The Train Strangers

Beep Stories

It’s been a long time since I traveled in a train but I always wished to do so enjoying the beauty of the nature as the mammoth engine takes us through unknown territories without any hitches. Coming out of college, this was my first interview with a company in Delhi; Noida to be specific.
I was always treated well in my family and was hence granted the wish of traveling by train for a change but parents insisted on First Class and nothing else. Well, I must admit that I would not go for a non AC coup for almost 48 hrs but at the same time I felt first class was an over kill. I could have lived with a second class or so.
1848 hrs and my train arrived in the station. Platform was crowded as usual and I was kinda enjoying it. I took out my camera and started clicking anything different that caught my eye. A beggar talking over the cell phone or a dog dragging a stolen Biryani packet from someone. Enough of clicking and it was time to board the train.
I looked for my seat and the well numbered symbols took me to my seat in no time. I was taken aback with hardly anybody in the whole coup. I guess the price difference of a flight ticket and first class ticket being so less drives the fact of this being more or less empty. I placed my bag in place, I was traveling light. I was surprised by the cleanliness.
Well they had to lure morons like me willing to travel almost 48 hrs instead of 2 hrs with something good to think of to use this service again. Few minutes in my seat and I realized that outside vendors are not allowed inside the car. That was a relief as I am little scared of snoring away to glory while I am cleaned off till the last penny that I have.
The train started moving and I realized I was the only one in my cabin. That was a heck of a feeling considering that I can just be myself for this whole 48 hrs. Unless some moron comes in and spoils the party. I took the liberty of locking the door cause I do not expect someone to board a moving train unless super man gets tired and decides to use Indian Railways to reach Delhi.
The sun had set and it was all dark outside for me to so called “enjoy” the view of nature. Not even an hour and I realized that it is not a happy thought to be alone in such a long journey. I wished that someone would have joined me and there was a knock on the door. I just cursed myself for not asking for a million dollars.
Anyway, I opened the door and it was the TTE to check if he has found someone to sponsor his dinner or it is just another boring passenger prepared with his tickets and all. Well, I turned to be the boring one. After he checked my tickets I decided to go around and see the other passengers, if any that is.
Walking along the passage, I was surprised that by now the car looked just like how it should have at the very first place. Every cabin occupied with people, still settling down, opening their dinner packs etc. Why was I left alone ? I went to the washroom to ease myself while wishing that my bag is there when I return back.
I come back to my cabin to realize that the TTE is in my cabin. Looking further in I noticed that God heard me and there was a girl who was given a seat in my cabin since she did not have a confirmed seat till now in 3-Tier AC cabins. The girl looked very well dressed and that made me sure that the TTE will have a good dinner today. I acted very normal although I was excited that I would no longer be alone in the cabin.
I sat on my seat and started looking at the pictures that I took in the platform. I own a decent dSLR and I manage to take some decent pictures. I still call myself a novice. While looking at it I kept over hearing the conversation of the TTE and the girl. The girl was returning home from her college and because of this last moment plans she could not manage a confirmed ticket.
Well, that’s when we have these helpful TTEs sorting out the miseries in the life of damsels in distress. Formalities done and the TTE left. I was waiting to break the ice although I did not want to sound pushy and kept quite. After settling down the girl put her best hand forward and said, I am Trina. I shook her hand and introduced myself as Royce.
She looked jovial and a fun loving girl. She asked, “Where are you going”. I replied, “Delhi”. She was going to a small town which we would reach early next morning. Not so happy to hear that but as they say, something is better than nothing. It was that time of the evening when hunger takes over every other urge of mine. Hunger for food before you think otherwise.
I had packed some very good Biryani and Mutton pepper. I offered the girl and she gladly accepted although she wanted to fresh n up before having the food. That reminded me of my cleanliness habit and decided to wash my hands too. We both went to opposite washrooms respecting each others privacy. Well, I am a gentleman as long as one wants me too.
