The Spa Game – Year Two Ch. 02

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First of all, thanks to everyone who voted and commented on the first chapter of this sequel series. I'm glad so many people looked forward to returning to this world.
For those of you missing the poker, like the first series it takes a little while to show up, but it'll be here.
This chapter may feel a bit like filler. Full disclosure, I wrote most of it intending for the story to move in one direction but then I pulled back. I still feel like it helps to outline how the three girls' relationship works and I thought it was a hot scene so I kept most of it, but it doesn't really move the story forward. If you want to just read the story portion, it's moved forward a bit after the "* * * * *" interlude.
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Cyn led the two girls to the club after getting out of the Mercedes sedan. The building they moved toward had a brick front with recessed glass doors that were roped off and guarded by two suited men of impressive height and build. Despite that, and the line of people that numbered at least fifty, Cyn walked directly up to the door. After an exchange of exactly two words, the man opened the rope.
"Hey come on!" a girl in the front protested.
Cyn turned her gaze on the woman. She was shorter than Cyn by a few inches, but still taller than Syl, with a head of long dark hair and large dark eyes around a light but well tanned oval-shaped face. A silver mini-dress was pulled tight around a body with defined abs, wide hips, and a bust that was smaller than Cyn's but still impressive; probably large B- or C-cups at Victoria's Secret. She'd gone out in just the dress, meaning Cyn could easily pinpoint the location of the girl's nipples. She shrank back a bit as Cyn forced eye contact, but she didn't look away.
Cyn quickly scanned the front and it seemed like the girl was here with a couple of her friends. She glanced at Robin and Syl, who shrugged and nodded respectively, already sensing Cyn's angle. She walked up to the girl.
"You want to come in now?" she asked, her voice low and sultry.
The girl looked a bit nervous, but she stood up a bit straighter and said, "Damn right; I've been waiting for half an hour and it's getting cold."
"You want to come in with us?" Cyn asked, indicating the other two girls.
"Can I?" the girl asked.
"You realize the amount of power and influence I have with the owner to be able to walk in like this?" Cyn pressed her, "Do you know how many limits are placed on me when I go into that club? There aren't a lot. I plan to have a lot of fun and some people can't keep up. I'm not going to keep someone around who can't keep up."
She seemed cautious but Cyn could sense a small amount of excitement. "What…what exactly do you mean?" she asked.
"It means you'll be with us, and we're going to fully enjoy ourselves. Or you can just wait…" she looked over at the bouncer, who mumbled a number, "Another twenty minutes or so and just go in with your friends. So what do you think? Do you want to wait with them, or do you want to come in under my…care?"
The girl looked over at her friends. One of them looked like she wanted to stop the girl, the other seemed annoyed, though Cyn couldn't tell if it was at her friend considering the offer or at Cyn's attitude. The girl looked back with what Cyn thought was a bit of false confidence and said, "Let's go."
"What's your name?"
"Angela," she said.
Cyn nodded and grabbed her wrist, rather than her hand, towing her along as she entered the club.
Though it wasn't advertised outside, the name of the club was Palazzo and it was one of the worst kept secrets on the Veretrum campus. The owner wasn't wealthy on the level of anyone who sent their children to the school, but he was a shrewd enough businessman to find himself a niche. Entaxos, the city Veretrum campus was technically located in, was a failed industrial suburb of a much larger city thirty miles away. When manufacturing dried up as an industry, it limped along with mostly blue collar and immigrant populations that either tried to get their children better opportunities so they could move out, or forced them to perpetuate the cycle.
Not only did the city not enjoy any benefits usually present in a "college town," one of the stipulations most parents agreed to and insisted on was that Veretrum would do everything in its power to prevent the city from contacting or influencing their children and vice versa. Of course, most of the staff the school hired to enforce the separation, mostly security and drivers, tended to come from the same city, and the wealth disparity between the students and the citizens meant a generous tip from one of the students could buy the cooperation of anyone around.
The club owner caught on to this reality and put the word out that his club could offer what a lot of the students were looking for. Even in a desire for rebellion, most of the students realized that if they actually went looking for a "rough, authentic" experience in the city, their best case scenario would be stumbling back to campus with bruises, a bloodstream full of dangerous drugs, and probably something they picked up having sex, up to and including a pregnancy. Palazzo offered an exclusive VIP option with secure booths and as much separation from the local population as the students desired.
