The wrong group of friends

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By Lisa Ok so let’s start off with a little back story …. Finishing up high school I was looking and preparing For a college to go to even though my parents suggested that I stayed home and work a little . I was talking to some girls from school about this certain place and they said there all ready set up there and that I should go with them to check it out .. now those girls weren’t my true friends but sounded like they could be . So after I graduated from school the following week I contacted them to see if I could go see them . They were all ready there … I had a car and against my parents wishes I took the 5 hour drive .
Then I got to the town . I was already thinking 💭 what is this ? What am I getting my self into . The Town was trashed lots of run down areas . And the people there was not what this white little country girl was used too . O I forgot to mention . I was 18 at the time , most always went to church on Sundays with the family and crazy enough never had a boyfriend – had lots of chances to have one but I chose not to .
So I was having trouble finding the address of there house so I decided to stop at a gas station/ party store . I stepped out of my car and immediately felt eyes stairing at me . I was wearing a one piece jumpsuit that was rather skin tight so it showed off my figure . I when I got inside I asked the guys working there about the directions and which he knew vary well . I said thanks and started to turn and walk out but then it hit me I needed to pee after driving for so long . So I asked ……. The one guy said over to the far left . But the other guy I interrupted and said use this one over here .. o ok I said and proceeded to go in . It was not what I was expecting . But it had a toilet and that’s what I needed . I pretty much had to get completely naked because of my jumper I was wearing , which made me a little uncomfortable but I had to pee . On the pot I noticed a small red blinking light coming from the vent on the wall and was totally creeped out . When I was finished and came out I went to the counter and told the guy what I saw . He hesitated for a minute before saying to just go and forget about it . I got scared and left .
So I started driving again and soon enough I found the place . I grabbed my little lounged bag and walked up to the door . I knocked but nobody answered when I was about to leave the door opened it was one of the girls from back home . She was in her underwear , I thought was a little strange but ok she invited me in . I was introduced. To there guy friend that was there . I didn’t know u had your boy friend here too !? I said . She laughed and said O No this is …….. he and his dad owns the place . So where is my room . She pointed over there . I said cool . And asked how much is my portion? Of the rent ….. it was quite for a while before she said it’s free . He said we can stay for free for a little while . I was in shock because nothing is free . I proceeded into my room , locked the door Dressed into my pajamas and layed down for some rest .
I was awakened several hours later with a knock on my door . I answered in my underwear and slightly out of it from my long nap . I was pulled out to the living room where I was greeted by 2 men . They were from the gas station . The other girls ( 2 girls ) looked uneasy about the situation and I was embarrassed and terrified .
The men said what they wanted . So some it up . We can live there for free with the exchange of sex when they want it . With a stern attitude I said No way am I doing anything like this . One of the older girls said I don’t think we have much choice …. We’ve already been here for a week … well I haven’t ! I said .
One of the men stomped his feet and shouted your all here together ! And that’s that . I began to freak out crying . I never agreed to something like this . I’m I’m still a virgin and and plant to stay that way … I’m a pure good girl . The guy’s laughed and the girls had a shockingly look on their face’s
Stay tune for the rest of the story ..

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By Lisa #Group #Rape #Virgin