The Spanking Game Pt. 04

tagGroup SexThe Spanking Game Pt. 04

Laura quickly became a fixture in our sex lives while we continued to play the spanking game. Sarah officially finished her punishment that Friday night when the three of us had our first real threesome. Since that time, we started regularly inviting Laura into our bedroom and while she'd mostly only visit once a week, I felt that was enough for Sarah to earn her orgasms on a pretty-much unlimited basis.
That didn't stop things from progressing, though. Sarah had yet to fully relinquish herself to the fully girl-on-girl experience. Yeah, I guess we're splitting hairs but she was still very nervous about being the one to touch or kiss. Granted, Laura had fingered her ass and pussy, and had eaten both as well, but my wife was still coming to grips with things.
That's not to say she didn't want to. I'd fucked her several times while whispering in her ear that she'd be eating Laura's pussy soon and each time she'd cum with a higher level of intensity. Of course, post-orgasm brain would get in the way and she'd have reservations. We both agreed that if it was going to happen, it needed to be organically. There'd be no manipulation, no coercing, or making it a part of the game.
But, as I'm sure you can tell, it did finally happen. We'd all been having fun in our bed one evening and somehow or another we'd ended up with me spooning Laura, sliding in and out of her pussy while she spooned my wife. Sarah had managed to drape a leg over Laura's, effectively exposing her pussy to both of us, and Laura was playing with her while I fucked in and out of our friend. In the heat of the moment, Sarah twisted her neck and instinctively started kissing Laura.
I stayed silent and watched, waiting for her to realize what she was doing but she kept going. Their tongues were exploring each other's mouth and soon Sarah was squeezing her nipple while Laura continued to play with her pussy. After a few minutes she came and when I thought she was going to realize what she'd done, Sarah actually slid down and spread Laura to lick her clit while I was fucking her. Laura got off and when Sarah realized I hadn't, she slipped my cock from Laura's pussy and sucked her juices off, bringing me to orgasm in the process.
We all quietly acknowledged the sexy scene that just played out and the big leap Sarah made but then slowly drifted off to sleep. Laura woke and excused herself and I held Sarah throughout the night, letting her know I was there for her.
The next day, Sarah was apprehensive, but glad it finally happened. Soon, enough, Laura had her way with my wife wherever we were together. Once the cat was out of the bag, the two of them couldn't get enough of each other. Some of our nights together featured the two of them making love while I watched from a chair or laying next to them. Eventually, I'd join in and fuck whomever was the most coherent.
The one common theme was Sarah's submissiveness and Laura's dominance. We acknowledged this many times through conversation and actions and we all agreed that it was exciting to see where that was leading.
One place it led to was Laura being involved with Sarah's spankings. While this was something I wouldn't give up being a part of, I did acquiesce and allow Laura to participate. It was not uncommon for us to split up the spankings evenly and one thing that became quite clear; Laura was particularly harsh with her spankings. Sarah never complained though, and only seemed to get off even more.
One particular fun Sunday had me on the couch, with Sarah riding my cock while Laura dished out the spankings. When Laura reached around and grabbed hold of Sarah's nipple while finishing her spankings, Sarah screamed out and came all over my cock. Later, she said it ranked up there with some of her best orgasms ever.
Something else that was going on was that Laura was soon trying to monopolize my time and even took to lightly taunting Sarah. At first, I wasn't comfortable with this but again, after lots of talking and reassurances, Sarah confided in me that it confusingly turned her on. Besides, she got the best of me when we were alone, which was quite frequent, so that made it more easier.
Things were moving at a fairly rapid pace between the three of us and with boundaries out the window, I figured it was time to have a serious talk with Sarah. I wanted to catch her when she wasn't riding any kind of post-coital bliss, nor getting revved up for any upcoming fun. With how things were going, that proved challenging but on a lazy Saturday afternoon, we finally sat down and had our talk.
"Babe, you know this is way more than I could've ever dreamed of. And, I'll say it right now, if it were all to stop, I'd still be the happiest man on earth." Some might say to leave well enough alone, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and all the other cliche sentiments but I'm just not wired that way. I had to be clear that things were okay with my wife.
