The Very Welcome Visitors

tagGroup SexThe Very Welcome Visitors

When the doorbell to the B&B rang, Kay expected nothing out of the ordinary of the four guests that were booked.
Four men coming to do rolling work on powerlines. One night, $300 dollars. Easy money.
Three of them were dressed in their fluoro tops, all in their mid-20s and handsome. Behind them was another much older man in his early 50's talking on his phone, a man that immediately sparked a moment of recognition.
"Marcus?" Kay asked. "Is that you?"
When his dark eyes locked onto hers, the memories of twenty years before all came flooding back to her, as they did to him.
Memories of the drugs, booze and the wildest sex she'd ever had all hit the pleasure zones in her brain with a solid whack, but they were soon followed by the anger and the pain of his dishonesty and sudden disappearance.
"Fuckin' hell," he said, simultaneously covering the phone's mouthpiece and pulling his long grey hair back out of his eyes, "Kay? I'll be fucked. Hang on, give me a minute."
He turned away and quickly finished what was clearly a private conversation, and Kay immediately suspected that it was his bitch wife Marie, the pious woman who he disappeared with long before social media made it easy to stalk an ex.
With every word he stepped further away and she took the opportunity to welcome the other three men who were standing by, wondering just what was going on.
"Sorry," she said, and began shaking their hands.
"I'm Kay, your host, come inside."
The three of them dutifully took off their shoes before trudging inside the elegantly appointed bed and breakfast.
They introduced themselves as Tim, Russ and Paul and they all had a fairly rough demeanour. These lads had had a hard life. Rough shaven, muscular and tattooed she could feel their eyes on her as she showed them around the rooms.
These were not the type of young men she remembered from her time as a horny young woman with a free spirit and a desire for adventure.
Men then were more relaxed about their roles in life, these men were oozing masculinity, and she could smell and sense it.
"Is he on the phone to Marie?" she asked.
"Who's Marie?" Tim asked, in return.
"His wife. Tall, red hair."
"Hah, never heard of her. We know his wife all too well," he winked at Russ as he said it.
Kay smiled at the idea that he'd left that manipulative bitch that set out to destroy her life. She recalled the stories that Marie spread, mostly true, about her wanton ways with various men, including the handsome man that was now making his way into the house.
"Shit hey," he remarked. "Kay fuckin' Hogan."
"Marcus fuckin' Horne," she responded, to the chuckles of the three lads. "What are you doing here, in my bloody B and B?"
"Supervising these three ingrates," he pointed at the men who all sniggered. "I have been given the onerous task of showing them how the system out here works."
One thing that always turned her on about Marcus was his use of language. They both met as English teachers in a country school 20 years earlier. He was married to the aforementioned Marie, and she herself was in a relationship with her long-term partner Mick.
For months she resisted him, but one night when Mick was away, Marcus came knocking.
They fucked for hours and in ways that she'd never experienced before. Over time he convinced her to try anal, which, to her surprise, she enjoyed immensely. She swallowed his cum, spat his cum out and rubbed it around her naked body, sucked his balls and learnt to deep throat his cock down to the hilt.
She became not a slave, but a willing participant in a six-month sexual adventure that eventually included her partner Mick.
That resulted when her deep feelings of guilt surrounding her deception towards Mick led to a drunken apology to him. Even though he had become aware of her fondness for Marcus, he dismissed it as a workplace crush, one that he was going through with one of his colleagues, Kathy.
Her admission of guilt flicked Mick over to a side of his personality that he'd been repressing for far too long.
Weeks after her admission of her regular liaisons with Marcus, Mick confronted him, in a not at all aggressive way, at the regular Friday night drinking sessions at the local hotel. Curious to see how close the two were he invited him back for a few drinks, with the full approval of Marie, who had grown suspicious of Kay's true intentions.
That night in a haze of hash and booze the two of them fucked Kay onto another plain. She came like never before as they fucked both her holes, moaned as they slapped their cocks across her face and gurgled as their cum mingled in her mouth.
With Mick covering for Marcus the fucking sessions became more frequent and intense. Sextoys were introduced as they filled all her holes with either cocks or a dildo. A favourite soon became two cocks in her pussy, stretching it out wide and sending delicious orgasms through her.
