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The old man looked at them, the sons and daughters of Somalia, who boarded the planes flying from Somalia to Europe, with Canada as their ultimate destination. Wahid Shire, proud son of the Somali motherland, and spiritual descendant of the proud Warsangali clan, absolutely refused to leave his homeland. Let them fly out of the City of Mogadishu and find new homes in the supposedly beautiful, cold cities of North America. Wahid Shire had done his bid for king and country, and patiently awaited his final hour. Time for this old warrior to ascend to Jannah, for he'd certainly earned it. Or has he?
Wahid Shire closed his eyes, and remembered days, not so long ago, when Somalia was a proud African nation with a rich history of resistance. The Italians and the British had a devil of a time conquering them, and like so many other colonial powers, they didn't remain in Somalia for long. Neither did the almighty Americans, come to think of it. Somalia can be invaded but holding onto it is like holding onto a venomous snake. One slip and it's basically all over for the invader.
Wahid remembered how, at the age of eighteen, as a young man exiled from his own clan, he'd been found by the legendary Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shire, the Senior Akil of the Warsangali clan. The man unified Somali fighters under his banner and held court at the City of Las-Khorey, an ancient, revered coastal metropolis in the Sanaag region of Somaliland. According to Somali historical records, the Warsangali clan, which Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire ruled, outgrew from the legendary Darod clan, which has often played a key role in Somali affairs.
"Who the hell are you?" Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire demanded, looking at the tall, dark-skinned, befuddled-looking young man standing before him. Wahid, half-dead after wandering into the City of Las-Khorey from the surrounding desert, looked at the Great Man. The people of Somalia once had kings and queens, like many nations in Africa, but in recent times, the Sultan was the only man who had risen to such heights. He held fast onto power in a crumbling Somalia which was under attack by European forces.
"I am Wahid, the clan-less," the young man replied, and the Sultan's men, who flanked him in his villa's open court, gaped at him in astonishment. In Somalia, every man and woman belongs to a clan or sub-clan. Clan affiliation determines everything. A man without a clan was not to be trusted, for he had no loyalty to anyone or anything. Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire wondered if he should have this stranger, this seemingly worthless Wahid, executed. Such a man seemed a waste of life…
"Wahid, my son, in an earlier, better time, I would have you executed for being an outcast, but at present time, the motherland of Somalia needs every fighter she can get, if you are willing to fight the European devils, I may let you live," Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire said simply. Wahid looked at the Great Man, and to everyone's surprise, the befuddled young man appeared to be considering the Sultan's words. What man pauses so much when his life is quite literally on the damned lined?
"I am humbled by your offer, Elder," Wahid said, and the young man bowed his head, in acquiescence. Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire stroked his beard, and nodded. Wahid was about to say something else when he was whisked away. A man of importance had come to court, and the Sultan had wasted enough time on riffraff such as Wahid. The court announcer informed everyone of the arrival of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, the legendary Somali religious cleric and nationalist leader. The man headed the Dervish Movement which was a nightmare for Italian, British and Ethiopian forces invading Somalia.
"My friend," said Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, and the old cleric walked into court, flanked by a retinue of armed men. Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire happily greeted his father-in-law, and the two men embraced. A servant took Wahid to the kitchen, where he was provided with food and drink. Meanwhile, the Sultan and the Cleric met to discuss matters of state. There was talk of an agreement between the Elders of various Somalis clans, such as the Habar Awal, the Gadabuursi and Easa, and the British, to create a British Protectorate within Somali territory and possibly end the endless wars…
"We have much to discuss," Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire said to Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, forcing a smile as he walked the old man through the villa. The Sultan had a devil of a time getting Sayyid to let him marry his daughter Fatmah, once upon a time. In Somalia, some of the Elders and Clan Leaders cling to the old ways a bit too much. The Sultan recalled how his initial offer of ten camels to Sayyid as a bride price for his daughter Fatman had been rejected. The nerve on the old bastard!