But at the bare minimum it offered a location with no school rules, no internet, and no recording devices that might produce problematic images or recordings. At least, not if you paid the associated fee…It was named after Lord Byron's residence after all.
Cyn had visited the place a few times the previous semester thanks to Bill, Syl's fiancée; he introduced it as a place to go when his and Syl's experiments with BDSM went beyond what could be accommodated or hidden on campus. Not that Palazzo had a dungeon playroom, but they had a few amenities that otherwise required complicated furniture. With Cyn, Robin, and Syl all living in an apartment Cyn guessed they'd need it less often this year, but the apartment was still Veretrum property and there were only so many modifications they would allow.
Cyn had Angela walk in front of her, with Syl taking the lead. Syl had on a tight, white, lacy dress with squared shoulders and covered all the way up to her neck with a high collar. The formal effect was countered by the lace being mostly transparent; if she wore anything but nude undergarments they showed through blatantly, and if she went without any her nipples, at least, were plainly visible. It was also scandalously short at the bottom, barely reaching below her crotch.
Robin had chosen a more active, modern look featuring tight leather pants and a backless halter that effectively acted as a bra with no support; it left her midriff bare, showing off her finely toned stomach, and if she did anything but stand straight up at least part of her breasts were visible.
Cyn herself had opted for a wine red dress she called her triangle dress. The top covered her back but wide fabric strips came over her shoulders and met at the waist, leaving her skin bare from neck to navel and preventing her from wearing a bra, meaning she had to be careful how vigorously she moved or one of her girls would jump cover. Ordinarily a woman with her chest wearing the dress would employ tape, but doing that was only necessary when it was expected the dress would be worn for a while. The bottom had ultra-high slits on both sides. Were she a gymnast, she'd be able to do a full split without tearing the dress or ruining her modesty. On the other hand, the slits allowed for absurdly easy access to key areas of her body.
The outer perimeter of the club had a vaguely Italian feel, with white marble and tan stonework with potted plants dotted around. Beyond that it followed the pattern of most clubs, with an expansive dance floor done in black and multiple bars around the perimeter. The Italian motif continued with the furniture, with mostly chaise lounges and sofas with the deep recessed buttons on them and wooden construction.
Syl led them up a wide staircase only a short distance from the entrance, avoiding the main floor entirely. It was only eleven so the club wasn't as packed as it could have been, showing that the wait Angela had been enduring was partially artificial. Once they got to the top of the stairs, a pretty server with dark hair in a bun and a tight black dress held out a padded case where the girls all set their cell phones. Angela seemed hesitant but followed the group. After that the server opened the door to their private room.
The room had very plush carpet; at least half of most of the girls' heels sunk into it, and all of them ditched their footwear almost immediately. One whole wall of the room was essentially a couch that faced a glass wall with a view of the dance floor. The room was about ten feet wide and twice that long with recessed lighting and black walls. There was five by five foot area in front of the glass made of smooth black stone with some metal circles set into it to act as a dance floor.
Cyn turned to the server. "Two shots of tequila for all of us and then some fruity drinks with kick to follow. Water bottles as well, of course. Whoever you have for male talent around will work as long as he's recommended and sized well."
"Yes miss," the server said.
Cyn glanced at Angela quickly. "Let whoever you need to know there may be a brown tarp situation," she said.
The server nodded. "Is that all you need?"
Cyn looked at the server's face. She'd heard something in her tone and could see a hint of hope. "Are you making yourself available?" Cyn asked pointedly.
"If…if you could use me," the girl said.
"Oh I definitely could Linda" Cyn replied, "Stick around once the talent arrives."
Cyn sat imperiously on the couch and gestured for the girls to join her. "Drinks and entertainment are en route," she said.
