The Wrong Sister Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooThe Wrong Sister Pt. 02

The first thing I did after the wedding was visit the chemist, conscious of the fact that I could be pregnant. It was a fun conversation to have with my daughters as I asked them to wait in the car while I got the morning after pill. Telling them it was a 'special mummy pill' seemed to placate them – that and the chocolate they each got for behaving at the wedding.
I'd not had a chance to see Will again before we left the venue. I wasn't sure how I would feel seeing him anyway. On one hand it was one of the worst things I had ever done, sleeping with my sister's very new husband. But on the other… I had felt desired and lusted after for the first time in years.
And the sex… no one night stand had ever felt as good as that. I'd certainly never felt that kind of connection before. Seeing Will wasn't going to be an immediate problem anyway, considering he would be on his honeymoon for a fortnight. Enough time for me to get my head around things, I hoped.
Life quickly became mundane once more. The girls went back to school and I went back to my job as a very busy nurse. Despite my days being full, I found myself daydreaming about that night and how Will's cock had felt as he had taken me, or how his hands had gripped my breasts as I fucked him.
These thoughts would arouse me to the point that, once I'd put my Gabby and Jo to bed, I had needed my toys to get any kind of satisfaction. And that wasn't close to what I'd shared with Will.
I knew my loneliness was exacerbating my feelings for him, and I knew that I needed to snap out of it. I told myself that he probably just wanted to get his dick wet after being frustrated by Hannah, so it's not like he'd want more with me. But, being a single mum, it wasn't like I could just go out and find someone. Even if the time with Will had made me realise I was ready to share my life with another.
But who? I felt a little too old for dating apps, and there was no one at work I felt even remotely attracted to. And there was no one there I would want in my kids life. My insular life over the last few years had led into this pit, and now I wanted out I wasn't sure which way to go that would suit me and my family.
Apart from a man I couldn't have.
My mum told me when they'd be getting back from their holiday and I considered messaging him and asking him round to talk because I felt that would be the best way of getting over him and clearing the air. It's a tragic realisation for someone who is confident and self-made that I need to get over a man that I've only slept with once.
It turns out I don't need to ask, because my sister invites us round to my parents the day after they've returned for a garden party.
The get together is in full swing when we finally arrive. I catch up with my mum and then my older brother, but throughout these conversations I'm aware that I'm tense and listening out for the sound of Will's voice. When it reaches my ears it's the sound of him laughing outside, and I turn my head to watch him in the garden playing with my daughters.
He'd always been good with children, which only made me admire him more. Gabby and Jo loved him, with Will seemingly forever patient and playful with them. There was something incredibly sexy about a man who was so good with my children. It was probably why, combined with our night in the woods, I was so attracted to him.
With a drink in hand I take a deep breath and head outside, smiling at him as he looks up at me, preparing to distract my girls and finally speak with him. The smile he returns is warm and kind as I approach.
"Izzy! Darling!"
I'm embraced into a sudden hug and almost spill my drink as Hannah wraps me into a hug. "Careful Han," I hiss, trying to pull away and get to her new husband. But she has me caught hard and I stop struggling as she leans me to a bench.
Hannah is relentless in telling me about their honeymoon. Not in graphic detail thankfully, at least the kind of graphic detail I want to avoid. But I get to hear of all the wonderful places they visited in Italy, and all the exquisite food and drink they consumed. I honestly couldn't give a shit, and mostly nod throughout in silence.
Come dusk, Hannah is a little more bearable. But any chance to speak with Will just hasn't come, and as the rest of the family decides to head inside, I quickly make an excuse that I want a smoke and stay sat on a bench, quietly hoping that Will might be reminded of his wedding night and join me.
I don't have to wait too long for him to finally make his way out to me. Our eyes are locked as he takes a seat on the bench opposite, glancing away finally to look inside at where his wife is sitting, well out of earshot.
"Hey," he says quietly, meeting my eyes again and leaning forward in his seat, hands clasped together as he leans on his upper legs. He looks tense.
