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tagGroup SexThe Third Brother – The Dare Game

(This is the follow on from The Third Brother — Strip Poker. I do suggest reading that account first. Many continued thanks to Rotorhead450 who patiently guides, edits and corrects!)
My name is Brett, and I've just finished high school. Thanks to my big brother I've had the night of my life, and it's only half done. You can read about it in my list (Strip Poker). My girl Suzy and I had been skirting around each other for such a long time, not daring to officially hook up. Until we did, in a completely unexpected way. If I hadn't lived it, I would say it was unbelievable.
The poker game was finally done, and I was ready to join the rest of the group playing Dares. What I really needed most was to get back to my Suzy, who had been whisked away naked by my brother Gordon. I led Maryanne, Mei and Jack down to the games room. All of us were undressed. I pushed on the door and looked in. It was difficult to see; Gordon had the room in near darkness; only candles giving light. As my eyes adjusted, I couldn't tell at first who was who.
"Hey, we're done," I announced. There were a number of comments about how slow we were, lewd suggestions on what had kept us busy, opinions on the girls' bodies and all. I guess it had been some time since Liam and Jenny had come down. I looked over at them both sitting cross-legged on the floor. Jenny's tits were firmly and openly hanging there, but it was difficult to see much more in the light. Josie was half-laying down, half-leaning on Billy. But my Suzy, how was my Suzy?
"Who won?" Gordon asked. I walked nearer to him. Suzy was seated in close to Gordon on the other side. She was at right angles with her feet resting in between his legs. Gordon leaned back on his arms, his cock bathed in candlelight. With Suzy's knees up it was difficult to see anything more than the smallest bit of her tits. I expected she would leap up to see me, but she sat calmly where she was.
"Ah, Maryanne was the last one to get undressed," I fudged. We hadn't actually finished the game properly.
"Baby, well done," said Gordon. "We'll have to get you off to Vegas! You're a shark!"
Maryanne just grinned. She was finding it hard to focus, leaning on me from behind. Her tits felt wonderful on my skin. Mei moved forward into the candlelight.
"Hi, Suzy, how are things?" she asked cautiously.
Suzy looked up and swept her beautiful blonde hair from her face. "I'm okay. I'm good."
No doubt she had too much to drink. Her voice didn't sound right, and she didn't ask anything of her friend in return. Mei and I looked at each other. Okay, okay, I get it. I'll look after her.
"You look good Mei," Gordon commented. I remembered him saying days before how he was looking forward to seeing her with her kit off. Jack came up and held her from behind in what seemed a territorial stand.
"It's all good Jack," Gordon smiled up at him, "Come on you lot, pull up a spot. We've had a break ourselves, time we got to the serious stuff, hey?"
Mei and Jack made their way around to a cushion. She sat behind him, Jack between her legs, pushing her front into his back. The tits I had been kissing were now rubbing up against her man. I felt a pang of jealousy, which was crazy, she was his girlfriend. Jack looked uncomfortable about having his cock on show; the odd flash was easier than being on constant display.
I looked down at Gordon and he looked up at me. The pause was eight months pregnant. Weren't we going to take our own women back? He just looked at me, as if to say why am I just standing there? Yeah, right, as if he couldn't tell what I was thinking.
"Ah, well, Suzy, are we…?" I stammered.
"Just sit over there for a while," Gordon told me, pointing. "We can all change later if we like. Anyway, this is not a couples' game, it's done singly. Isn't it, Jenny?"
We looked at Jenny, she covered her face with her hands and Billy and Liam giggled. What had happened to Jenny?
"Come on, come on, sit down. Let's get started," Gordon barked. He had no intention of giving Suzy back – but something had changed in me in the space of half an evening. Suzy was my girl. I had waited too long and my self-confidence was riding high. I walked over to Suzy.
"Suzy, baby, give me your hand," I said, reaching out. Suzy looked up and took it. I pulled her to stand. Gordon stared at me, contemplating his reaction. Letting me walk my girl over to a large cushion, he smiled and took Maryanne down next to him instead.
"Okay, fine. She is your girl. But Suzy, it's your spin," Gordon said. Suzy was too numb to argue the point. She had to lean forward to reach out and spin the bottle, splashing the group with her gorgeous young breasts. She sat back next to me with her knees up and her arms around them before the bottle stopped spinning — on herself. Suzy didn't say anything, just stared at the bottle pointing directly at her.
