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The place where I grew up was a medium-sized coastal city, a couple of hours away from Sydney, and it was a great place to live and to call my home town. My dad was sent there on a job transfer to take over as district manager for a big finance company when I was so young I can barely remember living anywhere else, and he liked the place so much that he used to tell my mother that if the company ever tried to move him again, he would just quit and find a new job.
Now, about twelve miles out of town there was a little village called Carter's Mountain, although to tell you the truth, it really wasn't a mountain at all. It was just a little village, nestled in the coastal foothills of the Great Dividing Range, but over the years, Carter's Mountain people had developed a certain reputation. You see, twelve miles doesn't sound like much today, but back in the days when people walked everywhere or rode a horse, those twelve miles were just enough to make Carter's Mountain a little more isolated, and its people a little less worldly, maybe eccentric, perhaps even a little inbred. Of course, none of this meant anything in modern times, but over the generations, people from Carter's Mountain had come to be regarded as, "different."
In my school year, there were about eight or ten kids from Carter's Mountain, and even at that age, some of the other kids had picked up on the old Carter's Mountain thing from their parents and other older people, so the Carter's Mountain crew had to put up with a lot of schoolground teasing. Among those kids were the Szabo twins, Tanya and Erika, who stood out even more than the rest of the Carters Mountain kids for a few other reasons. Firstly, they were identical twins, with a Hungarian surname that stood out from the Smiths and the Jones's and the other Anglo-Celtic names we all had, but then there was also their appearance. They were exactly alike, and they were tall and thin, with long, skinny legs, and they had high cheekbones and big eyes that combined to give their faces a kind of birdlike appearance. They had a few nicknames over the years but the one that seemed to stick with them all through our school years was "the Stork Twins" because of their birdlike appearance and their long, skinny legs, and they were often teased relentlessly at school.
In all honesty, I don't think I was ever mean to their faces, but I'm not making excuses here because I was just as happy as anybody else to talk about them behind their backs and to make smart-arse remarks about them with my friends, and I'm not proud of that, but we all know kids can be very cruel sometimes. By the time we were ten, the Stork Twins were taller than most of the other kids in the class, and just as skinny as ever, and the teasing just kept going on. In Australia, high school starts in Year 7, the year most kids turn thirteen. By that age, the twins were taller than a few of the kids in the year ahead of us, and even some of the boys had to look up at them to tell them what freaks they were.
A couple of years later, when we had all turned sixteen, the Stork Twins were about five feet eleven inches tall, and probably still had some growing left to do, but interesting things had happened to all of us. The girls were developing more womanly figures, as their legs became more shapely. The boys had changed, too, and as our voices deepened and our shoulders widened, we all discovered a newfound interest in those girls, and a whole lot of new topics began to be discussed among us in our recess and lunch breaks. Naturally, the figures of the Szabo twins were developing as well, but their curves were fairly modest, and their long legs were still as skinny as ever.
Even at that stage, I still did not know one from the other, but as we had all gotten older, the playground teasing had given way to a different form of bullying. The "cool" girls ignored them completely, and the guys from the self-styled "tough guy" group would try to embarrass them about their appearance, or tell them they were freaks of nature, asking them which swamp they came from, openly taunting them while the rest of us watched and stayed out of it. I'm not proud of that, either. Even so, the twins had their own friends, mostly among the less cool kids in our year. We used to call the boys from Carter's Mountain the "Mountain Men" and some of them were now big, hard guys, who spent their weekends driving tractors on their parent's farms on the other side of the village, or picking crops, or chasing cattle around, and they were no longer being bullied at school. They played football like their lives depended on it, and some of them even had facial hair when they were sixteen. Even the "tough guys" left them alone these days.
It was around that time that my dad started talking about how he would like to get out of the suburban sprawl and live in a house with some land around him. It started out as dinner table talk between him and my mother, but over time they became more definite about it, and then they started looking around at real estate, and talking about mortgages and refinancing. Even so, it was a long time before anything definite happened, and it was not until my last year of high school that they finally bought a big house on four acres at, (you guessed it), Carter's Mountain. I was going to become a Mountain Man.
