The Wrestling Trip Ch. 02

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tagFirst TimeThe Wrestling Trip Ch. 02

This is a follow-up to Chapter 1 and the conclusion of this story but just the beginning of a new relationship.
The next morning came early with matches starting at 9 am and running until the closing ceremonies, which were supposed to end at 5:30, followed by a big dinner. Our team had 4 guys qualified for the finals already but I had another qualifier match that was scheduled for 11 am. As the team ate breakfast, Anne-Marie came and sat next to me and I couldn't help watching her tits jiggle a little as she shifted in her seat to get comfortable.
"Morning." She looked at me with concern in her eyes and it triggered something.
"What's the matter" I asked.
"You know why I joined the team, right?"
"Uh, not really. I thought you just like hanging out and wanted to get some extra-curricular stuff."
"Boys are so stupid. What have we been doing the last two months?" Her look went from concern to annoyed.
"Who?" I was thoroughly confused at this point.
I don't know how but she yelled with a whisper. "You and me!"
"What do you mean?"
"The flirting, the joking, everything!"
"Oh. I don't know. You're friends with everyone but I was hoping you wanted to be more than friends."
"But I don't flirt with everyone" she started. "Wait, you were?"
"Of course I was. You're awesome. You're fun, you're smart, you're really pretty; who wouldn't want that?"
Anne-Marie's face softened immediately and she smiled then took a bite of her omelette.
"Are you ready for your match" she asked.
"I think so. I've wrestled him before. It was a close match but he beat me in points. I'm better now than last time I saw him, though." I took a bite of my food
"Yeah, I missed that match. I'm sure you're going to do great. I'll be watching and keeping score so win for me. If you do, I'll make sure you get a reward, okay?" She squeezed my thigh and dragged her fingernails across me slightly, making my cock jump.
I snapped my head back to look at her again and she winked and giggled at my reaction.
"Sounds great. What kind of reward?"
"You'll just have to win to find out."
"Well, if that's not motivation, I don't know what is."
"Motivation comes in a lot of places," she said cryptically "how'd you sleep last night?"
I choked on my eggs and looked at her again. "Huh?"
She had a smirk on her face and one eyebrow raised. "I heard you guys found porn in your room. You didn't wear yourself out did you?"
I choked again. "What the hell, Anne-Marie?!"
She laughed again. "You know what I mean. You rested up? It's going to be a long day, especially if you win your matches."
We finished our breakfast mostly in silence as the rest of the team joked around us but I looked up and noticed Tom was watching our conversation intently.
On the bus over to the campus, Tom sat in the row with me and whispered "Dude, she's all on you, man. You should totally hit that."
"I don't know, man. I think there's something else going on. She's never been this blatant before. We've flirted a lot over the last couple months and I dig her but this I different. If I didn't know better, I'd say she knows something about last night." I whispered back.
Tom looked around in instant fear. "Shut up about that" he whispered. "Besides, that's total bullshit. No way she could know anything. She's just seen you kicking ass this tournament and wants to jump your bones."
"I hope you're right."
We rode the rest of the way in silence, me listening to Lunatic Fringe on repeat and Tom listening to whatever got him psyched for a match.
As time for matches to start got closer, we got set up and Anne-Marie seemed to always be at the edge of my awareness. Every time I looked around, there she was. Not so much watching me but always near. It felt like a deliberate effort to make me aware of her.
My match came and I edged out my opponent by 2 points at the end of the third period. I was in the finals!
Anne-Marie ran up to me as I left the mat and practically tackled me with a bear hug. I was very aware of her tits against me, her hot breath on my neck, and the fact that I was still in my singlet. "I'm so glad you won! I can't wait to give you your reward" she whispered.
I made every effort not to embarrass myself with a boner and held my headgear in front of my crotch when she let go and we walked back over to the rest of the team. I high-fived everyone then quickly slipped my sweat pants on over my singlet and sat down and grabbed my lunch to eat and settle for the hour and half before my next match.
Two matches before mine Anne Marie came and sat next to me again. No one from our team was wrestling so she didn't need to keep score. "You ready?"
"As ready as I'm gonna be."
