The Virgin Delivery Girl Teases Ch. 02

tagFirst TimeThe Virgin Delivery Girl Teases Ch. 02

Three months after being sacked from the Harringtons bakery empire I had found some Summer seasonal work hawking discount doughnuts on a busy high-street. I didn't have enough kudos to work the actual kiosk but I was entrusted with a tray of stale sugared ring-doughnuts and was tasked with walking up and down through the crowds wearing a hat that stated: 'EAT MY DOUGHNUT'. As if that wasn't enough of a humiliation, I also wore a bright yellow polo shirt with the question 'FANCY A NIBBLE?' writ large across my tits; every atom of my gothic persona reacted horribly to wearing this alien colour. Plus, the cheap material made my armpits itch like they were being eaten by fire-ants.
I was feeling pretty sorry for myself after a long day of trudging up and down being laughed at when I saw Larry. Larry was a man in his late sixties who I used to work with at Harringtons. It was our fooling around together that had caused me to be given my marching orders and had almost got him the sack too. Our flirting had escalated to some pretty heavy petting (okay, mutual masturbation and further, to be exact) before we got ourselves into trouble with the management for our dilly-dallying delivery delays. You may think a teenage goth wouldn't be interested in a sexagenarian van driver but he was charming and cheeky and handsome and a really really good kisser. I had a natural scorn for all things normal and boys my age didn't interest me one iota. Since being forced to break off my burgeoning relationship with the old charmer, I'd been lost in a fog of miserableness so when I saw him in the street my face lit up and I felt a heavy weight lift off my weary heart.
Then reality shaved the edge off my enthusiasm. What if he was with his wife? Or someone else he wouldn't want me to meet? I stopped myself from calling out his name and running across the road to pounce on him. I slunk away, dispirited. Six o'clock came around and I got changed out of my gaudy uniform in a public toilet then went to wait for my bus. I was sitting in the graffitied shelter, my morose mood matched the miserable sky as a drizzle began to fall, when a battered Toyota pulled up into the stopping space. I was looking at nothing in particular and feeling surrounded by the mists of doom when I heard his voice.
"Need a ride, kid?"
"Hey, er, how're you doing?"
"Oh, everything's just dandy. I'm on top of the world."
My bitter sarcasm guillotined the conversation abruptly.
"I saw you, walking up and down the street," he said, "I didn't know… I wasn't sure you'd want to speak to me."
"Of course I would."
"You don't hate me?"
"Of course I don't."
I got up off the plastic bench and he walked into the shelter as the raindrops grew fatter.
"I saw you too," I said, "I didn't want to… in case you were with your wife or something. But that was hours ago!"
"I, er, hung around, waiting to see when you finished."
I beamed with joy, "Awww, Larry."
"So, do you want a ride?"
"Sure, that'd be cool. Thanks."
We both sat in his car, the rain pelted the windows and roof. The aroma inside was of damp, sweaty teen girl and what must've been the remnants of his wife's perfume.
"Are you still at Harringtons?" I asked, "You didn't get the boot too, did you?"
"Nahh, it's just my day off. I am truly sorry about heaping all the blame on to you."
"Don't be silly. It was the only sensible thing to do. I really don't mind."
"I've felt terrible about what happened?"
"What do you mean? About playing with me?"
"Noooo, no, not that, that was… a lot of fun. Jinny, it was very hard to resist you, you are an incredible young woman, any guy in his right mind would fall utterly in love with you."
"Awww, shaddap you ol' charmer."
I blushed and we fell silent for a minute.
"I've missed you, Larry. Since that day I've been nothing but sad."
Larry leaned over in his seat and touched my face. He brought his lips close to mine, gazing into my eyes. I moved towards him and our lips lightly brushed together just as an extremely loud BWAAARRRRPP resounded through the car and through our skulls. Behind us a bus was trying to pull into the stopping space, the driver shouting curses at us. Larry gunned the Toyota's engine.
"Could've given me a heart attack, stupid prick," he grumbled as he drove away.
I sat back in my seat and giggled, feeling blissfully content for the first time in ages. This sexy old pervert did something unfathomable to me. I couldn't identify it or reason it out; it was elemental; it was animal.
"Can we go somewhere?" I asked.
"Um, sure, er, let me think where. Oh, I know."
Larry drove us through the rain as it eventually turned back into drizzle and then the skies lightened along with my mood. He took us along a winding single-lane road that lead to a secluded car-park, surrounded by trees and overlooking a suburb of the city. We got out and smelled the lovely earthy scents that are left behind after rain. Larry leaned back against the car and I stood close to him.
