The Wood Nymph Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooThe Wood Nymph Ch. 01

*All persons in this story are at least 18 years of age*
I first encountered the Wood Nymph during one of my family's autumn socials in the upper forests of our city's suburbs. The flowing wine and endless cheese platters were enough to keep the adults' attention but as a budding young man I was bored quickly, and especially so in the absence of any other youths to keep company with. My sister and I were the only ones in our age bracket and she had disappeared already as she typically did.
Faced with utter boredom as I sat there in my khakis and polo, I grew tired of the adults laughing outwardly as they subtly competed with each other using words and titles and recreational descriptions to hint at their salaries and positions. Was this what I was destined for if I followed in the footsteps of my father and enrolled in his legacy alma mater like he wanted? It all seemed so droll and uninteresting. I just wanted something new and exciting, which led me into the forest behind our host's sprawling estate to see what could possibly hold my interest there. They didn't even notice that I had left, thankfully.
There was a slight chill in the air as the evening approached but it wasn't enough to bother me. I strolled casually through the trees and eventually got deep enough into the forest that I didn't think twice before taking a piss on the closest trunk when the urge struck. I thought I heard a small laugh but it could have been nothing or just the wind as it picked up. I knew for certain that I was alone out here so I was unfazed.
After stuffing my cock back into my pants and continuing on for what must have been ten minutes or so, I finally heard a twig snap and I looked around to see if it was a wild animal that I needed to be afraid of. I didn't know what was out here exactly so it was possible that I had strayed too far into the forest and maybe wasn't showing the greatest intelligence in being out here alone.
I stood perfectly still and just kept glancing between each tree until finally I spotted a figure moving. It was a person, thankfully, but once my eyes focused on them I was perhaps more surprised than I would have been had a wild animal come snarling at me.
The person looked like my sister, with her blonde hair and dark eyes, but she was completely naked save for the green body paint and scattered leaves affixed to her skin here and there across her torso and weaved through her wild hair. I was not close enough to be completely certain but it could have been her, though it also might not have been. My sister was not the type to prance around naked in the forest and certainly not the type to do so looking like this.
The girl's mischievous smile could be seen even from where I stood, and as she approached I could see that it was my sister in fact, which made her painted naked figure all the more concerning. Was she having some kind of delirious episode? Was this some type of dare that her friends had put her up to? It was very uncharacteristic for her so I was a bit curious where she was going with this act.
"Courtney?" I stammered. I turned to face her but just watched as she stepped playfully across the dirt in her bare feet.
She giggled. "I'm not Courtney, I'm the Wood Nymph, and I see you've got a very interesting package hidden in your pants."
My mouth was probably hanging open in surprise but I was caught off guard so I didn't exactly react logically. I was distracted by her nakedness, which I hadn't seen in many years and had not come to fully appreciate until this moment though I knew my sister was fairly athletic and blessed with certain womanly attributes.
"What?" I asked dumbly.
She put her hands over her mouth as she laughed. "A Wood Nymph very rarely sees a man in the flesh, but when we do we are insatiably drawn to them. You're the first man that I've ever met. May I see it again?"
I was starting to come to my senses now and my expression showed a sarcastic amusement. "What is this, Court? Is there a camera out here or something?"
She cocked her head curiously, and there was something in her mannerism that actually seemed not like my sister at all. Courtney was not nearly this giddy and actually came off cold to most people. We always had a good relationship and stayed close during some rather difficult years when our parents broke up and both slept around for a few years until finally coming back together to pretend nothing had happened and we were still the perfect family.
"Do you mean the Soul Stealer?" she said with a pretend dread, followed by a laughing smile. "Out here in the forest we prefer only the things of nature. Now come, please show me your manhood."
The request was so ridiculous that I barely acknowledged it. "Why are you dressed like that? What is going on?"
She stood proudly and gestured down at her body. "I am not dressed in any way at all. This is my form, pure and simple. Does it please you?"
I was trying not to notice her "form" at present but it was difficult not to blatantly stare when she was vividly showing it off to me like this. I did glance her up and down though I felt embarrassed immediately after.