The long summer school holidays were torture for Kay as Marcus dutifully headed away for six weeks holidays with his now pregnant wife.
As the new school term approached, the news got around of a few replacements, including one in the English staffroom.
Knowing that the rest of the staff were secure in their lives, they could only conclude that it was Marcus who, without any notice, left.
Some quick research proved their suspicions. Her family had come with a removalist and they simply packed up the home and disappeared, with no one knowing where they went.
All anyone could say was that he left teaching altogether and was back in the city. A place too big to find anyone who didn't want to be found.
They tried searching the phone directory but that proved fruitless and after nearly six months they gave up, notching up that torrid half of 2000 as an experience never to forget.
During their own holidays they did dabble with swingers club, mainly in the hope that Marcus, frustrated by his own sex life, would appear. They enjoyed several liaisons with other couples and soon the goal was simple sexual enjoyment rather than a search for the man that started it all.
Life in their small country town became difficult though soon after Marcus and his wife disappeared. They never approached anyone in town regarding swinging and kept themselves quiet. The school holidays were when they partied, in the safety and anonymity of the city.
Whether it was paranoia caused by guilt or the spread of rumours they both found eyes watching them, heads nodding and words whispered.
Six years after he left, Kay was offered a new job in the bigger centre she was now living in, and has for 14 years. There were no children, no pets and for the last two years, no husband.
Pancreatic cancer took Mick from her two years earlier. A short and painful affair, his passing left her empty and mournful. Since his death there had been no other man, couple or anyone that had touched her, loved her, cared for her.
Her only enjoyment came from a small group of female friends, the gym and good wine.
Now though he was back, standing only a metre away and still managing to send a delicious tingle down her spine.
The three young men were picking their rooms when Marcus broke the momentary silence.
"You three have a shower, get changed and head down to the pub where they have a table waiting for us," Marcus instructed his charges and turned to Kay.
"I can't believe that they're happy to go out in their work gear for the night," he continued. "I almost had to drag them here."
"Yeah," Kay concurred, "I hate seeing that."
She had many questions to ask Marcus now that he was back in her life, questions that she'd wanted answered for twenty years. She wasn't about to let the opportunity pass her by.
"Are you going with them or do you want to hang here for a bit and we'll head down later?" she asked.
He looked her up and down with that knowing look in his eyes and gave her a sly wink. She just shook her head and laughed gently as she turned away.
"Just make up your mind," she laughed, "For once."
Marcus was about to ask what she meant by 'For once', but Tim interrupted.
"I'll have a tub first," he announced.
Kay turned towards Tim's voice just as he pulled, in one sweet and cool movement, his fluro shirt off, revealing his chiselled and tattooed chest.
"Good God," she exclaimed, "What is this? A male strip show?"
Marcus and the lads all laughed.
"They'd like to think so," he said, "They're just a bunch of knobs really."
Tim jokingly grabbed his dick through his pants and shook it at Marcus, a move that sent a shiver through Kay.
"Right then" she said to Marcus,"I'm going over to my part of the house."
"Yeah righto," Marcus responded, "I'll come say g'day to Micko."
Kay stopped dead in her tracks when she heard him mention her late husband's pet name. Clearly he didn't know what had happened.
Rather than set him straight she recommenced her departure, and with a mix of emotions coursing through her soul she crossed the entrance way into the separate part of the home where she dwelled.

The gentle tap on the door Marcused 'Private' set her heart trembling. With butterflies rampaging through her stomach, and the mixed emotions playing in her mind, she opened the door.
"Hey," Marcus said, as he reached for her, but she turned away and with a nod of her head drew him into her half of the house.
"They've all gone to the pub now," he continued, thinking she was worried about being seen to be affectionate towards him.
"That's no problem," she said with a tremor in her voice, a tremor that he picked up on.
"What's the matter?" he asked as he scanned the room looking for Mick. "Where's the old bloke?"
Kay turned to him with tears in her eyes, and he immediately knew that all was not well. His initial offering of a hug at the doorway was then vigorously accepted as she seeked consolation.
"He's gone," she muttered through her tears, "Died two years ago from cancer."
