The Wicked Tower Pt. 05

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tagIncest/TabooThe Wicked Tower Pt. 05

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy.
"I am Tes-amen." The dark-skinned man looked over the voyagers. They were easy to spot on the docks with the young duke's height and blond hair. He stuck out like a flaming serpent in the sand. "Our porters will load your things on those elephants over there." He gestured vaguely behind him. He turned his attention to the women. They were short. One of them was too pale to be of Surround blood. The other was armored like a war rhino. "Good day, ladies."
"Those are elephants?" Vel looked over at the monstrous creatures as men fitted them with harnesses for the luggage. Despite the strange animals, the odd smells, and the swirling dust everywhere, the bustling port reminded Vel of home. Maybe all ports in the kingdom carried the same energy. "Are we to ride them?"
"No, Your Grace." Tes-amen bowed humbly. "Elephants are not for riding. We have dragons for that." A thin smile touched his lips.
"Dragons." Vel's eyes widened in alarm.
"He's joking, Brother." Naevia hoisted her quiver and looped it over her shoulder, followed by her bow. She lifted her stola and pinned it up at the knees to keep it out of the dust. "There are no more dragons."
"Careful with those birds." Dellia scolded a porter holding one of their pigeon cages. "The viscount sends a clown to fetch us?" She strode up to Tes-amen, her lorica squamata clinking and glittering in the morning light. "Do not vex the Duke of Ostia Novus." She squinted into the man's face, her hand on her sword hilt.
Tes-amen smiled serenely back at her.
"No, it's okay." Vel walked over and put his hand on his cousin's shoulder, careful to keep his fingers from the bare skin on her neck. He felt very much like he was restraining a guard dog. His mother was wise to send Dellia along. "I like this man's humor. Come, Tes-amen, lead us to our accommodations."
"Very well." Tes-amen turned and a guard of about a dozen men dressed in crimson tunics flanked them as they walked uphill away from the port.
Kart Hadasht brimmed with energy. The lively, organic architecture, joined the snatches of stringed music and omnipresent hum of people. Vel tried his best to not let his mouth hang open as he looked around. They wended their way up cobbled streets that became wider the higher they went. Shops gave way to houses. And then the houses grew larger, with glimpses of fragrant gardens through their arched gates. "Is the guard really necessary? I spy no lone Vulpes ready to swoop down upon us."
"The Vulpes are in the employ of the queens regent, so they are, of course, welcome in Kart Hadasht. As they would be in Ostia Novus, I'm sure." Tes-amen looked up at his guest with that thin smile. "And I would not expect to see a lone Vulpes. Has Your Grace not heard? They travel always in pairs."
Naevia's interest picked up at this. Sweat dripped off her forehead and stained her stola, but she worked hard to keep up. Huffing and puffing, she said, "Speak more of this. We have little contact with that branch of the crown."
"It is said that each pair deployed must be married to each other. A man and a woman." Tes-amen leaned his head toward Naevia and Vel like he relished a bit of gossip. "It is said –"
"Let us not talk of the Vulpes." Dellia cut in. "No good would come of that. Have you heard from the lost cities to the south?"
"No, the south is nothing but ash and fire." Tes-amen shook his head sadly.
"I could stand to hear more of the Vulpes." Vel watched a veiled woman as she looked down at them from a stone veranda. Above them loomed one of the crumbling towers, a ruined building at its feet. Vel swerved ever so slightly away from the tower, knowing that a stone could fall from its heights at any time.
"It is said that the queens regent thought to reorganize the Vulpes, personally." Tes-amen was clearly happy to provide his font of knowledge. "Loyalty was a problem early on, when the order moved from procurement of supplies to procurement of information. In their inexhaustible wisdom, they found that a married man and woman would better maintain loyalty to each other and the crown."
They turned a corner and the seven turrets of the city's fortress came into view.
"Here we are at last." Dellia turned and looked back toward the water. The city was laid out below them, a puzzle of curves and boxes jumbling down to the sea. "Where are our elephants?"
"They are too big to come the short way. They must go around." Tes-amen led them forward, his stern crimson-clad guard still close at hand. "Come, the gate is just over here."
"That … was … the easy way?" Naevia huffed and puffed, the strap of her quiver chaffing between her breasts.
"Would you like me to carry you the rest of the way?" Vel smiled down at her. It was nice when he was better than her at something. Apparently, he climbed hills like a champion.
