The Smith Siblings

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The Smith Siblings' Surprising Legacy
Chapter One
Nora lifted her mouth off of Adam's big cock, the big cock that had given her so much pleasure now that they had become lovers since he'd turned 18. He had come a lot, which was usual, and her mouth was still full with his semen. She smiled at Adam and then opened her mouth a little to show him and to play with his tasty man cream. She thought of it as tasty and, actually, she really didn't mind the taste or texture of it. She pushed some of it out over her bottom lip then sucked it back in. Adam grinned at her. She swallowed his big load and smacked her lips.
"Good, as always," she said.
Adam pulled his oldest sister to him and gave her a big wet kiss on the mouth, tasting the remnants of his cum on her tongue. "You are such a naughty sister," he told her when he pulled his lips away, "and I love you for it. I love you so much," he said, then he gave his sister another deep, lingering kiss which she returned with as much fervor as he was putting into it.
Nora broke the kiss off after a few seconds. "Now take a shower and get dressed. I don't want you to be late for your first day in college," she said.
Since this was Adam's first day at FSUG, Nora had decided to give him a "first-day-in-class-blow-job," for good luck. He hadn't protested.
"Damn, Nora, you're a great cocksucker," Adam said as he got out of bed and headed for the shower.
Nora laughed. "And you're not so bad at licking pussy either," she said.
"I have a good teacher," Adam said as he entered the bathroom.
* * *
Nora and Adam's other two sisters, Nancy and Andrea left the house earlier than Adam. Andrea, the youngest sister at age 20, had an early class at FSUG. She was studying Economics. Nancy, at age 22, had graduated last spring with a major in Business Management and a minor in Art History. She was now working at a prestigious art gallery in Gainsville.
Adam was going to be studying various aspects of real estate and property management. The Smith siblings were quite wealthy but none of them were dilettantes. They knew that without sound business management they could lose everything in a few short years and they didn't trust lawyers or business managers to manage their assets. Besides, as their parents had told them so often, everyone needs something to do.
Nora, at age 24, with a degree in Accounting and, working on an MBA from home via the internet, managed the family's business from her father's former office in their house where he had done the same before he and their mother were taken from them so suddenly. They had been flying in their private plane to Bermuda for the their wedding anniversary when sudden squalls came up over the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. Radio contact had been lost and no sign of any wreckage was every found after two weeks of searching by the Coast Guard. They were presumed death and at the bottom of the sea. Nora had been eighteen.
It had been a very bad time, a very sad time for the Smith siblings but they were very close and pulled through. Nora became the de facto parent for her sisters and brother. She had left most of the business decisions in the hands of her father's attorney as she went to school. But Nora was a very smart girl, as were all her siblings, and by the time she graduated from FSUG, and after consulting weekly, if not daily, with the attorney, she was ready to take over handling all the Smith affairs and accounts.
Their parents had built up a decent sized real estate portfolio that, properly managed, kept the Smith children living in the style they were accustomed too. Nora's goal, as well as her siblings, after they realized what they had to do, was to get educated and not just manage that portfolio, but to grow what had been left to them after their parents deaths. It didn't hurt that Nora had studied at her father's knee, so to speak, and already knew much about the real estate business. Now, Nora and her sisters and brother were focused on getting the educations necessary to accomplish their goal.
A memorial service had been held for their parents, Daniel and Emily Smith, shortly after the Coast Guard had called off the search for any signs of wreckage. It had been well attended. Mr. and Mrs. Smith had been well-liked and highly regarded. It was another month before Nora could bring herself to go into her parents master bedroom and sort through their belongings. Jewelry, photos, and other mementos were saved to be displayed or put away for a later time. Clothing and shoes mostly went to charities. It was another month before, at the urging of her sisters and brother, that Nora began using that bedroom as her own.
Chapter Two
When she was sorting out and packing up her parents belongings, Nora found that the cabinet under the big flat screen TV was locked. She thought that was a bit strange. She had assumed it was full of movies that her parents had bought over the years. After moving into the bedroom she decided to see if there were any movies that she and her siblings might like to watch. She found the key to the cabinet in her mother's jewelry box.