"Well, let me put it this way." She shifted her shirt and looked down a little. I followed her eyes and realized the buttons on her team polo shirt weren't buttoned and I got a great shot of her cleavage. "Yeah. Win this one and you get two rewards." Her emphasis on two was stressed with another glance down at her own tits.
"You sure as fuck know how to distract a guy with rewards" I said.
"I just want you to win." She smiled again then wet her lips and went back over to sit where the coaches were again.
Once again my match came and it was very close. I nearly pinned my opponent in the first period but he broke away and we ended up trading points back and forth until the end of the third period. I won by a single point. The whole team was screaming and yelling when I came off the mat. I looked over at Anne-Marie; she had to score the next match so she couldn't come hug me like in the morning. Instead she was smiling like the Cheshire Cat and adjusted the buttons on her shirt and winked at me as I walked back to the bench and the rest of the team.
The rest of the matches were a blur. As soon as Anne-Marie could, she came and sat next to me and by the time the 220s were wrestling she was leaning on my shoulder and had grabbed my hand and was holding it in hers in her lap right up against her crotch. The girl was on fire and I found myself once again struggling to hide my erection.
Several of the other guys on the team were grinning and giving me knowing looks.
At the end of the tournament we filed out to the bus to head back to the hotel and clean up before dinner. Anne-Marie sat with me and Tom was in the row in front of us by himself.
We talked about the tournament and school assignments due on the next Monday. Anne-Marie had backed me against the window with one leg across the seat and the other on the floor as she sat between my legs with her back to me and my arms around her.
"So" Tom said as he turned around and eyed us, "I guess you two are a thing now."
"Yep. And I expect you to give us time in your room to figure out what that means" Anne-Marie said without batting an eye.
"Oh! I see how it is…" Tom laughed a little. "I'm sure we can figure out something but don't let coach hear about it."
"Oh, Julie and I have it worked out. She's going to cover for me." She snickered at our obvious shock. "What, girls can't plan for situations like this? Besides, she and Dan are doing it and they want to use our room."
We pulled up to the hotel and coach told everyone to shower, get dressed in appropriate clothes for dinner and meet back at the bus in half an hour.
Anne-Marie gave me a quick peck on the cheek, said "see you in 30 minutes" and bounced off and started talking animatedly with Julie as they walked to their room and we walked to ours.
We closed the door to the room and Tom exploded. "Dude, you're so getting laid tonight! And damn, she's hot as balls, man!"
"Woah, woah, woah, dude. Chill out. She's definitely making suggestions but I doubt we're going all the way tonight. I might get a blowjob though. You gotta promise to stay away for a while."
"Hell yeah, man! But where the hell am I gonna go?"
"I don't care! Anywhere but here." We were getting clothes ready for dinner and stripping as we talked. I went into the bathroom and started the shower and stuck my head back out to say thanks but saw Tom had turned the porn back on and was jerking off on his bed.
"Dude, we've only got 25 minutes."
"Plenty of time. You should do it too so you don't blow your load too fast with Anne-Marie."
I laughed but the thought stuck in my head as I got in the shower and before I knew it, I was coming in my hand as the water beat down on my back. I finished my shower and pulled the curtain to find Tom already in the bathroom.
"Told you, dude. You had to rub one out didn't you?"
"Fuck you" I laughed as I stepped out and moved so he could get in and I started drying off.
Tom got in the shower and I watched him for a minute before I went and got dressed. Fifteen minutes later we were walking back toward the bus. Some of the parents rode on the bus this time, so we were on our best behavior on the bus and through dinner.
When we got back to the hotel, Anne-Marie and Julie made a show about how we were going to hang out at the pool and then watch some movies so we started heading back to change. Anne-Marie apparently already had her swim suit on under her clothes so she came to our room with us. Tom went into the bathroom to change.
"Before we go, I want to ask you something" she said.
"Are you sure you like me?"
"Of course! Why? What's up?"
"Well, before I give you your reward, I want to make sure you don't like someone else. Maybe someone that can give you something I can't." She glanced at the bathroom.
Tom was just coming out and saw the look.
"I came by last night to say good night and talk to you" Anne-Marie looked me in the eye. "but before I could knock I saw something at the edge of the curtain."
