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I was between relationships and noticed the new neighbor across the street was a good-looking woman. Around same age as me, I noticed no husband/boyfriend over the next few days. Of course, I decided to meet her. So, using the welcome to the neighborhood as a cover I duly met her. I offered to help if she needed any help and left shortly after arriving not wanting to overstay my welcome. As she had bought the house and it had some minor problems, she took me up on my offer to help. That allowed me to get close to her and after a couple weeks asked her out. She accepted and we started dating regularly and finally fucking. Long story short, she moved across the street to live with me, well that’s what you do when marry someone you start living together. She was pregnant and I was the father, but I had asked her to marry before she got pregnant, after she accepted started trying to start a family straight away. The baby boy is due in late August early September. She still owns her house and rents it out.

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