Wow! Nora said to herself when she opened the cabinet. My parents must have had a huge sexual appetite. The cabinet was full of porn videos, dozens and dozens of porn videos. There were videos of two women and one man; of two men and a woman doing double penetration; of men with huge cocks and men with average-sized cocks; of white women fucking black men and black women fucking white men; of anal sex and ass-to-mouth; of women being gang-banged vaginally and-or anally or taking a cock in their mouth, ass, and pussy at the same time; of group sex with several couples, some of them of amateur couples fucking; and videos of just two or more women having sex.
Among all these videos were several of her mother and father having sex, sometimes just the two of them, sometimes with other couples, and one video was of her mother getting gang-banged, double penetrated, sucking cock, and swallowing the cum of many men. It was obvious in the video that her mother was enjoying every bit of it and coming many times. All the videos were categorized and in alphabetical order, with the ones of her parents categorized under "Us".
For the next several nights, alone in her parents big bed, with her sisters and brother in their own rooms, Nora watched video after video, sampling one or more video from each category. She watched the videos of her parents having sex—her father with other women, her mother with other men, and especially of her mother's gang bang video—more than all the others. She didn't know what to make of this find about her parents. Nora wasn't a virgin, although she didn't have a special person in her life, especially after the death of her parents and the responsibility of taking their place as best she could with her sisters and brother. And she was no stranger to internet porn either, having watched and masturbated to many such videos, but her parents' collection went beyond her rather vanilla tastes in porn which was mainly cock-sucking, pussy-licking, and pussy-fucking, with some anal sex thrown in occasionally.
Nora felt guilty and more than a little embarrassed as she peered through this previously unknown window of her parent's lives. But she was also fascinated and highly aroused as she watched these videos. She couldn't help but masturbate while watching them. She wondered, for instance, as she watched a big cock fucking a woman's anus: Did my mother enjoy anal sex…from a big cock? It seemed obvious that she did, from the various videos, including one with her father, in which her mother was getting fucked in the ass and apparently having orgasms. From the videos, Nora discovered that her father had a big cock which, seemingly, her mother took easily in every position, including all the way up her ass. She also wondered if her mother ever had sex with a black man, until she found a couple videos in which she was one-on-one with a black man and a couple of her being doubly penetrated by two black men and one in which she was the focus of a gang bang of at least twelve men, four of whom were black. The personal videos alsp show her mother going down on women and women going down on her; her mother grinning into the camera and winking.
And then she found her mother's diary. In the cabinet, on the left side was a hidden compartment. While selecting a video one night, the back of Nora's hand banged against it and she heard a click and saw what she had assumed was solid wood move a little. She had to pull out four or five of the videos next to the panel before it opened enough for her to see a small, leather-bound book. Nora pulled it out. It was a diary. It was her mother's diary. She spent most of the night reading it, reading about how her parents were swingers, having sex on a regular basis with many other couples that they knew; how her mother did indeed participate in gang bangs with her father as one of the men taking turns with her. She read about how her mother loved making love to other women and being made love to by other women. Nora's mother wrote about her husband's big cock…and that not all black men did, because her mother documented having sex with black men. She read about how her mother would get her ass squeaky clean and do ass-to-mouth with her father and other men, or suck the cocks of other men, including her father, who had fucked other women with squeaky clean asses. She read how her father would tongue-fuck her mother's ass after he had fucked it good or how he would go down on her and eat his cum from her pussy, or even her ass, as did other women with her mother and her mother with those same other women.
It was shocking to Nora. It was as if she were reading of the diary of a stranger, yet is was her mother's writing, documenting the sex life that she and her husband led and, quite obviously, enjoyed thoroughly. But the most shocking thing was on the back of the last page, after several blank pages. It seemed to Nora that this bit of incredible knowledge should been on the first page, but her mother had written on the back of the last page, yet, by the date, it was the very first entry.