I didn't know how to feel. I was elated that her and I had accelerated our relationship so far so quickly; we moved from our first kiss to sitting around naked with each other in the space of a few hours – yet our nudity was entirely communal. My growing familiarity with Suzy's tits and pussy was shared equally with four other guys – one of them my elder brother, another my best friend. I wished we could end the game and get back to the privacy of a room. I'd had all the voyeuristic excitement I needed for a first time.
"Billy, grab a card for her will you?" Gordon asked, holding out a hand. Billy was the closest to the table so he took one and gave it to Gordon. Gordon looked at it and smiled. What? What was he smiling at?
"Suzy, you read it," he told her. She shook her head.
"It's okay, you read it," she said quietly.
"No, no, no," Gordon grinned. "Your card, you read it."
Suzy reluctantly took the card. She held it so she could see the words in candlelight. She wasn't keen to tell us what she saw.
"Read it out," Gordon said again.
Suzy looked at me first, and then read as best she could, given the wine and the poor candlelight.
"Take the closest guy's finger up your pussy until the next turn is over."
That was it. Gordon took the card from her and read it out again so we were all clear. I was clear alright. Suzy sat with her arms wrapped around her knees, yellow in the candlelight.
"Come on then Brett, you wanted her back. Get on with it!" Gordon laughed. "Someone else can spin for you."
I looked around the dark room. None of Gordon's friends seemed to think it was weird that I was about to finger my girl with them all watching. With a deep breath, I reached in between Suzy's ankles, going for her soft spot. Everyone could tell when I struck into it. Her pussy was hidden from sight but Suzy's face scrunched up and a groan came from her throat. I fingered my naked girlfriend in a room full of people. It was as remarkable as it was ridiculous. Suzy was wet, the slopping sounds were obvious to the people closest to us. The whole situation was nuts. Not for the first time, I thought that if it wasn't actually happening, I wouldn't believe it could happen.
"Next spin," Gordon pushed on.
Billy took my turn, I wasn't watching. I was looking at Suzy. I moved her arms off her knees and sat parallel, facing her. I pushed her leg open to the side so I could see my hand grind between her thighs. I was so hard it hurt. I stared into Suzy's eyes, watching every effect my fingering had on her. She was staring into mine too, panting, transfixed by what was happening between her legs. Ever so slowly Suzy leaned back on her arms, mouth open, tits on show. I put a second finger in. Her head threw back and she groaned openly. Her mind glazed. Everyone could hear it, and those nearby could smell it. I fingered Suzy for what seemed like forever, though if may have only been a few minutes.
"Brett. Brett!"
"What?" I asked, turning to Josie next to me.
"Your turn," she told me.
"My turn?" I asked, confused. I hadn't been concentrating, could it have been my turn to spin already? I went to take the old coke bottle with my spare hand.
"No, no!" Josie stopped me. "Your turn on here. The dare. Look. 'Have all the men put a hickey on your tits'. Are you not listening?"
Obviously, I hadn't been. Josie's tit. Ah, ok.
"Sorry, sorry, I wasn't," I explained.
"Come on then," Liam said. Josie turned toward me, giving me her chest. It was glorious. I took my fingers out from Suzy's cunt. She dropped onto her back on the cushion, panting, lying with her legs open, coming down from her high. I brought my mouth to my idol's left breast, hoping Suzy was too spaced-out to pay attention.
It was awkward leaning around to get any force into the hickey so Josie pushed me back and sat on my lap, facing me. She held my head to her chest. At first her hips sat back, but as I sucked hard near her nipple, she slid them forward until I felt her bare flaps at my cock. I held her ass and humped, instinctively rolling my shaft over her clit. Josie groaned, leaning down to whisper in my ear.
"I know you've always wanted this," she said, so no one could hear. "Stay up late enough tonight and you can have it."
I sucked so hard I literally hurt my own tongue. Josie screamed but she didn't push me away. By the time I was done the bruise by her nipple was already deep purple. That one would be there for some time. Josie was passed around the room, sitting similarly on each of the guys, but I didn't see her whisper in their ear like she had mine. Wow. Josie. Could I really have a turn with her? I looked down at Suzy panting with her legs still open, oblivious to what had happened.
"My spin," Liam said once Josie was done, pushing in to speed things along. No doubt he was enjoying himself. He flipped the bottle. It landed on Mei, who had come out from behind Jack when he took his turn with Josie. I thought she was about to protest, but instead she held out her glass.
"Hit me," she told Liam who had the vodka bottle. She downed the shot, the third one she'd had since coming into the back lounge.