We moved up there in the school holidays in early autumn, and because I was born in February, I had just turned eighteen years of age a few months earlier but I still had seven months of high school left, because the school year ends in December in Australia. Our new house was the second last one in a dead-end road with a turning circle at the end, and there was one last house near the turning circle, a few hundred yards from ours.
After we had settled in our new house, school started back after the autumn holidays, and my dad drove me to school on the first day back, but I had to catch the bus home after school. I walked out of the school gate and got on the Carter's Mountain bus, and halfway down the aisle, I saw the Stork Twins on my left side as I faced the back of the bus. I still didn't know one from the other, but the girl in the aisle seat said, "How come you're on this bus, Troy?"
"We moved up to Carter's Mountain in the holidays," I answered.
She smiled and said, "So, you're a Mountain Man now? That means we're neighbours."
"Looks like it," I said with a smile, as I slid into the empty seat behind them. They both turned around in their seats to talk to me, and it was during this conversation that I finally learnt that Tanya, who was in the aisle seat now on my left, had a little mole on the left side of her neck, and that was the only way I could tell them apart.
"We'll have to show you the sights," Erika said, on the right, and then Tanya added, less enthusiastically, "What there are, anyway." They both had a little giggle and Tanya added, "At Carter's Mountain, we have to make our own fun," and then Erika looked at her for a moment as though she thought she might give something away, but we just continued talking and laughing for the rest of the way home, as they told me all about life up at Carter's Mountain.
There were two bus stops in Carters Mountain, but the bus had to turn back in my dead-end street, so the driver said he could drop me off at my house, and when I got off the bus, there were only the twins left. Then as the bus got to the dead end, they got off and I saw them walking in their long-legged stride to the house down the road. It turned out we really were neighbours, but there was about three hundred yards of open ground between our houses.
My mother had a job as a duty manager at a big hotel in town, and she had different starting times. On days when she started early, she would drive to work in her own car, but when she had a 9 am start, she would go to work with my father, and after I got my licence, she would usually let me drive her car to school when she didn't need it. On my second day back at school, she had a late start so she went to work with my dad and she said I could take her car to school. I drove her car up the street towards town, and I saw the Szabo twins walking to the bus stop, so I stopped and buzzed the window down and said, "You ladies want a lift to school?"
They were both dressed in their school uniforms, consisting of a blue and grey plaid skirt, and a pale blue blouse, and they smiled at each other and one of them said, "Hey, that sounds good. Thanks for that," and they walked over to the car. When they got closer, I saw the mole on Tanya's neck and I knew she was the one who had spoken. My mother's car was a two-door hatchback, and I popped the hatch and got out to open it so they could put their backpacks in. Then, I walked around to the passenger door to open it, and Erika was the first to get in. Being so tall, and with those long legs, she had to bend over and lift her legs high to get in the back seat, and I got a flash of her white lace panties as she climbed in. I had a quick look, and then I turned to see Tanya standing there, looking at me, and she laughed at me for looking up her sister's skirt. I felt a hot flush of shame for getting caught, but I said nothing, and walked around to get into the driver's seat. Erika was now seated in the back, and she looked up as though she had missed something, and said, "What was so funny?"
I said nothing, and braced myself for an earful, and Tanya giggled a little and said, "Troy was looking up your skirt when you got in the car," but Erika just laughed and said, "Well, it's a good thing I've got clean undies on, then," and then she laughed even more.
"Sorry," I said, avoiding eye contact, but Erika just shrugged and said, "It's a guy thing," like it was no big deal.
I started driving, but when I checked my rear view mirror the first time, Tanya flicked it up and giggled mischievously, and said, "No perving up Erika's skirt in the back seat."