"Have you been thinking about me?" I asked.
"If I told you all, or any, of the fantasies I've had about
you, girl…"
"Have you jerked off fantasising about me?"
My dirty smirk spread across my face. I couldn't help myself. I'm not at all so flirty usually but Larry just brought out the worst in me. I fretted that I'd been immature and inelegant as he shuffled his feet, embarrassed by such a direct question.
"I want to kiss you," I said.
I put my arms around his waist and pulled my body closer to his. I looked for any sign of protest but he just remained stunned. So I kissed him. I held my lips against his, cherishing the sensation, a renewal of our intimate contact. I felt his arms snake around me and we began a loving, hugging smooch that sent waves of erotic pleasure crashing through me. I had been dreaming of this so often that our kisses had an unreal quality to them. We kissed for several long minutes before taking a pause to breathe. Our noses were touching, I didn't want my lips to be far from his ever again.
"What are you doing with this old fogie?" he asked.
"Having an affair?"
Larry grinned at me and I worried that I'd said the wrong word.
"What kind of things have you thought about me?" I asked, "What do I do in your fantasies?"
"Well, my favourite is watching your pretty face and your, er, cute mouth and…"
"And what, Larry?"
"Do you remember when you licked me?"
He spoke in a hoarse whisper. I could see how worked up he was and I decided to confess that since the first time I tasted a man, tasted his pungent meaty flavour, I had been longing to repeat the experience.
"I've been dreaming about sucking your dick," I whispered in his ear.
My fingers sought out his fly-zip.
"Wait," he said.
Again, my insecurities were running rampant along with my overcharged hormones and I fretted that I was being too slutty, maybe repulsively so. Larry was looking around at the (so far) empty car-park.
"Let's get in the back of the car," he said.
We both got in and closed our doors, shutting out the brittle, crisp air. Larry lifted up his body, unbuckled and pushed his trousers and undies down to his ankles. I was amazed and amused as he sat watching me with his fat cock stiffening and twitching, inflating like a bouncy castle. He ran his fingers through his white pubes then gave himself a few tugs to encourage it along. It looked like fun so I shuffled closer and my fingers joined his.
"Oooh," he flinched and laughed, "Your fingers are cold!"
We both played with his swelling, hardening cock until it had grown thoroughly engorged then he let go and left me to properly grip his iron-hard rod. I was using my whole arm in long, deliberate yanks as I leaned in to kiss him. His tongue slipped into my mouth and we snogged sloppily. I tugged his sexy old dick and kissed him hungrily for a long time, happily lost in our naughty intimacy.
"God, my prick has missed your little fingers," he whispered.
I smiled with my kissing lips and beat his meat harder, my wrist jerking him fast and my fingers clamped tight. I pressed my lips harder on his as he groaned in response to my vigorous manipulation. After several minutes of frantic wanking he placed his hand on mine to slow me down.
"Hold on, hold on, lemme catch my breath," he gasped and so I let him go.
I reminded myself that he was an elderly gentleman. The last thing I needed was to have to explain to police officers and paramedics how I'd masturbated a senior citizen to death. I sat back and watched his red face as he calmed down a little.
"Lift up your top," he said.
I smiled, blushing, and shucked off my jacket. I studied his reaction as I lifted up my Rob Zombie teeshirt and exhibited my braless boobs for him. He looked in awe of my small, perky breasts and he gave his thick, purple-headed cock some strokes.
"Jinny, you're… you're even more perfect than I remember."
I played with my boobs, teasing my rosy nipples as he touched himself and ogled. I was his live porno and I lapped up every one of his muttered compliments. His dick looked so delicious that I was compelled to slide across the seat and lower my face into his lap. I felt a shiver of blissful filthiness strike through my being, from my dyed-black scalp to my purple-painted toes, as his thick cockhead entered my moist mouth. I sucked on the swollen helmet and he emitted a low growl of pleasure. The fleshy head tasted soooo good I devoured it; slobbering over the tip, I dipped my tongue in the small cummy slit as far as it could reach.
"Turn your head a little," he said, "I want to watch."