Naevia shot him a mock sour expression.
"Very well. On your own two feet. We will relax in luxury very soon." Vel looked over to his cousin, who was now engaging Tes-amen on the care of elephants. Too bad, Vel was hoping to learn more about the Vulpes. Maybe later.
"Lovely to see you again, Lord Hostus." Cassia smiled at the young man as he bowed.
"And you as well, duchess." Hostus smiled pleasantly at his soon-to-be mother-in-law. "I trust all is well with the Tullius family."
"Very well." Cassia didn't care for the lie, but it was better than the truth.
"Ah, my spring flower." Hostus turned his gaze on Bantia. She stood by a window overlooking the harbor, and looked every bit the beauty he had been promised. He took her soft hand and kissed it.
"Are you two ready for your garden walk? I will chaperone today." Cassia, not for the first time, noted their difference in height. Hostus was tall for a man of the Surround, but Bantia was taller by about five inches. Cassia wondered at her family's strange northern blood. How was it that all but one of her children had inherited the stature of those in the Savage North?
"You are going to chaperone? Can't one of the servants do it?" Bantia had hoped for a little more privacy with her lover.
"After the wedding you won't need a chaperone. Or even a mother, I shouldn't imagine." Cassia gave a wistful smile and opened the glass double doors out to the courtyard. "Let me have the pleasure of trailing you two. From a respectful distance, of course."
"Of course." Hostus bowed to Cassia gallantly and led Bantia out into the fresh air. He looked up at this graceful woman the fates had put in his path. She was perfect for him. He didn't think Bantia's height would be a problem at all. He very much looked forward to exploring every inch of her in the near future.
Cassia followed them around for the afternoon, musing on the innocence of youth.
The viscount was not as entertaining as Tes-amen, but he received the travelers and offered them all the resources of Kart Hadasht while the duke carried on his negotiations. After refreshments, the guests were shown to their rooms.
Vel lounged in the bright, airy room looking out at the city from an open window. A knock sounded on the intricately wrought silver door. "Come."
The door opened and in stepped Naevia wearing a fresh linen stola that looked like it played on the edge of transparent. "What do you think, Vel?" She closed the door behind her and scurried over to close the window. "Is this not a pleasant place?"
"It is very pleasant." Vel watched her walk, her shape more readily apparent in her new clothes. "Seems a bit much, actually. Elephants, candied dates, gold plumbing. Did you know I have a bath in my chambers?" He waved his hand at the adjoining room where steam billowed out of the doorway.
"I did not know that, Your Grace. You must be a very important person." She laughed and stopped in the middle of a floral carpet at the foot of the bed. "What are you doing in your dusty clothes?" She pulled gently at the bottom of his cloak and tsked at him.
"I see you've found something new to wear."
"Most of my clothes were damaged by the storm. They smell even more of mold than usual." She stuck out her hips to the left and the right in a pose for him. "I'm borrowing this stola. Do you like it?"
"It is pretty." Vel was uncertain how to proceed. He was so used to their games on the ship, but this was a new place, and he found himself shy. "So … where is Dellia?"
"Our cousin is out touring the stable. They have camels here, apparently." Naevia unclasped the bindings on her brother's sandals and dropped them to the floor. "I'm not sure I see the attraction for Dellia. Camels are ugly, brooding creatures that would like nothing more than to spit in your face." She laughed. "Come to think of it, you would get along splendidly with the camels. You have so much in common. But, alas, we need to get you into a bath first."
A little while later, they sat on opposite benches in the hot, steaming water. Vel could just see his sister's large boobs bobbing below the surface. He wondered if she could see his hardness, submerged as it was. The way she kept glancing down, he guessed that she could. "So, how do we go about finding Father?"
"Let's worry about that after our bath." Naevia slid lower, tilted her head back, and soaked her hair, turning it a darker shade of rust. She looked up at him, her eyes gazing through the steam. "You have me here. We have our privacy. Do our games no longer interest you, Vel?"
"No, no." He shook his head quickly. "You are the most beautiful thing in this beguiling city. But I feel a bit … unsettled … pursuing our games under the viscount's roof. Perhaps we should –"
"Stop babbling and kiss me, Vel." She rose on her bench so that her delicate clavicle just breached the surface. Her pinks lips parted as she waited.
