The Virus Pt. 06

tagIncest/TabooThe Virus Pt. 06

AUTHOR'S NOTE: There used to be a story on this site, I think it was called Pool Party Becomes an Orgy. The author has since taken it down along with their profile. But if you like this genre you probably read it at some point and remember it fondly. I was a big fan and there is a shout out/tribute to that story in this chapter in case anyone recognizes it.
The four moms were slightly annoyed to discover that the grandmothers and Aunt Robin had thoroughly drained their boys dry. The drinks and all of the talk and note comparing of the previous night had all four of the mothers heated up and hoping to get some action when they returned home, prior to heading to Barbara's. But all seven boys had been completely exhausted and probably wouldn't be able to get hardons again until later when the virus did its thing.
Connie and Cheryl had managed to somehow peel their mom off of Jimmy and get her into the shower. Jimmy offered to help her in the shower but was rebuffed by his mother.
"I think you two have fucked enough for one day Jimmy. She'll be fine."
The boys took their own showers while Connie and Cheryl got into their bikinis and swim covers, and then packed a few things for Barbara's house. After their showers the boys changed into swim trunks and put on t-shirts. They then all gathered in the living room. It's still reeked of sex and pussy. Connie and Cheryl had left their swim covers untied, showing off their sexy midsections, cleavage and legs.
Jimmy noticed that both Connie and Cheryl were wearing basic flip-flops.
"Uh, mom and Aunt Cheryl, can the two of you maybe instead wear some of those sexy high heeled slip ons instead?"
"Hell yeah," said Colin. "Good idea Jimmy. Please mom and Aunt Connie? Make those fantastic legs of yours pop!"
Connie and Cheryl both blushed. They loved the attention and compliments and in their sexuaslly frustrated states would both do anything that would drive the boys nuts and result in them getting fucked even harder later on. They said sure and went back to Cheryl's room and came back wearing the requested footwear.
"Now that's more like it," said Eric. "Check out those gams!"
Cheryl and Connie loved the attention and twirled for the boys and each kicked a leg up. The high heels had their calves and thighs looking incredible.
"Goddamn you two are so hot," said Jimmy.
"All right everyone, let's get in the car and go to Barbara's," said Cheryl. "Eric, you drive."
"Shotgun," called out Colin, not realizing what a dumb move that was.
They all piled into the car and Jimmy sat in the back in between his sexy aunt and his beautiful mother. He immediately grabbed Cheryl's right leg and his mom's left leg and draped them over each of his thighs. He then ran his hands up and down their beautiful smooth, tan thighs. He let his hands move all of the way up to their bikini covered bottoms and massaged their pussies through the material. Both ladies sunk down in their seats and spread their legs wider to give him better access.
Colin looked back and saw the sexy sight of Jimmy fondling both of the beautiful MILFs and realized he was an idiot for wanting to sit up front. Calling 'shotgun' at his age was basically a muscle memory reaction and this time it cost him.
Cheryl had her eyes closed and was enjoying Jimmy's attention on her legs and pussy when she suddenly realized something.
"Oh shit, I almost forgot. Eric, stop at the pharmacy! We need to get some things."
The pharmacy was the next block so Eric pulled in.
"Don't park near the entrance…uh….ahhh….mmm…..park…where there aren't any other cars….oh shit," said Connie, whose pussy was now sopping wet thanks to Jimmy's ministrations.
Cheryl forwarded the list to Colin's phone. "Here Colin, run in and grab these items."
Colin read the texts out loud, "Morning after pills, lubricant, enema kits….enema kits??? Holy shit! Am I even allowed to buy this stuff? And baby oil. Goddamn."
"You're eighteen baby, you'll be fine….oh fuck that's good," said Cheryl, who had her hands on Jimmy's hand and was grinding her crotch into his four fingers that he was plunging in and out of her box.
Colin got out of the car and headed into the store.
Eric turned around and watched his cousin bring off his mother and aunt in the back seat. It was an incredibly sexy sight. Both fortysomething MILFs, sitting on the backseat with their legs lewdly spread and the crotch of their bikini bottoms pulled aside, exposing their beautiful wet pussies as a teenage boy finger banged them both to orgasm.
When Colin finally returned to the car with the items in shopping bags, Connie and Cheryl were both making out with Jimmy in the backseat. The whole car reeked of pussy. Jimmy had his arms around their waists and was turning his head between them. Whenever he was making out with one of the sexy moms the other would kiss and lick his neck and ears. They both had their hands down in his swim trunks, stroking his dick, but thanks to Nancy they weren't really getting any results.
