The Trouble with Twins

tagIncest/TabooThe Trouble with Twins

He heard his Auntie Pam call, that she was just nipping out and would be back shortly, or at least he presumed it was Pam, she and his mother were twins and all his life he had been unable to tell them apart, much to their amusement as they had continually confused him over the years.
As a child, he would think he was out with his mother, only to find later that it was Pam, or he would confide something to his aunt and then find out he had actually told his mother. They were identical in every sense, even on occasions wearing the same clothes so that people couldn't tell them apart. Since her marriage broke up last month Pam had been staying with them and in that time his life had become purgatory. His mother alone was fine but put them both together and they were soon up to their antics, meaning he was never sure whom he was speaking to.
He wondered if that was why both of their marriages had failed, his aunt had told him tales of how they would often swap boyfriends without the poor chap realising. Having both sampled his wares, he would be awarded points and if he didn't make the grade he would be gone. Did they do that with their husbands he sometimes wondered, the men reaching a stage were they were never sure that the woman they were speaking to or in bed with was the one that they had married.
At eighteen he had just left high school and was waiting to see if his university application had been accepted as he looked forward to his summer break. Although he would be seeing his mates later he was aware that in the next few months they would all be going their separate ways and that his life going forward would start to change.
His reverie was broken as his mother entered his bedroom, 'What are you doing, hiding away on such a glorious day, you should be out.'
He looked at her quizzically for a moment until she laughed, 'It's me, honestly.'
Over the last few weeks, he had become reticent to just divulge what was on his mind, lest he found he was not telling the right person. His mother sat on the edge of his bed next to him, Carole could always tell when something was troubling her son and she was betting it had something to do with his girlfriend Helen.
'Woman trouble?' She asked, catching the imperceptible nod of his head.
He and Helen had argued the night before; he was hopefully going to the university near their home while she had chosen one at what felt like the other side of the country. He had told her he did not mind, they could still keep in touch and anyway, they would be together at the end of each term.
He had been saddened to learn that she had other idea's, she was finding complications where none existed and it sounded to him that what she wanted was her freedom to screw around if she felt like it, the problems arising when he used those very words and she had stormed off, telling him to 'Go to fuck' and that it was over.
Carole commiserated with him, telling her son that other girls would come along and in six months he would have forgotten about Helen. What she was thinking was that the girl was a spoilt bitch who needed a good slapping and she wanted to retaliate on Simons behalf but knew better than to interfere.
Standing, she ruffled his hair, he'd had previous girlfriends but she knew this one had been different, even now she could still remember her first love and the bitterness afterwards.
Simon was out, leaving Carole and Pam to chat over a glass of wine.
'Simon seemed a bit subdued today,' Pam commented.
Carole explaining what had happened.
'Perhaps we could find him a woman for the summer?' Pam wondered out loud, what she wasn't about to tell her sister was that she was happy to give it a go herself.
Simon was a good-looking young man and while he was half her age, that didn't mean that she would be averse to jumping into bed with him.
'How are we going to find him a young woman?' Carole asked, 'It's not like we know lots of them,' she laughed, suddenly noticing the mischievous look on her sister's face.
Although they were identical, the easiest way to tell them apart was the ideas that they each came out with. While she was sensible and a pragmatist, Pam was out there, she would always come up with the most outlandish impractical ideas and was game for literally anything.
'What about one of our friends, we know several that are separated or divorced, just like me,' Pam said, having added the last bit without her sister realising.
'I'm sure Simon doesn't need a middle-aged woman,' Carole said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice.
Pam gave her sister her best simplistic look, 'My god Carole, he's eighteen years old, his hormones are in overdrive and I'll bet he has already fantasised about an older woman. 'At that age, they'll shag anything that will open their legs,' she finished with a laugh.
What she said was probably true, it was just that Carole was not enamoured at the idea of her son going out with an older woman.
'Look, Sis,' Pam continued, 'As you said, it's only for the summer, once he's at university he'll forget about them.'
Carole admitted the idea had some merits, but whom would they chose.
