The Spirit House

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By Watchdog Abandoned buildings make any kid curious and feel so spooky after dark

Spirit House

Something I saw on TV made me think of an incident that scared me and aroused me at the same time. The program was about abandoned buildings.
When I was 11 our neighborhood was changing because a new highway was being constructed through our small rural community of a midsized city. The land was all divided and bulldozed & reshaped for a modern 4-lane highway. Near our house, there was one derelict house, gutted and sitting on blocks for transport. At night it looked very ominous when lights shone around that house and through it. One late evening I felt compelled to go to that building. I knew I should not go there. It was dangerous and deserted but the lights were shining through the openings giving off a spooky form in the night light. I had to cross a wide ditch and climb over a 6-foot wire fence to get there. When I came close enough to see that the lights were shining from another house & yard light behind the area, I could hear what sounded like a whimpering female. Her cries and moans were disturbing and scared me, but also made me determined to find out what was going on. I climbed up into the open doorway. I stood up to see a shadowy silhouette of a figure in a long dark dress with a hood. It sounded female. She looked as if she was reaching high over her head with both arms, holding a rope or a stick up high. Her voice was frail as if she was afraid. She said she needed me and to come closer. She said she felt a spirit enter her, compelling her to enter the house and stand here in this doorway. The spirit felt heavy and hot and made my body tingle and burn. I felt a weird pain as it hit my loins and slid up into my abdomen. She told me: “I was told to reach high and hold this rope. I need you to reach up inside me and touch the Spirit. It told me you should not be gentle or you will fail.” Neither of us knew what that meant! How do I reach up inside you? What does it mean if I fail? Fail in what way? I asked this female who are you and where did you come from?
She told me her name was Amy and she lived over there, where the lights come from. Something told me I had to come into this old building. It was like I was pushed all the way over here and even pushed into the house. I was ordered to stand here. I looked at her and she seemed to be free to move away as she pleased, but she insisted she could not move. Her feet were wide apart; she seemed very stressed. She said it seemed like hours since she was made to come here. Her legs were tired from standing like this for a long time. I asked her; “What should I do to help you?” Amy told me; The voice said, You have to reach up inside me to touch the spirit. hold on to the sponge bulb and stroke it! I know it’s weird. I don’t know what it means. Just put your hand up inside me and try it.
I knelt at her feet and looked up. Her long dress was black and blocking any view of her body. I reached up with an open hand to feel her genitalia, open and wet and cold. She had no pubic hair. It scared me that her flesh was cold. She just told me to feel her. Feel up inside my hole! There must be something inside me. It feels hot and tingling and buzzing. I pushed hard; my hand slipped into her vagina easily. Immediately there was a gush of slippery juices running down my arm. Amy groaned; Oh that’s too big. You’re hurting me! Please don’t move! You’ll rip me open! She was sobbing. I held still and reminded her, the spirit said to not be gentle or this would fail. I began to rotate my hand to search for a spongy bulb, as she said. It was there; right inside her nearest to the front of her vagina. When I grabbed it, Amy shrieked and a gush of hot fluid hit my hand and squirted from her vagina, all down my arm. I squeezed the bulb with my fingers and she squealed again and thrust her hips forward jerking my hand with her thrust, and a deep growl from somewhere saying OH! FAWK! Make it Cum. Just Yank it hard. Make it spray! Let my soul escape and rape the world. I need to cum so hard. Amy was humping my hand like crazy and spraying her sex juices everywhere. I was kneeling in a puddle and still, her spraying came in pulsing squirts. I held her bulb in my fist as I was tugging and squeezing it. She ordered me to jerk it and fist her harder. Amy was shouting and crying and growling as she kept spewing her liquid nectar over me. It seemed it was not going to stop anytime soon. I began shoving my fist up into her harder and squeezing her spongy bulb. Her jerking and thrusting was coming in spasms. I was soaked in her puddle. I had never seen anything like this before. Finally, Amy just collapsed and fell onto me, draped over me like a rag. My arm was still inside her somehow. My wrist felt like it was broken and coming off. My hand slipped out of her with a huge slurping sound and more juice flowed out of her onto my lap. I thought to myself; Now She is really fucked!!
Amy was still breathing heavily. I asked her what the hell was that about. That was so freaky! Amy, are you in there? She answered faintly. I’m here. I hurt really bad. My legs won’t move. It feels like that spirit is gone. Hold me tight. I think you saved me.
Amy began to move but her legs would not cooperate, so I helped her up with her arm around my shoulder. We climbed carefully out of the open doorway back to solid ground. I helped her walk back to her home about half a block away. We did become close friends, but nothing sexual happened between us again. The entire episode is still confusing to me. Now I know I had just found out about her G-Spot and made her have a gushing orgasm from fisting her. I don’t think she knew what was happening to her at the time either. Perhaps it was paranormal!!???
Nearly a week later Amy came to ask for help again. She said her Mom was in trouble. Some guy was in their home trying to rape her Mom. I asked how should We help her. I don’t know, but we have to do something cause my Dad is away and this guy is raping my Mom. I thought we might be able to distract him or bother them so he would go away. When we got to her house there was a strange car parked near Amy’s house. She told me it was his car. Neither of us was old enough to drive but I knew how since growing up on a farm. Perhaps we can distract him if his car is missing. The two of us checked out the old car. I saw the hand break was set so maybe if we released it the car might roll away downhill. Just then a couple more kids our age came upon us asking what was going on. Amy told them we needed help because her Mom was being molested by some guy. We wanted to distract him by rolling his car away out of sight. We all gave a push from behind the old car and to our surprise it began to roll away on its own. the car turned to the right and rolled down a fair-sized hill, picking up speed as it went downhill, through a wire fence, up over the ditch, across a service road, and into the bushes, out of sight. The bushes all closed over after the car was out of sight. We then ran to Amy’s house and pummeled the windows. running around the house shouting and knocking on doors and windows, shouting and calling for police, and yelling for help. Our actions had the desired results. The guy ran from the house looking for his car. Not seeing his car where it should have been made him angry, but he did not hang about to look for it. He just ran off. A few days later, we saw a tow truck winching the old car out of the bush. It was a big mess. No one seemed to know what had happened nor did anyone see how the car became lost in the bushes. It seemed that no one was the wiser. We were all very relieved.

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