"Oh God." Tom dropped onto the end of his bed.
"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone, I just want to be sure you really like me, Sam."
"Of course I do. I wouldn't ever tell you I do if I didn't. I've been trying to figure out how to tell you for a while now."
"It's true" Tom uttered. "He told me last night."
"He did?" She looked genuinely surprised.
"Yeah, I even told him he should try to hook up with you today. Perfect situation and all that." Tom looked dazed but turned to look her straight in the eye. "What did you see?"
"Last night?"
"Yes" Tom and I both answered.
"Well, it was sort of hard to tell but you two were definitely in the bed together naked. I think you might have been doing a 69."
"I told you she knew something" I said.
"Please, don't tell anyone. We'd get killed. That was the only time I ever did it." Tom looked truly terrified.
"Me too."
"I would never tell."
"You have to swear" Tom insisted.
"I swear."
"How do we know you won't tell?" Tom was on the verge of panicking.
"If I tell you a secret of mine, will you trust me not to tell?" She was looking at Tom sincerely and went over to sit next to him on the bed. She put her arm around his shoulder and said "I promise, on my life, I won't tell anyone. Ever. And if I do, for any reason, you'll be able to tell people something about me, if you want to, okay."
"Anne-Marie, you don't have to do that" I said.
"It's okay." She looked up at me then back at Tom. "I won't ever tell because my dad is gay. It's okay with me whatever people want to do with their lives and their Love and their bodies. My mom doesn't know I know but I saw my dad and his boyfriend a couple years ago. When I turned 18 and was staying with him this summer, I told him I knew and he was so relieved that he didn't have to hide it from me any more."
"Holy shit." I was too stunned by her revelation to process any more than that.
"I promise. No one will ever know what I saw except the three of us." She gave Tom a hug and then stood up. "Are we ready to go to the pool now?"
I looked at this amazing girl with a whole new appreciation. I went into the bathroom and changed quickly. When I came out Anne-Marie grabbed my hand and turned to Tom. "You coming?"
He stood, grabbed his towel and we walked down to the pool. By the time we got there guys were jumping everywhere and splashing each other. There were a couple girls in the pool too and they were getting plenty of attention from the guys. I noticed no one was in the hot tub and suggested we go there instead.
Anne-Marie was game but Tom begged off and went to join the others in the pool. I dropped my towel and went over to the timer and cranked it to the full time limit and then slipped in the hot tub to wait for Anne-Marie. When she shinnied off her pants to reveal the bottom half of her string bikini I had to adjust my trunks. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and she smiled knowingly then pulled her shirt over her head. Her full breasts sprang from under the hem, barely captured by the small triangles of her bikini top, and bounced generously as she shook her hair out. It was like those slow-motion shots of the hot girls in the movies, only a million times better because it was real. Anne-Marie stepped into the tub and moved over to sit next to me.
For a while we didn't say anything, we just sat enjoying the hot water until I felt Anne-Marie rub against me slightly and whisper in my ear. "So have you thought about your rewards?" Her breath tingled in my ear and my cock bounced.
I glanced down at her breasts, half submerged with beads of water trailing from her neck to the cleft between them like glistening glass marbles erupting from her skin. I croaked a little and leaned in to kiss her. She eagerly returned my kiss and soon we were both running our hands over each other. We broke for air when the jets stopped. Anne-Marie got up and restarted the timer then came back to the hot tub but sat behind me on the side with her legs dangling and hooked her feet under my arms. We talked a bit and I sat up higher, leaning into her and occasionally resting my head against her inner thigh as we talked. After a few more minutes she slipped back into the tub, this time sitting sideways on my lap and wrapping her arms around my neck. We kissed some more and decided it was time to get out when the timer ran out again.
We walked back to my room, her wrapped in her towel and me with mine thrown over my shoulder and holding hands. Neither of us spoke, the lack of communication like another person, and my ears were thundering with my heartbeat. Finally Anne-Marie broke the silence just as we reached the door to my room.
"I've been trying to decide how to do this for a while. When I saw you last night I couldn't believe it. I was really conflicted."
"Conflicted?" I looked at her again holding the room key in the lock without turning. "You seemed okay this morning, at least after we talked."