"This is weird, Court," I said. "If you don't tell me what's going on I'm gonna leave."
"I wish to see your manhood," she persisted. "Will you agree to show it to me?"
I sighed and locked eyes with her. Again I had a strange feeling that even though this obviously was my sister, it was like she was having some manic episode or was under the influence of something. That made my participation in this ruse even worse so I wasn't going to humor her.
"What are you going to do if I show you?" I asked, trying to call her bluff.
She smiled greedily. "I will suck it for you and drink its offering."
I was totally shocked by her response, but she took my silence as some sort of answer and sauntered closer to me. She was a few feet away before she stopped, all the while her eyes were locked on mine. I was too surprised to say or do anything but she again took this to mean consent and knelt down in front of me.
"Court…?" I managed to get only her name out in some sort of awkward statement of puzzlement before her fingers reached for my fly and I heard the zipper being drawn down. Why wasn't I stopping this?
I felt her fingers slip into my pants and through the fly of my underwear, and by the time she made contact with my penis it had inflated some, which made me feel guilty even though the arousal was strong within me at the moment. Hey, a naked girl was actively trying to fondle me and suck my dick, so it didn't really matter who the girl was in the heat of the moment. Surely once she pulled it all the way out and brought her mouth close to it I'd find the strength to stop this, right?
"Ooh, so big and yummy!" she said with a kind of lustful excitement.
Shit, that just turned me on more.
I watched with horny terror as she opened her mouth, that sweet mouth that actually looked enticing now that I was in this position, and brought her head closer to my crotch. I felt her tongue rub against the underside of my penis and her lips close around it, and I was totally lost to the pleasure.
To my great guilt and disgust, I admit that it felt good. Really good. Maybe a part of me found the whole situation kind of arousing in itself, with the wrongness and all. Maybe it was because we had been somewhat close and bonded during those difficult years, and we had confided certain sexual feelings and experiences to each other to find comfort and closeness with another person. I knew a boy had fingered her and she liked it, so she began letting other boys do the same and enjoyed it thoroughly, but for some reason had shied away from touching them back. This led to some conflict regarding her reputation and ability to have a boyfriend, unfortunately.
Because I knew of her inexperience even up to recent years as we both approached college, I soothed my guilt by convincing myself that this girl that was expertly sucking my dick like I'd never felt before couldn't possibly be my sister. It felt too good! She must have sucked dick quite a bit for it to feel like this. She only stopped sucking to yank my pants and underwear down to my thighs for unfettered access. Her hands moved expertly under my balls and along my shaft while her mouth and tongue worked absolute magic on my head. I'd had a few blowjobs before so I wasn't a novice but I was only a minute or so into it before I was dangerously close to blowing.
Suddenly I realized that I was at a point of no return, so to speak. This was my sister, regardless of how she was acting, and I was about to ejaculate into her mouth if I didn't stop it. That felt like something I couldn't take back once it happened so I was afraid now. I tried to pull back but she fought me, keeping her mouth glued to my cock and holding me against her with her hands on my buttocks. That mouth, it never stopped!
"Courtney, stop!" I shouted, clenching my teeth but finding myself already too far gone.
I groaned and tried to yank my dick free from her clutches, only to break the seal of her lips just long enough to spurt a thick line of sperm up her face and across her forehead before she overpowered my compromised state and sucked me back into her mouth. My eyes closed tightly as I whimpered while she milked me dry. The pleasure was unreal. Her tongue and lips all felt so wonderful as I pumped more and more cum into her throat. I could feel the tip of her tongue running the same line from the middle of my shaft to the sensitive tip just below my head, over and over and over like it was drawing the cum up and out. One hand cupped my balls and the fingers of her other hand massaged the root of my shaft.
I nearly fell over from the pleasure and finally my eyes opened to stare at her looking up at me. Her dark eyes were glistening strangely, like she had just taken a shot of some powerful drug and was getting high from it. The thick line of cum across her face made the look all the more slutty and arousing to see.