"Fuck," Marcus softly said into her hair. "Sorry, I had no idea."
In a way it was both the right and wrong thing to say. Right because he truly had no idea, wrong in that he only had no idea because of his sudden disappearance.
Looking around the room now he could see a gallery of images that Mick, a keen photographer, had taken over the years. One image in particular struck a strong erotic chord that shot a twinge into his nether regions.
It was an image of Kay descending a flight of stairs in a short black dress. Her long dark hair hung seductively to one side and she looked absolutely glamourous. It was the first image in a series of x-rated shots that they took as she fucked them both. Clearly, the subsequent images weren't on public display.
Mick had a full darkroom in which he processed his black and white images,as this one was, but he also took one roll of colour images. A roll of photos that led to their discovery.
"Where did you go?" Kay asked him, as her tears settled.
"I thought you knew?" he responded. "We had to leave because everyone knew about us."
Kay pulled back and looked up at him with a quizzical look. "How did they know? I thought we were really safe."
"Surely Micko knew," he said. "It was those photos that fucked us over."
"Which photos?"
"The ones we took of us, you know, fucking."
Kay immediately turned to the image on the wall.
"It was the colour ones," Marcus continued. "He sent them to a lab in Bendigo, remember?"
Kay nodded.
"Well a sister of one of the students at school works there and recognised you, even though they didn't really show your face, it was your birthMarcus and your jade bracelet that gave the game away."
Kay recalled seeing how Mick, who took clear images of them in black and white, used colour only for some close-ups and artistic shots. Nothing pornographic, more erotic art.
"Probably would have been okay, if it hadn't been for the fact they also recognised me from my hair and earring," Marcus said. "The arseholes were too observant."
"No way," Kay said, breaking away from him and moving over to the picture. "We had no idea. We thought it was just Marie spreading rumours."
"Oh, it was," he said. "They sent her one of the pics in the mail. It was why we left."
"Fucking hell," Kay guffawed. "What a shit-show."
As she stood there staring at the image on the wall, remembering the hot sex that followed, Marcus came up behind her and placed his hands on her hips. There was no resistance.
"Really sorry to hear about Mick," he whispered. "We could have, you know, re-stoked the furnace."
"We went looking for you," she said, "Swing clubs in Melbourne we knew of. We had some great sex, but it wasn't the same."
"Really?" he exclaimed. "We moved to Sydney. I did the same thing, just not with Marie."
"Who with then?" she asked, "Are you still together?"
"Us? no," he laughed, "That all ended ten years ago. Ironically she had an affair and we finally split."
"So," Kay moved over to the shelf on which sat her whisky selection. "Who did you go to the clubs with, and who was that on the phone earlier?"
"All these questions. I went with a girl I knew from school called Sharon and on the phone was my son Tom."
"How many kids do you have?"
"Three. Tom, Kate and Bernadette."
Kay poured a slug of whisky into two glasses and handed one to him.
"Sante!" she exclaimed.
"Up yours," Marcus smiled as he took a huge swig of the 12 year old Irish Whiskey.
The booze hit them both with a slam and they went back to the wall of photos.
For a while they reminisced about the people they jointly recognised. One image rekindled yet another erotic memory for Marcus.
"See those three blokes here, here and here," he said pointing to a staff photo from 2000.
"What about it?"
"Micko and I were thinking of expanding the number of guys who were involved in our little soirees."
"What the very fuck!"
"Yeah, it was just an idea we cooked up. They were the single guys on staff."
"So the five of you fucking me or just one of them with you two?
"Any combination you wanted."
Kay sipped on her second glass of whiskey and stared back at the photo.
"From memory he was a bit fat, yeah?" she pointed at a bearded bloke. "I don't like fat blokes. The other two would have been okay. I probably would have said yes back then."
The conversation was getting them both aroused and it was Kay who took it up a notch.
"Do you want to see the other photos? The one's from twenty years ago, of us?
"You still have them? Fuck yeah."
She wandered over to a cabinet and pulled out a photo album. When Marcus flipped over the first page he was greeted with an image of her stark naked with a cock in her pussy and another in her mouth. He felt that familiar rush of blood to his cock as he not only relished the site of them all fucking, but revelled in the memory of how good her cunt felt.
