The Truck | Beep Stories

For the past week I’ve emailed, chatted and exchanged pics with a new friend that I found on the Internet. After figuring out that we both were ready to try our first bi experience with each other I started out driving to the neighboring town after scheduling a park and play. He was already there when I arrived and got into my truck. We were using my truck as I had intentionally purchased it with a bench seat in hopes that one day I might be able to do what I’m hoping would happen. 
We talked and chatted for a few minutes when he asked if he could see mine. I said of course but only if you too pull yours out. We both pulled our half hard cocks out. I reached over to his and felt it. It quivered with my thought and there was precum already oozing out. I swiped it with my finger and tasted it. Oh was it good. I went back to stroking his cock and was soon hard as a rock. I could believe how hard it got so quickly. I leaned over and licked the head while continuing to stroke. I could tell he was ready to explode by the moans he was making. I slowed my strokes a bit as I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth before experincing my reward. I covered the entire head of his cock with my mouth and sucked slightly while stroking. I started to suck and stroke harder as I grew more excited. I could feel his tension building and knew it was now or never that I would either just let him cum or if I would try and take as much as I could. He started to spasm and I stroked and sucked harder. His first of many spurts of cum came out in a gush. I kept sucking and swallowing as fast as I could. His cum was slowly falling out of my mouth onto my hand. After I had all the cum that was flowing from his softening cock I licked my hand clean and leaned back. 
He then reached over to my semi-hard cock and felt it. I twitched by the first touch on my cock from a guy. He continued to play with it like a new toy. He started stroking it and strokign it. I was in total extasy as I closed my eyes as he continued to stroke. After a few minutes I felt the pressure building but knew I could hold off a bit more. I then felt something moist on my cock. He was licking all of my precum off. He did this for several minutes and then took my entire 6 inches into his mouth as he felt I was exploading. I had never came so hard in my life. It was a great and extremely fulfilling. 
After he completed we both put our pants back on, said goodbye and said we’d both like to do it again. We both went back to our respective homes and that night I must’ve played with myself a half dozen times, cumming and swallowing all of it thinking why hadn’t I done this sooner.