He tidied my messy hair out of the way of his pornographic view and I tilted my head to display me being a shameless slut for him to enjoy. I sucked hard and enjoyed every sweaty sexy scent and flavour. I felt his sneaky hands groping my bared breasts and twisting my erect nipples. My head bobbed and I tried, unsuccessfully, to blow him like a porn actress; despite my inept attempts to get his big cock deeper into my throat I must have achieved some effect because he began to lift up his hips to move against me, screwing my tightly clamped lips.
"Jinny," he breathy voice warned, "You may wanna, you may wanna get out of the way? I'm gonna, I'm gonna…"
I pressed my face down further and wrapped my lips around his hard flesh, feeling his pulsing prick throb in my mouth. He shoved his cock in even deeper and then cried out as his cum fountained, shooting, spurting, flowing and filling my mouth. I choked on my first swallow of the thick gooey cream. A little globule of it snorted out of my nose. My next swallow was easier and by the third gulp I'd got used to the viscous texture of the stringy fluid sliding down my throat. I kept on licking and sucking and swallowing until he eventually ceased to feed me his seed and even then I toyed with his slimy cock in my glooped mouth.
I pushed my body back up into a sitting position. Larry's head was thrown back and his eyes were closed. I liked that my plum lipstick had stained his cock, I had marked it as my own.
"I've never tasted cum before," I said.
Larry opened his eyes to look at me.
"How is it?" he asked.
"I bet!"
"Does that mean you don't want to kiss my dirty cock-sucking mouth?"
He grabbed me and pulled me close for a hot, urgent kiss then I laid my head on his shoulder and we sat bathing in the afterglow of a shared moment. I reached down under him and gently squidged his fat balls in my palm.
"Can we do this again?" I asked.
"I've told you, kid, it takes me a little time to-"
"No, I mean this. You and me. Us."
Larry kissed the top of my head.
After a few minutes he said, "Next week my wife is going away for a couple of days. If you want, we could… go to bed together?"
I looked into his eyes, searching for his exact meaning.
"Oh, I'm not trying to, um, pressure you into sex," he said quickly, "I just thought we could stretch out a bit, enjoy ourselves."
I smiled at him, picturing us ensconced in a double bed, on soft sheets, snuggling under a duvet.
"I'd like that," I said.
The day of our clandestine date seemed to whizz by in a blur of people refusing doughnuts and humiliating me about my risqu� slogans ('No, buddy, you can't eat that. Do you want a doughnut? No? Then can you fuck off?). Despite my sunny disposition and winning personality I sold barely any doughnuts. I handed the tray of untouched rings to my increasingly grumpy boss and dashed off to get changed in the public toilet. I stood waiting at our rendezvous with butterflies in my stomach.
"Whew, look at you!" Larry said behind me.
I whirled around and beamed at his reaction to the outfit I had gone to a lot of effort to pick. I wore layered lacy skirts, a very tight, black pin-stripe blouse (that was unbuttoned enough to give even me a cleavage) and a very expensive pair of soft dotty-patterned black hose along with my ever-present boots. He wore a massive grin. He slid his arms around my waist and planted his lips on mine, which were sticky with dark-red lipstick. His lips were stained by the kiss but I didn't mention it, I liked him wearing my affection for all to see.
"I'm parked over here," he said then lead me to his car.
We sat for a minute or two just smiling coyly at each other, it looked like he had as much trouble as me in believing what we were about to do. He turned on the ignition and his old Toyota coughed into life. As he drove, I leaned over and rested my head on his shoulder, like I used to do back in the bakery delivery van. I sniffed the musky sweat on his neck. He smelled so gorgeous I had to slowly lick the flavour off his skin.
"Did you have a hard day?" I asked when I'd finished tasting him.
"Now I haven't got a impressionable young partner to coerce into doing all the carrying? Yeah, it was a long day."
"Did you have to do those stairs in Chinatown?"
He laughed and nodded so I rubbed his thigh in sympathy. At the next red traffic light we kissed sweetly and briefly. When he returned his attention to the road I slid my hand inbetween the buttons of his shirt and toyed with his white chest hair. Another traffic light and we kissed again, this one felt more dirty and delicious. I was getting all fired up. My naughty hand was self-compelled to rest on his lap, to investigate how fired up he was getting. I was pleased that he appeared to be enjoying this as much as me. I kissed his neck and rubbed his growing bulge through the pants material. Then a memory of a past conversation bounced joyfully like a puppy into my over-excited brain. I sat back in my seat and took off my boots. I swung my legs over and dropped my feet, moistened by spending nine hours tramping up and down the high-street, into his lap.