Today we got married. We love each other so very much but we had to leave behind our former lives…and names to do this…start over as different people. We will continue using birth control until we get the results back from our genetic testing. But after that we will have our own children or adopt, as need be. We will not let our incestuous love harm any baby. That entry was dated slightly over one year before Nora was born. Right underneath it was another. We got the genetic testing results back today and we are so happy. Neither one of us is carry the same bad recessive genes. We can have children just like normal people. I love my brother so much and he loves me just as much. We are so happy and anxious to start our family together.
Under that were four entries documenting the birth dates of Nora and her three siblings, with the notation for each: All her fingers and toes, perfectly healthy and sound physically. And for Adam, A boy, finally, and all his fingers and toes and healthy and sound.
Behind each of those entries, five years after each birth was a further notation: My darling child is smart and quick and mentally healthy.
"Oh my God," Nora said quietly to herself, "Mom and Dad were brother and sister. Oh my God!" It was three in the morning. Nora lay awake until dawn trying to understand the implications of what her mother's diary revealed. Her mother and father were brother and sister who loved each other very much. Well, that much was obvious to her. Her parents had always shown their loved and affection to each other, and to their children, openly and without hesitation. But evidently, they also had a rich and varied sex life, sharing sex with many others and doing things that Nora had never thought about doing.
She was confused. Everyone knew that incest was bad. It was horrible and disgusting. And yet, her parents were good and loving people and they had produced four mentally and physically healthy children. Well, of course, that was what the genetic testing had been all about; to make sure that a brother and sister wouldn't produce any mentally or physically defective children. Obviously they were smart and caring, not wanting to burden a child with some bad recessive genes that would in some way harm them.
In the early dawn hours, Nora lay thinking on her parents' bed, her incestuous parents' bed. Her mind was confused and, try as she might to marshal her thoughts, she kept seeing her parents in the various sexual positions they recorded of each other…committing incest with joy and passion.
She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Okay, she told herself, Mom and Dad were brother and sister but they were good and loving people. They were also horny as…as…. She couldn't think of an analogy. They were just very sexy, sexual people. She loved them so very much and missed them terribly. She had looked up to them and respected them and she wasn't going to let what she had discovered about them take that away from her.
For many months, Nora pondered on the fact that her mother and father were, in reality, brother and sister. She pondered on the fact that they were swingers, having sex with lots of other people. And, in time, came to accept it, even understand it. What she did find curious was that their collection of porn had little to no videos about incest. She went on line to check out that genre of sex videos and found out why. Anything that was posted as incest was either badly faked professional productions or, of the ones that seemed like they could be real incest videos, were either Russian or some other Eastern European nation and rather badly done, or they were very amateur and very badly done. With that in mind, she watched some of her parents porn collection imaging that the actors were brother and sister…and then she realized that by doing so, it was arousing her sexually. In any case, she had decided that when all of her sibling turned eighteen, she would let them in on the secret and let them make up their own minds as how best to honor the memories of their father and mother…or not.
Chapter Three
When Nancy, the second oldest of the Smith siblings, turned eighteen, Nora let her in on the secret about their parents. The more she had thought about it the more she was proud of them—of their love for each other, their love for her and her sisters and brother, and what they had done. They had become very rich in the real estate market and, later, when they were solidly established financially, Emily Smith had opened up an art gallery. Art was her first love and she was extremely knowledgeable in that field. Upon their deaths, Daniel and Emily Smith had left a small fortune to their children.
"Wow! Wow, wow, wow!" Nancy told Nora after reading their mother's diary. "That's just amazing but it also explains something."
Nora frowned. "What? What does it explain?"
"That I'm bi-sexual," Nancy said with a grin.
"Really? You are?"
"Yeah, really. I like girls as much as I like boys and, evidently, so did Mom."
"Yeah, I got that, too. But have you…?"
"Ever had sex with a girl?" Nancy finished Nora's question.
"Yeah. Have you?"