'What about Megan?' Pam asked with a smirk, watching the look on her sisters face change to one of shock.
'What, Megan the maneater, Christ, she'd gobble him up and spit him out.' Carole replied, both women laughing heartily, Megan was in her early thirties and very attractive, but she went through men for fun, hence her nickname.
'How about we have a barbeque one weekend, we can ask several of the girls if they would be interested in Simon and then get the gang around and he can choose which one he wants,' Pam suggested, excited as Carole nodded her head.
As it was, quite a few of their friends expressed an interest which surprised Carole, probably because she had never thought of Simon in any other way than as her son. The party was arranged for the following weekend with Carole pulling her son to one side, 'We are having some of the girls over this weekend, be a sweety and give me a hand?'
Simon readily agreed, going out with his friends meant that he kept seeing Helen which left him feeling slightly bitter all night, so he was happy to help his mother out, and anyway it wasn't all bad, nearly all of her friends were MILF's.
Saturday afternoon thankfully turned out to be a nice day, the weather warm without being too hot as his mother's friends arrived. He wondered if they would bring other blokes with them but as it turned out he was the only male there.
Whilst he knew all of them, at first he just helped out by fetching and carrying until his Aunt Pam pulled him to one side, 'Have a drink and join in, let your hair down a bit.'
He smiled at her but felt a little bit out of his depth until she moved closer and whispered in his ear, 'Do you realise Simon, that over half the women here want to get you into bed?'
Pam was waiting for a look of surprise to appear on his face, unfortunately, it was her expression that suddenly changed as he asked, 'Does that include you, Pam?'
'What, err, what gives you that idea?' she asked, stumbling over her words.
In response, her nephew turned to face her and gave her the warmest smile ever, which made her heart flutter as he looked her up and down before staring intently into her eyes, 'Just asking, if you don't ask, you don't get.'
For the first time in a while, Pam was at a loss for words, did she say something, did she make a play for him or just downright deny it. Remembering what he had just said, she turned to move, 'Maybe,' she said with a sly smile as she went and mingled, trying to control her breathing and conscious that her heart was pounding in her chest.
After a couple of drinks, he loosened up and began chatting to all his mother's friends, initially most of the conversations started with the usual, 'How's college been? 'Looking forward to university?' But very quickly the subject in nearly every case changed to 'Any girlfriend presently?'
When in each case he shook his head it was made clear to him that if he would like to take them out, he only had to ask. Simon knew that this was all down to his mother and aunt but reckoned if the opportunity was being proffered, who was he to refuse. And so some got accepted for the following week, while to others he apologised and suggested, 'Maybe the week after?'
Very quickly he was booked up with attractive women for the next two weeks, he'd had the sense not to date one a night, instead he spaced them out every other night, wondering what his mates would make of it when he started appearing with older women, the thought making him chuckle.
As he circulated, Jodie caught his eye, she was a bit younger than the other women and when in company tended to stick to the fringes as he wondered if she was a little bit shy. She was one of a few that had not made a pass at him and seemed a bit out of her depth stood at one end of the patio.
Grabbing a couple of glasses of wine he made his way over to her. 'Hi, I'm Simon, which I presume you know if your part of this gang,' he said as he indicated the large group of women, who by now were starting to get sloshed and loud.
'You seem to have been busy,' she said shyly, she had seen a lot of the women approach him and then move away with a triumphant look on their faces. On the grapevine, she had heard the rumours, but it was not her style and she was no way bold enough to ask him something like that, even though she was attracted to him and would dearly love to go out with him.
'Between you and me, I'm sure that this is something that my mother and aunt have cooked up, they think I'm moping over my ex,' he told her.
She looked at him sheepishly, 'And are you?
Simon shrugged his shoulders, 'Perhaps at first, but not anymore, her loss,' he said confidently. Jodie wanted to ask him, just like the other women had, she just couldn't pluck up the courage.
Simon never fathomed why he asked her, perhaps because she was gorgeous, her blonde hair hanging halfway down her back and currently fastened in a ponytail, exposed the prettiest face he could ever remember seeing. He had no idea what she may be like naked but even dressed, she had a body to die for.
