The Virus Pt. 07

tagIncest/TabooThe Virus Pt. 07

Jimmy woke up naked, spooning his still sleeping mother in her bed. After they had gotten home from Barbara's they showered together in her room and then made love, falling asleep in each other's arms. They both slept through the night without Jimmy waking up for any virus relief. So now he was feeling very strong effects from the disease.
His mother's body pressing up against him felt fantastic. He slowly pulled back the sheets. She still had on the light purple negligee that she had worn to bed. He put down the covers and then ran his hand up her thigh and over her bum. He kissed her neck and ran his hand along the crease of her ass until he reached the folds of her vagina. He rubbed his fingers along her folds, causing her to start to get wet. She moaned in her sleep and then turned her head to him.
Jimmy leaned over and kissed her cheek. Starting to wake up, Connie lifted her one thigh to give her son better access to her and let out a sigh of pleasure as she felt his fingers enter her. Jimmy started to kiss her neck as he massaged her pussy.
Connie rolled over to face him and pushed him on his back. She climbed on top of him and grinded herself against his hard cock while kissing him. She reached down and took hold of his hard cock and whispered in his ear.
"We better get this taken care of right away huh sweetie?"
She then placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy and sat down on it. She then started to rise up and down on him.
"You just lay there and relax baby. Let mommy do all of the work."
Connie then leaned down and kissed him as she rode his cock. After several moments went by she broke the kiss and started to orgasm on his dick.
"Oh sweetie, mommy just loves taking care of you! UH! I get…mmmm…ah…oh baby I get so much satisfaction out of it!"
Jimmy held onto her hips and started to drive his cock up into her, meeting her thrusts.
"I love it when you take care of me mom. You always know just how to make me feel better. Like right now…ah shit here it comes! I'm cumming!"
"That's it baby! Relieve that pressure sweetie! Shoot it all into me baby! Shoot it into mommy! Let mommy take all of that nasty pressure away!"
Jimmy blasted his semen into her, causing her to squeal in excitement, knowing that once again he was filling her up.
When their mutual orgasms subsided Connie laid down on top of her son and they made out and caressed each other for several minutes. His shrinking cock fell out of her pussy and his cum leaked out of her and onto his crotch. Connie then got up off of him as well as the bed.
"I'm going to go get coffee started and then take a shower," she said and then turned to leave the room. Jimmy watched the back of her beautiful legs as she left.
After a few minutes Jimmy got out of bed and went to grab some coffee. He heard the shower start and felt his loins stir and headed to the bathroom. He walked in just as his mother was getting naked and went to embrace her, but she pushed him away.
"Hey! What gives. Doesn't a mutual shower sound like fun?"
"Of course it does sweetie," said Connie. "But your grandmother called while I was making coffee. She's coming over and she asked if she could spend some alone time with you. She'd be quite upset if I drained you before she got here."
"Grandma's coming over? Sweet! What are you gonna do?"
"Once Cheryl gets done with her boys we're going to go for a hike and then grab lunch. Then we'll all go to Barbara's for the orgy…uh, the party or whatever."
"Mom, after these last few days, especially last night, I think we can just go ahead with the word 'orgy' ok?"
Connie blushed and laughed at the same time. She leaned forward and embraced her son, resting her head on his muscular chest, "I know sweetie I know. It's just, this has all been such a whirlwind you know? In just a few short days we've broken pretty much every single taboo that there is. Incest, group sex, anal sex. I mean, I had sex with seven boys last night. Seven! And a lot of them went at me multiple times. And it's going to happen again and honestly, I can't wait! I loved it! And I know it's only a matter of time before us moms start fooling around with each other too. And I'm open to it. We'll probably do it mostly to turn you boys on."
"That would be so hot mom," said Jimmy as he felt his cock stir. "I know seeing Nancy, Robin and Gerri mess around with each other was incredibly exciting for me and the guys. If their plan was for us to get turned on and fuck them even more it sure worked."
Connie laughed into his chest, "Oh I could tell! It really gave you boys a second wind."
"More like a sixth wind," joked Jimmy as he squeezed Connie into him, causing her to laugh.
"But, whenever all of the sex is over, and I'm doing something like just laying in bed, or making coffee, I think about everything that we've done, and it's just hard to take in. Just a few days ago everything was so normal. And now, like I said, it's been a whirlwind. It's just a lot to process."