"Mei, come take a card," Gordon told her impatiently. Mei crawled over, moving on her hands and knees through the circle. Gee whiz. It's all or nothing with that girl. I'd never seen anything so outrageously sexy; I could only imagine the view of her snatch that Liam and Jack had from behind, even in this light. She took her card and squatted in the middle to read it. I would have been happy to put a hickey on her nipple too; she was gorgeous sitting there. She read her card.
"Give a 5-minute blow-job to the guy sitting closest."
She re-read the card. I started looking around. Oh wow.
"It's Brett," Billy said. Mei looked around, too. It was pretty clear that I was actually physically closest when she read the card. Shit. I dared not look at Jack, but Mei did and I couldn't help but check his reaction. He turned his head away. What could he say? Mei had just sat and watched him sucking on Josie's breasts.
"Go on then," Liam yelled out. Mei looked at me, wondering what I thought. I couldn't help but look anything other than completely excited. Again, she looked back at Jack who wasn't approving or disapproving. I'm not sure he knew quite what to do, any more than I knew what to do about my Suzy being taken away earlier by my brother.
"Do you even give blow-jobs? Do you know how?" Josie asked, somewhat acerbically. I was surprised by the sudden meanness, was that to do with me?
"I know," Mei stated bluntly.
"Let them go to a room," suggested Jenny sympathetically. Liam and Billy shouted 'no way!' Gordon weighed in.
"Stay in the room, but you can go over into the corner where it's dark," Gordon decided. Mei stood and looked over to the other end of the room, surveying the light.
"Come on everyone, it's too much," I had to protest, as the dare looked like it may actually happen. "We can't do this. Its Jack's girlfriend, let him be the one."
"It's just for fun," Gordon laughed. "Jack won't mind. Josie just sat on his lap, right? It's just a dare. Right Jack? We've all been doing crazy things. Five minutes. Go,"
I looked at my friend. He was looking at me and at Suzy. For a moment I wasn't sure how he was going to respond. Thankfully he laughed, shook his head and said, "This is the strangest fucking night of my life. If you go there with Mei, then I come over and sit with Suzy. Fair enough?"
I sighed. "Umm, okay."
I looked to Suzy, holding her hand and pulling her to sit up. "Suzy, I'll be back in a few minutes. You stay with Jack, okay?"
"Okay," Suzy nodded, confused but compliant. As I stepped away, Jack shuffled over. He sat behind Suzy, pulling her back to rest on his body between his legs. Mei took my hand and pulled me away into the darkness.
"You're not worried about those two?" I whispered. "He's holding her tits."
"Jack's known Suzy for a long time. They'll be fine. He's just curious. Like you, right? Hurry up, let's get a spot they can't see us."
"Where?" I whispered. Mei walked us behind the small table and chairs at the end of the room, by the small window. She held my shoulders and pushed me to the carpet. I sat and then lay down. Was she really going to do it? Or just pretend? Mei squatted at my side, facing the group so the tiniest bit of candlelight hit her face through the shadows of the table legs. I doubted anyone from the circle could see us. I hoped so much this was actually going to happen. To my complete delight Mei didn't hesitate, she grabbed straight for my cock and lifted it vertical. One hand cupped my balls and I gasped.
"Don't you say anything about this to Jack or Suzy after, okay?" she demanded rather than asked. "Tell them we faked it."
"Okay," I said feebly.
Her mouth went straight down the length of my shaft. I arched my back; I'd never had my cock inside a girl at either end. It was all I'd imagined and more. She went straight into blowing me, no sweet kisses to start, just sucking and bobbing. Her mouth was trying to vacuum the sperm out, her hand on my balls trying to squeeze it from me. Shit. I was so jealous of Jack for having a girlfriend that did this – though it would be him who felt rotten it was happening to me. I felt sorry for Jack, but not enough to stop. I couldn't help but reach out to touch Mei. She didn't stop me. I could just make out her breasts in the light and I pulled on her nipples. Oh, I had to be careful not to lose control. I awkwardly pawed at her chest as her hair fell over my lap, head bobbing up and down. How long had it been so far? I wished we could do this endlessly.
"You guys ready yet?" yelled Gordon from the distance. Shit.
"Yeah, start," I yelled back. Mei stopped and I thought she was about to say something, but she didn't. She went back to working me over. Unbeknown to us, Gordon set the timer for ten minutes; five for each of us, he joked quietly to the circle.
