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My name is Ashley. I was 24 and never married before when I met my husband. I was wild, liked to party, and loved being able to screw around. He was 10 years older than me and loved my get up and go passion for life, as well as my sexy body. He was fairly good looking, 5 foot 10 and about 180 pounds. He worked out to stay fit, not bulging Arnold Schwarzenegger muscled but built more for speed, kinda like a endurance athlete. He played guitar in a band and I loved his moves whenever he played. I could just tell that he was going to be good in bed by the way he would move.
Our first meetings where just whenever I would be out watching his band play. We would chat, flirt and share a few kisses here and there between sets and after the show. We finally went out on a official date you would say and was instantly all over each other. Their was and still is this deep chemistry with us and we were frantically fucking each and every time we went out.
What surprised me the most about him was insatiable appetite for going down on me! He admitted that he was totally addicted to eating pussy, which is fine by me lol. He loved 69 play too which is one of my favorite activities but most guys seem to only want a blow job, but thankfully with him I had a man that loved taking his time to enjoy this pleasure with me!! He has loads of stamina and also surprisingly is his hefty cock which when hard is 9" long and 6" around!! It was a little challenging at first but I quickly mastered it.
We would watch porn together, flirt with other people when we went out and would even go to strip clubs together. Prior to him I slept around with a few men but hadn't found one that I was ready to share everything with.
See I am bi-sexual and my best friend Taylor is my bi-sexual lover. We have known each other since we were 14. We were each others first sexual experience. We did everything together growing up, went to the same college after high school, both went into nursing, and were room mates.
Prior to meeting my husband I had bad luck with guys once I told them about Taylor. Some thought it was sick, others just assumed we were both sluts and would want to have random orgies with them. Just all in all both of us had the same bad luck with guys in general.
Danny however was different it seemed to me. I guess because he was older or something. He had met Taylor before with me when we went to see his band play. He thought she was nice and a cool person. Both of them really got along good to which was a surprise to me. After dating him for about 3 months I could just tell that he was going to be the one that understood my relationship with Taylor; plus I was really hoping he would as I was really starting to fall for him! Taylor also had a good feeling about him too. Finally I felt comfortable enough to tell him everything. Happily I was right and Danny didn't mind. He understood and said he thought it was beautiful.
He never complained or pried whenever Taylor and I would go out for girl time. He didn't press the issue as I was already a freak in the sheets, would watch porn with him and go to strip clubs with him and ask him which girls caught his eye and would arrange lap dances for him and such. Why rock the boat when the ride is good he thought.
After he had met my girlfriend he told me he thought she was hot and was cool as hell. When ever we would meet for drinks She always seemed to have a smile on her face and a gleam in her eye when ever me and him would kiss and rub on each other while out in public. She would always flirt and joke about sexual stuff with us.
We were all around great friends, Taylor would always give him a kiss on the cheek and tell us she loved us whenever it was time to go home. After about a 2 years of intense, freaky, and satisfying sex and all around good fun with him he popped the question and we got married. My girlfriend was in total support of us and told us that we belong together.
About 6 months after we were married I found myself going out with my husband to meet my girlfriend for drinks….no big deal just another Saturday night….or so he thought.
We were all talking and laughing and enjoying the small upscale cocktail lounge that we frequent. Taylor and I wore similar dresses, hers being black and mine red. The dresses being sleeveless and above the knees, very form fitting and showing enough legs and cleavage.We were sitting at the bar me sitting to his left and Taylor to his right. After his 2nd drink he took his glass and was just about to ask the bartender for another when my I put my hand on his forearm, looked at him and said, "No more drinks tonight. We want to have some fun. " Then I kissed him. As I was saying this my friend slid her hand on his leg and was lightly rubbing it. He looked at my girlfriend and she was smiling with the most lustful look in her eyes.
He looked at me and dropped his jaw open and said, "Are you for real?"
I kissed him again, slightly bit his lower lip and pulled it and as I let go I said in a oh so sexy drawn out way "YES!"
Out the door we went! We was walking together, both of us holding onto his arms as we made our way to my car. He was fumbling with my keys trying to get the door unlocked when Taylor and I started kissing each other, and then we grabbed him and started kissing him. We all looked at each other and kinda giggled a little bit.