He was thinking that if she was divorced, her husband must have been a complete idiot to let someone as attractive as she was, slip through his fingers. He supposed later that he felt a little bit sorry for her and perhaps that was why he asked, 'Look, Jodie, tell me if I'm being a bit forward or tell me to bugger off if you want. 'I know I'm young….. but do you fancy going out one evening?'
He saw her face brighten, her smile when it came making his heart miss a beat, 'I'd like that very much,' she said, looking a little embarrassed.
Simon found he spent most of the rest of the afternoon in her company as they got on like a house on fire. As people, bit by bit started to leave she told him she was going, Simon walking her around to the front of the house. She had just meant to kiss his cheek, but on impulse, she kissed his lips and felt him pull her closer, the kiss was dreamy, it wasn't rushed and he made no attempt to put his tongue in her mouth, it was just….. well, dreamy, all the more so because she instantly felt what was happening down below.
She set off down the road thinking to herself, 'If I turn and he's still watching, he's interested,' her heart was beating faster as she turned her head to look back and Simon waved to her, good job he couldn't see the smirk presently plastered across her face.
Monday evening came around as he prepared to take the first of his mother's friends out, he'd picked out some casual clothes but nothing like he would normally wear if he was meeting his mates, pant's shirt and jacket should suffice he thought, especially as the first one was Megan and he already knew about her reputation which was why in his pocket he had a little blue pill.
He knew about their true use but his mates would take one occasionally, telling him it made them last all night. He was going to meet her in the bar and then maybe get a bite to eat, his mother had passed him some money and then Pam had passed some more, or was it the other way about. Pam had said nothing to him after Saturday but he had caught her several times looking at him.
In the bar, his mates called him over but he explained he was meeting someone as he waited for Megan to arrive. He was not disappointed when she did, trying not to smirk as he turned to glance at his friends and saw them sat around with their mouths open.
Like himself, she had dressed casually but Megan's idea of casual and his was completely different. There was no denying she was extremely attractive and he saw heads turn as she entered, whether that was her looks or down to what she was wearing was anyone's guess.
Megan had always been ample in the boobs department and tonight her top, which must have been at least one size too small, emphasised the fact with quite a lot of flesh on display. She had on a pair of leather pants which surely must have been sprayed onto her because even Simon couldn't work out how she got in or out of them. Teamed with a pair of heels which made her as tall as he was, she was a masturbatory fantasy.
He got them both a drink as she moved in closer to him and they chatted about inconsequential things, Simon noticing more of his friends arriving and the nudges and winks that were going around. It was particularly satisfying when Helen walked in with some of her friends and noticed him, her friends looking at Megan in awe.
They stayed at the bar for about an hour before Simon suggested they could get something to eat if she wanted, Megan slipped her arm around his waist as she moved in closer and whispered in his ear, 'Why waste the time, I don't live far away, come back to mine and I'll find you plenty to eat.' He nodded his head and got a lingering kiss in return.
Megan had a fashionable apartment which must have cost a fair bit, not as though he got the chance to look around it because she was on him the minute they were through the door, pulling him into an embrace and grinding her pelvis against him as delightedly, she felt the erection that pushed back against her.
Leading him into her bedroom he was surprised at how quickly she got out of the tight-fitting clothes as she displayed her naked body to him. Simon removed his jacket, placing it over a chair before slipping off his loafers and socks and keeping her waiting as she watched him unbutton his shirt slowly. The pill had kicked in and the bulge in the front of his pants had attracted Megan's attention as she nearly drooled with anticipation.
When he removed his shirt she could not contain herself as she rushed at him, pushing her oversize boobs against him as one of her hands went down to his groin. The kiss this time was one of aggression and arousal as he took her nipples between finger and thumb, applied pressure and twisted, hearing the heavy growl in her throat.
