The Stepbrother Ch. 12

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tagIncest/TabooThe Stepbrother Ch. 12

A pale naked, honey blonde woman grabbed a blue towel from a stack on top of a black minifridge and started cleaning her nubile cum-covered body. Across from her, both on their knees on a king size bed was a platinum blonde with bangs and a naked muscular man. The platinum blonde's pale skin contrasted with the caramel-colored skin of the handsome man in front of her. He was holding her small round butt tightly. They all looked around college age, the woman cleaning her body looked like the youngest, and the man the oldest, but only mid twenties at most. He had a V-shaped body with a chiseled six-pack and messy black hair. The platinum blonde was thin, wearing a frilly camisole top, but nothing below her waist.
"Are you ready to start Ashley?" The young man asked the woman in front of him.
"Not yet. You need to clean your dick," she said looking down. "You still got Caity's blood on you."
A layer of dried blood had coated his large dark, half-hard phallus.
"Caity, grab me a water bottle from the mini-fridge and a towel."
"Sure Marlon," said the beautiful girl cleaning off her body. "Ashley where are my glasses? I can hardly see anything."
"Let me get them for you," she said.
Marlon released Ashley's ass. She grabbed a pair of rimless glasses on top of a pile of clothes on the floor and handed them to Caitlyn. Then she opened the refrigerator.
"This water's gonna be cold Marlon," she said grabbing the plastic bottle.
"It's fine," he replied. Caitlyn handed Ashley a towel and she took both to Marlon. He poured water into the towel and used it to clean off his dick. He dropped the dirty towel onto the floor when he was done, took a small sip of water and offered it to the women.
"No that's ok," Ashley said.
"Thanks," Caitlyn smiled as she grabbed the bottle. She took a long sip and then set it on the ground after capping the top.
"Let's go," Marlon said, patting the bed. Ashley got up on the sheets and lay on her back. "Caitlyn, why don't you sit right here? You can watch Ashley lose her backdoor virginity," Marlon said, pointing to the other side of the bed.
"Huh?" she said dubiously, as she crawled up next to them.
"He's going to fuck me in the ass," Ashley explained.
"Oh," Caitlyn said with a furrowed brow. "Why?"
"She wants to try something new right?" he said, stroking his cock until it stuck out, curving up a bit towards his torso.
"Sure that's it," Ashley said with a laugh. "Not that I made some stupid deal with you."
"Flip over," he said.
"No I'm fine like this," Ashley said.
"Suit yourself," Marlon smirked.
"Couldn't we do this tomorrow?" she asked, looking at his massive erection. She knew it was going to hurt, even if he went slow.
"Come on I'll be gentle," he said.
"Right, but I don't know… I'm not sure it will fit," she said.
"I haven't even tried yet," Marlon countered. "You just need to relax."
"It's tough to do with that massive thing in front of me."
"Fine, let me help you out," he said bending down, his lips hovering over her vulva, right above her clit.
"Ooo," she moaned as he began to kiss her pussy.
"Are you ok?" Caitlyn asked.
"Yeah," Ashley smiled. "You've never had this done to you?"
"You're next boyfriend should know- uhhh…"
"He should know what?" Caitlyn aasked
"How to do this. Oh yeah…" she said with a smile. Marlon licked and probed her pussy. His fingers entered her juicy slit while he licked her clitoris. "Oh yes, harder."
"How does it feel?"
"You wanna know? I'm sure Marley could show you."
"Oh no, that's ok," she said.
"Let me get your sister started, then I'll do you next," Marlon said.
"Umm… ok. How will this help you have sex in… in her… butt."
"Get her all relaxed and loose. And…" Marlon pushed his pinky into Ashley's pussy, then he held up his hand showing his wet finger. Then he lowered it down between her legs, and pushed it slowly into her asshole.
"Ooooh," Ashley moaned, as he penetrated her.
"That's the idea," he said. He licked at her pussy and pushed his finger all the way. She grabbed the back of his head as he went down on her. She let go after a few minutes.
"Hey girl," Marlon said to Caitlyn, "how bout you suck me off while I get your sister ready? Get some more practice in," he smiled.
"Ok," she agreed. She got on her back, perpendicular to Marlon and placed her head beneath him. She grabbed his cock, lowered it into her mouth and started licking over the purplish head.