"I understand mom. I don't regret anything, but we'll try to keep a sense of normalcy during all of this. And speaking of 'whirlwinds,' can you please not leave me alone with grandma for too long? I'm thrilled that she's coming over, but I'd also like to be able to actually participate in Barbara's org, uh… 'party' this afternoon."
Connie smiled and laughed, "No problem tiger. I'll make sure to come home in time to rescue you from that wildcat. Now go get in your own shower. She should be here soon and you know that sex maniac is gonna pounce as soon as she gets in the door."
Shortly after his mom had left Jimmy heard the familiar sound of his grandmother's car pulling into the driveway. He went to the window and watched her get out and uttered 'YES!" to himself. She was wearing the light green and white striped summer stretch dress that he and his cousins loved. Of all of her outfits, this was the one that really showed off just how sexy this sixty three year old woman still was. And watching her walk up the driveway in that dress was always a treat for Jimmy. Jimmy also noticed that her open toed wedges seemed to have gained an inch or so in the heel, further accentuating her already fantastic legs. Jimmy smiled at the changes in her. Bikinis and higher high heeled shoes. Clearly all of the great sex was making her feel as beautiful as she was.
As soon as Nancy opened the front door she was greeted by her muscular grandson who pulled her into an embrace. He squeezed her tight and lifted her off the ground and twirled her around. He then set her down, never breaking the kiss as he ran his hands all over her gorgeous body. She absolutely loved it and the feeling of being desired that it gave her.
"I'm so glad you're here Nancy," Jimmy said excitedly as he broke their kiss. "This is going to be such a fun morning!"
"I'll come over every morning if I know I'm going to be greeted like that," said a flushed Nancy.
"Did you want some coffee or anything? Or should we just get right to it?"
"Mmmm…let's get right to it," said Nancy as she leaned in for more kissing and groping. Jimmy grabbed her under her knees and lifted her up and carried her to his room, kissing her the whole way. Nancy was in heaven as the powerfully built teenager carted her away. Her whole body tingled, knowing that he would soon be inside of her.
Jimmy got to his room and set her down, and then closed the door. When he turned around Nancy was removing the spaghetti straps of the dress from her bronzed shoulders.
"Whoa whoa whoa Nancy! Don't remove the dress!"
Nancy gave him a confused, concerned look.
"But don't you want to…we're not going to…," Nancy started to ask, worried that she was being rejected.
"Oh no! That's not what I mean. I just love that dress and how sexy it makes you look. You're gonna fuck in that dress and I'll take it off of you when I'm ready," Jimmy said as he seized her and embraced her in another kiss. "You're gonna be my fuckslut Nancy. All morning long. I'm gonna do whatever I want, and you're going to let me. Do you understand?"
Nancy nodded her head as a thrill raced through her whole body. Her grandson was going to dominate her, and she couldn't wait. Just the thought of being thoroughly used as his 'fuckslut' had her getting extremely wet.
As they made out Jimmy backed her up across the room until her butt hit the edge of his desk. Without breaking their kiss, Jimmy grabbed onto her waist and lifted her onto the desk. He then had her lie back on the desk. He got between her legs and put his hands on the sides of her bare thighs and ran them up her dress. She lifted her legs and spread them, further driving the dress up her thighs and exposing her pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties which caused Jimmy to break out in a huge smile.
"I knew it," he said, before leaning down and feasting on her exposed pussy. Nancy closed her eyes and gasped as Jimmy went down on her. Soon she was writhing on the desk and cumming in his face.
When she was done cumming, Jimmy pulled her up into a sitting position and kissed her as she pulled off his t-shirt. She then pushed him back and hopped off of the desk. She grabbed his shorts and pulled them down while lowering herself into a squat, and took his massive cock in her hand and leaned forward and began to suck him into her mouth.
"Oh god Nancy you suck so good," said Jimmy as he placed his hands on her head.
He was rock hard in no time as Nancy expertly deepthroated his nine inch hammer. He let her suck him until he almost came and then pushed her face off his cock. He lifted her up and placed her back on the desk and pushed her down. He reached across the desk and grabbed a bottle of lube that he had placed there.
"Lift up your legs and spread them. I'm gonna grease up and fuck that gorgeous ass of yours."
Nancy wasn't expecting to go straight to anal, but she was puddy in his hands and loved being submissive, so she did as she was told. She laid back and lifted her gorgeous, tanned legs and spread them wide, causing the dress to rise up and expose her pussy and asshole.