"Fuuuck…" She let me go finally and sat back on her heels. Her legs were spread and she was rubbing her pussy right there in front of me, though after what had just happened it probably didn't seem so bizarre.
"Oh my god…" I clumsily pulled my pants back up and stuffed my dripping cock back into my underwear. "What the fuck just happened?"
She was lost in a feeling of lust but she smiled dreamily. "We just copulated orally, and I enjoyed the feeding. Thank you kind sir."
She then proceeded to rub her pussy harder, which I was powerless to ignore, and her hands became a blur of motion as her face grimaced and she exploded in a drooling orgasm within seconds. Her hips thrust upward and her pussy looked swollen and wet as she convulsed.
"Ahh…" She sighed raggedly and exhaled a deep breath, obviously enjoying the feeling washing over her in this moment. "The act is complete. If you speak of this to no one, we may meet again and perhaps some more fucking could occur."
She stood and stretched, completely unabashed in her nakedness and the rather obscene smattering of cum still painting her face.
"Are you high?" I blurted, still fidgeting with my pants. For some reason I was still hard.
"I am low to the ground, presently," she answered. "But I will sleep wonderfully tonight with a full helping of your seed in my belly. I would like to extract more the next time though. I have ways of accomplishing this if you would allow it."
I was gobsmacked and just stared at her while she turned and sauntered back into the trees where she had emerged from. She only glanced back to blow me a kiss.
"Until next time, dear sir!" she called before disappearing.
I stood there in the forest for a long while until I could move again. It was growing dark and I did come to a realization that I would be in danger if I stayed out here too long. I headed back to where the party would probably still be in full swing and all the adults would be drunk and feisty. My current composure would go unnoticed thankfully and I could just sit and think.
When I made it back to the estate, there was a fire pit underneath a large gazebo where a few people were sitting and chatting. A few of the guests had left already but my parents were still here so I found a seat off in the corner and pulled on the jacket that I had left here. Either my mother or father might have said something to me but I honestly couldn't remember what it was. I just sat there and stared into the fire, contemplating the sin that I had just committed and what I would do once they found out.
I had just started to formulate what I could say, what giant lie I would spin to get myself out of this mess, when to my horror Courtney reappeared and sat right next to me under the gazebo. My face went pale and my heart sank. I was sure she was going to say something and rat me out, maybe tell everyone that I had forced myself upon her. She certainly couldn't tell them what had happened exactly the way it actually had since no one would believe that story. Was that her plan all along? Was she trying to get me into trouble? What had I done to her to deserve this?
I stared at her in wait, but she didn't even look at me as she leaned back into her chair and crossed her arms in apparent boredom. She was wearing the same outfit she had arrived in: a loose hoodie, tight jeans and Chuck Taylors. She was characteristically quiet but also not trying to give any appearance that she didn't disdain these parties and their formality. In the light of the fire I could see her face quite clearly, and it had no remnants of green makeup or semen. She could have washed both off and gotten dressed before now but I couldn't see any hidden guilt or psychotic amusement in her eyes, either of which I would have expected.
"Court?" I finally mumbled.
She still didn't bother to look over at me. "Yeah?"
"Uh…are you ok?"
"Yeah, I was just lounging in one of the guest rooms and must've fallen asleep. God it's so boring here."
She saw me openly staring at her and gave me the typical sister expression of "what the fuck do you want" before looking back at the fire.
"Are they drunk enough to leave yet?" she asked, referring to our parents.
I only nodded dumbfoundedly. "Probably."
For the next few silent minutes, my brain was burning with the same question over and over. Was she schizophrenic? Was she on drugs? Was she just criminally deranged? What would possibly possess her to act like that in the forest? Was I any better for letting it happen?
The Uber home was uneventful and Courtney didn't say a word. Our parents were sloshed and barely made it to the front door of our home before disappearing upstairs to their bedroom. Courtney and I had bedrooms down the other end of the hall and she was quick to disappear into her room as well. I sat on my bed and just stared at the floor. At some point I undressed and threw on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt to get ready to sleep, but I heard the faucet in the bathroom that Courtney and I shared.