"Yeah, I had some time to think about it for a bit and I realized it was pretty perfect, actually." She put her hand on mine and turned, opening the door. "Let's talk more inside, I don't want the whole world to hear us."
We went inside and she immediately pulled the curtains shut, carefully. Then she unwrapped her towel and headed for the bathroom. "I'm going to shower and rinse the chlorine out of my hair."
She stepped through the door and reached back and untied her bikini top then dropped it on the floor. Once again, my cock jumped. I heard the water turn on and scrambled around the room trying to dim the lights in whatever way I could.
Then, half jokingly, I walked to the door and asked "you need a hand?" I held my breath waiting for her response.
"Can you do my back?"
I tried to play it cool but had my swim trunks off and was pulling the curtain back in less than a second.
She was facing the spray and had her back to me but turned to look over her shoulder "I was hoping you'd get the hint. I was worried for a minute that you hadn't."
I took her in for a second, watching the water splash off her chest and shoulders and run down her frame. Her skin still had a hint of summer tan lines and the curves of her hips and tight butt were remarkable. I'd only seen one other girl naked and that was mostly in the dark. I stepped in and she reached over her shoulder and handed me the wash cloth then stood and crossed her arms in front of her chest, covering the hint of her breasts that I had seen when I opened the curtain.
My hand shook while I lathered her back slowly. "You're amazing, you know. I don't think I've ever been around a girl like you."
"I know what I want. When you know that, it's easy."
"Is that why you were so upset? You thought you wouldn't get what you want?"
"Sort of. Like I said, I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while." She turned around to rinse her back and took the washcloth back from me and started lathering my chest as if we'd done this every day of our lives. Her breasts jiggled back and forth as she moved her arm across my body. "I wanted to tell you last night but when I saw you…" she lowered her hand and lathered my now completely engorged cock "I had a lot to think about."
I grunted my "un huh" and she giggled at me. "Turn around, let me do your back."
I did as told and without her hand on my dick found my voice again. "And what do you think?"
"I think…" she paused and bent down to lather my legs. "I think that my reaction last night surprised me as much as seeing you surprised me. Switch with me so you can rinse."
I shuffled slowly as she slid by me rubbing her breasts against my back with her hands on my hips. I put my back to the water and took the opportunity to really look at her. She was just as beautiful from the front and her nipples were hard nubs of pink against her pale skin. Above her crotch, droplets of water were trapped in her manicured golden brown hair. Her toned legs glistened and she stood on her tip toes to give me chaste kiss. I pulled her into a full body embrace and kissed her back, more passionately. Together we rinsed as we kissed, me squeezing her ass and her grinding against my thigh. We broke and she continued.
"Yeah, like that… My reaction was a surprise and I needed to consider what that means for me."
I felt incredibly stupid but I simply didn't understand what she meant. "I don't get it."
"Hmm, how do I say this?" We kissed again, this time her squeezing my ass and me cupping her breast, thumbing her nipple lightly. She moaned and broke again. "I liked it."
"I like it too." I said and she laughed.
"Not that. I liked watching you last night."
"Did you like it? You said you'd never done it before… is that really the first time?" Her hand moved around to my cock again and she started stroking me slowly.
"Yes, I swear, it was the only time I've ever done it."
"Have you wanted to do it before?"
It was hard to think with her stroking me and I grabbed her hands. "Let's get dried off" I said and turned to shut off the water. As we dried off she repeated her question.
"Have you? Wanted to fuck a guy?"
"I don't know. I've never looked at a guy in the locker room and thought 'I'd like to suck his dick' or anything like that. Sometimes, though, I have thought about it in a general sense."
"Oh, my God" She said. She was drying her torso and had the towel under her breasts causing them to push out over her arm like they were trying to escape. The effect was amazing. She looked up and caught me staring at her, completely forgetting to dry myself off. She smiled again then took her towel and started drying me off. "I got so turned on last night I had to take a cold shower."
"Really. Like I said, I was surprised too. Thinking about it now is getting me all turned on again." She dropped the towel on the floor between us and moved in to kiss me again. Her nipples were tight and poked into my chest and I could feel the heat emanating from her. I pulled her against me and kissed her then picked her up and took her into the room.

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