"David, we're good," she said. "In fact, we're better than good. Of course, I never dreamed of something like this happening. Never dreamed I'd be with another woman. Never dreamed I'd allow you to have sex with someone else. Yet, here we are, and I'm happy with all of it."
"That's what I mean, Sarah. Things we would've never been open to before are all of the sudden a common occurrence. This would've never happened prior to…well, you know. So I just want to make sure we're not making a mistake."
"I don't think we're making a mistake. We're just going with the flow and seeing where it leads. So far, so good."
"I feel the same. But…I do need to ask something about Laura. Do you think she sees this as something different? I mean…I've noticed that she's been particularly harsh with you. Especially with the spankings. But now she's kind of gotten…I don't know…I guess I would say she's becoming a bit of a bitch towards you."
Sarah had a chuckle at that. "Yeah…I know, David. I've noticed it. But, in a weird way, it turns me on. I can't really explain it. It just does."
I was obviously relieved to hear that. "Alright, Sarah. You know me. I just had to be sure. And, I'm sure you've noticed but I won't go down that road. I'll go along with the fucking and spanking but I'm not going to be a part of her taunting."
She smiled up at me before replying. "And, that's why I love you."
"Love you, too, babe."
We held each other some more and then made love, slowly pumping in and out of her as she lay on her back.
Even though Sarah eased my concerns about Laura, things started moving that direction when Laura dropped by about a week later and told me she wanted to take me out to do some shopping. I looked at her strangely but then Sarah came up and told me to go and enjoy myself. I thought that was odd but went along with it.
To my surprise, we ended up going to an adult toy store. Laura shamelessly flirted with me and even made a show in the store of how to use some of the toys we bought, all PG-13 rated, but raunchy nonetheless. I was a little uncomfortable with some of it, especially when she intimated that we were a couple to the store clerk, but nothing I wasn't concerned about sharing with Sarah.
That night, Laura suggested we bring the dining room chair into our bedroom. It was the same setup we used when I got to watch the two of them have a night of passion together before I joined them. I figured I was in for another show, with the difference this time being Laura using some of the new toys we bought on Sarah. It ended up that I was only partially right.
As soon as we entered the room, Laura told my wife to strip. It was a command and we all knew it. It was also starkly different than the usual fun we all had undressing each other. But, Sarah and I both locked eyes and were excited to see where this was leading.
Sarah was soon naked and Laura had her sit in the chair. After digging around in the toy bag, she pulled out some velcro wrist and ankle cuffs and promptly secured Sarah to the chair; her wrists bound to the arm rests, and her ankles fastened to the legs of the chair. She then reached into the bag and pulled out a ball gag and started fastening to a wide-eyed Sarah. It was quite exciting for all of us and I could see the twinkle in Sarah's eyes.
Standing in front of Sarah, Laura and I started making out and slowly stripping our clothes off one another. Once she had me fully naked, Laura dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock, giving Sarah a perfect side-view of the action. I could tell she was giving it all she had. I'm sure it was because it was no secret that I thought my wife gave the best blowjob in the world.
She was slurping and gagging on my cock, aggressively trying to throat me even though she knew I preferred the slow and sensual method but hey, who was I to complain. To be honest, even though her method didn't compare to Sarah's, it was still extremely hot, and actually quite a sight to see her working all her tricks into getting me off.
When I glanced over at my wife, she was starting to breath rather heavily and she winked when I caught her eye. Laura must have caught the exchange because the next time she pulled off my cock, she started in with the dirty talk. "You like that, don't you, David? You like the way I suck your amazing cock?"
"Fuck, yeah! You know I do."
Laura shuffled on her knees a little, turning her body towards Sarah. She was sucking my cock and locking eyes with my wife at the same time. In between licks, she directed her talking to Sarah. "Mmmm…I love sucking your husband's cock. Does it make your pussy wet? Seeing your best friend with your husband's cock down her throat?"
Sarah was struggling against her bindings, her hips wiggling in the chair, and her eyes lit up as she watched. She could only nod her head when Laura asked.