"Oh no!" he joked, "Not these cheesy monstrosities!"
I rubbed my damp nylon-covered soles over the bulge in his pants. His non-steering hand caressed my feet. He glanced over at me and my eyes challenged him. I silently dared him to do it. He sported a mischievous grin as he unbuttoned his fly and wrestled his impressive dick out. I immediate got one foot on each side of his thick, upright cock and began to awkwardly tease him. I was no foot-job expert so I relied on pure pressure and enthusiasm to agitate and arouse his sexy old cock.
"Mmmmmmmmfuuuuuck," he groaned.
At the next traffic light, he looked over at me so I opened my thighs and displayed my furry pussy, hidden only by a thin gossamer crotch. I rubbed his cock with my feet as he glared at my exposed cunt, looking so serious. I could see an amused but also scary determination in his face. I liked the danger twinkling between us. All too soon, we arrived at his street.
"Do you want to sneak me in, or something?" I asked, not having been a 'bit on the side' before.
"That's very conscientious of you but I can drive right into the garage."
We swung into a drive and he clicked a mechanism that rolled up the garage door. We drove in and parked as the door closed behind us. All alone. Our secret assignation. This was it. This was happening.
"We're really doing this?" I said, almost to myself.
"Only if you want to, kid."
"No, I do, I, er, just don't quite believe what I'm doing."
"I'm as surprised as you are. But I am very very happy about it."
Larry got out and came around to open my door. He lead me into his house and I peered around, curious to see his nik-naks and the detritus of his private existence. I stood for a long time pondering the photos of his family, his children… his wife. She was very tall, graceful looking and had long wavy black hair.
"She's very pretty," I said.
"Do you want a drink? Wine? Beer, cola, juice?"
"No. Er, yes. Wine, please!"
"Don't be nervous, Jinny," he smiled then walked into his kitchen.
I followed him in and was slightly taken back by being in the centre of his married domesticity. I was an invader, a usurper. I leaned back against the breakfast counter as he filled two glasses with wine. I took one and drank it down like water while he sipped his. I took the bottle and poured myself some more.
"I've made a decision, Larry."
"You have?"
I took a sip of wine then put down my glass. I put my arms around him and looked up into his eyes, eyes that a girl could get lost in.
"I want you to take my virginity," I said.
"Are you sure?"
I nodded and reached into my shoulder bag to pull out a handful of assorted foil-wrapped condoms.
"I don't think we'll get through all those today," he laughed, "It's a… I'm very honoured, Jinny, thank you."
"I trust you Larry."
"Do we need to worry about, um…"
"Oh, it won't hurt. I've played with… various things, you know, it's much more a… psychological step than a physical one."
"I am… pleased. Obviously."
We both sipped our wine.
"What did you think we were going be doing today?" I asked.
"Well, I was just hoping to put my tongue up your ass, but having sex could be good too."
I was shocked but I held my composure, smirking at the dirty old pervert.
"There's no reason we can't do both," I said.
I lifted my glass to my lips and Larry put his hand under the stem, lifting also so it drained into my mouth. He drained his own glass then lead me quickly up his stairs and into his bedroom. He chucked me on to his marital bed and I giggled as he sprang on top of me, showering me with kisses.
"Strip for me," I said.
Larry stood up and removed his shirt, his pants, underwear and socks to pose in all his naked splendour: his sun wrinkled skin, his white fur, his pot belly, his low hanging balls, his gorgeously thick dangling cock was a visual treat for my young eyes. You may well find it strange, he was no youthful muscular Adonis to be sure, but he ticked all my boxes and was just the kind of man I'd only really ever fantasised about. It may be kinky, but it was my kink and remains so to this day, luckily for my ageing husband who I find sexier with every new grey hair and laughter line. But… back to Larry. He was my old man. Mine. Not his wife's. I sat up on the edge of his bed and lay claim to him by taking his cock in both my hands. I teased his warm prick and encouraged it to swell and grow harder.
"Come closer," I said and he stepped next to me with one of his legs between my thighs.
I lowered my head so I could taste his salty, slightly vinegary, cockhead. It mixed with the flavour of the wine to make a sultry cocktail on my taste-buds. The shameless act made my pussy flood with arousal. I lifted up his thick rod and sniffed the masculine scent around his balls and felt my pussy get even wetter. I licked his wrinkled ballsack and stroked his stiff dick for a good few minutes until he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me on to my back. His legs nudged apart my thighs and he tore open my pantyhose.

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