She was 'hot to trot' he decided as she scrabbled at his pants, trying to unfasten them but he removed her hands and took a step backwards as he unfastened the button, slid the zip down and dropped his pants and briefs all at once and stepped out of them, his erection springing upwards now that it was released.
'!' She exclaimed as she stared at his shaft, but that was all she managed as Simon scooped her up and carried her to the bed, placed her at the end and opened her legs wide. Her fanny was already open and wet as he pushed the head of his cock against her pink interior and inched forward, keeping her waiting and gasping as bit by bit he shoved his manhood into her quim.
Megan gave a loud grunt when she finally managed to get the full length of his cock inside her, feeling his plump helmet touch the back of her fanny. All so slowly at first, he started to withdraw and then slid back into her until her natural juices enabled him to fuck her with more force. At that point, Megan could not quite believe what she was experiencing, his shaft felt large by comparison to most men she had dated and as it slid into her pussy once more it seemed to hit every sensitive spot on its travel. She was panting, her arousal building swiftly and she hoped he was not a one-shot wonder as his hips seemed to move a little faster.
Simon reached forward and massaged her full breasts, tweaking her nipples as he watched her face start to change expressions, 'Oh my god Simon, that's so good. 'Oh yeah, yes. 'Shit, yeah, fuck me.'
And that was what he did as he started to ram his cock into her, hearing the squelching noises each time their groins slammed together and his balls slapped against her arse. He had kept himself in check and knew that he was not going to climax yet, but he knew that she was as he fucked her ferociously.
Megan screamed her release, her body arching and straining as she orgasmed, she was trying to breathe but her release was so intense that she felt like she was floating and he was still pumping into her as he prolonged her climax. She had lost it for a moment and was finally coming back to reality when she felt his hot breath against her quim as he opened her up and then his tongue was lapping at her clitoris and piercing her fanny.
'Oh my god, this can't be happening,' she thought to herself, her arousal already building again as he worked on her fanny. She was so sensitive that at one point she was trying to squirm away from him for a minute, but he held her firmly by her hips as his tongue continued to penetrate her cunt. She was just about managing to keep control, that was until he took her clit between his lips, applied pressure and flicked his tongue over it causing her to climax once more as her top half thrashed about on the mattress, her bottom half still gripped firmly and his mouth still pleasuring her cunt.
Her body was shaking from the multiple orgasms but he allowed her no respite as he moved her up the bed and asked her to kneel on all fours, her arms shaking as he moved to her rear and she felt his throbbing shaft slide inside her once more. Her arousal had reached such an extent that she wasn't in control of it, in fact, she wasn't sure if she could take anymore just yet, but then felt something push against the puckered entrance of her arse and screamed as his shaft slid up her rectum.
He sodomised her as his hands reached under and squashed her tits before moving across her belly as it applied pressure to her clit before his fingers slipped into her quim. He built her arousal until he was sure that she was ready before flipping her over and ramming his cock into her cunt, fucking her for all he was worth and then crying out as Megan climaxed again and his cock exploded inside her as spurt after spurt of cum blasted the back of her twat.
When she opened her eyes it was dark and someone was holding her protectively, 'Simon?' She asked.
'It's ok, I'm still here,' he told her softly, his strong arms cradling her.
She was exhausted, 'Jesus Christ Simon, no one has ever made love to me like that,' she told him, Megan, for the first time in her life was sated and didn't know if she could manage it again.
'I'm glad I pass muster then,' he replied and she heard him chuckle. She felt his hand touch her breast and start to roam as he fondled her tit's and teased her nipples erect once more. Her hand resting on his stomach could feel the jerking and twitching of his cock as he became erect again, her hand gripping him as she slid his skin back and forth. She was still wondering if she could manage it when he rolled her on top of him and she straddled his hips.
She did not need to worry, as this time he was gentle with her as she lowered herself onto his shaft, he didn't so much fuck her, as to make love to her, their climax's coming simultaneously as he filled her fanny once more. When at last she had to release him so that he could dress before he left, she felt sad, she would have liked to make that night a permanent thing but knew in her heart that the age gap was just too large for it to ever work.

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