"I thought so, you kinky slut." It turned me on even more hearing Laura taunting my wife. I knew it was all in fun, and Sarah had confided in me in the past that it turns her on as well, so I was just enjoying the exchange the two women were having.
Laura kept up her aggressiveness, gagging herself several times in the process, and making quite a mess of her face and body as her makeup smeared with the saliva and precum escaping her lips. I felt myself getting close and knowing Laura was quite the cumslut, I just enjoyed the impending explosion waiting to happen.
It still caught her by surprise and she gagged when the first spurt hit the back of her throat, forcing her to pull off my cock, making the subsequent spurts hit her face and hair before they finally started to die down. Not to brag, but it was quite the load, leaving Laura's face a cum-covered mess. I looked over at Sarah and even with the gag in her mouth, she was beaming with what appeared to be pride. I could also tell she was looking to get off.
Laura got up and kissed my wife on her cheek, leaving a little cum on her face, and then went to the restroom to clean up. I was stroking my wife's pretty pussy and telling her how much I loved her when Laura returned. Just as I was making to untie Sarah, Laura stopped me.
"Not yet," she said. "I've got more planned for that pretty little wife of yours."
I caught Sarah's eye and they were lust-filled so I continued to play along.
Laura then leaned over Sarah, her hands resting on the arms of the chair, next to my wifes' wrists. In a calm voice, she simply said to Sarah that her husband was going to eat her pussy until she came. It was interesting that I wasn't a part of that conversation but I played along and knelt behind Laura and took a swipe at her cunt with my tongue and she cooed in Sarah's face.
I loved being behind Laura's plump ass and whenever the opportunity presented itself, I'd bury my face in it. This time was no different and I took turns alternating betweening spreading her asshole and trying to shove my tongue as far up her as I could, and then repeating the same thing with her delicious pussy.
She kept up her taunting while playing with my wife's nipples, teasing Sarah about how good her husband's tongue felt buried in her pussy and how foolish she was to let another woman have me. Sarah seemed to enjoy it, based on her moans and whimpers and Laura kept it going.
It wasn't long before Laura's fingers found her own clit and between them and my tonguing of her ass and twat, she was soon cumming and nearly collapsing on Sarah. I hadn't seen Sarah's face for a while, with being busy burying mine in her friend's backside, but when I looked in her eyes, I could tell she was horny and frustrated.
Once Laura settled down from her orgasm, I suggested we let Sarah loose and she barked, "no!" Sarah was clearly frustrated but she wasn't giving me any kind of signal that she was upset, so I continued to play along.
Still leaning over my wife, and presenting me her ass, Laura told me to fuck her. Seeing as how I was rock hard again, and would be a fool to turn down such an offer, I saddled up behind her, gripped her hips, spread her ass, nestled the tip of my cock between her lips, and pushed in.
Laura let out a guttural groan and started pushing back against me as I started fucking in and out of her. Her plump tits were soon swaying and she started back in with the taunting of my wife as I watched her face over Laura's shoulder.
"You like fucking my pussy, don't you, baby?" I couldn't disagree and seeing the lust in Sarah's eyes, I agreed.
"Oh, god, that feels good! I love when you fuck me with that magic cock, David."
I was fucking into her harder now and it was becoming tougher for her to make out her words, but she kept on. "Oooohhh, yes…fuck me, baby. Show your wife how fuck bad girls."
It was a little odd hearing her say that, given that these were the only two women I'm fucking and when I caught Sarah's eye, she had a perturbed look but at this point, it was just a little off so I kept up the pace.
"That's right, David. Give it to me! Show Sarah how much better of a fuck I am."
I saw my wife wince a little and I slowed my fucking but then Sarah nodded for me to continue. I wasn't quite comfortable with it but I didn't want to let this wreck the mood either so I was soon back to fucking our firned.
Laura kept on, though. "That's right, stud. Show your your stupid wife how foolish she is for letting me have you. Before she knows it, you'll be all mine!"
Sarah's eyes shot wide and she started shaking her head. I immediately stopped fucking her, letting my cock slip from her sloppy cunt. "I'm done," I said.