"That's it girl. Ok Ashley, I'm gonna stretch you with a few fingers at a time," Marlon said, holding up his hand with a smile, his ring finger folded back.
"Go for it," she said with a laugh. He pushed his hand between her legs. His index and middle finger went into her wet pussy and his pinky finger went into her ass. He used his thumb to rub her clit.
"Oooo yeah," she moaned. He pushed his hand back and forth into both of her holes.
"Ok let's try another one." Marlon moved his ring finger into her ass.
"Oooh," she moaned. He added another finger every few minutes until he had fit all of his fingers from one hand into her asshole. "Oh fuck," she swore as he pushed back and forth.
"Relax your ass. You're squeezing too tight. "
"I'm trying."
Marlon licked at her pussy as he pushed his fingers deeper. She felt her neck and face become hot after being completely stretched while he pushed his hand back and forth into her butt all while nibbling and licking her clit.
Caitlyn was still between Marlon's legs, sucking on the big tip of his cock and keeping him hard.
"Oh yeah," Ashley said. "Keep going."
Marlon started moving his tongue faster. A warm feeling grew more intense and then pulsed over her body.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuck!" she cried as an orgasm overtook her. She felt it all over, echoing in waves of pleasure. She shivered and convulsed, her pussy was trembling. It was quite powerful until she came down from the amazing feeling.
"There you go," Marlon said, pulling back his mouth. When she was finished she saw Marlon standing over her, his rock hard dick sticking out. Caitlyn was stroking him.
"Wait, not yet. Get that lube Caity," Ashley said, pointing to Marlon's bag. "You gotta cover the whole thing," she said firmly as she pushed herself up a bit, watching her sister look for the lube in her brother's duffle bag.
"Here," Caity said from the side of the bed, holding out the tube of lubrication.
"Come up here," Marlon said, tapping the bed. "You do the honors."
"Ok," Caity replied.
"Put a lot," Ashley said as her sister squirted a dollop onto her hand.
"Is this enough?"
Caitlyn squirted about another half teaspoon onto her hand.
"Ok that's good."
Ashley watched her sister Caitlyn spread the thick substance over his cock. His dick seemed to be growing even more, curving up and almost pulsing. Caitlyn spread the lube all across the impressive length of his thick piece of meat.
"That's enough girl, thanks," Marlon said.
The dark surface of his dick now glistened with shiny lubricating gel. It looked huge, beautiful, and also a bit scary. He lined up the tip to Ashley's ass, poising it as if he was waiting for a signal.
"Ok Marlon go sl-" Ashley stopped as he began to push inside. "Ahh," she grimaced.
"I will," he said.
"I think it's too big," Caitlyn said. She was watching intently.
"It'll fit," Marlon countered.
"Uh!" Ashley cried as he pushed deeper. It felt different than his fingers. Not as rigid but, still that feeling of being full and having to pass something out, while instead allowing it to enter.
"You ok?" he asked.
She breathed heavy. "How much is in?"
"Just the head," he said. "Are you ready for more?"
"Really? Oh god," she replied. He slipt another inch inside.
"Wow," Caitlyn said with wide eyes.
"Damn that looks beautiful," Marlon smiled.
"I'm not sure how much I can take," Ashley said with a grimace.
"Still got a ways to go," he said. She felt him push again. Every bit of him that entered was expanding her colon.
"Woah, woah," she said, pushing her hand to his hip. She looked down his rock hard abs to the base of his dick.
"Do you want me to pull out?" he asked.
"No, it just felt really… um deep," she explained.
"I'm almost halfway in," he said.
"Oh shit," she swore. "Hold on for a second."
"You need to relax," he said.
"Just saying that is not gonna make it happen," she replied.
"Ok let me try something."
"Woah." She felt his thick member retreating. Her stepbrother was pulling his hips back. Then he pushed forward again.
"Ah," she cried.
"You ok?" he asked.
"Yeah, it's ok." He entered and then back again, nearly popping free of her ass. "Oh wow," she said.
"How does it feel?" Caitlyn said.
"It's hard to… to explain."
"Does it feel bad?"
"No, just different," she said.
"Marlon rested his hand between Ashley's legs, on her shaved pussy, with his thumb over her pink button. He began to rub as he fucked her ass.