I readjusted the mirror and said, "I need it to drive," but in the back seat, Erika said, "Well, at least, it's good to get checked out for a change, and not have some guy calling you a freak for once." I wasn't sure if I was meant to laugh at that but Tanya giggled as well, and she added, "I think we'll hang out with you more often," so I let myself have a little chuckle.
We had a few more laughs as we drove down to school, and as we turned into the street where the school was located and I parked across the road, Tanya was giving us a lisping impression of Mr Hennessey, our effeminate biology teacher. We were all still laughing at Tanya as we got out of the car and the girls got their backpacks out, and we walked to the school gate, where the twins turned to go one way, and Tanya said, "Probably see you in English, after lunch," and then they walked off in one direction and I went the other. I saw my two friends, Detlev and Owen, standing against the wall and watching us, so I walked over.
"Here he is, David Fucking Attenborough," Owen said as I got closer.
"What are you on about?" I asked although I had an idea where he was going with it.
"Following those two giraffes around," he said with contempt, as we both watched them striding across the quadrangle to join their friends on the other side.
"They're okay," I answered, "They're kind of funny when you get to know them."
"Yeah, funny-looking," Owen said, "Don't tell me you're trying to get a fuck out of one of 'em?"
"Or both of them," Detlev added, smirking.
I looked across at the twins again, and Owen and Detlev both followed my gaze across, and I said, "Are you telling me you wouldn't fuck one of them? Just because they're tall?"
"Yeah, tall and fuckin' freaky looking," Detlev said, "Like a couple of swamp birds from the wetlands."
"I might fuck one of them," Owen offered, "but I wouldn't tell anyone about it."
"You're fucked in the head," I said, smirking myself because I was talking shit with my mates, "That's about the only fucking you're gonna be doing." I looked back at the two guys and added, "Besides, we're neighbours now."
"That's right," Detlev said like had had just remembered, "Because you're a Mountain Man now, aren't you? Moved up there with all the inbreds. "
I nodded, and said, "Yeah, that's me," and Owen said, "You better watch out you don't grow two extra fingers," and we all had a chuckle, and I said, "Well, that might come in handy when I start sitting on my porch, plucking my banjo." Then, we had another laugh and the conversation went onto other things.
After school that day, I drove the twins back home again, and we had a few more hilarious laughs going back up the hill towards Carter's Mountain. When we got home, they invited me down to their place, so I went down after I parked the car and we hung out for a couple of hours. I found out that their father was a builder who worked away on projects most of the time, so he was only home on weekends, and their mother worked at an aged care facility in town, so when she was on a late shift they had to get their own dinner and do their own thing in the evenings. They were used to looking after themselves and they were very self-sufficient. I also found that they were a lot of fun to be with, something I had never known before, even though we had known each other at school for nearly twelve years. We talked about all kinds of stuff, and I found they could find something funny about almost anything. They also had that habit you sometimes see in twins, where each one starts or finishes off each other's sentences.
Over the next three weeks, I got to know the Szabo twins better than ever, as we hung out at Carter's Mountain together. They showed me the sights, just as they said they would, including the lookout, and the walking trails around the state forest, and the two swimming holes. One was used by everybody, and they told me the other was more private if you wanted to go skinny dipping, but we didn't try that because it was coming into winter. During those weeks, I found that they really were a lot of fun to be around. They knew they weren't popular at school and they wished it wasn't like that but they couldn't do much about it anyway, but they were twins and they had each other so they just got on with life.
I still went down into town and hung out with my other friends, but a lot of the time, I just felt like staying up at the Mountain with the twins. After a while, Owen and Detlev stopped being outright nasty about them, but they would ask me if I'd fucked one of them yet, or they would say stuff like, "You should fuck both of them and give them a score out of ten," or tell me I should try for a threesome. That was Detlev's idea, and he told me he'd even loan me his dad's video camera for the occasion.
So, three weeks after I moved up there, it was a Friday afternoon with the weekend coming up, and the twins and I were all sitting on the wide seat across the back of the bus as we rode home from school, laughing about all kinds of stuff as usual. As I looked across at them, I was thinking about things that had been going through my head for at least a week or so.
