him and whimpering. He started to slow down and I slid out from under her and got beside them.
I put my hand on her thigh and worked my way up towards her pussy, finding his balls tight against his groin and both of them covered with slippery evidence of their arousal.
He leaned down and kissed her, softly and gently, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. I circled my fingers around his shaft and felt the mixture of their combined cum. It was so fucking satisfying to feel the slippery results of two people's lust.
I flexed my fingers around his shaft and pushed against him indicating that I wanted him to withdraw from her. He began to pull himself away, and I kept a firm hold of his cock as he did, making sure he moved nice and slow.
As his cock slid out of her I kept my fingers tight on him, working to squeeze every drop of cum from his cock so he could leave as much of his sperm inside his hot cousin as possible. When his cockhead emerged from her soft opening, I used my fingers to milk him, and my reward was one last little bubble of hot and white liquid from his tip.
Carter rolled to his side, snuggling up to Skylark while I took his place between her legs. I was taken by the visually arousing sight of her freshly fucked cunt. The lips were swollen and slick, wet with both of their combined orgasms. I could smell both of them and realized how erotic the smell was. I've smelled my own juices on Carter's face or cock, or on my own fingers during masturbation. And I've enjoyed the musky smell of male cum since the first hand-job I ever gave. But this, smelling both of those things together right in front of my face, and knowing the aroma came from two people that I cared deeply about, was positively intoxicating.
I closed my eyes to savor it for just one second, and then leaned forward and slid my tongue around Skylark's clitoris.
This wasn't just about sexual pleasure either. I was experimenting.
She had confessed to me earlier that day that even though she could easily orgasm through masturbation, the only orgasms that ever really satisfied her completely were the ones that happened with a real cock fucking her. Even though the most realistic of sex toys could give her amazing orgasms, they always left her somewhat unsatisfied.
There was something about the sensations caused by a man's real cock that her body desperately needed for satisfying orgasms. And the feeling of that real cock pulsing, throbbing, and lurching inside her while it coated her wet cunt with hot sperm always pushed her over the edge.
So I was curious if her satisfying orgasms were the result of a real cock. Or if they were the result of real sperm spurting hot and sticky inside her. Or if it took the combination.
I planned to make her orgasm with my mouth, while her cunt was still full of the cum that Carter had just deposited there. I thought that would help us figure out if an orgasm with the presence cum could be as special as one caused by having a cock inside her.
I kissed her clit as I slid two fingers into her slippery hole. She bumped her hips off of the mattress and moaned, and I knew she would be able to cum again.
I pulled my fingers from her and used them to begin to stroke her stiff clitoris. I pushed my tongue into her, and sucked her wet juice into my mouth, savoring the flavor of her cunt that was saturated with Carter's freshly ejaculated sperm.
Due to her recent orgasm she was already extremely aroused, so I kept licking her sensitive lips and stroking her clit, savoring the taste and her physical reaction to the pleasure.
"Oh fuck yes!" she exclaimed, clutching Carter and pushing her cunt against my mouth. "You're going to make me go again."
I put my mouth on her clit and sucked as hard as I could, pushing my fingers into her hole and pressing up towards her g-spot.
She wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my hair with both hands. I felt her pulling me into her as she started fucking her cunt at my mouth.
Carter had wrapped himself around her and was sucking on one of her nipples while his hand massaged her baby bump.
"It's gonna happen! I'm going to go again! I can't stop it! It's gonna! Gonna! GONNA FUCK GO GO GO FUCK GO FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!" her voice bounced around the room as the bed shook with her gyrations and thrusts.
I felt a gush of hot fluid against my chest as her orgasm reached a crescendo, and I covered her entire clitoris with my mouth and gently sucked while wrapping my arms around her hips.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck." She was nearly whispering as her body suddenly collapsed back onto the mattress and went still.
I licked my tongue through her salty pussy lips one last time and then climbed up next to her and kissed her softly on her sweet mouth. She closed her eyes and reached for my hand with hers.
"Was that good?" I asked her with a smile.
"Oh hell yes." She replied without opening her eyes.
"Was it satisfying? That last orgasm? Like was it really satisfying?" I probed.
"It really was. I'm still fluttering inside. I'm not sure I've ever felt this way after sex before." She told us.
"Was it the penetration that did it? Or my cum inside you that made it so good?" Carter asked, as if he was reading my mind.
"I think it was both." She told him seriously. "Both orgasms were the kind I need to have to be really satisfied."
She pushed herself up on her elbows, a look of realization dawning on her face in the bouncing light of the candles.
"In fact, I think that was the first orgasm that worked that way for me without having a man fucking me while it happened." She said.
"So maybe the cum did it." I said. "Maybe having a man pump his cum inside of you can get you started, but once his load is there you can just keep having orgasms and orgasms and more orgasms that all get you off as good as you need to. Maybe the sperm pushes some sort of physical button that stays pushed once it's there."
"Holy fuck." She said. "I feel like I did when I had my first orgasm. Like a whole new world just opened up to me."
Carter laughed softly and said "I'm just happy to have helped with this scientific experiment."
Skylark reached over and gave his cock a loving pat. "You did more than help. You rocked my fucking world. You own the best cock that has ever fucked me, hands down."
"Technically," I giggled, "I own that cock. But I am happy to let it get used in the cause of science. Or lust. Or both."
"You helped too," Skylark said, her voice turning serious. "You kept me so relaxed and comfortable while making me so horny and lustful that I can't even figure out how you did it. Earlier today I'd hardly thought of you in a sexual way and now I've kissed you and touched you, and even helped make you have an orgasm."

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