"You must bathe after you are done eating, you reek, Wahid," said the tall, comely young servant, whose name was Amina Alwan. Wahid looked at the crimson-robed, hijab-wearing, dark-skinned young woman. Although she was barely nineteen years old, Amina carried herself like a much older and more experienced woman. Wahid nodded at her, for he was a nobody in this strange world ruled by the Sultan, and even a servant girl could speak haughtily to him. Still, Wahid smiled at Amina, for a tart-tongued lady was always something to behold…
"My dearest lady, whose name I still do not yet know, I may reek now, but I have just enlisted, I agreed to join the Sultan's cause, I will defend our beloved Somalia," Wahid retorted. Amina Alwan looked at this disheveled, smelly, befuddled young man who didn't have a shilling to his name, yet carried himself with pride. In her time as a servant at the Sultan's Court, Amina had met many ambitious men, but there was something about Wahid. He wasn't a prince, but he could certainly speak like one…
"I am Amina, daughter of the Alwan clan, and you need not bother with the sweet words, Wahid, I am not a prize to be won," the young Somali woman retorted. With that, Amina and Wahid were formally introduced. Wahid watched her walk away, and smiled. Amina was tall and lovely, with gorgeous features, dark brown skin, and a rather thick derriere that simply wouldn't quit. Wahid likes feistiness in a woman. After eating, Wahid did bathe, and put on new clothes provided by Amir, the Sultan's Majordomo of sorts. For the supposedly befuddled young man, an exciting new journey was about to begin…
"You look very handsome with clean clothes," said Amir, a short, dark-skinned man of about fifty, and Wahid nodded and smiled. When Amir's eyes met those of Wahid, the old man sensed a kindred spirit. Amir had served the Sultan's family for most of his life. Amir was once married to a woman named Jamila, and they had a daughter together, Farooq. Jamila left Amir a long time ago, for scandalous reasons, according to hearsay. One look at Amir and Wahid knew what sort of man he was…
"Thank you, my friend," said Wahid, and Amir then escorted him to the barracks, where he was expected to sleep. On that very same night, Amir visited Wahid's bed. The young Somali man grinned as Amir knelt before him and sucked on his long and thick ebony dick. Like a lot of older men, including those with wives and families, Amir simply cannot resist a tall, dark and handsome young man. Wahid stroked Amir's head as the older man sucked his cock and caressed his balls. When Wahid came, Amir happily drank his seed, then wiped his mouth with a smile.
"Oh yes, fuck me," Amir groaned, getting loud as he and Wahid continued with their fun. Amir found himself on all fours, face down and ass up. Wahid lubricated Amir with some oil, and then worked his thick cock inside of him. Amir has been fucked by well-endowed men from all over Somalia and Yemen, though he refused to sleep with Ethiopian men, enemies of his people. As Wahid's cock filled his ass, Amir stroked his own member and cried out in pleasure. Wahid had a big cock and knew how to use it. He fucked Amir until the old man tapped out.
"Wahid, I am pretty discreet, so whenever you seek some amusement, come to me," Amir promised, after some stupendous sex, and Wahid nodded. On that special evening, Wahid slept peacefully in the Al Said Barracks, where Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire's best soldiers were kept. Wahid would be trained in the art of war by the legendary Kader Al Said, a fearsome warrior from the Habar Toljaala clan. The nation of Somalia needed defending, and Wahid, like all the sons of Somalia, were expected to take part. Wahid promised himself that he would do his very best. As Somalia was under attack by British, Italian and Ethiopian forces, even a wretch like Wahid would lay down his life for the motherland…
Whenever Wahid had some free time, he went by the Sultan's villa, supposedly to be of service to his benefactor. The real reason was that Wahid was after the lovely Amina Alwan, much to Amir's chagrin. Since time immemorial, men have been split into three categories. Most men love only women, and that seems to be what mother nature intended. A few men love only men, and those men are hated and feared across the board. A large but usually silent group of men love both women and men, and blend in effortlessly among the previously mentioned categories, much to everyone's disdain and dislike.
Wahid is a man who loves both women and men, what latter societies would consider to be bisexual, and Amir knew he was lost to him once he began going after Amina. The old Majordomo knew there was nothing he could do to stop Wahid from bedding Amina. This was Somalia in the early twentieth century, after all. A Somali man who only likes men and refuses to have a wife and produce a family is considered a Qanis, an abomination of sorts. Such men are stoned when caught in the act of sex with other men. Amir definitely did not want such a fate for himself…
"Amir, you and I had our fun but I want Amina, do not get in the way," Wahid warned the older man, who nodded. In the past, many among the Sultan's court whispered behind Amir's back that he might be a Qanis, one of those strange men who have zero desire for women, but the Sultan always protected him. Amir distanced himself from Wahid and his lady of choice, Amina. After all, there are thousands of young men training as soldiers in the City of Las-Khorey and at least a few of them were like Amir himself, blessed with zero desire for women. Amir promptly forgot about Wahid, let the women have him.
"You are persistent," Amina Alwan said to Wahid as they dined together under a tree, on a magical afternoon during which they ate dates, buttered bread, and roast goat. Amina wore a lovely blue and white summer dress, and for once her long dark hair was sans hijab, flowing freely down her broad shoulders. Amina was a beautiful woman, and Wahid's heart thundered in his chest. The young Somali warrior felt half-maddened with desire for the young woman, and this was a simple fact.
"I know what I want," Wahid said as he took Amina's hand and brought it to his lips. Amina giggled as Wahid kissed her hand, and he winked at her. They ate their meal, talking and laughing, then went for a walk around the City of Las-Khorey. In those days in Somalia, it would be considered scandalous for a woman to walk around with a man who wasn't her husband or a family member. Amina, whose previous husband Yassin died during the war and left no heirs, had no such worries. The young woman was all alone in the world, surviving due to the mercy of the Sultan.