Now I'm gonna let my husband Danny take over the rest story for a bit from his perspective of our first threesome. Enjoy.
Hello I'm Danny. What my wife and our friend Taylor gave to me is beyond belief. I'm not just talking about the sex side of it which is totally awesome…..but so much more, something spiritual. Anyways back to our Story.
Fast forward….we make it to our house. We get inside and my wife takes me by the hand, then Taylor takes me by my other hand. They smile at me and kind of lean their heads sideways as they start walking backwards towards the stairs. As they reach the stairs they turn around, still leading me by the hand as we start to walk upstairs towards our bedroom. Oh what a really fine sight! Both of their sweet hour glass figures in those sexy dresses look so amazing! Their nice round firm asses wiggled and hypnotized me as we walked up the stairs.
My wife looked back at me and smiled. "Like what you see, baby?", she said with lust filled in her eyes.
"Oh yes I do. Damn both of your asses are so fine!", I say as we reach the top of the stairs and keep walking until we reach our bedroom.
"Are you talking about these fine asses?", she says as she starts rubbing Taylor's sweet ass. They both press their hips sideways against each other.
Taylor follows suit and starts to rub Ashley's fine ass, as they both start to shake their ass.
"Oh my God yes!!", I gasp as I reach out my hands and join them. My hands glide across their silky smooth dresses as I rub and squeeze those young tight asses. They both slide over giving me room to nestle up between them. My wife puts one hand on my ass and is rubbing me as she starts to kiss me deeply. Taylor starts to rub my chest with one hand and runs her other hand on Ashley's side as we continue to kiss.
I look at Taylor, the look of her eyes draws me in. Their is something in those eyes I'm thinking, something that's familiar, kind of like looking into Ashley's eyes. Something deep and seductive that just grabs me. My wife still rubs my ass and up my back. Taylor and I lean into each other and kiss deeply.
We breath hard and moan as we kiss, my hands now sliding up and down both their backs. I'm grabbing and squeezing both of their asses as my hands keep playing across their backs. I then start to kiss Ashley. As we kiss hard and heavy she slides her other hand down my chest, down towards my crotch. She rubs my cock through my pants, which now is rapidly growing hard.
We stop kissing and she glances at Taylor and winks. I turn my head to Taylor and she once again starts kissing me. When we start kissing Ashley stops rubbing my cock, slides her hand up my chest, takes Taylor's hand and guides it down my chest onto my cock that's bulging out in my pants.
Taylor stops kissing me and looks down as Ashley is using Taylor's hand to squeeze and rub my cock. Taylor smiles then giggles a bit. "Oh my God baby you wasn't kidding me. He does have something to work with!", she says as she looks at Ashley and nervously grins.
As they both rub my cock they start kissing each other. I keep rubbing my hands up and down their backsides. Squeezing their fine smooth round asses, sliding my hands around on them tight rumps using my two middle fingers tracing their sweet ass crack through their dresses. Soon I start to slide my hands up the bottom of their dresses and get my first feel of Taylor's silky smooth thighs and ass.
Ashley then pushes me back a bit. She and Taylor start to kiss me as they continue to push me back towards the bed. Ashley takes her hands, places them on my shoulders and pushes down. "Sit back baby and relax.", she tells me as she winks. As I sit down Taylor and Ashley start to kiss and rub their hands down their bodies. Ashley is sliding her hands down Taylor's back and rubbing her ass while Taylor glides her hands up and down Ashley's sides, caressing Ashley's sweet round breasts.
They slowly start to grab each others ass, snatch each others dress and start to lift them up. I joyously watch as their dresses start to ride up both of their smooth, sexy, tight toned legs. As they continue to slide their dresses up their hot bodies I am pleased to see both of them wearing very sexy lacy g-strings. They both then let their dresses slide back down there sexy bodies and giggle at me. They kiss each other and tell me to come to them. They start to kiss me and rub my cock thru my pants. Ashley is guiding Taylor's hand as they are kissing and rubbing my cock. I've got one hand grabbing my wife's ass as Taylor guides my other hand to her breasts. As I swap kisses with Ashley and Taylor I can't get Taylor's nice feeling tits off my mind.
I look at Taylor's breasts and she starts to rub and squeeze them and saying to me "Yeah I've seen you looking at my boobs before you naughty boy!"
