The white witch, the finger and the suana | bisexual story from 1990s Libertine

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Back in the 1990s I was friends with a girl who was gay – well she was bi, but mainly by this point was into women. She was also a white witch and a bit of a seer. I met her one night for drinks in a pub in south London as, despite being a witch and a seer, she was perfectly normal and great company. We had some drinkies and a good chat then, as the pubs were closing she asked if I wanted to head back to her’s to smoke some weed and carry on chatting. I happily accepted and off we went.
Naturally, after a split and drink talked turned intimate and before long we were talking about what we liked to do sexually. And as you might expect, hands started wandering and soon kissing was on the cards and touching. Her hand slowly working its way up my inner thigh until it lightly brushed my now stiffening cock. I too had my hand up her skirt, and was searching for her wet folds. We of course ripped our clothes off and soon were making out naked on the floor, kissing and entwining, fingering and pulling and gasping. Soon I was on top of her fucking her lovely tight wet pussy. I fucked her slowly and gently and savoured the moment, but soon I approached orgasm. “I’m gonna cum” I said breathlessly… to which she replied, “Spunk on my face, please, I love that” so I pulled out, knelt across her and wanked my final few strokes…
Just as I was about to cum, she expertly stuck her finger up my bum and pressed my prostate and I exploded like a fountain of cum all over her face and hair. It was incredible. I had never had an orgasm like it… nor had I ever had anything stuck up my ass.
As we lay recovering, her licking cum off her fingers, I said “I am surprised that you like that… and that you know the bum finger thing… I thought you were…”
“gay?” she said, raising an eyebrow. “I am yes, but I love cock now and again… don’t you?”
I had, at this point never experienced a cock, so I said “well, no, I don’t know – I have never given it any thought”
“Ah you will,” she said, “you’re game for most things… you’ll try it before the next full moon” she added playing up to her witchy side as a joke… or so I thought…

Now I am not a superstitious man, but something weird happened two weeks later… just before the full moon. Hung over one Saturday I headed to my local sports centre to use the sauna to sweat out the previous nights excess. I have no scientific proof that this works, but I enjoyed it. Made me feel cleansed. While I was sitting on the upper tier reading my book a man of about 50 came in, like me wearing only a towel. It was a unisex sauna, but hardly anyone ever used it so I tended to not wear anything but a towel… so too it seemed did this gentleman.Anyway I nodded hello and went back to my book, but became aware of movement on the other side of the sauna and glanced up to see him sitting with his legs open just enough to see up his towel and get a good look at his cock and balls. I went back to my book, but couldn’t help sneaking looking. Each time seeing his cock getting stiffer until it was horizontal and help down only by his taut towel. By this point I was no longer reading, just staring at the book and looking up under my eyelids every few seconds. He knew, of course and pretty soon threw caution to the wind and opened his towel. His cock sprung up and he slowly started wanking it, clearly enjoying the freedom and knowing he was being watched. I put my book down and just watched, thinking what harm can it do… he’s enjoying it, I like watching and so I did. But I was now also really aroused and my cock was pulsating against my towel. Fuck it, I thought, and opened my towel and started to wank my cock in time with his. He smiled and carried on. After a few minutes of this he suddenly got up and walked across the sauna, knelt on the bench below mine, and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked expertly – it felt exactly like any woman doing it had, it was lovely – and he carried on wanking. I was really digging this: the naughtiness, the public-ness, the gay-ness… and I sat back and let him suck and then I came into his mouth, hard. He swallowed the lot.Then he stood in front of me and said “my turn”. I hopped down to stand in front of him and knelt and took his cock – my first – in my mouth and sucked. It was hard but smooth and felt really good. I could also tell he was going to cum, his muscles tensing and his cock gently thrusting. As this built up and I knew it was coming it did something totally instinctually, guided perhaps by witchcraft, and stuck my finger up his ass making him cum like a fountain in my mouth and all over my face. “That,” he panted afterwards “was amazing.” “It was my first time… with a guy” I said… “But a witch told me it would happen” I blurted out… “Ah do you mean [NAME WITHHELD]?” and named my white witch friend… “yes” I said incredulously… “do you know her?””I do,” he said “she’s fucking my lesbian sister”Now, as I say, I am not superstitious, but that was one hell of a coincidence. Magic even. Bless the white witch for opening the door to a whole new world of sexual pleasure… pleasures I will share in the next few stories.