"Jesus baby," said Connie. "Mom really drained you guys dry huh?"
"It was child abuse. You should both be ashamed of yourselves for leaving us alone with a woman like that," said Eric as he drove.
Connie and Cheryl both broke out laughing.
"Oh you poor boys! Being forced to have sex with one of your number one fantasies," joked Cheryl.
"We are such bad mothers," laughed Connie.
"I think that should be our punishment from now on," said Colin. "From this day forward, whenever we break curfew, get caught drinking, or do something stupid because Eric talked us into it, then just ground us and send us over to Nancy's for punishment. It's the only way we'll learn."
"I second that," said Jimmy, who was enjoying the two MILFs writhing against him and tonguing his ears.
They all laughed as Eric pulled into Barbara's driveway. Barbara had sent them a text saying that the door was open and to meet them by the pool.
They entered the house and put down their bags and walked out to the pool. Barbara and Suzy were both sunbathing, but their sons were nowhere in sight. Colin, Eric and Jimmy drank in the sight of the beautiful mothers in their bikinis, skin glistening with suntan oil. There was a pitcher of margaritas on the table with extra glasses, and Cheryl and Connie helped themselves.
"What's up ladies," greeted Cheryl. "Where are your boys at?"
"Probably still in the basement playing video games and recovering from mom and Robin. Those sluts really chewed them up and spit them out," said Suzy.
"Yeah," said Babara. "And the frustrating thing is that I was really hoping to get laid when we got back. I mean, we all needed a break, but ever since last night all I want to do is suck and fuck."
She then held her hand above her eyes to block the sun and looked at Colin, Eric and Jimmy.
"What about these guys? Can one of them throw a fuck into me?"
"Nope. At least not yet," said Connie. "We're in the same boat. We both got back excited to jump these guys only to discover that Nancy had drained them dry. Turns out mom is a total nympho."
"It was child endangerment. Our moms should really be arrested for leaving us with a woman that insatiable," said Jimmy.
Suzy laughed, "Oh I bet it was Jimmy! You poor teenage boys being forced to have nonstop sex!"
"Just give us an hour, or two," said Eric while staring at Barbara's beautiful body and long legs. "Before you know it this virus is gonna be kicking our ass again."
"I sure hope so," said Suzy. "My pussy is so fucking hungry right now."
"Jimmy got us both off in the backseat with his hands. We still need some good dick but it gave us a little relief. Why don't you both fool around with them," said Cheryl.
"I'll take whatever I can get," said Barbara as she got up off the lounge chair. Standing before the boys she slowly slid her bikini bottoms down her beautiful long legs. "One of you come here. I don't care which one."
All three stepped forward but Eric held his arms out and blocked his brother and cousin. Barbara took a hold of him and open mouth kissed him. Eric had his hands on her side when she broke the kiss.
"Touch me," she said and then went back to kissing him.
Eric took his one hand and reached down and cupped her pussy. It was incredibly wet. He sunk a few fingers into her and she gasped into his mouth.
Barbara then took him and roughly shoved him onto the lounger. She then pushed him down and then climbed up on top by his head and sat, more like dropped, her pussy right onto his face, causing muffled sounds of surprise from him.
"Mpphhhh…Mphhh….." She was being aggressive and mean about the whole thing, and Eric couldn't be happier about it.
Jimmy and Colin just stared and Colin then felt a hand on his wrist and looked up to see Suzy smiling at him.
"Get on the lounge chair and lay down Colin. I'm going to sit on your face."
"Yes ma'am!"
Colin laid down on the chair as Suzy pulled off her bikini bottoms and then climbed onto his face.
Cheryl and Connie each laid down on empty lounge chairs and took in the sun as their friends writhed on Cheryl's boys' faces. Jimmy jumped into the pool to cool off.
After cumming on the boys' faces both Barbara and Suzy told them to get lost and laid back down on the loungers as Colin and Eric joined their cousin in the pool.
"That was good, but I still really need some good dick. We'll have to be more thoughtful going forward in how we use our moms for help," said Suzy.
"I still can't believe my mom can fuck like that. It was just incredible," said Connie.
"It kind of makes sense though now that I think about. Remember how often they would put a movie on for us, or make us go outside to play and then lock themselves in their room for several hours," replied Cheryl.
"Shit Cheri, you're right. And mom would come back out but we wouldn't see dad for several more hours. And if she did that to our boys, all three of them, imagine poor dad!"
