The Spanking Game Pt. 03

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tagGroup SexThe Spanking Game Pt. 03

It was Friday when I was sitting at my desk, reflecting on the turn of events in my sex life with my wife, Sarah. Yeah, I know, I should be working. But, you know, mental breaks are needed from time to time…to increase productivity. So, there I was, daydreaming. Specifically, thinking about the previous night.
It had been several weeks since my wife had given me herself fully for the first time in our lives. Sure, she'd given me her heart and soul over 20 years ago. But, a few weeks back I'd taken her last cherry, her anal virginity. I never would've dreamt it as this was the last frontier, one I thought we'd never venture into.
After having fucked her tight ass several times, she was looking for something more. That's what was so fresh in my mind. She'd been wearing her plug all day and after a wonderfully fun evening of teasing, foreplay, fucking her hot wet pussy, and several orgasms, she told me to fuck her ass. I didn't even say anything but she knew I'd be gentle so I was surprised by what she said next.
"No, David…I mean…I really want you to FUCK my ass. Do you understand?"
I raised my eyebrows and smiled, and told her I completely understood.
So, when she got ass up, face down, I quickly lubed up my cock, slipped the plug from her ass, and pushed into her. It wasn't rough but I didn't give her any adjustment time. It was one slow steady motion until I was buried to my root. She grunted a little and let out an "oh fuck," just before I was fully seated.
Gripping her hips, I got up on one foot, giving me the leverage I would need and started fucking in and out of her ass. She immediately squealed but I didn't let up. I quickly sped up while my fingers squeezed into her fleshy ass and started fucking the shit out of her…figuratively.
My balls were slapping her pussy with each thrust and I could tell she was flicking her clit at the same time. She came first and when she collapsed to the bed, I kept fucking into her ass in this new prone position. She was wildly writhing under me while I kept plunging in and out of her ass, albeit at a slower pace.
Once she regained her senses, I re-upped my attack, fucked into her harder and harder. She grunted and moaned as she tried to lift her hips to meet each thrust, taking me further into her ass than ever before.
"You like that, don't you? Having my cock buried in your ass? Fucking you like the anal slut you are?"
"Yes…Yes…and YES!"
I grunted and growled in return, keeping up my assault on her ass, fucking her into the bed with each thrust before I finally unloaded deep inside her ass, both of us moaning out in unison.
After we showered together, we held each other and she thanked me for giving her that. I was shocked. I know I've been fairly rough with her, but with how I just violated her ass, I was sure she'd ask me to back off a little.
We ended up making love later that night, with me on top of her, looking her in the eyes as we slowly brought our bodies together over and over.
Sitting at my desk, my cock was nearly bursting from my pants as I replayed the previous night's scene when I realized it was time to head home. Knowing how the last night went, I was thinking we were in store for a relaxing evening. How wrong was I?
Just as I opened the door, I heard giggling and then silence. I called out to Sarah, knowing Laura was there since her car was out front. She greeted me with a kiss and then excused herself to the restroom. I saw the finished bottle of wine on the counter and a new one having been started on.
Laura kissed me on the cheek and greeted me as well. As she stood between the counter and the refrigerator, I went to slide past her and I accidentally bumped her hip with mine, causing her wine to spill a little. Then she shocked me. Looking a little embarrassed, she shyly smiled and said, "Oops. I'm sorry, David. You're not going to punish me..are you?," and then winked.
My first reaction was to chuckle, but I immediately knew the hidden meaning. Just to make sure, I asked her a leading question. "And just how would I punish you, Laura?"
"I don't know…maybe you would need to…spank me?"
There it was. Sarah blabbed to her friend.
"Sarah!" I called out, knowing she was finishing up in the restroom. I just smiled at Laura, surely making her wonder what I was thinking while we waited for my wife.
I heard her heels coming down the hall, and then I saw her, smiling drunkenly. "Yeah, babe?" she questioned.
I intercepted her before she got to the kitchen and took her by the arm into the foyer. I leaned in to her ear and whispered, "You messed up and now you're going to be punished. You can stop this at any time but I think it's in our best interest not to."
She looked confused but quickly caught on to what was happening. She only responded, "Yes, sir." My cock stirred at her response.