"So fucking sexy," Jimmy said as he placed the head of his cock against his grandmother's butthole and pushed it inside.
"Ahhhh…" Nancy gasped as she closed her eyes, feeling her grandson's nine inches slide into her asshole. Jimmy wasn't bothering with waiting for her to adjust to him as he started to fuck. Nancy grimaced as she got used to the big cock sliding in and out of her tight ass. This reminded her of her husband Gus when he would get home from business trips. He would be so pent up sexually that he always attacked her and completely ravaged her as soon as he walked into the house. He would then 'force' her to get him hard again so that he could ravage her some more. She absolutely loved being used like that. And now Gus' grandson was using her for his own pleasure.
"Goddamn you feel so good," Jimmy said as he increased his pace, rubbing his hands up and down her beautiful, smooth legs. He then reached down and rubbed her pussy. Nancy groaned and started to orgasm. Jimmy responded by fucking her ass even harder.
Soon he was on the verge of cumming and said to her, "Nancy, I'm close. I'm gonna cum and I need that good sucking again."
He pulled his cock out of her ass and stepped back while pulling her up and off of the desk.
"Get down there and suck," he said as she dutifully squatted down and took his greasy dick into her mouth and started to deepthroat him again. Jimmy threw his head back and closed his eyes as he got ready to cum into her mouth.
"Oh yeah, that's it. Suck. suck. suck. Oh yeah! Suck it Nancy! Suck! Suck!"
Nancy went faster and felt him start to tense up. She had her hands on his hips and was ready to receive his cum. Jimmy started to blast off. Rope after rope shot into her mouth as she moaned and struggled to swallow it all. Some of his jizz started to seep from between her lips and his cock and drip onto the floor.
"So good! So fucking good! Suck Nancy suck! Keep sucking," he cried out as he continued to orgasm into her mouth.
As his orgasm subsided he ordered to keep sucking, and she went back to deepthroating his entire inches.
"Don't stop. Keep sucking. That's it Nancy. Keep me hard so I can fuck that ass some more. Suck it Nancy! Christ you are so good at this! Feels so good! Suck! Suck! Suck!"
Nancy's legs started to get sore from holding the squat she was in, but she dutifully kept deepthroating his enormous prick. He was treating her like a piece of meat and she loved it.
Jimmy eventually reached down and took Nancy by the shoulders and lifted her up. He turned her around and pushed her down, bending her over the desk.
"Reach back and spread your ass cheeks," he ordered.
She did as she was told and he leaned forward and shoved his cock back into her asshole for the second time and started to thrust.
"I love this so much! I could fuck this ass all day," he said as he pounded into her.
Nancy let go of her ass cheeks and reached up and held onto the end of the desk as Jimmy pumped himself into her ass. She felt another orgasm coming on and began to tense up.
"UH! Ohhhh…mmmm…ahhhhh…Jimmy…"
"You love it don't you Nancy," teased Jimmy as he pounded away at her. "Getting that ass fucked gets you off doesn't it?"
"UH! Uh huh! UH! Ahh…so good," Nancy groaned as Jimmy's thrusts sent her whole body moving across the heavy wood desk.
Jimmy had his hands on her hips and moved them up her waist, sliding the dress further up her body.
"God I love this dress Nancy. You look so fucking sexy in it. You're gonna get fucked every time you wear it around me. Colin and Eric too. Every time you wear this you better be ready to fuck. Do you understand?"
"UH! Yes! OH! I'll wear it everyday! OH! So good!"
Jimmy was pulling his nine inches as far out of her ass as he could without completely pulling out, and then slamming his full length back into her butt, yelling with each thrust.
"SO! FUCKING! GOOD," he yelled out with each thrust.
Since he had just cum earlier, Jimmy was able to pound Nancy's ass for a long time. She had no complaints as she enjoyed the wonderful painful pleasure of being so full of cock in her ass. She held herself still on the desk, letting her grandson do all of the work as he rapidly pumped his hips, sending his nine inches repeatedly in and out of her tight ass. The room filled with the sounds of his greased up cock plunging in and out of her tight, wet asshole.
After a significant amount of time went by, Jimmy finally started to feel an orgasm working its way through his body. He reached up and tightly grabbed Nancy by the back of her neck.
"Nancy, I'm gonna need that mouth again in a second. Get ready to suck!"
