The two homeless women and me

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With the older one, I gave her food, even money and I fucked her. The younger one tried to take things from her, I made her pay with her naked body

I was in Eastern Europe for a couple of months. Outside my hotel on my running area every morning I passed an old area with abandoned railroad tracks. It was overgrown with weeds, trees, old cars, old railroad cars, and general things people discarded. It was a homeless spot and had all sorts of characters. Running one morning I spotted what I thought was a roof or something, as I made my way into the weeds and trees there was a shack made of old wood, corrugated steel and wire. In it was an old woman, in her 50s, the sunlight shining through I could see her. She took off her dress and wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, she stood there naked, turning around I got to see her front and back. She had small, empty tits that might fill an A cup, probably were B when she was younger but now they’d been sucked dry and empty hanging down like loose skin almost. Her pussy was in full black bush mode, same as the hair on her head. Olive skin she turned around, even her butt was wrinkled and saggy. Still I hadn’t seen a naked woman in a month, and hadn’t seen a “new” naked woman in over a year. She was dipping a cloth into a bucket of water and washing herself. I stood looking at her, trying not to be seen. I went back everyday and everyday she was naked washing herself. She eventually saw me, and mumbled something to me, i had only a crude handle on her language so I walked over to her. She made no effort to cover up at all, just kept washing. I had some food from the local bakery and some milk and water. I gave it to her and she sat down and motioned me to sit. She spread her legs so I could see some pink in her black haired bush. When I left I gave her the equivalent of about $5.

The next day I brought more food and drinks, we talked a bit and sitting down she motioned to her crotch and said something. I was puzzled, then she brought up her skirt to her waist and spread her legs again to show me her pussy. She saw I was hard and told me to take off my clothes as she stood up and pulled off her dress. Both of us totally naked she got on her knees and sucked my cock. I blew in her mouth and she swallowed it all. I was playing with those empty titties of her, pinching the nipples and rolling them around. She did her duty, and I was ready to put my clothes back on, and she had me lay down on her mattress with her and kept holding my cock. I was rubbing her pussy, her ass, sucking on her tits and with her hand she got me hard again. She took some lotion she had and put in on my cock, then pulled me on top of her. I put my cock between her hairy pussy lips and pushed into the tightest pussy I’d ever had. Thank heaven I already came because I would have burst in her in two minutes. But I fucked her for another 20 or so and then shot my load into that tight tight pussy. I gave her$20 as I left and she thanked me for being so kind. I thanked her for helping me out being without a woman for so long.

This continued everyday, with me fucking, getting sucked, playing with her wrinkled old body. I’d bring food, and give her money. Then one day I noticed another shack behind some bushes. I thought I saw a young boy in it. Short dark hair, when he moved his back to me, I saw a straight body, no waist on a small probably 5ft. 2in boy. He was moving around and staring at the old woman (Tanya, T now) he saw me give her money. I waited out of site to make sure all was oK. It wasn’t. The boy came around and started yelling at T, telling her she better give her the money and food or the boy would cut her up. The boy held a knife and as I saw T start to hand over the money, I ran out and tackled him to the ground. I picked up the knife and as he was getting up I moved behind him knife at his throat. Then it dawned on me. This wasn’t a boy, it was a girl, not a girl a woman. She was in her early 30s. Holding the knife I told her that she needed punished for trying to hurt T and steal from her. She said she needed it. I looked down at her tee shirt and there were small titties and pretty perky nipples peeking out. I pulled up her shirt and held one of her nipples with one hand and the knife under it with my other. I asked her if she wanted to go without two nipples, or maybe I’d take the whole tit. She started crying, begging me to let her go. I told her that she wasn’t being let go, she needed punished.

I listed out the punishments.
Cut off a nipple?
Fuck her pussy with the knife?
Fuck her asshole with the knife?

I couldn’t hear anything from her sobbing and apologizing. By this time I had pulled down her pants and panties, taken off her shirt. I put the point of the knife between her dark haired pussy lips, she too was totally unshaven but it was in a neater pattern than T. She was begging again, so I moved the knife point to her asshole, she froze again. “How about this?” I said as I took the knife under her nipple and just put a cut on the lower half of her areola. Just a small one, just a little blood. I rubbed the blood all over her tit then stopped the bleeding. It was tiny, no harm really. Now she was totally docile. I made T take off the womans jeans and panties. Then marched her into T’s shack. I pushed her down roughly and asked T to use the lotion on my cock. The other woman didn’t see, she was on her stomach still upset, and I got on top of her to her constant please, “No , No , No please don’t, No No No No No . . ” and on and on as I rammed my cock into her asshole. Damn I thought T’s pussy was tight this was I think totally unused asshole. I pumped and came in her deep, not yielding anything, just took my pleasure at her pain.

After she just laid there, naked and afraid, T was naked also. The young one, C was rubbing her hand on her ass I guess trying to relieve some of the pain. I went over, and made her lick my cock clean direct from her asshole. She did it and didn’t even look at me. I had in a way what I’d always wanted, two women at my command, willing to do anything, one out of gratitude, the other out of fear. I rolled C over, made her watch as T sucked on my cock. I was getting hard again and pointed at C’s hairy cunt. She shook her head no, and covered her hairy pussy with her hand. I walked over and yanked her hand away and held her knife at her pussy. She spread her legs and put her hands down at her sides. I rubbed on her pussy, got her wet, then put her on all fours and fucked her doggie while pinching and pulling on her tits. The one cut opened up a bit I motioned to T and had her spread her legs out under C’s head. I pushed her down and made her eat T’s pussy while I fucked her cunt. I felt like I’d never stop cumming it was so damn good. T came from getting her pussy eaten.

I took the knife when I left and told them both to be there tonight I’d bring food for them. When I got there I asked why they had clothes on. The both immediately took them off. I gave them food, fucked the young one missionary this time and at the end, gave them some hot food, and gave T another $10. It was another few days, then I started giving C money also. I also fucked T in her ass. I did eat C’s pussy after she washed it, I made her clean out my cum from T’s pussy and T clean out C’s pussy.

For several weeks I had ondemand pussy, ass, mouth and anything perverse I wanted. On the last night I had them both leaning over and was standing behind them going form one ass to the other. I left them both with a lot of non-perishable food, bottles of water and $200 ea.

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#Abuse #Bisexual #Rape #Threesome