Washed my hands properly although closing the tap itself made me feel not so clean. Although I enjoy all these train journeys and all, cleanliness is the only thing that freaks me off. After I came back to the cabin I tried opening it and I realized that it was locked from inside. I knocked and Trina asked me to hold on for a moment. I was wondering if she was a thug going through my stuff and all.
I was trying to recollect how she was dressed to infer this. Black well fit jeans, a Floral frilled top with a low neck and a white spaghetti to protect her modesty. She wore a black high heel shoe. I do not remember clearly but I think she was wearing a watch. Before I could think further I heard the door opening. I realized that she changed her clothes into something more comfortable.
I guess it was primarily because it was drizzling outside and she was mildly wet; the AC made it worse. The thought of the girl being semi nude or nude in that cabin few minutes back gave me an instant hard on and I decided to sit down immediately. She said sorry as I was almost gaping at this beautiful long floral dress that she changed into. It was a very decent one.
She just moved out of the high heels and moved to a flat chappal. She looked much fresh now. I am not good with describing the size of a woman but she had all that a man could get tempted with. She was not skinny and she was definitely not fat. As I said, it was that time of the evening that hunger for food drives over anything else I started unpacking food.
I had just one plate cause I was not expecting to share my food with anyone else, which I usually do not. Trina agreed to eat from the same plate. I gave the spoon to her while I decided to use the fork. I unpacked the Biryani on to the plate and put the mutton dish alongside. We started eating and she was overwhelmed with the taste. It was not long before I realized that she is a foodie too.
We started discussing eat outs in the town and guess our taste buds matched. While eating I just saw something which changed the my hunger for food to something else. Anyway, let me be honest, I was almost done with food. I saw Priya’s purse cleverly covering her bra which she would have opened sometime back but in a hurry she might have just stuffed it there.
It was black in color and had very thin straps. It took no time to end up with a hard on yet again. I did not want to rot in Railway Jails and hence controlled myself back. We finished our dinner and then washed before calling it a night. And that’s what I thought. We sat for sometime before crashing. She broke the ice yet again asking me about my big black bulky camera.
Are you a photographer ? I was honest to say no although I did mention my interest in capturing anything that captures my eye. She took the camera and was pretty impressed with what I clicked. She then asked if I always click crazy things like dogs running with a pack of Biryani and all or proper images of people and all also. I did but I did not want to boast about it.
I was taken aback with her question soon after. Why do you not try with me ? I just smiled and did not reply anything to that. I felt so stupid with that reaction of mine but it was a question that caught me off guard. We then started talking about each other and the course that we are into, career aspirations etc. Suddenly she freaked out that she forgot to call her loved ones about the progress.
She spoke to her mom first and then she spoke to someone else. A quick, “Sorry, Forgot to call. Just called up to say that I got a seat and everything is fine. Looking forward to see you”. Guess she reached the answering machine. It was pretty late. 2315 hrs to be precise. I said, “Ah, boyfriend”. She was quick to reply. “Nopes, Bhaiya. It’s been long that we met.
I did not go home in my last semester break. Settling with a guy so soon is not in my list of ‘things to do’ as of now”, she added. I suddenly remembered the Cadbury ad with chocolates bursting in thoughts. She asked if I had a girl friend or not. I did but I have no clue why but the only answer that came out was no. She was surprised.
4 years in an engineering college and no girl friends, you are kidding right. Or did you have a break up. I could not lie any longer and asked her to change the topic in a light way. She probably thought that I felt bad and to make it lighter she said, so what about clicking me. Do you want to try that ? And this time I did not want to act dumb and said, “Well u r an easy subject.
You are beautiful already. All I have to do is click”. She blushed and handed the camera back to me and sat upright and said, “All right, prove your words”. First few shots and I just got the light right. I usually click in the manual mode and hence takes me a little while to get things perfect. I cleared those pics and started afresh.
This was the first time so I was not sure how to tell her to pose and all. She could sense it too. I had crazy fantasies running in my mind at that time. Come on, Who would not ? But I behaved sober and was thinking hard how to click. Before I could tell her anything, she said, Let me pose. You just click. Sounds good. Like a puppy being fed a bone, I nodded my head obediently.