"Yes … yes, of course." Vel reached his long arm under the water, caught her wrist, and pulled her onto his lap. His rigid penis pressed against the outside of her thigh. He leaned in, drinking in her beauty up until their lips met and his eyelids fluttered closed. Vel was swallowed by a host of sensations. The perfume of the bath surrounded him, the warm comfort of the steamy water soothed him, and the heat of his sister's small body pressed into his lap and chest. Her fierce tongue played its games and soon he found their hands roving each other's bodies.
A while later, Naevia bounced on Vel's lap, rubbing herself on the underside of his cock like she had on their voyage. Little waves splashed out of the bath in time to the movement of her body. Sparks danced before her eyes as she brought herself closer to another orgasm. "I wonder … though," she said as if carrying on some earlier conversation. "Would it … ugh … fit … ugh … do you think?" The steady power of his touch permeated her consciousness.
"What?" Vel blinked and looked down at Naevia. Her face was slack and she had a distant expression. He had been focusing solely on the way his cockhead hit the bottom of her heavy breasts at the bottom of each of her lurching thrusts. It was true perfection.
"In me … oh … I mean. Would it fit in me? Hypothetically." She knew such thoughts were anathema to her future as a happily married daughter of the crown, but the idea burned in her brain. Could she tame her brother's beast? The more she thought about it, the more it consumed her mind.
"I think it would hurt you, Naevia." Vel wanted to stop her sliding for a moment. To shake some sense into her, but found he had no will to prevent her movements.
"I'm … ugh … not so sure." Just talking about it was sending her to a new level of excitement. Her vagina spasmed, as if to agree with her.
Vel mustered the will to stop her. He put his hands on her hips and held her down so that her pussy rested on his balls. She rhythmically twitched as he held her tight. He reached a hand over and put it flat on his cockhead and then pressed his fingers into her tummy above the navel. "Do you see? Do you see how deep it would go in you? I do not think it would fit."
"Ooohhhhhhhhhh." At the feeling of how deep his cock would penetrate her, his fingers marking its furthest entrance, her orgasm overtook her. "Veeeeeelllllllllllll." She leaned her head back and gasped at the thought of it inside her. She reached down and took his cock from him, even as her climax crested. She pumped his improbable thing, sending more waves splashing out of the bath. Her mind returned from its pleasure, but the fever of that idea had not left. If anything, her orgasm had increased the thought's intensity. "I don't care about my future husband, Vel. I haven't even met him yet. I love you. I care for you." She emphasized this last point by expertly working his head with her left hand, pulling the foreskin just the way she knew he liked.
"If I stretched you … or hurt you … your husband would find out. He would know on your wedding night. It would be terrible." Vel couldn't believe he was arguing so strongly against this. Every fiber of his being told him to let his sister have her way.
"Stop worrying about my nonexistent husband." Naevia pushed herself up, letting her nipples brush their way up his chest. She leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Anyway, if we were to only experiment with the tip, no harm would come to me."
"Oh, gods, Naevia." He knew her pussy was hovering above his penis in the water. "Are you sure?"
She still held his cock with her left hand. Reaching down between them, she maneuvered it. "Never … oh … more sure … um … of anything … oh, my. It's … huge." With a taut plop, the head of his penis slipped inside her. She dared not move or breathe. She had let her muddled thinking steer her wrong. He would surely break her. But she was afraid to even pull off him. She just sat there, with her pussy stretched beyond what she'd considered possible.
"Oh, no." Helpless, Vel didn't know what to do. "Is it hurting you?"
"Yes … yes … wait …" She slowly removed her hands from the penis and placed them on his shoulders. She breathed slowly in and out. Vel's signature warmth swirled through her body. "It's … oh, my … it's not hurting … ugh … anymore. It feels … it feels …" She wiggled her hips ever so slightly, careful not to shove more penis inside her. Bolts of pleasure hit her and she gasped.
"Are you okay?" Vel put his hands on the side of her ribs, ready to lift her off. "Naevia?" He could feel her trembling.
"Wait … wait … don't pull me … dummy." Naevia opened her eyes and looked up into his handsome face. "You're … ugh … inside me, Vel. Can you believe it?" Her hips wiggled a little more aggressively.
"No." Vel's arms stayed tense, ready to lift her to safety. "And yes. I can … um … feel you squeezing me down there."
