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Dear readers I am very new in this site. After reading some stories I decided to dedicate my experience to you people. Otherwise that may be a very big lost for you. I am Vini and I had taken my engineering degree from PUNE. This is a true story happened 5 months before, when I reached home for semester leave My father has a lot of friends from different streams. Among those Prof. John have some special considerations in our home.

Coz he is my father’s intimate friend. He has only one child and she is Leena 19, doing her B.Sc. (Chem.). Now she is second year student. One day Pro. Uncle came to my home and told he and his wife is going to PUNE for his brother-in-laws eye operation. So please take care about Leena for one week. We agreed it and they went to PUNE. First day night I bring Leena to my home and we were very jolly there. Next morning Leena told me to take her to her home coz she has to go College. So I dropped her in my bike, all through the journey she brushed her boobs and nipples on my back side. But I didn’t take care about it.

That day after noon I went to her home coz I knew that there was strike in the college, when I reached there she was not there, but their day servant Nilu was there. She was a 30 aged black lady with a wonderful structure. I got in and start watching TV, at that I put my arm over the head rest of the settee. Sometimes later I feel a pressing of flesh on my hand, I understand that she is standing there and brushing her thigh on my hand. I didn’t mind for sometime and after that I just started to rub her thigh using my index finger.

But within one minute the phone rang and she went to take it. There was a message that Leena will come at 5 p.m only. She went to kitchen and I followed her then I stand behind her and brushed her buttocks with my erected dick (ear thing). Then she became on and she started to rub on my dick. Then I took her to the bed room and removed her whole dress. That was the first time, when I saw a naked woman. But she was an expert in all games. So she removed my dress and starts to chew my dick after 4 minutes her mouth filled with my semen then she told me? Don’t worry I will manage it. First time every body has to face this problem?

Then she told me to start suck on her body from bottom to top. I obeyed her all orders and she cumed after 20 minutes and that was during the time when I liked her clits. Then she came over me and inserted my dick into her wet puzzy and started riding? oh? That was a feeling? I liked it very much? After some time both of us get cumed and laid for sometime. After half an hour she told me? Raju come to bathroom? I went to bathroom with her. She pours some oil on her hand and then started to massage my whole body after that I massaged her and wait for 10 minutes. In that time she masturbated me one time by using her hand and tongue.

Then I lathered her and washed her and she bathed me. I put my middle finger in her puzzy and fingered one time during that bath together. At 4.30 Nilu went to her home. Asked me if I wish to repeat this then call her to my home whenever I am alone there. After half an hour Leena came there and I brought her to my home. After taking dinner she told my mom that she have to go home, coz she have to do some home works and she didn’t bring the books to my home. So my mom told me to take her to her home. We went there. Around 9 o’clock the rain started and it continued more than 2 hours. So I informed my mom that? I will not come back? I fell in sleep after some time at that time she was doing some home works? After 2 hours I woke up by hearing some moaning sound.

I came to the hall without making noise. Then I saw that the TV in the working condition and there was BF running. But Leena was not there. I searched her in the darkness and near the settee I felt slipped, then I understood that she was fingering there and her cum has oozed there and now she went to the toilet to wash. I waited there for her when she came back and switched on the light, she saw me and her face was fulfilled with shy and disgrace. At that time my dick was erected and she could see it over my shorts. I asked her, from where she got it? she answered ?I took it from my parents shelf? I wondered then she old me there are 4 other cassettes like this. She then went to her bed room. I noticed that she has not put the latch and she plans to take the cassette after some time. So I took the cassette and went to the other bed room I put the cassette near my head rest of the coat and laid. The door was open.

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After some time I heard a low sound of walking and so I pretended asleep. She came in with a pen torch. After searching on shelf and table she saw the cassette near my head. She then came near to me and when she tried to take it, I suddenly push her to my body. She fell on me and then I tied her with my legs and hands. She didn’t ask anything to me. So after a little time I asked her? Whether you have any affair? She told me? No? Then I told her? Our parents have a plan to make us a couple? She then told me that? If they have such a plan I have no problem? Then I asked her? Whether you wish to do the same things saw in the TV? But she didn’t say anything. I told to her silence is same to the answer “yes” I hugged her. She didn’t refuse my action. I felt comfortable and kissed all over her face and moving my hands on her back. She was also hugging me. I was kissing on her forehead, checks, and nose.

I had a French kiss while my hands are squeezing her boobs from her nighty. I moved my hand towards her legs and slowly moved up her nighty. With the other hand I removed the zip from her nighty. She stood up and removed her nighty totally. I removed my T-shirt. Now both shared the bed. I removed her bra. She got big boobs with black big nipples. I squeezed one boob with hand and sucked the was moaning on my actions. My tongue was moving all over her body. I liked her belly and folds on sides. I considered this the sexiest part in any women. I licked the hairy armpits. I moved down and to her smooth thighs and licked it. I moved my tongue on all over her legs from toe. I removed her panty. She got big bush. She got big pussy with black lips. Her wet pussy shining.

I moved my hand on it. I felt a rough surface. I kissed there. It smelled so nice. I inserted my index finger in it, and tasted it. It was a new taste I never tasted before. I like it very much. Then she asked me to lick it. She spread her legs and I placed in between those. I cleaned the pussy from out side first. Then opened with two thumb fingers and started liking it. My tongue is moving deeper and deeper. She was moaning like ohhhhhh. Haaaaaaaaa… And she was pressing my head towards her pussy. I was licking the pussy like fucking it with small jerks on clitoris. After some time she pulled out some cum from her pussy. I ate it and cleaned totally. She could not restrict her self and asked me to stop it and fuck her with my long big dick. I inserted my dick into her pussy with little difficulty and started jerks. She was tying me with her legs. She was moaning like oh… Oh… Oh… For each jerk. She said that oh first time she was enjoying sex.

After some time I increased my speed and finally filled her pussy with the cum. I took rest on her while my dick still in her pussy. After some time we both went to bathroom to clean our genitals. I cleaned her pussy, and I said that I would shave her bush. She agreed. I brought her dad’s shaving kit. I put my knees down while she was standing. First I trimmed the hair. Then applied foam on it. Slowly I shaved her pussy. Now it was looking like a clean shinning road it was damn…….!. I cleaned every thing. Again I got tempted to lick her pussy. I asked her to put her leg on bucket which was reversed. In that position I was licking her pussy. My hands moving in her hair. She could not able to stand there for long time. Then we shifted to bed. She said that she wanted to suck my dick. But I don’t want to leave her pussy. Bcz it was so tasty n nasty too………..

So, we decided to go for 69 position. She was on me. She chewed my dick while I am enjoying by licking her pussy from down. While chewing up she use to bite my dick head, it was very painful but it was pleasure I enjoyed every second of lust of 69…

After some time she come to normal position and inserted my dick into her pussy and started riding on me. She enjoyed lot while fucking me in active position. I was also enjoyed lot. After some time I released my cum. For next three days we did the same thing and we used to be naked all the time in the house from that day on wards.

I hope you all felt it as a good experience, any aunts or girls of any age, who want to make very good experience in secret can mail me( only females please?) To “[email protected]”(this is sp. Mail Id I made for all u gals n bhabhi’s n aunties… Do send your valuable comments On o.k. have a nice day your Viniz…….. Zzzzzz