"Oh my god," Ashley said.
"What?" Caitlyn asked.
"He's rubbing my clit," she said.
"Your what?"
"Her clit. Here," Marlon said, pushing his finger between Caitlyn's legs.
"Oh," she blushed.
"Why don't you lay down and rub yourself?" Marlon said to Caitlyn.
"Oh, um I don't like doing that in front of people," Caitlyn said.
"Even after all we've done together, you're still embarrassed?"
She shrugged.
"Marlon, how about you show her your tongue?" Ashley asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Get your ass up here," he said, patting a spot next to Ashley.
"Um.. ok"
She moved her butt next to Ashley's head.
"But Ashley-"
"Don't worry girl," he said.
He leaned down to Caitlyn's her pussy lips and began to lick slowly.
"Oh my," she said.
"Good huh?" Ashley asked.
"It kinda tickles."
"Bud do you like it?"
Marlon sucked and licked over Caitlyn's clit, as he rocked his cock back and forth into Ashley's tight ass.
"Fuck," Ashley cried.
"You're doing good girl," Marlon said. Then he pressed the flat of his tongue against Caitlyn's pussy, licking up until the tip pressed against her slick pink pearl.
"Oooo my," she moaned.
He began fucking Ashley's ass a bit faster as she began to use her middle finger across her sweet spot.
"Oh my god," she moaned, her head rolling back.
"It feels good?" Caitlyn said.
"So good,"Ashley said, her eyes closing firmly.
"Ah!" she said when she felt his hips hit her ass, and his balls slap against her.
"Take it all bitch," Marlon grinned.
"That's mean," Caitlyn said.
"Calling her the b word," Caitlyn said with a frown.
"It's like a pet name," Ashley grinned.
"Yeah," Marlon smiled, kissing Caitlyn's pussy.
"Ok, I guess. Just sounds kinda weird."
Marlon pushed his tongue across Caitlyn's clit a bit more firmly.
"Ooo!' she moaned loudly.
"You're both my bitches," he said.
Caitlyn's brow was furrowed as she looked at Marlon, her mouth wide as she moaned, his tongue deftly plunging into her pussy and then licking up over her clit.
"You getting close?" Marlon asked.
"Uh huh." Caitlyn was breathing hard.
"I want you to cum all over my tongue. You do that for me girl?"
He licked hard, his tongue flicking and twitching onto Caitlyn's pussy as he plunged into Ashley's ass.
"Fuckin come for me bitch, cum in my mouth," he said. His tongue was flopping up and down over her slippery pink button. Ashley was watching her stepbrother lick like he was ravenous between her legs. His tongue was plunging in and out and then up and down her clit. Her sister was moaning loudly, her chest heaving, her large tits rising and falling, as her neck and face became red. She was moaning loudly and holding fast on the bed until she cried out.
"Ohhhhhh," her voice was high as she shook the bed with tremors.
"I… I came," she said with a sigh.
"Good girl," he smiled at Caitlyn. "Your sister's pussy tastes like strawberry cream," he said with a grin, looking at Ashley. His soulpatch was covered in pussy juices. "Time we finish this." Marlon sank deep into Ashley's anal canal his balls slapping her ass.
"Oh fuck!" she swore. He rocked his hips back and forth against her ass.
"Bitch, I'm gonna open up that tight ass."
She could tell by how he was moving and how he was speaking that he was close. So was she. She licked her lips and held her legs apart.
"Oh shit, fuck me daddy! Oh god, oh god-" Ashley was feeling warm again, her neck flush, she felt like her body was on fire. The intensity and size of his cock in her ass was such that she felt it pressing through her colon, causing quakes along the walls of her pussy.
"Oh god!" she cried and began convulsing. This came on her suddenly, like the flood gates of a dam were swung wide. Her body shook and her eyes rolled back as she squirted and cried out. Marlon covered her mouth as her cries became even louder. It was more intense than she'd ever felt before. A transcendent feeling of pure pleasure came over her, while her pussy was fluttering and her asshole was spread wide by her stepbrother's massive rod. When she came to her senses, she saw Caitlyn was looking down at her.
"What happened? Are you ok?" she asked.
"Oh god, that was amazing," Ashley said with a laugh.
"You had an orgasm?"
"More than an orgasm, that was… wow," she smiled. "Ooo," she moaned as she felt Marlon slip deeper.