I took a deep breath and decided that I needed answers, so I swallowed my guilt and headed out of my room to meet her. The door to the bathroom was cracked open and I saw her brushing her teeth in front of the mirror. I slowly pushed the door open until she noticed me, and after a slight look from her she turned back to the mirror and ignored me. I entered the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I don't know why I did that exactly but I guess I didn't want our parents to hear our conversation. Not that they weren't passed out by now.
Courtney was wearing a long t-shirt and probably just panties underneath, which was the typical pajama outfit for her. Now that I had seen her naked (that was her, right?) I could more easily identify certain lines of her body beneath the shirt where it clung to her. She probably noticed me staring and was beginning to find it creepy, no doubt.
"What?" she said finally through a mouthful of toothpaste.
I just stared back at her for a moment, as if giving her the chance to admit to something, before I just gave up and threw my hands in the air.
"You don't know?!" I said, keeping my voice hushed but not necessarily containing my emotions. "You're just gonna pretend it didn't happen?"
She calmly spit her toothpaste out and rinsed her mouth before turning to me and putting a hand on her hip. "What in the world are you on about?"
"Courtney, you sucked my dick!"
I just blurted that out but I honestly didn't feel like it couldn't be said at this point. However, she did not seem to appreciate the sentiment.
"Uh, I what?"
I was out of my mind with confusion now. Was there even some slight chance that the "Wood Nymph" wasn't actually her? If that was the case, I was looking quite the fool right now. If she was suffering some kind of mental break and had no recollection of what had transpired, though this seemed unlikely since she had obviously gone to some trouble painting her entire body green and then washing it all off along with my spunk. Still, I had to tread lightly.
"You don't remember anything?" I pressed.
She shrugged. "Anything from what? Why would you say that about me?"
What could I say? If she wasn't going to admit it when it was just the two of us here alone, then she honestly didn't believe it had happened. There was no reason to keep pretending if it was all some sick and twisted prank. I didn't know what to say, except…
"…Wood Nymph?"
I swear something flashed across her face in that moment but it was gone before I could even register it. She looked confused finally and shook her head.
"You drank, didn't you?" was her only response before putting her toothbrush away and leaving the bathroom.
I stood in that bathroom for a while as I pondered what to do about all this. Finally I just gave up and forced myself to believe that it hadn't actually been Courtney out there in the forest, or if it was her then it had been a giant mistake and possibly evidence of some real problem with her that I was not equipped to help with. I needed to let it go, which I knew would take a long time, but what was done was done.
I went to bed feeling strange and conflicted but I was eventually able to fall asleep.
I started having a very sexual dream about the Wood Nymph though as it was no doubt replaying in my subconscious over and over. The dreamy feeling of her sucking my dick started becoming a little too real and finally I stirred awake, though the feeling didn't go away. I blinked my eyes open and struggled to see in the dark but I could feel someone in my bed with me. There was a weight on my thighs and motion between them in my lap.
I felt a cool breeze also, and saw that my window was open. I never slept with the window open and it wasn't the season for it anyway. As my senses were collecting I could now clearly identify the feeling of my dick being sucked. I looked down to see a head on my crotch. I reached down to touch it and felt long hair and something crinkly strewn through it. Leaves?
My eyes opened fully now and my fingers felt further down to the neck of the person, then their shoulders, and down their back as far as I could reach. They were naked or at least topless. The suction on my penis was becoming foremost in my mind now along with the hand cupping my balls and fingers massaging the root of my shaft. I groaned involuntarily but I was still struggling to identify the person.
"Sorry to wake you, sir," a familiar voice whispered to me between slurps. "I could not contain my hunger for more."
My eyes were adjusting to the dark but I was able to see her face now. The Wood Nymph had returned!
Though the pleasure was intense, I had an equally intense curiosity to run out of my room and burst into Courtney's to find it empty, along with more evidence of her ruse. However, despite all this I was losing myself to the pleasure of the blowjob.

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