"Now we know why he always took so many naps," said Cheryl. All four of the moms laughed and refreshed their drinks.
In the pool the boys were discussing their situation.
"Man did Nancy do a number on us. I mean, I've been dreaming about her forever and all, but Suzy just sat on my face and I can't even get a hard on to fuck her. SUZY! I've been dreaming about her forever too but Nancy rendered me useless," complained Colin.
"Tell me about it," said Eric. "What guy hasn't dreamed about having Barbara's fantastic long legs wrapped around them, but nope. I'm completely drained thanks to grandma."
"Relax guys. In another hour or two the virus will have us all hard as rocks again. And now there's all seven of us guys here. Those ladies are gonna be crying 'uncle' in a few hours from all of the cock they're gonna get," said Jimmy.
"Speaking of which, let's go see the other guys. It feels like forever since we've all been together," said Eric.
The three boys got out of the pool and grabbed towels to dry off. They stared at the four MILFs sitting on loungers, drinking their margaritas and discussing all of the sex they had the previous night. They were quite the sight to behold in their bikinis with all of their gorgeous tanned flesh on display.
Frustrated, the three boys entered the house and went down to the basement to see their friends. Their buddies were all playing video games and they were greeted with high fives and fist bumps. Derek grabbed Jimmy and pushed him down on the couch and the others surrounded him.
"All right bro," said Derek. "Dr Lee! Spill it man! And don't leave out any details!"
"Yeah, Jimmy. Tell us how she made you 'feel sooooo good," said Paul, mimicking Sandra.
"I can't believe that you were Dr Lee's sex prisoner for two days. TWO DAYS! Goddamn you lucky son of a bitch," said Brian.
Jimmy laughed and gave the guys all of the details.
Outside the ladies had sunned themselves for about an hour when the sliding glass door opened up. They all looked to see who it was and out came Gerri, Robin and Nancy. They were wearing bikinis and sexy high heeled flip flops. Robin was carrying a fresh pitcher of margaritas. All three were sporting a lovely fresh fucked glow about them.
"Wow! You sluts all look like you all got laid really good this morning. Did you ditch the one pieces," asked Suzy.
"Steven and Derek told us that they only wanted to see us in bikinis from now on," replied Robin. "They were pounding us both up the ass at the time so I felt like we had no choice but to agree."
"What a pair! And you Nancy," asked Barbara.
"I just feel so desired after this morning and I haven't felt that way in forever. After a shower and a nap I decided it was time to break out the old bikini. Maybe it will help me get lucky again later."
"Jesus Christ, haven't you had enough sex for one day mom," asked Cheryl.
"Seriously. We would really love a good fuck right now, but the three of you rendered those boys useless," said Connie.
Gerri raised her glass to Connie, "It was our pleasure!"
"Sluts," Connie retorted and they all laughed.
There was a group lounger that seated four comfortably and the three senior ladies all laid down on it.
Another hour went by as they sunned themselves into the mid afternoon. Barbara then got up and asked Connie and Cheryl, "Did you ladies get the items that we need?"
"Yep," replied Connie. "We left them on the kitchen table."
"Thank you so much girls. I haven't had anal in so long and I figured today's the day. We have to be getting close to fuck time so I'm gonna go ahead and do an enema. Once this party gets started I doubt that we'll have a lot of time for breaks."
The other six ladies were in agreement and they all took turns going inside to clean out their asses with the enema kits.
When they were all back on the loungers the sliding glass door opened again and Jimmy came out and walked over to them.
"Hey Gerri and Robin, it's so good to see you two. Oh wow! I've been wanting to see you two and grandma in bikinis forever! You all look even better than I imagined! I hope this isn't a one time thing."
"My my my Jimmy Tucker. Way to make us old gals feel sexy! We've been hearing a lot about you by the way. Mostly good but also naughty," flirted Robin.
Jimmy smiled and addressed the four moms. "Um, downstairs in the basement, uh…the guys…uh, the virus is acting up again. We could use some help."
"It's about frigging time," said Barbara. She had a couple of hair ties around her wrist and she removed two of them and gave one to Suzy, and then pulled her hair back into a ponytail as Suzy did the same. Barbara then got up and addressed the other moms.
"Come on Suzy. Let's go suck some cock and get fucked. Connie and Cheryl, are you two joining?"
"Hell yes," replied Connie.
The four mothers excitedly got up and headed into the house. They were quite the sight in their bikinis and high heeled sandals, walking towards the house with their beautiful asses swaying from side to side.