He continued to pound her ass as he felt his orgasm build. Once he was completely on edge and he roughly lifted her off the desk by her neck and swung her around. Nancy dutifully dropped to her knees and swallowed his nine inch, lube covered cock into her mouth for the second time, and started to suck him.
"Jesus Nancy! I can't believe how good you are at this! So good! Ahhh shit here it comes! Suck Nancy suck!"
Nancy once again held onto his hips as he blasted into her mouth for the second time. She immediately started to swallow while continuing to deepthroat him. Her skills were unparalleled as she once again sent him to the moon with pleasure, while swallowing another huge load. She continued to suck as his orgasm slowly ebbed.
"Don't stop Nancy. Keep sucking. God, your so fucking good at this. Keep sucking and keep me hard. I'm not done fucking you. Do you understand?"
"Mhm," Nancy acknowledged, keeping her mouth on his dick as she sucked and sucked.
"That's it Nancy. Suck that cock. Keep it nice and hard so that you get fucked some more," Jimmy commanded as he looked down at his sucking grandmother. He loved watching his cock disappear into her mouth and throat as she continued to orally go back and forth on him.
"If it's not hard then you don't get fucked more. Do you understand Nancy?"
"Mhm," she responded, speeding up her deepthroating.
"That's it Nancy. Give me that good sucking. You're so good at this. So fucking good."
Jimmy's cock never lost any of its hardness. He let her suck him way longer than needed just because it felt so good. Finally he reached down and lifted her up so that they were both standing, facing each other. He grabbed the dress and pulled it up and over her head.
"All right, it's time to lose the sexy dress," he said as he tossed it on the floor. He then embraced her and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as they kissed. He walked her over to his bed and they both fell on it, him on top of her, and continued to kiss. She kept her legs wrapped around him and was grinding her crotch into him.
"Reach down and put me in you," Jimmy said and then went back to kissing her.
Nancy reached down and grabbed his hard cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy, and Jimmy pushed himself inside, causing her to loudly moan into his mouth.
Nancy almost immediately started to cum all over Jimmy's dick as he began to thrust into her. All you could hear was her moaning, their kissing, and his dick sliding in and out of her extremely wet pussy.
Nancy squeezed her legs around him and began to have multiple orgasms as he pumped into her. She was writhing underneath him, and pulling him into her with every thrust. They went at it like this for several minutes. Jimmy eventually rolled them over, his cock never leaving her pussy, and she started to ride him while he reached up and squeezed her tits. Nancy seemed to have one continuous long orgasm and she bounced up and down on top of his dick.
Jimmy eventually took hold of her and he physically rearranged them into the doggie position. He was tossing her around like a rag doll and she absolutely loved it. He took a fistful of her short hair in the back of her head and pulled her face up as he slammed into her pussy from behind, causing her to cry out.
"AHHH!! UH! OH!"
"Need me to slow down," asked Jimmy as he sped up.
"No! Please don't stop," Nancy yelled as she again orgasmed for the umpteenth time.
Jimmy then flipped her over onto her back. He grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders and she reached down and grabbed his cock and put him back inside of her. Jimmy then leaned down and started to slam into her. With her legs over his shoulders her feet were bouncing up and down by his ears to his thrusts.
"You feel so fucking good Nancy! I just love fucking you!"
"YOU feel so good sweetie! I'm all yours! Whenever, wherever! Fuck me baby," replied Nancy as she held his face in her hands.
"I'm close! I can't hold off! You feel too good Nancy! I'm gonna fill you up…ahhhh!"
Jimmy started to blast off, sending his third orgasm into Nancy's wet pussy as she removed her legs from his shoulders and wrapped them around his waist, and squeezed him further inside of her. They locked lips as she moaned into his mouth, loving the feeling of his big cock shooting his seed into her.
Jimmy slowed his pace as his orgasm subsided, and eventually was just making very gentle love to Nancy as they continued to kiss and enjoy the afterglow. Jimmy eventually broke the kiss and buried his face into the crook of Nancy's neck and slowly dozed off. Nancy kept her legs wrapped around him and ran her hands up and down his muscular body while she cooed into his ear. She loved the feel of being underneath the full weight of his body. Soon they were both asleep.
They both dozed off for about a half hour and were awoken by Connie as she entered the room.
"Get up lovebirds! I brought you both sandwiches from the restaurant for lunch. Goddamn it reaks of sex in here!"

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