She started with the usual pics of keeping her hand under her chin, clasping her hair and all. I clicked few and she was all ready to see the images. She saw them and I guess she liked it cause she wanted to continue this. But she had something to add. Abhi, can I tell you something. Lets go ahead with the shoot but after all this we will just delete all the pics.
This is just for fun. I would have loved to say no to her, but it was her permission with which I had to live with for now. I agreed. She smiled and started getting bolder with her poses and she lied down, bent forward to show a glimpse of her cleavage. I was wondering, how the heck do these guys click bikini calendars and all. They have to be extremely professional or gay to be clicking sane pictures.
I was working like a professional although I could not hide my bulge anymore. With her being so bold I thought, what the hell, let me also be normal. She started enjoying this whole photo shoot thing and so did I. I took my chances and told her, I am finding myself so difficult to focus on the task looking at something so pretty from the cam, I wonder how the bikini calendar girl photographers manage it.
She smiled and replied, well we can see how it works. I was stunned. It was past midnight now and as it is the moving train was resulting in blurred images and with this thought my hands started shaking anyway. With every stop in the station I was praying no one to come in. Being a super fast there were hardly any stops. The next station I presume is where Trina would get down.
I guess she could sense the nervousness in me and started laughing and said, I guess you should stick to dogs and beggars 🙂 I was really embarrassed. I took it as a challenge and said, well, there is always a beginning and I am blessed to have you as the beginning. She laughed and said, “what made you think that I would be the model”. I was totally confused now.
Did I make a big fool of myself or she is just playing around. Glad that she corrected soon and said, kidding. I do not mind being your model for the night. But as I said before, on condition of deleting the pics before leaving. She asked me, “Are you really ready for this”. I was not but confidently said yes. She asked me to turn around as she promised to surprise me.
I turned around and could hear the zips of the bags opening. More noises of things being fiddled and so on. I was so freaking tempted to turn around but I thought I should behave. 15 minutes later and she said, all right you can turn now. I turned around to see the vision that I could never forget. And I guess I could now be more specific of the size that I previously could not judge.
She got back in her high heels and with that was a short floral dress with spaghetti straps. A little higher and I would call it a top. I was spell bound for a moment when I woke up with her witty comment. “Are you going to click with your eyes or the camera”. I realized that all this was real. The door was locked and I was all ready to click.
She said, if someone knocks, I will jump into the bed sheet and you open the door. I was that puppy again nodding my head. I started clicking and my hard on by now was clearly visible over my jeans pants too. This one picture was something that was the sexiest. She lay flat on her back, bent one of the legs while the other flat showing a healthy part of her thigh and ass while she raised her hand to claps the hair and looked right into the camera.
The curves were visible all over. Be it the edges of her breasts or the curvy ass. The clean arm pits made it even better. She said, I know, I am naughty ! I was like, thank God you are. We had already clicked some 200 images by then and I wanted more. In one of her pics her breasts were a little more visible that it should be and somehow it was looking more obscene than sexy.
I wanted her to cover it with her hair. By now for obvious reasons we were pretty comfortable with each other. I went ahead and placed the hair in front. Before I could move my hand out she held my hand and placed it one her neck and looked in a way that I could not breath for a couple of seconds. I exactly knew how the next few hours are going to be.
I just asked once, “Trina, I hope you are sure what you getting us into”. She was the coolest girl I have ever met. “Relax Royce, we are not killing anybody over here tonight, Just relax and have fun”. I almost felt like pinching myself to know if all this was real or not but the feel of her heart beat almost felt till her neck was assuring that yes, this was real.
Although she was acting very cool and all, her breath and her heart beat made me realize that she was also tensed with this uncertain night of ours. I carefully placed the camera aside unlike any hollywood movie and sat in the same seat along with her. She was still lying down while I sat aside and looked right into her eye. “Wait, let me open these shoes”, she said.
She sat up and took out her shoes while I sat back comfortably in her seat. I was just looking and wondering what was happening. She came back and snuggled around me and sat down. She straight away kept her hand on my erect dick over the jeans and said, “Are you always like this or today and exception ? If you think I did not notice, you have a hard on for almost 2 hrs now”.