"I am?" She noticed it. Her pussy muscles flexed around him. The pain was completely gone now. She wiggled again and slid down an inch on his cock. "Oh, gods. You are already in my … belly."
"It's not that far in. But you should probably pull off now. I don't want to …" Vel shuddered as his sister slid down another inch. Her vagina clenched rhythmically. He realized that it had matched the elevated percussion of his own pulse. He didn't have time to muse on how that was possible, because she slid down another inch. He could hear her mewling now, and knew that he was grunting uncontrollably, like some sort of starving beast. His hands slid down her ribs, past her narrow waist, and out to the curve of her ass. He pressed her flesh with his fingers and found himself working her further onto his cock.
"Oh … Vel … oh … Vel … not so … fast … it's … too much." But as soon as she said it, Naevia realized it wasn't too much. Her body gave a spasmodic hiccup and she found that he had completely embedded in her. "I'm going to … I'm going to …" With a scream Naevia climaxed on her brother's cock for the first time. Soon, she bounced herself on it like one stricken by many of Cupid's arrows. Water violently splashed about the bath, crashing into the tiled walls.
"Naevia … Naevia … I never …" Vel tried hard to hold back the coming tide.
"I never … too," she sang as pleasure danced with her body.
"Am I your first?"
"You might as well … be … the way you stretch me." Naevia's hips kept their furious pace. "To … ugh … be honest, I laid with a man last summer … but it was nothing … like this." With dilated pupils, she tried to watch him as she rose and fell, but it was difficult to focus. "Am I your first?"
"Yes." Vel was almost happy she had that fling last summer. He liked her having some measure of comparison, now that he could see how much she enjoyed him.
"I … would have waited … if I'd known … it would be you …" She saw by the look in his eyes and sound of his groans that he was close. "Not in me." With every ounce of fortitude that she could muster, Naevia pulled off her brother. She reached down and pumped his turgid thing with her hands. It felt even larger than normal. Soon he cried out and cum launched harmlessly into the bathwater. "There … there … yes … let it out." She pressed her cheek against his chest and slowly caressed him with her hand until she could tell her touch was too much. She removed her hand and leaned her naked, heaving body against her brother. She drew in shuddering, steamy breaths. "That is a game … I would play … again."
"Me … too." Vel encircled her with his arms and held her tight.
"Have you not yet found your land-legs, cousin?" Dellia cocked her head at Naevia as the short woman waddled toward her out on one of the side lawns. "You're walking like a crab."
"Um … yeah." Naevia forced a smile and nodded. "That trip across the Inland Sea threw me off kilter."
"For shame, cousin." Dellia lifted her bow, notched an arrow, and aimed at the target some seventy yards off. She closed an eye and squinted, very aware that despite her chest band, her right boob was still a little in the way. Sometimes she felt some jealousy of men. "You are a woman of Ostia Novus born and bred. A short jaunt in a ship should not make you walk so. Just wait until you take out to the Endless Sea. You'll find waves the size of mountains there." She released the arrow and it arched ever so slightly over the grass and hit the target, just left of center.
"We are not all made for adventure, Dellia." Naevia stepped up to her cousin, took the bow from her, and notched an arrow. She wiggled her shoulder to bunch the sleeve of her borrowed stola. She didn't want to loosen the thing the way she herself had been loosened that day. The thought of it sent a thrill through her. She felt herself the queen of the world for taking Vel's cock, but only she and Vel could know of the feat. She aimed at the target.
"Have you heard from your father yet?" Dellia watched her handle the bow with interest. Something was different about Naevia, and it wasn't just the voyage. But Dellia couldn't place it.
"Shh." Naevia gave a quick look around, but they were all alone. "Someone could hear." She released the arrow and it sped to the target, hitting just to the right of her cousin's arrow, dead center.
"There are no spies here, Naevia." Dellia frowned at the target. "Only you, an improbably good marksman, and me."
"Don't sell yourself short, cousin." Naevia smiled modestly. "I think the wind helped me on that last shot."
"There you are, Merope. How pleasant to see you on this fine day. And the bath looks resplendent. I can see my own reflection in the tile." Brynhild could indeed see herself. Her body looked even more distorted and bloated in the reflection. She pulled her cloak around herself tighter. "But, sadly, my dishes have not been removed from last night. And more have piled up after this morning's meal."

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