Over in the dark I tried reaching for more than just tits, I mean why not? My cock was in her mouth, I had already touched her vagina out in the hall. I moved my hand below her stomach, below her abdomen, through her pubic hair. Mei didn't stop me. I ran my finger through her slit in the dark and she opened her thighs for me. I found her hole, sliding my finger in. Mei stopped sucking, my cock resting inside her mouth. I worried she was going to stop and kick me out, so I went hard at it before she did. Fortunately, she stayed still, my hard-on lying along her tongue. I fingered her as a young guy would, with lots of gusto but little idea – though it was enough to make her wet and squelchy. We could both hear her cunt slopping in the dark. She began to suck again, squeezing on my balls as I jammed my finger in and out of her. She twisted around to give me deeper access. I put a second fingertip at her opening and she lifted her mouth up.
"Careful, gentle," she warned me before returning her head to my erection. I softly squeezed the second finger further up her. I was dizzy. The smell of her cunt was intoxicating, the feel of her hair falling onto my stomach and thighs, the pressure and warmth from her mouth on my shaft, the juice dribbling down my fingers, her silken vagina. I felt like I held passion itself in my fingers. I was physically up and inside Mei's cunt, tweaking her insides. I loved her pussy; I wished I could bury myself inside it.
"Mei. Mei! Stop, I'm going to…," I told her. She didn't stop; she continued to give head. She twisted her crotch on my fingers. "Mei. I'm telling you; you better stop."
I started to twitch. When I began breathing rapidly, Mei lifted her head from my crotch. She brought herself up close to look into my eyes. My cock felt cold in the air.
"One day, if we get the chance, I'll let you finish in my mouth," she whispered. "But this time, when I go back and kiss Jack, I better not taste like semen."
She squeezed my cock with her hand and squeezed my fingers with her vaginal muscles. Leaning low, she kissed my lips. Her tongue went deep and played with mine. I kept the pressure on her vagina, slowly pushing further in. She began to grind her hips, mating my fingers. She broke the kiss to straighten her body, then reached down to grip my wrist; not to pull it away but to help push my fingers in. In the dark I could hear her trying to hold back whimpers. Mei was getting off, close to cumming. We rolled her to her back, legs spread wide. Mei helped me force into her as far as we could. I could feel her starting to spasm.
But then we heard a tiny bell.
"Time!" Gordon yelled from the distance. Mei stood instantly, my hand slopping harshly from her insides. She headed straight back without a word and without me. Mei sat herself behind Jack, who became sandwiched between the two girls. She put an arm around his shoulder and turned to kiss him. Wow.
I myself was still shaking and my hand was sopping wet. I wiped everything as best I could on the carpet before coming back to the light. Jack nodded cordially as I walked toward him and the girls. Suzy was lying on him' half out of it. He was gripping her breasts preciously. I picked her up to come lean on me instead. Suzy was still in her own world; seemingly unaware I had been with Mei. Once again, I couldn't believe how far we had all come that evening.
"What's been happening?" I quietly asked Josie, who was to my left now.
"Huh? Oh, nothing much. Your Jack over there had a card where he had to touch a penis," she said calmly. My eyes lit up. What?!
"It happened? He did it?" I asked incredulously.
Josie just laughed. "He used Suzy as proxy."
"She did it?"
"With who?" I whispered. Josie nodded toward Liam. Fucking hell. Suzy touched Liam?
"So, we've only just got going again," Josie whispered back. There must have been other turns as well because Gordon spun the bottle. This time it landed on Jenny. She screamed and tried to move but there was no doubt it was on her. Liam pushed her toward the coffee table with the cards on it. She kneed her way over still trying to cover her chest and her pussy. The piles were a mess. They were roughly in girl-boy order but the mild, medium and spicy were well and truly muddled.
"Ah, Jenny, what card did you get?" Billy asked eventually. It seemed that she had looked through a few cards and picked the least scary one. She went back to her spot with little protest, sitting down on her knees and reading from the card she held.
"Have a man drink vodka from your belly button."
There was a general chorus of disapproval. That was way too mild. Billy protested to Gordon, was there even such a card?
"I think so," he explained. "But no way was it in the spicy pile, it would have been top of the first-round if anything."
Then there was debate over whether she should have to draw again, or if that wasn't fair, until eventually Liam just lay her down and did it to get it over with. He poured three shots into her belly button and sucked them all down. It was a lot of fun; Jenny looked good laying there naked. I wish we'd had proper sex back in the day.

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