Walking back into the kitchen, we encountered a concerned Laura. She started to speak but I cut her off. "I guess the cats out of the bag. No sense in beating around the bush, Laura. You will not be punished, as you so suggested, but Sarah, on the other hand…will. See, she and I had an agreement. What we do stays between us. But, since she told you about what we do in private, now she needs to suffer the consequences."
"I should be go-," Laura started to say.
"No! You're a part of this now. You're going to watch."
Sarah and Laura were both startled by my forcefulness and Laura tried to beg off once again before I stopped her. "Look, Laura. I get that you're my wife's best friend. But she shared something very personal with you. Something I explicitly told her needed to stay between us. So…I think it's only fair that you see this through. You obviously can leave whenever you want, but I'd prefer if you didn't."
I could see her thinking before she took a big sip of wine before she muttered, "Fuck. Okay…I'll stay."
Sarah whimpered a little as I led her over to the sofa. Laura followed and sat on the love seat perpendicular to ours.
I then pulled Sarah over my lap, so her head was closest to Laura, and looked at her friend watching with some concern. "So, Laura. Please tell me. What did Sarah tell you about her punishments."
"That you spank her," she said matter-of-factly.
"That's right. And, now that she's decided you get to be in on our game, you might as well get to see all of it."
Sarah groaned in response and I immediately started rubbing her ass over the thin material of her summer dress. Laura looked on in shock as Sarah buried her head in the sofa. I could feel myself already starting to stiffen.
Giving Laura a wicked grin, I raised my hand and let it swiftly fall to my wife's ass, the loud crack breaking the silence. Sarah didn't even hesitate, saying, "one." Laura's eyes widened and then she muttered under her breath, "holy shit."
I smirked at her, keeping my eyes locked on hers, while her eyes darted between mine and Sarah's ass. I then gave my wife three quick, hard spanks to her right cheek while she did her best to keep up with counting. By now, she was squirming in my lap, and my erection found its way to her crotch.
Laura sat there, mesmerized, watching me sooth my wife's stinging ass and Sarah still had her face buried in the sofa. I then ripped off three hard spanks to her left cheek while she dutifully counted them out.
We were at seven spanks when I asked Sarah how many spanks she felt she owed for her mistake.
"25? Sir."
"Was that a question, Sarah?"
"No, sir. 25!"
"Hmmmm…25? I don't know. What do you think, Laura?"
Sarah twitched in my lap as Laura looked shocked. "Me?, she asked.
"Yes, Laura…you. Since you're a part of this now, I'm curious to hear what you think."
"Oh…well…I mean…I don't…I don't know…I guess 25 might be okay."
I raised my eyebrows and motioned up with my eyes. She took a second to catch on.
"Or…maybe…40?," she offered.
"That's closer to what I was thinking. How about 50, Laura?"
She looked kind of shocked but went along with it. She just nodded so Sarah had no idea what was going on. I paused a few seconds, rubbing Sarah's ass before continuing.
"Good. 50 it is."
Laura and I smiled at each other and then I ripped off 5 more on the right and 5 more on the left as Sarah struggled to keep up counting. Once she did, she grunted and whimpered.
Sarah jumped when my hand slid up the back of her thigh, under her dress, and found that she wasn't wearing any panties. "Hmmmm….seems like someone isn't wearing any panties. So, tell me, Sarah…did you take them off when you disappeared to the bathroom right after I got home, or were you commando the whole time Laura was here?"
"Please, David. Don't." She seemed to be on the verge of tears.
"Don't what, Sarah?"
"Don't make me say it."
Laura looked on in disbelief and I just smiled, staying silent.
I let the silence just hang, knowing Sarah would get the hint and after a long minute, she sighed barely audibly saying, "I wasn't wearing any all day."
Laura had a questioning look and I knew she couldn't hear Sarah. "I'm sorry, Sarah. Can you repeat that? Laura couldn't hear you."
"Ughhh! I said I wasn't wearing panties all day! There…was that better?"
Upon hearing her tone, I immediately slid my hand out from under her dress and spanked her ass hard. "Argh, fuck! 18!"
"You better keep that sass to yourself, Sarah!"
"Yes, sir."
Laura looked at me wide-eyed and shocked.
"Good, now where were we," I said as I slipped my hand back under her dress, letting it come to rest on her bare ass. "Oh, right. We were just discussing with Laura how you weren't wearing any panties today. And…why was that, dear?"