Jimmy hung back and stayed with the three older ladies. He sensed a golden opportunity and didn't want to waste it.
The four moms got inside and downed their margaritas and headed to the basement. They were all extremely horny and also very socially lubricated from the drinks.
They descended the basement stairs. The six boys all stopped what they were doing and stood up and stared as four beautiful, tanned, fortysomething bikini clad moms in high heels entered the room.
"Wow," said Derek.
"Goddamn," said Brian.
"Holy shit," said Eric.
"Fuck me," said Colin.
"That's the plan," replied Barbara to Colin. She walked right up to him and embraced him and planted a kiss right on his mouth. Soon they were making out. Suzy did the same to Brian.
The sectional couches were covered in blankets and there were also blankets on the floor, towels and bottles of lubricant available.
Steve, Derek, Paul and Eric weren't sure how to move forward. Eric wanted another crack at Barbara, but the other three just looked at the amazing Tucker sisters and were frozen in their tracks. They had all fantasized about them forever, especially Connie, but none knew how to make the first move.
Connie and Cheryl looked at them all while smiling mischievously with their hands on their hips.
"Hmmm….very nice selection," said Cheryl. "But who to choose first?"
"I have an idea sis!"
"Shoot Connie!"
"Let's pick one of these studs and then you and me make his dreams come true?"
"Ooh…I like that idea. What boy doesn't dream of a MILF sandwich."
"Especially when those MILFs are sisters," said Connie.
Steve, Derek and Paul's heart rates all increased at Connie's words. Eric had already had the pleasure and knew he was out, so he refocused on being next in line for Barbara.
"Ok," said Cheryl. "Who wants a threesome with the Tucker sisters?"
All three of their hands excitedly shot up.
"Oh dear," said Connie. "They all want us! What a compliment!"
"Who's it gonna be sis," asked Cheryl. "Which one of these studs is gonna have both of us all to himself for the next hour or so?"
Connie regarded each boy in kind with her finger at her lips, as if carefully pondering her decision. All three looked incredibly excited, but Steve also looked very nervous. He had a very innocent boy next door handsomeness that Connie just found adorable. And the fact that he also looked terrified made her choice easier.
"Ok then, it's going to be……Steven!"
Derek and Paul both swore their disappointment and it caused Connie's maternal instincts to kick in.
"Oh please don't be too upset boys. You're both going to have plenty of opportunities to have threesomes with me and Cheryl," said Connie. "I promise we'll make it extra special."
Cheryl then addressed Steve, "All right Steve. You got us all to yourself for the next hour or so. Are you ready for your threesome?"
"Uu, yes! Holy shit yes," he nervously replied.
"Then get your ass in the bedroom stud!"
Steve awkwardly took a few steps forward when Connie stopped him.
"Steve! What are you doing?"
"Huh," he said, completely confused.
"Grab one of those bottles of lubricant silly. My sister and I are going to make ALL of your fantasies come true."
Steve looked at Derek and Paul with a stunned expression and then grabbed one of the bottles and quickly followed the ladies into the bedroom and they closed the door.
"That lucky prick," said a jealous Paul.
Behind them Barbara was laying on one of the sectional couches with her gorgeous long legs sticking straight up in the air with Colin between them, who was pounding away at her pussy. On the other sectional Suzy was in the same position with Brian banging into her for all he was worth.
"UH! UH! UH," Barbara cried out with every thrust of Colin's big cock into her cunt.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted this Barbara," said Colin as he thrust into her. "I can't believe this is finally happening."
"It's happening kid! UH! UH! And your gonna be fucking me a lot from now on! Now slam that beautiful prick into me," said Barbara.
Colin leaned his head down and kissed Barbara's long neck as his hips rapidly rose and fell between her long legs. Barbara started to cum and brought her legs down and wrapped them around Colin.
"That's it baby! I'm cumming! Oh baby I needed this! Fuck me Colin!"
Feeling her long legs wrapped around his lower back was too much for Colin and he started to shoot his load inside of Barbara. He moved his lips from her neck to her mouth and kissed her as they both orgasmed.
On the sectional next to them Suzy had her eyes shut tight and a pleasurable grimace on her face as Brian fucked the shit out of her. He had his hands on the armrest above her head and was slamming his cock into her pussy as fast as he could. His thrusts had her big tits bouncing up and down her body, which was an incredible turn on for him. Suzy was holding onto his waist and started to cum. She opened her eyes and started to make noises.

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