The Three meet for fun!!!

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My body wobbled a little. Suddenly Rob dropped to his knees and started to lick at my pussy from the front. It was unreal. I had never known anything like it. The woman took her hand away so Rob’s tongue could lick at my clit. It was getting difficult to stand. I had never believed I could feel like this. I steadied myself by holding on to their heads. Within seconds I could feel the build up and then suddenly I was there.
I have never cum so quickly in my life. It just flushed through me. I was panting and moaning and almost crying. Finally I had to tell them to stop.
Rob looked up at me and stood up. She stayed where she was. I saw her hands reach for his trunks and then start to feel around them. Finally she moved forward and tugged them down in one go to his knees. His 6-inch cock sprang free, pointing upwards and outwards. She held it in both hands with her fingers and then pulled the skin back from the head. Her mouth moved forward and just engulfed it in one go. No playing around, just straight in. I could see her suck her cheeks in; she was really sucking at it. Rob held her head and looked at me. I just nodded.
I didn’t mind anymore. I went to the shore and sat on the gassy bank but as my bikini had gone down river I was at a loss at what to do. She was enjoying her self with Rob as my eyes could not be taken off the pair of them, frolicking and laughing in the water.
Her hands held his cock straight out in front of him while her head moved back and forth over it. I sat down on the bank and sighed as I watched. She gestured me to come back in, but I waved her to come to me! And crawling over to the edge of the water and said no clothes action was needed!
She offered the cock to me. Why I need clothes!!!!
Then they both came out of the water, and Rob pulled up his trunks further. And then I told them my predicament. “Without clothes I could not go any where”?
Well she said “my place is nearby and I have a few bits that will fit for now I’ll fetch them while you play with each other O.K?” we both replied “YES” instantaneously. So off she went, and Rob then just got comfy at my side and I pulled his trunks off all together, that made him the same as me we were two bears in the park, like Yogi and boo -boo But I was after no picnic baskets!
I struck my tongue out, licking at the wet cock head. I let my tongue tease the eye and then ran it around the head a couple of times.
Then opening my mouth I plunged it over the shaft letting his cock ram into the roof of my mouth. Then fondled his balls with one hand and my breast with the other.
I started to move my head back and forth along his cock. He had reached down now and was cupping my breasts. My hand squeezed and played with his balls.. Rob must have been in heaven.
Then as she said the lady reappeared with a basket and, looked just as good in a clean white dress that caught the wind, showed her body shape off. And with the lightness against her dark skin tone look fuckable even to me.
Then she opened the basket it had a short frilly dress and some sandals, as well as a towel. With it a small bag with tanning oil ECT. She sat at my side and I felt the warmth of her body though the dress immediately she said “I’ve brought the oil just for you, I’ll put some on now!” so me turning over onto my back to get rubbed with sun oil, was a new thing.
“No not on your back your best features are at the front of your body” she demanded. So tuned me over and then kissed my nipple of the right breast, the other shot up hard as a rock. And she continued to suck as her hand. Slithered down the centre of my breast, and past my navel, to my pussy.
She stood up and lifted her dress over her shoulders and then peeled her
pants down. She looked beautiful. Her skin all shiny from the rather glossy tanning oil.
Her breasts firmly standing proud. She asked Rob to stand in the water. I sat back and he did as he was told. She looked at me and again I nodded. Standing over him she lowered herself down. I saw her hips go into the water over his cock. His head went back and I knew his cock had slipped inside her. She began to thrust around in the water, up and down, side to side, forwards and backwards. Rob didn’t know what had
hit him. I reached to her breasts and let them brush my hands as she moved. She craned her head to mine and we kissed deeply.
She did this for about four minutes then suddenly sprang up, stepped towards me then smothered his face with her pussy. I saw her hands reach behind her and clench her bottom to him. I could see the underside of his chin under her legs as his mouth and tongue ate into her. As I kissed and licked the back of her mouth. Pointing out of water was his cock so I hovered above my tongue lapping at the cock head, licking around it.
Suddenly it was her turn to shudder and shake.
She yelled loudly, and then grabbed his head with both hands and forced him into her. I saw her bottom clench as she came. I stroked it whilst I kissed it. For nearly a minute she shook uncontrollably before finally stepping back and sitting down in the water. She started to laugh.
Rob stood up and began to wank his cock. I could see he was close. I crawled over and opened my mouth. The woman saw this and did the same. Her tongue licked the side of my face and we started to kiss. This was too much for Rob who started to grunt and then shot a wad of cum out. It hit me above my mouth and dropped straight on to our tongues. Nectar pure Nectar
She licked around my lips, pushing some of my tongue into her mouth. She pulled away and engulfed his cock head, just as her mouth closed over it I saw him shoot a second wad straight into her mouth.
Like my bikini top, I never saw that again either. She swallowed it straight down. She held his cock in her mouth and I saw it tense for a third load. Then she pulled her mouth back. I grabbed his shaft and pointed it straight at my mouth. The fourth and final spurt shot out hitting my tongue hard and swirled around my mouth. I closed my lips
over his cock head to wipe away the drip at the end of the eye before
pulling off him.
The cum was still in my mouth, and before I could do anything the woman held my head and forced her open mouth on to me. I felt her tongue ram my mouth and caress my teeth and tongue, the cum swirling around exchanging between our mouths. We kissed long and harder and somewhere in there during that time the cum slowly dissolved until we broke from each other. No cum to swallow. Rob looked down at our cum drenched faces. He smiled. For a few minutes we just sat there. The woman got up and looked around for her dress. It was snagged against some rocks. She walked over to it.
“I have to go now.” She said.”Wait!” I called out. “Who are you.” She smiled. My name begins with ‘X’. I’m at the hotel by the lake. I’ll tell you the second letter next time we meet.”
With that she turned and walked back along the river. Her hand suddenly up above her shoulder, and her fingers wiggled a goodbye. Rob looked at me. “Was she a friend of yours? I mean you have met her before. You do know her?”
“Yes.” I lied