"I…I was turned on."
"Ah. And what had you so turned on?"
"You, sir."
"HAHA…I would certainly hope so. Can you be more specific?"
"What you did last night."
I smacked her ass hard and calmly told her, "My patience is running thin, Sarah."
My wife sighed again, and then finally relented. "The way you fucked my ass, David. I was so turned on this morning, thinking about how you fucked my ass with that magic cock of yours, and how amazing it felt cumming while you were doing it."
Laura sat there with her mouth hanging open. Finally she spoke. "Oh my god, Sarah. You kinky little bitch. You didn't tell me about that."
I had a little laugh at that. "I guess she didn't tell you everything. Good…that just means more for us to discover together." I felt Sarah twitch on top of me.
By now, I had my fingers playing with her labia. "Wow, Laura, you should see how wet she is. I mean, she was wet when I first touched her but now she's absolutely dripping."
"Damn, Sarah. Why didn't you tell me you were this kinky?" That got a chuckle from me, which made Laura laugh in return, with my wife soon following.
I could see Laura was getting really into this and decided to push the envelope a little. "Yeah, babe, why didn't you tell your best friend what a kinky slut you've become?"
"I was embarrassed…I guess."
"Well, judging by how wet you are, I'd say you're getting off on it. In fact, why don't you stand up."
Sarah's head lifted and she looked at me with pleading eyes. "We can stop now. But, we both know what that means."
Begrudgingly, she lifted her body and stood, facing me. "Nuh uh. Turn around." Sarah listened but hung her head as she did. I held her by the hips and slid her over so that she was next to me and I could have a clear view of her best friend.
"Good, now show your friend how wet you are."
My wife just stood there, looking down. I saw her trembling hands slide down towards the bottom of her dress but then they stopped just shy of the bottom. It was obvious she was in the middle of an internal struggle so I decided to just wait and see how this was going to play out.
My eyes shifted between Laura and my wife, seeing who was going to give in first. For a minute, I thought Laura might give her friend an out. Afterall, we all knew nobody was being forced to do anything. We all had choices here and no matter what happens, we'd be fine afterwards.
I thought either of them was close to putting a stop to this but then I saw Sarah's hands reach the final inch down the hem of her dress and take hold of it, raising it slightly. Then, slowly, she started pulling it up, inch by inch. I sat up more upright, wanting to get a better view and just when I peered around her hip, I could see the beginning of her sex, her labia clearly engorged and glistening.
Laura's eyes started to widen and they didn't stop as more of my wife's pussy came into view. Once she finally had the dress above her tuft of blonde pubes, she stopped, and stood there, exposing herself to her friend.
The tension in the room was thick but Laura finally broke it. "You weren't kidding, David. She's soaking wet."
"Yep. She's clearly very aroused by the situation."
I then slid my hand up the back of her thigh, startling her as I guided it up and in between her legs. With some pressure from my hand, I got her to spread her legs a little, accepting my hand and fingers between her legs. Letting my fingertips brush her sex, I coated them with her juices and then started to push two up into her. To my surprise she accepted them with no protest even though she still wouldn't make eye contact with either of us.
While I started to finger my wife, I turned my attention back to Laura. "So, Laura, what else has Sarah told you about our kinky games."
"Huh…oh…right…I mean…I don't know. She did say that you guys were getting kind of kinky with your spanking game and she mentioned some things about naughty pics…but not much else."
"I see. So, then she hasn't told you she has to earn the right to cum?"
"What? No! You're kidding, right?"
"Nope, I'm certainly not. Right, Sarah?"
"Right, sir."
Laura looked dumbfounded. "Holy shit! Like…how does that work? Does she have to beg or something?"
It was so surreal to be having this conversation with my wife's best friend while I fingered her pussy. My dick was as hard as a rock and aching for release but I wanted to continue this.
"Haha!…or something." I then went on to explain how she earns her orgasms. The spankings, the sexting, the ass play, and eventually outright fucking her ass.
"Fuck me!" Laura exclaimed when I was finished.
I had another laugh, and thought about making a comment about her choice of words but I didn't want to regret them later so it let them just hang there while I continued to finger my wife's wet pussy. Eventually, I pushed forward.
"So, what do you think, Laura? Do you think Sarah has earned the right to cum? She's certainly dripping wet and it's clear she's getting off on this. But, it's up to you."