"Wahid, I may not be wealthy or nobility but I swore to myself I'd only give myself to a man who wants to be with me and only me," Amina Alwan said firmly. Wahid and Amina had arrived near the ramparts of an old fort where supposedly, according to legend, Somali fighters had repelled an Arab invasion in ancient times. Wahid looked at Amina, who looked so lovely and serious. Such a magnificent woman, there was nothing Wahid wouldn't do for her. He wanted her as a wife, and would have no one but her.
"Amina, I am but a simple soldier but I pledge myself to you," Wahid said firmly, and Amina grinned, and threw herself into his arms. Wahid and Amina kissed passionately, then made love on the soft grass, amid the ruins of the ancient Somali fort. Wahid beheld Amina in all of her glory as she slipped out of her clothes. The tall, perky-breasted, curvy, thick-legged and big-bottomed young Somali woman was simply irresistible, and he wanted her as much as he wanted his next breath…
"Make love to me, Wahid," Amina said softly, holding his gaze, and Wahid nodded. Once more, he kissed Amina, and caressed her breasts. Laying Amina on the soft grass, Wahid proceeded to kiss her from her head to her toes. Amina sighed happily as Wahid sucked on her breasts while his hand slipped between her legs. Wahid's agile fingers slid into Amina's pussy and he worked her over until she cried out passionately. When Wahid's hungry mouth found Amina's pussy, he ate her out like a hungry man. Amina closed her eyes as she experienced pleasures she'd been denied for ages. Wahid knew his way around the female body, and Amina was most thankful for that…
"You are magnificent," Wahid told Amina, and he smiled as she got on all fours, and showed him her thick, round ass. Wahid kissed Amina's thick butt, and then rubbed his thick member. Amina turned and grinned nervously upon seeing Wahid's big cock. With a swift thrust, Wahid buried himself inside Amina's pussy. The young Somali woman let out a deep groan, and Wahid held her wide hips as he began fucking her. Wahid has always loved nice butts, whether the butt in question belongs to a curvy woman or a handsome man doesn't matter to him. Still, Wahid had to admit that Amina's thick derriere was in a category by itself, and he couldn't get enough of her.
"Oh yes, take me," Amina squealed, all pretense of propriety gone as she got fucked by Wahid. Emboldened by the lady's screams, Wahid smacked her big ass and even pulled her long dark hair, yanking her head back as he fucked her harder. The two lovers fucked and sucked the afternoon away. Afterwards, they got dressed and returned to their separate dwellings. Amina returned to the Sultan's villa, and once in the all-female servants quarters, the smiling young woman lay in bed and dreamed old dreams.
"Wahid, it is my pleasure to officiate your wedding," Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire said, and the Great Man smiled at the young soldier and his comely bride Amina. The Sultan remembere d how he met Wahid, the stray from the desert, who somehow became a fine soldier and defender of Somalia. In front of the nobles of Las-Khorey, the Sultan officiated the wedding, and thus, Wahid and Amina were joined in holy matrimony. In keeping with his legendary generosity, the Sultan gifted the newly married couple three camels, and a small house in the east end of Las-Khorey. For Wahid and Amina, this was the beginning of better times. The couple thanked the Great Man profusely, not believing their luck.
"Amina, I will cherish you all the days of my life," Wahid told her as they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. Amina kissed her new husband, and thanked her lucky stars for him. Wahid kept his pledge to Amina, and the couple was blessed with two sons and two daughters. Wahid cherished his wife Amina and their family, and he never sought other women, nor did he take a second wife. Amina was glad that her husband Wahid cherished her and no other women, though he did have some very close friends among the male soldiers with whom he served.
As the nation of Somalia went to war with the British, the Italians and the Ethiopians, Wahid followed his benefactor Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire everywhere he went. The Great Man led the unified Somali tribal warriors from victory to victory over the foreign invaders, until the British began aerial bombardment of various Somali territories, which brought an end to the great military units led by Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire. The British could not afford to slay the Sultan and make him a martyr, for he had considered clout and his death would unify all of Somalia against them.
Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire, leader of all Somalia, was exiled to the Seychelles by the British. The Somali people never forgot the man who was akin to a Great King among them. The Sultan was not just the defender of Somalia, but he was also a generous man and a wonderful protector, teaching Somalia's men and women the meaning of honor and generosity. To honor his benefactor, Wahid took his surname, and passed it down to his sons and daughters, with his wife Amina's approval. The couple left Las-Khorey and moved to Mogadishu, the Capital of Somalia. Wahid Shire's adult sons and adult daughters moved their families to North America, settling in places like Minnesota, USA, and Ontario, Canada. Wahid lived in Somalia with his wife Amina until his dying day, and they were buried in Mogadishu. Their descendants live on in North America.

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