The Window

My girl Sue’s parents both worked, so everyday after school we would go to her house and fuck like bunnies. I was young, only 15, but 3 times was all I could get off in the 2 1/2 hours we had before her parents came home from work.

She was younger and very headstrong. She would not eat my cum, no ass fucking and she would only suck my dick to get it hard again. I loved doing little things to make her mad because then I would have to make up with her by fucking her again. She loved a dick in her pussy more than any other girl I have ever seen. Any time and almost any where, as long as we couldn’t get caught, after all, we were a bit young.

One afternoon we were going at it in her room when I spotted her next door neighbor watching through the window. She was in the sixth grade and was getting an eyeful. Now this turned me on, big time. I started slamming into Sue as hard and as fast as I could. I would glance at the window and the little girl hadn’t moved an inch. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth, she wasn’t missing anything. I had moved Sue’s leg up so the girl could see everything. I was going to cum hard, real hard. When I started I pulled my dick out of her gaping pussy and shot up past her tits. My second shot hit her in the face and my third went into her open mouth. That pissed her off. I tried to jam it back in but she rolled off the bed gagging and spitting out my cum. Then she saw her neighbor looking through the window, eyes so wide, mouth open and face all red. Oh my, now she got real mad. Did I mention she was a read head, even had freckles on her pussy! Sue screamed at her to go away but the little girl couldn’t move. I was really turned on now. I decided to give the girl a show, how much madder could Sue get? I grabbed her by the waist from the back and we hit the bed with her flat on her face. I got those kicking legs apart and plowed straight into her cunt. Wow, she was hot and wet and still fighting, so I figured, why not . I pulled my dick from her slimy cunt and with one hard thrust and I busted into that ass and was in with all I had. This was followed by a real loud and convincing scream of pure pain. I was so turned on by that I swore my dick grew at least an inch bigger and I pulled back and just started pounding that forbidden hole. She was yelling and crying and trying to move out from under me, but I’d have none of that. I move up on her and found out I could go in even deeper now, so I went harder and deeper, my balls were hitting her pussy pretty hard too. I was in sex heaven. I had just cum 5 minutes before so we had a nice long ride, real long. The girl started pounding on the window and was pointing at the driveway. Sue’s parents were home. I reached up and jammed a wad of sheet into her mouth so they would not heat her scream. I never let up, but kept drilling that ass as hard as I could. As I heard the door unlock I started cumming like a train.

Hi, we’re home her mother called out. Hey, we are watching TV. OK, have fun. COOL!

Sue was still sobbing and shaking, her whole body jerking. She tried ti pull the sheet out of her mouth but I didn’t think that was a good idea just yet. I lay there and talked real sweet to her until she quit crying and I pulled the sheet out of her mouth. I sat up and noticed things didn’t smell very good. My cum and her shit had oozed out of her still open ass, slid past her pussy amd made quite a large puddle of unsavory mess. I took some sheet and gently wiped her ass and pussy as clean as i could get it and picked her up off the bed so she wouldn’t get any more on her. We were both so slick with sweat she was hard to hold onto. Only one thing to do, we couldn’t run the shower so out the back door I carried her and dropped us Right in the pool. We washed off in that cold water and I told her that her totally bloodshot eyes could be blamed on the chlorine. Damn I’m good. We got away with it!

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