Laura immediately went on the defensive. "C'mon, David. I see the way you look at me. You know you wish you could have me all of the time. Just for yourself."
Sarah was visibly shaking now as she was struggling against her restraints. I quickly pulled Laura out of the way and untied Sarah, pulling her into my arms as soon as she was free. Sarah was stunned while I gathered her robe and then told Laura we were finished and it was time for her to leave.
Laura tried to explain herself as she was getting dressed but I told her we weren't talking about it right now and that maybe after Sarah and I had calmed down, we might reach out. She reluctantly finished getting dressed and let herself out while I held Sarah tightly to me.
Once I had a chance to get Sarah in bed with me, I just cuddled up behind her and wrapped her in my arms the best I could. She still wasn't talking and was trembling, obviously on the verge of tears. I just whispered in her ear how much I loved her and that it would be okay.
Once she'd had some time to calm down, and think about things, Sarah told me we should probably talk about it. Before I could even say anything, she told me I did nothing wrong and she knew I was taking cues from her the whole time and she loved that. She did admit that it was a big turn on, being tied up and forced to watch and everything up to the last minute was very hot and she was dripping with anticipation. She said that even as the last couple of things Laura had said stung a little, she was still getting off on the humiliation of it but it was her last two comments which completely wrecked it.
Almost a week and half passed before we talked with Laura again. Sarah texted her a few days after to let her know we needed some time to process and Laura respected her wishes and left us alone. Sarah and I continued showing our love for one another, and I guess with me feeling guilty, I got her off with my tongue and fingers as many times as humanly possible. Sarah assured me I have nothing to feel guilty about, and I assured her that while I was upset, she was completely wronged by this.
When we next sat down with a sad looking Laura, I explained that we won't be continuing down this path with her anymore. Laura figured that meant we were done playing with her but Sarah explained that we were willing to give her another chance, so long as nothing like this happened again. Sarah and I had many late night conversations over the past 10 days and while we knew we might be playing with fire, it was Sarah's long term friendship with Laura that convinced us to give her another change.
Laura agreed and promised it wouldn't happen again and explained that she just got carried away. We figured she'd readily accept being a part of our play time but we both felt she needed to be punished. When I told her this, she was super reluctant, saying it's not her thing. I got upset and called her out on her busllshit. I told her it was this or we're done. She cried a little but finally agreed.
She wasn't expecting Sarah to be the one doing the spanking, though. When I had her get up in position on the bed, presenting her bare ass to us, she nearly jumped when Sarah got beside her. I had a chuckle and enjoyed seeing her struggling with this. It was such a stark difference from the dynamic we'd fallen accustomed to.
Sarah did not go easy on her, either. I could tell this was emotional for Sarah, as well. She was nearly in tears when she finished spanking her friend's ass and saw how red it was. We made Laura promise she wouldn't taunt Sarah like that again and she readily agreed through her own sobbing.
Laura didn't get fucked that night. Nor, did she cum. She got to watch two loving people have sex and I made damn sure to show her how well I can fuck my wife.
A few weeks of payday Sundays went by and a couple of play dates with Laura and things were mostly back to the way they were prior to Laura's mistake. One of my favorite activities soon became having the two of them in a 69, while I fucked the one on top, occasionally dipping my cock into the bottom one's mouth. I preferred my wife on top but having Laura's plump ass was always a treat. Things seemed to be going pretty well.
I guess we started getting comfortable again and about a month later, I started noticing subtle changes. It seemed like whenever I was fucking Laura, she'd manage to make it seem like we were the only two in the room. It started off with little things like when she'd be on top of me, she would lean down and let her hair drape around my head, effectively closing us off from everything and everyone. The first time she did it, it was kinda hot but then it was clear that Sarah was more or less excluded. Laura would even give me tender kisses when we were like that.
Once I was clued in to this trick, I tried to avoid it but then she changed up her tactics. The following few times, she'd be overly eager to get my wife off. What was once a slow buildup of foreplay between the three of us soon became an eager effort to make my wife cum. She was good at her deception, too. It was hot for Sarah and I in the beginning but it soon became obvious that she was only doing it so she could solely have me while my wife was recovering.

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