Laura's eyes are now glued to my wife's pussy, and the fingers sawing in and out of it but finally she answers. "Yeah. I think she's earned it."
"Good. I think so, too." I think Sarah's knees nearly buckled when she heard that. I wasn't sure if it was because she was excited about the prospect of getting off or if it was because of the humiliation she would feel cumming in front of her friend.
I then pulled my fingers from my wife's soaking wet pussy and made a show of licking her juices off of them, eliciting a wicked smile from Laura.
I guided Sarah back down to my lap, laying her over it just as she was before but this time, I lifted the bottom of her dress over her ass. She didn't even protest, and in fact, she spread her legs, letting her right knee fall to the floor, completely exposing her sex to me. Sadly, because her head was towards Laura, she missed out on the view of my wife's cunt.
I then shocked her when I spanked her bare ass, the cracking sounder louder than the rest before and she counted out, "19!". I kept spanking her until we got to 30 then switched to fingering her pussy. I was surprised to feel her fingers bump mine, apparently already working on her clit.
"Nuh uh, sweetie. Stop playing with yourself. You can cum when we're done with your punishment." I glanced at Laura and she had a wicked smile.
Sarah whimpered a little then I felt her body shift as her hand left her pussy, but didn't move too far as it came to rest on my hard cock.
"Good girl," I said before I resumed her spanking. We were now coming up on 40 spanks and her ass was really starting to glow red. Laura even commented on it and I just told her that she should see some of the pictures I have. "Another time," I told her.
I fingered my wife's pussy some more, this time with my thumb as my other fingers stroked along her clit with each thrust. Her hips were writhing now, and I knew she was close. I then let her ass have it, finishing the spankings with a flurry of hard spanks, while I kept fingering her pussy with my other hand. She barely managed to squeak out the last numbers before she moaned out and yelled, "Oh, god! Oh, god! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Her whole body was convulsing and writhing on my lap, grinding my crotch, getting me awfully close to cumming in my pants, given the erotic scene which unfolded in front of me and my wife's best friend.
Once Sarah started to calm a little, I looked over at Laura and saw she was perspiring from her chest and forehead as her fingers traced along the edge of her blouse and across her cleavage. I can only imagine what's going on in her head.
Sarah finally managed to sit up, letting her skirt slide back into place before she curled up next to me. She just buried her face into the crook of my neck, effectively shielding her from the embarrassment of the situation and then the three of us just sat there in silence. I was definitely concerned for my wife's emotional well-being, not quite sure what else was running through her mind. I had to wonder if I went too far.
Finally, I decided to put an end to the evening, at least as far as Laura was concerned. "Laura, if you don't mind letting yourself out. I think Sarah needs a little privacy."
Laura chuckled and then got up and kissed me on the cheek before thanking me for the show and told Sarah she'll call her later.
As soon as the door closed, Sarah slid down between my legs and started fishing for my cock. That definitely calmed my fears of hurting Sarah. I helped her get my pants down and before I had them off, she had my cock in her mouth. It didn't take long before I erupted, sending a torrent of cum down my wife's throat.
Eventually, we cleaned up and then made our way to the bedroom. As had become customary, we cuddled together naked and discussed the most recent events in our sex life.
"Sarah, are we okay?"
"Yes, David…we're good."
"I'm glad, because I think you need more punishment."
She looked surprised. "David! How can you say that? Don't you think what we did earlier was enough?"
I calmly replied, "Sarah…you got off. I hardly call that punishment."
"But it was…so humiliating!"
"Oh, I get that. But I also think it secretly thrilled you like nothing we've done before. Do I need to remind you how wet you were or the fact that you didn't once try to stop me…say no…or protest in any way?
I could see was thinking and it was a few moments before she responded. "Oh god…I guess you're right. It was just so humiliating. I mean…she's my best friend…and I showed her my pussy. She saw how wet I was. Jesus, David, she watched as you fingered me and I got off!"
"I know, babe. But, be honest with yourself. You were turned on beyond belief."
She didn't make eye contact when she simply responded, "you're right."
I let it hang there for another minute before continuing. "Back to what started all this. I'm pissed at you. You took what was once our secret and shared it with someone else. I don't recall giving you permission to tell anyone. I even warned you about this."

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