Like all the rest of us, the twins had changed over the last couple of years. They still had those high Hungarian cheekbones that a lot of girls would kill for anyway, but their faces had filled out and changed in shape, so their big eyes were now an asset because they were more in proportion. With their wavy brown hair growing down past their shoulders, they were actually kind of pretty now, and then there were those long, long legs, that were still thin, but had become more shapely since I last took any real notice. It's just that I had spent years looking at them as freaks, like everybody else at school, but it occurred to me that if you met them for the first time today, and you had never spent years laughing about their unusual appearance when they were younger, you would probably think they were cute. I sat there on the bus, listening to them and laughing along with them, and it occurred to me that they had more life in their faces than all of the stuck up tarts from that "cool" group of girls at school who all loved themselves to death. I also wondered to myself, if I was seeing these things, were any other guys at school also seeing them? Probably not, from what I was hearing most days.
The bus stopped outside my house and as usual, the twins and I were the only ones left on it. "You should come up to our place for a bit, after you drop your stuff off," Erika said, as I got up to go, and I said, "Yeah, okay. See you up there," and I got off the bus. My train of thought about the twins continued as I went into my room and chucked my school backpack on the bed, and changed out of my school uniform into jeans and a sports shirt.
I had only ever had one girlfriend at that stage, and her name was Cindy. We had met earlier that year at a party, only a week after my eighteenth birthday. Even though she was a year older than me, and had already finished high school and was working in a pharmacy in town, we kind of hit it off and started seeing each other. Cindy took my cherry within a week, and she was on the pill so we could fuck without a condom, and we went at it like rabbits for just over a month that we were together. Unfortunately, her friends started calling her a "cradle snatcher" for going out with a guy who was younger than she was, even though I was eighteen years old, so she said we should break it off, but she left the door open to getting back together maybe after I finished high school and had a job, so all was not lost.
Cindy had also asked me if I wanted to go down on her one day, and naturally, I wanted to try that. That led to her showing me how to do it properly, and how to make her cum by licking her pussy and sucking her clit, and after I learned how to do that I felt like I had some kind of superpower, being able to make a girl have a writhing, moaning, gasping orgasm with just my lips and tongue, burying my face in her pussy and tasting it like that. After she broke it off, I was back to rubbing one out on my own practically every day, and I wasn't sure if that was going to change any time soon.
Up till now, neither of the girls had said anything about a boyfriend, so I as I got ready to head up to their house, I started thinking I might make a move on one of them. That of course left me with the question of which girl. They were identical twins, and were so much alike they were like the same person multiplied by two, so how would you decide? I thought I would just show a little interest that way, and see if one of them showed any back, and see what happened. Hopefully, one of them would respond because it could get awkward if it turned out they were not interested at all, and these were the thoughts going through my head, as I walked out my door and up towards the Szabo residence.
The front door was open when I got there, but I rapped on the open door frame and Tanya came out and said, "Hey, come in." She was still in her school uniform, but she was now barefoot, and her pale blue blouse was untucked over her plaid skirt. I followed her inside to the right of the entry foyer and into the living room, where Erika was lying on a long couch, with her back against the right arm. She was wearing a purple tank top and some denim shorts that had been cut down from a pair of jeans, and I could see she had a purple lace bra under her tank top. She bent her legs and shuffled back a little against the arm of the couch to give me some room, and she said, "Have a seat."
I sat in the middle of the couch, and Tanya sat on my left, and I turned to look at Erika. The edges of her denim shorts were frayed and cut fairly high, and with her legs bent like that I realised I could see the crotch of her white panties, and I noticed they had pale purple flowers printed on them. I only glanced for a quick moment but I looked up and saw that she knew what I was looking at, and she sort of exhaled a giggle, and said, "You can't help yourself, can you?" She was smiling when she said it, so it didn't seem like a big deal.

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