Robin dropped onto the couch next to her and Cyn had to resist the urge to reach past her lover's laughably inadequate shirt to play. She'd let both minor and major frustrations fester in her mind all day and she'd worked herself up, but she wanted to save her energy. Syl used her meek charm to interrogate their borrowed member and grill her about her experiences. The shots arrived first and round one was swallowed by the girls almost before the tray stopped wobbling on the table. As they geared up for round two, Cyn overheard that Angela had only been to the club once before and wasn't able to stay long due to a mix-up with a now ex-boyfriend and was between lovers. She was taking a year off from college but was doubtful her parents would be able to pay for one, so she was working her way through a few jobs to build up money for a community college. Cyn graciously dedicated the second round of shots to the girl's efforts to improve her lot.
Syl had barely gotten to the discussion of the girl's desired major when their entertainment arrived. Sanjay walked in and kissed each girl's hand in courtly fashion, drawing appreciative smirks from the Veretrum students and an awed blush from Angela as Linda handed them their cocktails. Sanjay did something to a control panel on the wall and three thick metal gold poles rose from the black dance floor. After they locked into the ceiling he removed his shirt and pants, leaving him in tight boxer-brief style shorts that came to the middle of his thigh and showed off his impressively muscled and toned body. He wasn't overly built like a bodybuilder, but he was fit enough to display a six pack and tracing his major muscle groups was easy, even if there weren't three inch valleys between them.
Sanjay set those muscles to rippling with an elaborate pole dancing routine where he frequently switched from one pole to another without touching the ground, straining his arms and core to make them slow and fluid movements. He started off looking at Cyn but she directed his attention to Angela. Cyn could see Angela getting worked up; she was leaning forward watching him, her nipples looked like they wanted to carve their way out of her top, and she was rubbing her thighs together while one of her hands kept starting to move toward her crotch, then backing off.
Cyn pulled Robin over and ran her hand down her lover's neck. At some point after they entered the room, Robin had slipped her collar on. Cyn finally let her hand snake into Robin's shirt, then slipped her fingers through the tight pants to Robin's pussy.
"Oh my little horny slut is all worked up watching that man dance on the poles, isn't she?"
"Oh fuck yes," Robin said, then stopped herself and got a fearful look in her eyes as Cyn grabbed her chin and slowly turned her head to look at her.
"Mistress I'm sorry I-"
Cyn cut her off with a deep kiss. "Does my poor Robin need a cock?"
"I…" Robin hesitated.
Cyn pulled her hand out and trapped Robin's wrists. "Tell me the truth, Robin, or I'll make sure you don't have a single orgasm until Sunday."
"I would like to be fucked by a cock, mistress."
"Good girl," Cyn said, "If you can get Sanjay's cock up Angela's ass before midnight, you can fuck him. But you have to call me over before he starts. I'm putting the girl in your hands."
Robin nodded and practically leaped off the couch. She went over and knelt down in front of Angela, grabbed her hands, and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. She pulled back with a mischievous grin while Angela looked a bit shell shocked. Cyn was willing to bet her hormones and the alcohol were just starting to override Angela's equilibrium. Angela looked over to Syl, who gave her an encouraging nod, then let Robin lead her up to Sanjay, who was now simply posing next to one of the poles; he was a veteran of the Palazzo and knew what these rooms were for, and why the Veretrum students got them; he wasn't primarily there for dancing. Robin only had to give him a subtle head nod and he stepped forward to give Angela a deep kiss while pulling her completely against his body. Her hands started tracing every part of his anatomy, one of them becoming fixated on the package he still had stored away under his boxers. He leaned in and gave her another kiss, eventually trailing down to her neck. He had her so enraptured she barely flinched when Robin stepped up behind her and started raising her dress. Robin pinched her top to expose her own breasts and soon Angela was standing in just a thong, her head resting between Robin's breasts as Sanjay's mouth began exploring her chest, with Robin helpfully holding her breasts up for him to devour.
"Pet!" Cyn snapped. She briefly worried that Syl hadn't donned her own collar, but Syl came over, her pale slender neck adorned with the gold choker that dictated their relationship.
"Sit on my lap," Cyn commanded.
She swept aside the front of her dress to reveal a dildo strapped into a strategic position. It wasn't worryingly large, but it featured a clit stimulator. At the moment it seemed to be facing the wrong way, but Cyn had Syl face away from her as she hiked up the bottom of her dress and settled herself gingerly onto the dildo. She moved too slow for Cyn, who grabbed her hips and slammed her down. Syl let out a small cry and Cyn let her catch her breath. Then she crooked a finger at Linda.
