The Taking of Katie K. Part II: Katie’s Mexican Nightmare


by Marq Satyr

Four members of the Zeta gang heavily sedated Katie before they put her naked body in the van on some blankets. They handcuffed her wrists behind her back and covered her with a sheet. They took a back road into the hills near the border. The van was equipped with four wheel drive for the rough crossing. In this way they avoided having to face suspicious border security people.

Of course, the four men could not resist the opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful young anglo blond. Very soon after they set out they began to take turns fucking Katie’s unconscious body.

“Goddam, her pussy was stretched but now it’s tight again,” one of them said as he lay on top of Katie’s nude body and pushed his large hard prick into her once virgin passage. He fucked he roughly as the van bounced over the less than smooth road bed. When he came deep in her helpless body, a second man climbed into the back and they fucked her together, one in her cunt and the other in her tight ass hole. They knew they must not do lasting damage to her beautiful young body, but they fucked her hard anyway. They were very aroused by the realization they were fucking a lucious young Anglo they would never have been able to fuck under normal circumstances.

“Man, I could fuck this gringa bitch forever. She is a sweet pussy and only 18. Those cops back there must have fucked her in her ass, mouth and cunt over a hundred times. They fucked her ass hole till I didn’t think she could take it any more. But her ass is so nice,” said one of the men.

The four of them took turns fucking her the entire 8 hour trip to Mexico City. They cleaned their sperm off her when the arrived, and carried her still unconscious body to the room where she was to be kept until the Drug king pin arrived to look at her and decide what they would do with her. They laid her on the cot and went out locking the door behind her.

“I wonder what El Jefe will do with the cunt?” one man asked the others.

“He’ll fuck her brains out first. Then she will be in for several wild days,” one of the men replied.

The four men laughed as they walked down the hall.

When Katie awoke, she raised up and looked around dazed and confused. She had no idea where she was; the only thing she knew was that her whole body ached. Her anus was raw and her vagina sore. Her white cone shaped breasts were also had bruises from where the men had clutched her so cruelly. Her ass also had the hand prints where she had been slapped as they had fucked her two love holes. The awful night of the rape came back to her as she looked around her taking the room in. All the room contained other than the cot on which she had been sleeping for several hours was a rough wooden night stand with a comb and brush and a wash basin and white porcelain pitcher filled with water. A towel hung on a hook on the wall nearby. She got unsteadily to her feet; the room was stuffy and a bit chilly. She felt her pink upright nipples harden from the chill in the air. She moved to the night stand and washed her face with the cold water. The water from her face dripped between her jutting breasts and rolled down her flat belly. A drop or two reached her sore bare pussy lips and she rubbed it away. Feeling her raw well used opening she pushed her labia lips open and touched her sore clitoris. In spite of the pain she experienced, she became instantly aroused and began to masturbate.

“I want a cock in me,” she moaned arching back on the bed and parting her pussy lips so that the pink folds were exposed. She pushed her two fingers in her vagina and began to finger fuck herself, her eyes closed, her mouth open and her back and neck arched backward.

She did not know that a man watched her on a video screen in the next room, his cock growing hard at the sight of the gorgeous young blond fucking herself, her beautiful breasts arched back and her pink pussy exposed for him to see. Three small cameras from different locations in the room gave a full view of her masturbation. She grew more frantic with desire and soon had her hand inserted in her vagina and pleasuring herself in spite of the soreness of her insides. This was more than the guard viewing the video could stand.

He stood up and took a room key from the several keys on a hook and left the video room and opened the door to the cell where Katie K. had been locked. He opened the door cautiously.

Katie was in her own mind picturing herself being fucked by many men as she masturbated. She was hardly aware of the man who strode over to her naked ecstatic body with his cock fully erect. She did, however, feel him push into her wide open cunt even though her hand was still in there. She opened her eyes and saw the man hunched over her pushing his large hard rod into her already occupied space. She smiled dreamily and said,

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He rammed his meat deep into her open cunt and fucked her hard and deep. She felt his cruel prick ramming into the sides of her sore vagina and enjoyed the feel of her own hand as the cock pushed against it and probed deep into her center. She felt herself reaching a powerful orgasm as the stranger powerful thrust into her young body. They reached a climax together and she felt his cum hitting the back of her hand and filling her ravaged vagina as he shot his full load of jism into her aching body. She now realized that she would never be happy again without a big cock in her.

“Fuck my ass hole,” she begged.

“No, Senorita, I must get back to my post. You will be fucked plenty, I think, before the day is over.”

He left her panting and fingering her anal passage wishing to be penetrated there deep and hard.