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By Nightmares Warning this is not for the faint of heart, some may even find it objectionable, read at your own risk, just remember this is fiction, or is it?

I was on my way to the next village and it was starting to get light out, I found a small two room house, I watched it, nothing moved, I slipped into the open door, sat beside it and listened and watched, no sounds, no movement, as the daylight came in and light the house up I heard noises, I slipped into the shadows and watched,

Two small boys, came up from under the floor, they stopped dead when they seen my outline in the shadow, they stared straight at me, I did not move or make any sound, then a female voice from below, the boys dropped into the floor in the blink of an eye, I did not move just incase I walked into a trap,

I did not move for 30min but it felt like hours, I heard noises from below, the floor opened again, this time one of the boys looked at me still in the shadows, he looked around slowly, he climbed out and walked away from me and toward a window, he was slow and very quiet, he looked out the window in every direction,

He called out to his brother, clear, his brother came out and so did a girl, his brother looked at me in the shadow and said to the other brother, he is still here, the brother looked at him and said I dont see a thing, he told them we need food and water we better go out and see what we can find,

the boys left, the girl was told to hid and stay they would be back, she went into the floor and they closed the top, once they had been gone for maybe 5 min she opened the floor and came out and looked outside, she put her face into the sun light, she looked to be older than she was, by the look of her she was not related to the boys,

she sat in the warm sun and she fell over sleeping, she woke as she hit the floor with a thud, she rang her own bell, she sat up and held her head, then she jumped 4ft in the air as she seen me standing by the entrance to the floor, she looked panicked, I walked over to her grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the opening,

I pulled her up on to her feet and told her in a growl if she screamed she would die, I took her into the floor,

Under the floor was a root type cellar, there was bed of sorts, and eating area, and a number of books, I told the girl strip and to lay on her belly on the bed, she did as she was told, I closed the floor up and locked it, I stripped naked, she looked over her shoulder and gasped at the size of my cock

I told her to spread her legs and she did, I spit on my cock and placed the head of my cock into her cunt, she grunted and she felt me push into her, she was tight but no cherry to be had, she started to cry out in pain as I forced her cunt open, I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her face into the bedding, once I had gotten as far as I could I pulled almost all the way out and ramed my throbbing cock home into her cunt, she tryed to scream as I raped that cunt of hers as hard and as fast as I liked, I was pounding her so hard she was bouncing off the bed in time with me,

She was starting to get wet as I fucked her with no remorse for her at all, pulling out so just the tip was in her cunt and thrusting balls deep back into her, on one of those I pulled all the way out and as I thrust back into her I found her asshole, she let out a bloodiest scream I had ever heard,

She screamed so much she fainted, she went limp on me and I drove my cock balls deep in her asshole, I fucked her ass for a good 10min and shot my load deep into her ass, I laid on top of her as I slowed my breathing, her ass felt great and my cock stayed hard so I fucked that ass till I shot my second load, she woke up once I used smelling salts on her, once she was awake she screamed and grabbed her ass,

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I took her and tied her to a tree outside of the house, I had put her dirty underwear in her mouth and tied it in place with bailing wire, I waiting to see what the boy bring me for food and drink,

Maybe 2 more hours pass, the boys came back they have fruits and some fresh meat, bottled water, and beer, the boy come into the house and find no one home, they put everything down and look for signs of which way she had gone, they find her tied to the tree, naked, gaged, and bleeding from her cunt and ass,

the boys asked who did this, she tells them she does not know who he is, but he is big and very strong, he went towards the river, the boys walk single file down the trail towards the river, they take out there knifes, walking slowly and looking all around,

as I watch them both walk past me I slip in behind the last one and grab him from behind by his throat and life him off the ground and carry him into the bush, I take his knife and pin him to a tree with it he screams as the blade goes through his stomach and out beside his spine and into the tree,

this happen in a split second, his brother hears him and comes running, he see him and screams what happened, just as he does, I disarm him and knock him out with none hit in the temple,

I pull the knife out of the boy and the tree, grab the boy on the ground, and we go back to the house, I take the bleeding boy and place him on the table, I look at the wound Inflicted, and find he is dead he just does not know it yet

In throw him under the floorboards, I take the KO boy and strip him, I look at his cock and start to stroke it, it gets maybe 5in, I make the girl cock his little cock, I take out my cock. spit lube it and place it at boys asshole, I shove in deep, his eyes shoot wide open as he screams, I punch him in the head again and he is out, I proceed to fuck his ass hard, he is tight and he is bleeding, this helps as I can go deeper with each stroke into his ass, I am using his warm blood as it feels so good,

He lays there and if he wakes and screams he is knocked out again, the girl keeps sucking the boys cock, I am about to shot my load in boys ass but pull out and tell the cunt to clean my cock and take this load down her slut throat, she puts the head of my cock in her mouth and I put both my hand on the back of her head and shove all the way down her slut throat, she is gagging and trying to fight for air, but I hold her as the throat milks my cock her muscles in her throat trying to work me out of her throat, I hold her till she stops moving, every so often she would have a convulsion, it took 15min for her to stop, no movement, I let her go and she dropped no movement,

I checked her vital signs, she had non, I looked into her eyes, they are dead, ti throw her into the cellar, I took the boy and flipped him over on the table and proceeded to fuck him in the ass, or what was left of it, he was torn up inside, he was prolapsed, his ass was inside out, and I fucked him like that for a good 15 min I pulled my hard cock out of his ass and push it down his throat and held it there till he dead from lack of air, I throw him into the hole in the floor too, I put the floor back in place eat a great meal, the meat I am sure was rabbit or it was cat, ether, cooked right it was very tasty, the beer I left for the next travelers,

I sleeped up a tree outside of the house, no one came by and as night fell I moved on as I needed to get to the next village before weeks end,

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By Nightmares #Abuse #BDSM #Bisexual #Rape