Linda walked over with a conflicted expression on her face. Cyn could tell Linda was trying to stay professional, but the atmosphere was getting to her. Cyn bet Linda would start crying if she merely ordered a water. She motioned for Linda to lean down so she wouldn't have to shout, then captured her in a kiss when she was close enough. Linda responded immediately, her tongue trying to jump down Cyn's throat and explore. While she was being kissed, Cyn surreptitiously manipulated the controller she had in her garter belt and Syl tensed up; the dildo had a writhing head to it and it was now grinding itself against every inch of Syl's pussy while the nub rubbed her clit.
"How 'in' do you want to be with this?" Cyn asked, "Just tell me, don't worry about being the server."
"I'd be perfectly fine taking the blonde's place," Linda confessed, indicating Syl, who was starting to move on her own accord as the dildo did its work. The movements were also grinding the base into Cyn's pleasure centers. That combined with her newfound power over Linda was working her up fast.
"How do you feel about sub/dom play?" Cyn asked.
"Whatever you need. Just…" Linda started then paused.
"Say it," Cyn said.
"I so desperately want to play with your tits," Linda confessed.
Cyn smiled and nodded down to her own chest. Linda almost reverently pushed the fabric of Cyn's dress aside to lovingly fondle Cyn's D-cups, adding to Cyn's arousal. She knew she had to lay some ground rules before she lost control.
"Pet! You are under orgasm obligation tonight. My new friend Linda is taking very good care of me," Cyn said, gently pulling Linda forward to suck on one of her nipples, "Every time you cum, you owe her two orgasms. You may want to be careful how much you give in."
"Yes…Mistress," Syl said. Cyn had intentionally waited until Syl worked herself up on the dildo; she'd been close when Cyn spoke and now she was faced with the challenge of staving off her own orgasm while a dildo was going to town in her pussy.
Meanwhile, Linda was clearly no stranger to worshipping a woman's breasts. One of her hands was marvelously manhandling Cyn's nipple while her mouth did wonderful things to the other. Cyn desperately reached up and pulled Syl's ass down against her, driving the base of the dildo into her clit. That set off her first orgasm, which made her buck into Syl.
"Mistresssssss!" Syl wailed as her own first orgasm overtook her.
Linda looked up at Cyn questioningly. "Well?" Cyn said, "My pet owes you two orgasms. How do you want them?"
"I'd love to be eaten out," Linda confessed.
"Get yourself a chair," Cyn said. Linda quickly found a plush bar chair, pulled up her own dress and removed her black underwear, revealing a trimmed pussy and neat ebony landing strip, both positively glistening from arousal. Cyn sat up a bit straighter, making it easier for Syl to lean forward and dive between Linda's legs, and giving Cyn a clear view of the stage for the first time in a while.
Sanjay used one of the poles for leverage while he plowed into Angela from behind. He was doing a bit of a half squat to accomplish it because Anglea was partially upright; her legs were open in an inverted V with locked knees, and she held onto Robin for support, her head resting on one of Robin's breasts. Robin rubbed her head like someone coaching a woman through childbirth, saying "That's it girl, keep going, take that cock. Yeah, come on, you gonna cum again? Are you? Try for it, go on, do it!"
Angela turned and wailed into Robin's chest as Robin and Sanjay shared a smile over the girl's back. Robin made some quiet but obvious hand signals to Sanjay and they slowly pulled Angela off of his cock. Sanjay then effortlessly turned her around and lifted her up as he stood, settling her back down onto his cock. He still used the pole for support, and Anglea's arms and legs went around him as she held on while he continued to pound her. He and Robin shared a kiss over Angela's shoulder and then Robin briefly whispered in Angela's ear before dropping down into her own squat.
"Oh no, I haven't…I don't…" Angela protested as Sanjay spread her ass cheeks and Robin's breath trailed over her backside. Her protest devolved to moans when Robin dove in with her tongue. Sanjay slowed his pace to prevent as much bouncing, not wanting to risk Robin's nose getting broken by Angela's tailbone coming down on it. Robin had one hand on Angela for balance and she used another hand to fondle Sanjay's balls.

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