I was so right that she would have surely noticed during our shoot. She came closer to kiss and suddenly moved back. She climbed on her seat to reach out to her bag which was in the seat above. The view of her ass through her short dress as she climbed up almost made me pounce on her but again I did not want to spoil the moment. One moment, ass ??
Freak, she was not wearing a panty and I did not realize it for the last couple of hrs that I was clicking. How did I miss it out ? I knew she was not wearing a bra cause it was very evident but how did I miss this one. She came down with a mouth freshner spray. Used it on her and then asked me to use it. I sprayed it and the mint flavor was all over my mouth.
Before I could even spread it in my mouth she came and sat right on me and kissed me on my lips. I searched my tongue through her mouth and felt her well. It was a moment of truth that this night was destined to. We kissed for long while my habit of reaching out of her ass could not hold back. I traversed through her thigh, lifting her frock slowly and reached out to the ass.
The feel of flesh in the hand was immense. I started kissing harder. By now I am sure she would be wet enough with my dick pocking her bare pussy. She got up and said, are you going to be dressed like this through the night ? I smiled and removed my tshirt. She moved off me and pointed towards my jeans. I was like, why hurry, we have few more hours to go.
She was like, “Cause we do not know what the next minute holds for us”. I was unsure of stripping with her too being aware of the fact that anytime someone could just knock on the door. Being past midnight I could still benefit on being alseep for the reason of delay of opening the door. With that thought I got up to open the jeans. I had my black Jocs still on me.
She asked me to switch off the lights. One dim light was still on for which I could not find the switch. She got up and put her hand on my jocs. The feel of her hand on my dick made it as hard as it could ever get. She climbed up the upper seat, sat on it and hung her legs out spreading it a bit. I got to know what she wanted. I went close and spread her leg a bit more so that I could place my face in.
With me standing I was in the right position to lick her well. She put her legs over my shoulder and clasped on my hair. She was preparing for the ride ahead. I loved the smell of hers, and as I had rightly guessed, she was wet already. With the juices flowing around I did not have to make much effort to open up and slide my tongue inside.
I did not hear any moan or anything although I could feel my hair pulled a little harder. I traced my hand to her ass and kept feeling it while continuing to lick it softly around her pussy and licking right in, in frequent intervals. I loved when she started moving her ass in and out too making it easier for me to know the frequency at which she wanted me to move around.
The unexpected jerks of the train was making it even better. My face was buried inside her light frock, pressing her ass while she kept moving herself to the rhythm she wanted. I was loving it. This went on for few long moments when I took my finger and put it where it should belong to, while continuing to lick. She removed her legs off my shoulder and now spread out completely and leaned back to enjoy the moment.
I could now see more of her and it was a sight not to to forgotten. While I was down buried inside her frock, she took out one of the straps and pressed her bare naked breasts to feel the moment better. I continued to finger her while licking alongside. This time I helped her to press her breasts. I could not take it anymore and while fingering I moved the hand off the breast and took out my jocs.
My dick also wanted to feel free. I was completely naked now while she had a flimsy part of the dress on her. With her exposed breasts and pussy, there was not much waiting to be exposed. I loved the juice sliding down my chin when I could feel her shudder and then almost collapse. I had seen this before so I knew what just happened. I just started rubbing her thighs lifted her dress all the way.
She did not move for sometime although I knew she was not dead 🙂 I just came and sat back in my seat feeling my dick and slowly jerking it while looking at her. I did not speed it up as I did not want to reach without her getting involved. The naked body of hers made it so difficult to not reach soon. I saw her moving and then she face towards me and saw me jerking.
She kept watching me jerk and did not move. I realized that she wanted me to reach myself and did not want to participate. I felt so foolish and used. Anyway, I had a good time and increased my pace to reach out. She whispered, slow down. Do it slowly. We still have few hours to go. “And you”, I asked. I am enjoying watching you.
She took her hand in her pussy and started feeling herself while I continued jerking myself. She took her hand on her breasts and arched her back and fingered herself well. She took her hand and started slurping her own juice. I just could not take it anymore. I started jerking fast again when she turned and said, “Royce, whats the hurry, Enjoy the show”.
