The Surprise

The carnival had been on the common of the town for just over a week, many residents had objected to it coming there when it was first announced when it was coming and for how long but as usual the local council of the town took no notice of the views of the residents and granted the fairground owners a licence to operate the fairground for three weeks, many of the youngsters were happy but the elders were not. Sixteen year old Steve was not liked in the town everybody knew that he was a flasher and peeping tom but the council did nothing about getting him and his family evicted, Steve was walking round the fair ground when he saw a group of boys and girls from his school shouting at the old woman who was sitting in a booth that had signs saying fortune teller, one of the boys through a stone at the woman knocking her coffee and candle over then along with the rest of the group ran off, Steve went to the old lady and picked her candle up and relit it and after getting her another coffee helped her attract customers, as he left the old woman told Steve that he was a good boy and would be very lucky and have plenty of fun, the next morning Steve was waiting for the bus when he heard Sara and Tina two of the group who had given the old lady verbal aggro, Tina was saying to Sara how creepy the old hag had been when she stared at them all and waved her hands, when the bus arrived Tina got on but Sara walked away, Steve sat on the back seat of the upstairs deck while Tina sat at the front there was nobody else on board and after a few minutes Tina stood up turned and faced Steve who stared in disbelieve when he saw that Tina had the front of her tee shirt raised and that her naked boobs were showing, as she slowly walked towards the back of the bus Tina raised the front of her skirt showing her bare love tube, Steven stared at the sight of Tina’s naked love tube and ample boobs that had erect nipples, as Tina got to the seat she lay flat on it with one leg on the floor the other on the seat and said ” come on fuck me” Steve stood up undid his jeans letting his eight inch erection spring out then moved forward towards Tina and after a few seconds was sliding his erect dick into Tina’s love tube as he did Tina moaned and said ” yes fuck me good” Steve started to thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube as she lay moaning and after a few minutes felt her cum, Steve pulled his dick out hardly believing what had just happened, Tina stood and after adjusting her clothes got off the bus, Steve carried onto the allotment where he found a not on the door to the shed that his granddad owned, the note told Steve that his granddad would not be there today, Steve unlocked the shed and after doing so went to the allotment and started weeding then after a hour went back to the hut to make a cup of tea as he walked in he was surprised to see Sara laying naked on the camp bad her legs apart, Sara said ” you took your time now fuck me” Steve thought cool and was soon thrusting in and out of Sara’s moist love tube and after making her cum three times squirted his cum over her body. Just after Sara had left her sister July who was four years younger than what Sara was appeared at the door and after she asked Steve if he has seen Sara Steve told her that Sara had passed by earlier, July started to walk away from the door then stopped went back and said to Steve ” want me to suck your cock dry” Steve looked at her noticing the pokies in her tee shirt and undid his jeans, July went right inside the hut and after closing the door knelt down in front of Steve took his dick in her mouth and started to suck it, Steve stood there enjoying having his dick sucked and after five minutes when he squirted his cum in four spurts into July’s mouth she swallowed it all. Steve spent the rest of the day sitting quietly in the hut then after locking up the hut went home, as he walked up the garden path of where he lived a naked Sandra who was two years younger than what he was opened the door of her house and said ” come in I want you to fuck me” rubbing her love tube as she did, Steve quickly dumped his bag indoors and went into Sandra’s house where after ten minutes of being in was thrusting in and out of her love tube as she lay on the lounge floor and was also looking at her three naked classmates who were rubbing their love tubes and saying who was next. Two days later the fairground had left the town early, Steve looked for but did not see the old woman as the rides went by, and half a hour did not care as he thrust in and out of July’s love tube. Steve continued to be happy and certainly certainly had plenty of great fun.

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