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Claire and John were to be married in a few weeks time and to celebrate they abided by the social convention of having a stag do/hen do. Claire and John had been together for 8 years now and the question of marriage finally came around. The childhood sweethearts had decided to do a joint party for this special occasion. The pair and their family and friends decided to make a trip to Amsterdam the Stag party/Hen party.

All of their friends and family were invited one special weekend away. Claire’s best friend Laura brought her family along for these celebrations, including her divorced parents who all had known Claire since she was young.

They all made the trip to Amsterdam, right close to the red light district. There was a club all set up for the party, around 50-60 people there. All of Claire’s friends and Johns friends.

The night was great, the music was great, everyone was drinking plenty of alcohol and even a few of Johns friends got hold of some weed. Laura was hoping to get lucky with one of Johns friends but they all had their eyes set on other women there.

Laura (24 years old). A stunning young woman, big green eyes, blonde hair, natural curves. It would have been unimaginable that none of the men would have gone for her. This turned her drunk high into a a new low. She left the party and headed for her hotel room. Wearing a slim fit pretty green dress and heels.

A dutch man saw Laura walking back. He called her over as she stumbled along drunk. The man brought her inside of this building and spoke in Dutch to Laura. She couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He then showed her to a private room in which she sat down willingly.

Laura was in a bit of a state and wasn’t sure what was going on but this didn’t matter as she was spaced out. Suddenly music started to play in the background, smooth music.

To her surprise a cock had popped through a glory hole in the wall. The cock was white, it was huge too. Around 10 inches with girth to it. Laura looked around with confusion. She was already quite horny and knew what was going on, she was tempted. With her a lot of contemplation and considering her life choices she gave in. She loved sucking cock. She fell onto her knees and perched her lips over the cock and started to suck. Her panties were soaking wet with excitement.

She gagged on this giant cock. Hearing the man groan behind the wall only increased her horniness. The changed between the man throat fucking her mouth and the slow sensual sucking was incredible.

A voice came from a speaker.
“If you want more from this experience, then press the red button on the wall now”.

Laura’s mind was on a different planet, her heart was racing faster than a jet. She closed her eyes for a moment. She pressed the button. She got up onto her feet and the Dutch man escorted her to the private bedroom. He gave her instructions using a translator he had on his phone, she had to wear a blindfold for legal reasons and had to go in and undress once the door was locked. The man whose cock she was sucking would be waiting for her.

She went into a dimly lit red coloured room, the dutch man put on her blindfold. She didn’t get a glimpse of the man who she was about to get intimate with as she couldn’t see him but she knew he was there. The door was locked. She was so nervous and slowly removed the shoulder straps and let her dress fall to the floor. Naturally curved, people called her chubby but she was stunning. She didn’t have a bra on so her E size tits were exposed. She wore a lacey black thong, her ass was big. Music started to play…

The man was naked with his cock out and semi hard. He was a large man, bald. Middle aged, a big beer belly. He came up behind her and started to kiss her neck while caressing her tits, occasionally grabbing her fat ass. His cock was pressed up against her. Laura knew he was an older man and this turned her on.

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The man turned the girl around to start making out with her. He paused in shock. He realised it was his daughter Laura. He felt devastated, he was angry that his daughter had been the one sucking his cock. For that moment there was silence and nothing else.

Sudden perversion came over him. He had realised that his cock was now rock solid. He started to breathe heavily as she stood there. The dad realised he wanted to fuck his daughter.

He leaned in and started to kiss her. He kept repeating to himself that this was wrong but he began to caress her again. He got onto his knees behind her and pulled down her thong. In a swift movement his tongue licked right up her crack. He pushed her forwards towards the bed and she stumbled over so her face was lying down and her ass was perched up looking perfect. He started to eat out her pussy. She was moaning.

He continued to say to himself in his head how wrong this was but how right it felt. His tongue moved to her asshole and he was forcing it inside of her. Laura’s hand grabbed onto the sheets of the bed. He loved the taste of his sweet daughter. The dad got onto his feet and slapped his daughter’s ass with force.

He flipped her onto her back so she was facing up. He got on top of her and started to suck her tits. While fingering her tight wet pussy. He was so ready to fuck her. A few minutes later he got up and positioned his cock right against her hole. He looked at his daughter and she grabbed his hand trying to make sure he didn’t force it in so hard that it hurt. He went in gently and she couldn’t take it, it was so big. She was moving around like a fish while moaning loudly. This made him feel even hornier.

Half of his cock was in and he thrusted the rest in as she let out a scream. She was loving it. He started slowly moving back and forth. He wanted to cum already but he managed to hold on. The dad’s aggressive sex side came out of him. He started to roughly fuck his daughter, he grabbed her neck and pounded her watching her tits bounce and jiggle. She was moaning so loudly, screaming “fuck fuck fuck” constantly.

He made out with her while fucking her and then flipped her onto all fours. He placed his cock back into her and started to roughly fuck her. Watching her ass jiggle with every thrust. Laura had never been fucked like this before.

She must of orgasmed now more than ever before. Her dad’s cock covered in her cum. He removed it for a second and wiped the cum off of his hand and licked it off. He then stuck his fingers inside of her and made her suck on them so she could taste herself.

He laid himself down onto the bed and made her get onto into cowgirl.

“Ride me, you slut” he said.

She thought she recognised the voice for a moment but then imagined she was going crazy. She started to ride his cock. She was good at it her ass was bouncing up and down and fast. The dad was giving everything to not cum at this moment. He passed through it. He put her legs up so she was squatting on his cock and started to rough fuck her. Rapidly pounding her, a sight to behold from behind.

Her eyes were in the back of her head, she got herself off and sprayed everywhere. She came everywhere. Her legs were shaking.

He placed her back down on her back and started to slowly fuck her, he was dying to watch them tits bounce in front of him.

“Ah Laura I’m going to cum baby girl” he let slip out.

She then recognised the voice and she whipped off the blindfold. She was in horror. She saw it was her dad fucking her. He then noticed but it was too late. He was pumping his cum inside of her.

“Daddy” she said angrily. “What the fuck!” She was screaming at him.

Part 2 coming soon.

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