"Uh-huh. Remember my friend Barbara Dietz from when I was in tenth grade?" Nora nodded. "Well Barbara was actually a lesbian and she taught me so much about woman-on-woman sex. But then she moved away. And in my senior year there was Lorna Adkins. She was bi' too. She's leaving to go to school at Berkley, in California."
"So, just those two?"
"Yeah. There were others that I had hoped were, um, willing to experiment. I mean, all the girls that I thought about having sex with seemed to be…well, not into it. You know, just into boys and I didn't want to make a fool of myself."
"Well yeah, I can understand that," Nora said. "But, uh, what about the part of mom and dad being brother and sister…?"
"Well, that did come as a bit of a shock. But, hell, Nora, they pulled it off, didn't they? And they knew enough to make sure that they weren't going to have retards for babies, you know?
Nora nodded her agreement. "So, uh, you're okay with that…incest?
Nancy gave Nora a look and nodded. "Yeah, I guess I am. I mean, what the hell they loved each other didn't they. We knew that. And they weren't hurting anyone. So, yeah, I don't have a problem with that.
"Okay," Nora said. "So, uh, what kind of girls attract you, Nancy?"
Nancy gave her sister a little mischievous smile. "Oh, I don't know, girls who are smart, pretty, have nice tits that aren't too big or too small, have shoulder-length brown hair, and pale blue eyes, or are they gray, they keep changing whenever I look at them?
Nora gave her sister a blank look for half a second before realizing that Nancy was describing her. Her mouth fell open but no words came out for a couple of seconds. Then she smiled. "So, you want to try out incest with me?"
Now Nancy grinned. "Why not? I mean, if you think you want to try it out, then hell yes! I think Mom and Dad would approve. You know carrying on in their footsteps so to speak."
Nora laughed, tilted her head back and took a deep breath and let it out. "Wow! Yeah, I, uh…. Oh what the hell, why not?" She had watched all of her parents porn collection a couple of times over, including the ones about women making love to other women and it did intrigue her. She had a few favorites that she thought were really hot and had watched them several times, masturbating as she did. She had even gone on the internet to look up more lesbian or female bi-sexual videos.
"Really?" Nancy said, eyes wide open. She had only just thought about having sex with her sister when Nora had asked her what kind of girls she liked. She'd looked at her sister and realized three things: She loved her sister, her sister was a very attractive young woman, and since their parents were an incestuous couple there was no reason why she and her sister couldn't be an incestuous couple too.
Nora laughed again. "Yes, Nancy, really. But not now. I would feel more comfortable with Andrea and Adam out of the house."
"Yeah, okay. I think that would be wise. Then we could relax and, well, explore in comfort."
Nora smiled and pulled her sister tight up against her body. Her heart was beating hard. She heard Nancy gasp softly. "Yeah, I like that. We could explore in comfort," she said. Then she brought her mouth to Nancy's, pressing her lips lightly to them. Nancy sighed and opened her mouth to her sister. The two young women kissed lightly at first, mostly lips with just a bit of tongue, then more passionately, exploring each other's mouth and tongue with their own.
Finally, Nora broke off the kiss. Her heart was pounding even harder now. She could see the pulse in Nancy's neck so her heart was beating as hard as her own. "Katy Perry was right," she said.
"What, that old song," Nancy said, but her eyes were sparkling.
"But it still applies, doesn't it?" Nora said.
"Yeah, it does," Nancy said. She put her hand behind her sister's head and pulled in for another long, wet, delicious kiss." I wonder what Nora's pussy will taste like, she asked herself, wanting to find out as soon as possible.
Two days later, a Friday, Andrea, the youngest sister, informed Nora that she had been invited for a sleep over at Jenny Westhoven's. Nora knew the the family but called to confirm that the invitation was valid and that there was going to be adult supervision. Adam said that his friend, Jeff Baker, wanted him to spend the night. He didn't call it a sleep over, however. Again, Nora, knowing Jeff and his family, called and confirmed.

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