I then understood what was happening here. She was teasing me. I almost stopped and just held my erect dick and watched her. She slowly arched her back and felt herself around the pussy and continued squeezing the breast. She took off the dress and threw it on me. It was silky material and the feel of it on my dick was as hot as it could be.
I took her dress, placed it on my dick and continued jerking on it very very slowly cause I could reach anytime now. She then came down and sat on the seat below in doggy position facing her back towards me. I was all ready to fuck her from behind. I always carry an Condom in my wallet and am kinda proud of the condom ring that is now permanent on my wallet.
I took it out as she turned and said, not so soon. Are you not thirsty ? Although I knew I was almost used, I could not resist getting into those sexy shaved pussy of hers. I bent down and started licking her again. She moved front and back to make it go deeper. I bent further and held both her breasts. It was just perfect.
I then squeezed one of her breasts, one of her ass mounds and continued licking her pussy. She took her hand and started squeezing her other breast. I started licking her pussy and ended up till her ass hole. The moment I did that, she moaned. Now I started licking from her pussy to her asshole. This was getting dirty and sexier. She was very clean so I did not have an issue.
She moved back, held my dick and slowly guided it to her pussy. I quickly put on the condom and searched my way through the pussy. We both were really wet. My favorite one, Durex extra thin made me feel every bit of her. I loved the way she was dominating the thrusts moving back and forth. I started thinking of all filthy things cause I was almost about to reach which I did not want to.
It did not help as I could not avoid what I was seeing. Somehow I held back and she stopped and said, lie down. I lied down with my dick all erect and condom all juiced up with her juice. She came and sat on me carefully avoiding an intercourse right away. My dick felt her ass line. She got her breasts on my mouth and said, “All yours”.
I was on an extreme high by now and I just held those melons and sucked them. I squeezed and sucked at the same time. Being an ass loving guy too, I reached across to her ass and started spanking it. She loved it and she moaned lightly with each of the spanks. “Royce, fuck me Royce, Fuck me now. I want to feel that thing in me right now. You better fuck me hard now.”
Yep it was my turn to tease her now. I continued sucking her breasts and spanking her. I did not budge. She was getting wilder. I also managed to finger her in between once in a while. This rhythm was driving her nuts. She just got up. Slid back and took my dick right in her. She arched back and started moving in the way she wanted. Really fast. There was no stopping.
Few of those strokes and I reached like never before. I flooded the condom. I just crashed as if I just got drugged with a crazy dope. She was not done. My dick was still erect and she continued with her strokes. The site of the breasts bouncing out and her arched body kept my dick erect. I was just not in a condition to move and just watched.
Few more strokes and this was the first time she moaned a little loudly being aware that she was in the train. She just collapsed and hugged me while I was still in her. She got up kissed me and then got back in the same position. I did not know what happened next but we definitely slept off. A loud honk from a passing by train and I woke up with a start.
The sun was just about to rise. It was 0430 hrs now. I slowly put her aside as she was in deep sleep and then wore my clothes. I took out the camera and saw the pictures which started it all. Trina sure is one hot girl. I kept the camera aside and woke her up so that she at least gets dressed up. She looked a little embarrassed and shy than what she was in the night.
She quickly got dressed up and went out to the washroom. She was back and started setting up her luggage. Once done we sat and she behaved as if nothing happened the previous night. I did not want to take up the discussion as well. She said, “So now do you think you can click human body or you think you are bad at it”.
I just nodded my head to say, “Negative, I cannot hold my self back”. She kept silent and so did I. I started feeling a bit sleepy and just put my head down. I suddenly woke up and saw someone else settling down in the seat in front of me. He looked like someone from the armed forces from the way he was dressed. I quickly saw the watch and realized Trina had already got down in her station.
I checked the camera and she deleted all the pics. I did not even get to say a bye to her nor exchange our numbers. Guess that’s how it was destined to be. I still had a long journey ahead of me fantasizing all that happened in the night before.