My wife pushes me back towards our bed and they both slide their hands up and down my chest and waist telling me to lay back. I lay back as they start to kiss each other, kissing and rubbing their hands over their smooth sexy bodies. Oh how I love g-strings and they both were wearing them. My wife arranged this perfectly as they kept bending over wiggling their sweet ass to drive me wild as they lifted their dresses up slightly to tease me. Finally they lift and slide their dresses all the way off, revelling their sexy, lacey bras and g-strings that adorn their silky smooth toned bodies.
They continue to kiss each other, taking turns working their kisses down each others necks towards their perky breasts. As they continue to playfully make out I kick my shoes off as I unbutton my shirt. My wife then reaches down to Taylor's hips, grabs her g-string and starts to slowly pull it down, making herself squat downwards as she pulls them off. Then she slides her hands up the back of Taylor's legs, grabs her ass and turns it towards me. Taylor then follows my wife's lead as she places her knees together and bends over slightly. I can see her sweet, puffy pussy lips glisten as she bends over.
My wife places her face close to Taylor's tight, pear shaped round ass. "Oh this is so fine. Don't you think so baby?", she asks me as she starts to rub her hands all around.
"Oh fuck yes!!", I gasp as I start to stand up.
My wife however shakes her head side to side. "No, no. Wait until you're asked.", she tells me as she and Taylor giggle.
I sit back down again on the edge of the bed. Ashley starts to kiss Taylor's fine ass cheeks as she rubs her hands on it. Taylor slowly stands upright as Ashley's kisses work their way up Taylor's lower back, all the way up her spine to the back of her neck. As she does this Ashley removes Taylor's bra, releasing her sweet globes. Ashley grabs Taylor's perky breasts and starts to kiss and suck on them.
Taylor arches her head back as my wife continues to play with her breasts. She also is rubbing Ashley's breasts and starting to reach around to undo her bra too. When she finally unleashes Ashley's breasts they stand shoulder to shoulder, grab their own titties as they look at me and smile. Taylor laughs at me as I sit there with eyes bugged out and mouth open. Then she grabs Ashley by her hips and slides her g-string slowly off in the same fashion that Ashley did to her.
My wife bends her sweet ass over this time. I can see the nice puffy lips of her pussy glistening as she is bent over. Taylor rubs her ass and glides her fingers in, over my wife's sweet pussy lips. "I've been enjoying this sweetness for many years. Now we get to tear it up together!!", Taylor exclaims with wild lust her eyes.
Finally I can take no more! I jump up off the bed and go to them. My wife stands up right as I am grabbing her firm ass and starting to kiss the back of her neck. I slide my hands up her ass to the sides of her hips and continue to slide them up her sides, finally reaching around and grabbing both her breasts as I continue to kiss and lick the back of her neck.
Taylor rubs one of her hands up and down my back, taking time to lightly smack and squeeze my ass from time to time. With her other hand she is also reaching for Ashley's breasts, sorta helping me squeeze and caress them. She leans over and starts to kiss Ashley's breasts, pressing her body against the both of us as I feel her hard nipples and sweet globes up against me.
Ashley is moaning and breathing hard, reaching her left hand up behind her grabbing my head as she tilts her head back to kiss me. "Let's not neglect our guest, baby.", she tells me as she turns slightly towards Taylor and starts to grab and kiss her perky breasts.
I follow suit and turn slightly towards Taylor. She puts her left arm around me as I grab her ass with my right hand. I lean down and join my wife in kissing and sucking Taylor's sweet jugs as Taylor grabs Ashley's hair with her free hand. I wonder how Taylor is feeling about all this? Let's hear from her.
Hello all I'm Taylor. Ashley and I have had such a wonderful relationship ever since we were 14 and I love her. As much as I love her I love being apart of Ashley and Danny lives more! We all feel like we belong to each other, a part of each other, and never want it to end. There is a deep bond between all of us that is beyond the bedroom. Most people don't understand but we don't care. Anyways let's get back to our story.