"Didn't know you were a squirter," he said.
"I never have before," she said with surprise. "Ooo," she said as he thrust back and forth with vigor. "Oh my god," she cried. She held her knees apart, trying not to clench.
He was still fucking her asshole as he wiped clean his mouth with the back of his hand and looked into her eyes. She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him closer, kissing his lips. She was surprised with the taste of his mouth, hints of her sister's juices. She put those thoughts out of her mind as he pulled away with a smile and pushed up her camisole, so he could put his lips on her small breasts. His mouth sucked particularly hard against her right nipple.
"Fuck girl, you're ass can really take it," he said.
"Holy shit," she moaned, as he pushed deep.
"I'm almost there," Marlon said.
Her sphincter felt hot as her stepbrother's long dick plunged in and out.
"I'm not sure how much longer I can last Marley. Uh! Your black dick is so big."
"You're taking it like a pro," he grinned, inches from her face.
She pulled him closer and kissed his thick lips, but this time no hints of her sister. He kissed back, parting her lips, tongue plunging into her mouth to dance over hers. ThenHhe pulled his head back and plunged deep, his balls slapping against her ass loudly.
"Fuck!" she swore.
"Take that dick bitch," he said.
"Oh my god. Uh! Your fucking dick is destroying my ass."
"You ok Ashley?" Caitlyn said with concern.
The platinum blond covered her sister's mouth.
"Fuck my ass daddy, give me all your cum," Ashley said.
He kept thrusting, her moans high and pitched.
"Bitch you really want it?"
"Please daddy, cum down my throat."
He rocked his hips back and forth, his thick cock piercing into her tight asshole as he grunted feverishly. Her ass felt like it was pulling him back, trying to keep him inside, but when he finally pulled out it felt like she was gaping.
"Come here," he said.
She rushed towards his cock as he pressed the tip to her lips and he groaned, a burst shooting into her mouth. She held it there and he shot again. He kept going, nearly filling her mouth before she swallowed it down.
"Damn…" Marlon smiled and lay back. Caitlyn was looking intently at her sister.
"Why'd you swallow it?" she asked.
"It doesn't taste terrible," Ashley said, cleaning her teeth with her tongue, savoring the unique flavor of her stepbrother. "Pretty good actually," she grinned.
"Why were you saying all that… stuff Ashley? I've never heard you talk like… Well yeah I've heard you curse, but never like that before." Caitlyn lay down next to Marlon on one side and Ashley on the other.
"It's just dirty talk," she said. "I don't mean everything I said."
"You sound like you meant it," Caitlyn said as she rubbed her hand across Marlon's bicep and nestled into his shoulder.
"Oh she does," Marlon chuckled.
"Fuckin' Marley," she said with a wan smile. She gave his wide muscular chest a slap.
He laughed. Ashley grabbed his arm in an embrace and draped her leg around his.
"Looks like you got another fan," Ashley said, looking how Caitlyn was holding Marlon on the other side.
"Remember, this isn't gonna turn into a relationship or anything," Marlon said.
"I know," Caitlyn said. "Still I… I kinda wish I did this sooner."
"What do you mean?" Ashley said.
"I mean… I didn't know sex could feel this good till today."
"With the right person," Ashley said. She grabbed her stepbrother's now flaccid, but still impressive dick. "This helps too," she smiled.
Caitlyn smiled and Marlon chuckled. Ashley dropped his cock and grabbed his large balls, feeling stubble across his tight scrotum. Caitlyn rubbed her hand back and forth along the hills and valleys of his muscular torso. Marlon folded his hands behind his head with a sigh. The three step siblings lay there for several minutes, in a post-coital afterglow, until Ashley broke the silence.
"We should probably go upstairs and take a shower before mom comes back."
"Ok," Caitlyn said.
"Sophia made breakfast if you want anything," Ashley said, as she pushed herself up using her stepbrother's muscular chest.
"Hell yeah girl," Marlon said, giving Ashley's ass a slap when she got off the bed.
"Ok see you upstairs later." She pulled up her pajama bottoms as her sister dressed.
"See you upstairs Marlon," Caitlyn said with a sweet smile. "I'm just gonna go… wash your… stuff off."
He gave her a nod and a smile as they walked away.

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