"Fucking hell," he moaned. "That was so good."
He continued flicking through each page as the good old times with the two of them played back through his mind. Her first double penetration, how she screamed in joy as she came when they double fucked her pussy, how she used to play with their cum, how she enjoyed fucking with them all covered in oil.
Then came the colour images which caused their downfall. He pointed to one in particular and she knew what he was indicating. There was her birthMarcus on her calf, and the earring and locks of dark hair of the man eating her out was that of Marcus.
Marcus came to the end of the album and turned to Kay who had a questioning look on her face, one that needed no verbal question to be spoken.
Their first sexual contact in 20 years was clumsy to say the least. Hands hit hands as they groped at each other's clothes, their mouths locked together as tongues entwined. His shirt was the first thing to hit the lounge room floor as they clumsily disrobed in silence.
As Kay dropped her knickers to the floor Marcus was astounded to see that apart from a touch of a sag in her breasts, she was still as hot as the 28 year old in the photos. Her stomach was taut and her arse was still firm from her gym routines. He too was still okay. He was never a muscle man, but he wasn't a lardy either.
"Come here," he said. When they touched their movements finally became more synchronised. His hands ran gently over her body and she could feel him shiver slightly as she did the same.
"So beautiful to see and feel you again," he said. "I've thought about our times for years. I never quite got over it."
"Same," she said as she wrapped her tiny hand around his cock for the first time in two decades. "It still feels the same."
She looked up at him and said. "Does it still taste the same though?"
"Oh God I hope so," he chuckled as she slid down and squatted before him. With their eyes locked in a deep gaze she slipped his cock into her mouth, an action that elicited from him a subtle groan as she worked her magic over his knob-end. Her tongue swirled and twirled across it, her suction action was slight and seductive and when she deep-throated him all the way to the hilt, he lost his mind.
"Oh good God girl," he cried out. "Only you can do that, only you. I taught you well."
Kay recalled how she spent weeks deepthroating carrots of differing lengths and widths, how she used her toothbrush to control her gag reflex like a pro. How Mick was startled when she slid his cock down her throat for the first time.
With one hand on his cock and the other fiddling her clit she could feel her own wetness increasing as she went from deep throating him to sliding down the underside of his long cock and then sucking his balls. His little shivers as she did so added to her own enjoyment.
"I miss this cock," she moaned, "A bit smaller than Mick's, but that's okay."
"Hey," he laughed. "I'm 52, not 32. Things change."
Once more she sunk his cock in down to the hilt and with it slick with her spit she pumped the rigid member as she licked his ball bag.
"Not that you need it right now, but I have some of Mick's old Viagra in the bathroom," she smiled.
"Insulting," he laughed, "But interesting. Does it still work?"
"Just take two," she winked. "Mick had to use it, towards the end."
For a moment there was a risk of the erotic moment evaporating, but when she once more dropped her tongue and slid his cock in, whilst simultaneously squeezing his ball bag, it worked a treat.
"This cock though, is fucking beautiful," she cooed. "So good to suck a cock after all this time. Feeling it getting harder in my mouth. Tasting your pre-cum."
"Fucking hell," Marcus groaned. "You're still a dirty talking slut aren't you?"
"Hmmmppphh," she mumbled, with his cock in her mouth before pulling it out and saying, "It's impolite to talk with your mouth full."
Both of them knew exactly what she wanted, another cock, and it was Marcus that introduced the idea.
"Two cocks in you was always what you enjoyed the most, wasn't it?
Kay groaned as the synergy between them was voiced with words.
"Another cock inside you as you suck mine, filling your cunt and arse with cock," he continued. "Stretching you, filling you, making you cum.
Being fucked in the arse was also one of Marcus' lessons on how to become the sexual beast that she had become.
Slow, gentle and with loads of lube, being fucked in the arse started with a thin dildo before finally being penetrated by Marcus during one of their one-on-one encounters.
It was when she was first double penetrated that the value of anal sex was demonstrated so clearly for her. The heady mix of pain and pleasure sent her orgams into orbit.
Those memories and Marcus' hard cock down her throat drove her cunt wild with anticipation.

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