I can't believe how exhilarating this is!! The woman I love is leading all of us into this blissful place. I admit when Ashley first told me that she wanted me to join her in a threesome with Danny I was excited. It has been something that her and I have fantasized about since we was in high school and watched such things in porn. Now it is finally happening and while I am super turned on I am also a bit nervous. How is Danny going to react seeing Ashley go down on me? So far he hasn't seemed too shy or intimidated by all of this. He has been rubbing my body and now he and Ashley are kissing and sucking my breasts. Oh this feels so good and I'm just going to keep going with it!
I rub my hand through Ashley's hair as her and Danny each have one of my tits in their mouths. Danny is moaning and really getting into it, also running his hand up and down my ass with a nice firm grip. Oh I love how his manly hands feel gripping my ass as he also manages to slide a couple fingers between my cheeks across my pussy which is getting wetter by the minute.
Ashley pulls away from my chest and places her hand on Danny's head. "That's it baby, devour my girls luscious melons.", Ashley says as she looks at me with wild, lust filled eyes. I gasp and moan out more as Danny takes his free hand and firmly grasps one of my breasts as he sucks oh so nice. I look at Ashley as she squats down and unzips Danny's pants. She pulls his pants and boxers down to his ankles and as she does this I get my first glimpse of his cock as it springs out. I gasp out of surprise, I've never seen a guy with that much cock before. He wasn't fully hard yet but it was still thick, long and overall a impressive sight.
My mouth must have dropped open a bit as I gasped because Ashley grinned at me as she started to slowly lick one side of his shaft. She would lick one side and then move to the other. I watched as his cock quickly got hard as she puckered up her lips and ran them up side to side across each side of his pole. She then twirled her tongue around his cock head a few times as she started to stroke his manhood. He started to breath and moan harder as he still squeezed my ass firmly as he had a mouthful of my breast.
I then watched as Ashley grabbed his cock real firm by the base and started to bob her head up and down his cock, going about half way down him. His mouth came off my breast as he moaned out in approval. "Oh fuck baby yes!", he lets out as his hand that's on my ass slides between my cheeks and starts gliding thru the folds of my wet pussy. I look at him as he has a lustful snarl upon his face while running his fingers through my dripping sweetness.
Ashley then proceeds to go deeper on Danny's cock. It must have been really sensitive to him or something as he kinda twitched and started to pull his hips back. Ashley however had different plans. She grabs the back of his ass and pulls him in towards her. With her mouth full of his cock she loudly mumbles out a sound of disapproval of him trying to back off as she looks up at him with wild eyes. Then she plunges her head all the way down his cock.
"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!", Danny screams out as Ashley keeps going deeper on his pole, gagging on it. She pulls her head quickly off his cock, spits a ton of her saliva on it and starts to stroke his throbbing pole. His cock is really wet and shinny with Ashley's salvia dripping off of it as she strokes feverishly.
"What's the matter baby?", asks Ashley as Danny stands there twitching and sort of chattering his breath.
"Oh my God I wasn't expecting this!", Danny mumbles as Ashley starts to pull him forward and deep throating him more. With his arm around my waist he holds onto my hips with one hand and grabs one of my breasts with the other.
I place my hand on Ashley's head sort of helping her along. Danny giggles as he moans out in bliss, watching my hand on Ashley's head. "I didn't know what to expect from all of this either. But it feels good so just go with it!", I nervously tell Danny. His eyes roll in the back of his head as he groans, grabs my neck and kisses me deeply. As we kiss, Ashley keeps bobbing her head on his cock as she strokes it at the same time. Our deep tongue tangling kisses are filled with moans of pure lust.
Suddenly I feel Ashley's hand rubbing the side of my hips. I look down at her just as her mouth comes off of his cock. Danny's cock sorta jumps up and down a few times, it looked really hot seeing that big pole of his dance! Ashley kisses his cock a few times, then moves her kisses towards his lower belly.
Next thing I know she is kissing my lower belly down around pelvic area. She slides her hands upon my hips as she starts to slowly kiss and lick towards my silky labia. Danny then slides his body behind me, rubbing his hands up and down the sides of my body as he starts to kiss the back of my neck. He sends shivers down my spine as I lightly gasp out a few giggles. He reaches around and caresses my breasts lightly which also sends more chills down my spine. I can feel my pussy getting wetter as Ashley gets closer to my honey hole with her kisses. I close my eyes and wonder what Danny is going to think of her licking my pussy as well as what Ashley is thinking. Let's see what she thinks.

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