The cigarette is half done at this point as I pull it from my lips and breathe smoke away from both of us. In the time between our moment of passion and now I had gone through all the things I'd wanted to say to him. To talk to him about. How I felt. And now he was here, my tongue felt like lead and my mind was blank.
"Good trip?" I ask, and inwardly cringe at what I decide to open with. Will rolls his shoulders and looks up above us to the tree that dominates my parents garden.
"Not really. I mean… it was alright. Italy's lovely. Hotel was stunning. But honestly Han spent most of the time on her phone if we weren't busy. Think she was messaging Justin."
I can see why he might have brought Justin up. I might have too, in his shoes. It's a way of deflecting from what we did, an excuse for why it might have happened. We both know it. There's a small pause before I speak, working up the courage to speak about the awkwardness. When I find my voice, the words are quiet but firm.
"I don't think we get to take the high road on what is appropriate behaviour Will."
His head turns back to me and I see a sad, resigned look on his face. "Yeah, I guess not. Are you… okay about what happened?"
Isn't that a loaded question. It's my turn to look up to the leaves above us now as I take a long, satisfying drag from my cigarette before dropping it to the ground and putting it out with the heel of my trainer.
"I'm not okay with the betrayal involved Will. That's the worst shit I've ever done to anyone, nevermind my own family. Yeah, Han's self-centred and a bit of a drama queen but she didn't deserve that from either of us."
I can't look at him after I've said such brutal truths. I don't want to see if he's relieved or hurt because I don't want to deal with the ramifications of either of them. Will remains silent and I take the chance to continue before he can say anything else. This time when I speak it's slow and considered, and I can hear him turn to look at me.
"That being said… it's perhaps the hottest thing I've ever done. That…hmm… you know what you're doing Will. I'll say that much."
When my eyes flick back from the tree and see him looking straight at me with an infectious smile on his face. Despite the fact I should be horrified, I feel my own lips slowly rising in a smile as I turn to look at him.
"Will," I admonish. "There's nothing to smile about. For either of us."
"I know," he says, but he's still smiling as he looks abashedly at the ground. "Just glad you thought the same as me. You were pretty fucking good yourself."
It's a good compliment to hear after my years of imposed abstinence. Not that I think I did anything special – merely got lost with Will in how good a sudden fuck like that could be. Even though there felt like there might have been more there. A kind of connection. Either that or it had been so long that I was willing to feel a connection with anyone. Even my drunken brother-in-law.
"I've thought about it quite a bit actually," he continues, still looking to the ground. "Like knowing it's wrong but… well, I meant it when I said you're hot Izzy. And what we did was hot."
Once upon time such words would make me blush but not anymore. Not at thirty seven. But I still smile, because it's a kind thing to say, and there's not much I can answer with. I even believe Will, such is the earnest look he gives me when he finally looks up and gives me a smile.
He stands up and sighs thoughtfully. Will has such a thoughtful face, like he was considering something significant behind his kind eyes. When he looks back at me I feel like I could melt, and I almost hate myself for how much he has me on a string without even realising it.
"I just have one regret," he says with a small quirk of his lips. "Just wish I could have made you cum."
I bark out a sudden, sharp laugh and then cover my mouth with a hand, guiltily looking inside to see if anyone was looking. They were, but they soon looked away, perhaps thinking I'd been told a rude joke or something. It took a moment for me to get my composure back.
"Yes, well… I came," I say casually. "And you were like… 95% involved in that."
"Not the same Izzy," he sighs again, this time surprisingly wistfully, before heading back inside before I can say anything else.
That night, when I'm clutching my chest after another Will-inspired orgasm, I figure his last words were a little unfair. Or at least they seemed that way to me. It felt like he was almost teasing us both with the prospect of more.
More seemed unlikely though as the weeks slipped by, and why Will remained on my mind, he wasn't quite as potent as before. At least, that was the case until a chance meeting late on a Saturday night.
I didn't go out often. Between childcare and shift work it wasn't really feasible. But occasionally the stars would align and opportunity would knock. In this case my shifts fell in such a way that I had the weekend off at the same time that the girls were with their dad. My younger colleagues on the ward would often go out at the weekend and this time I was invited to go with them.
It was a chance to dress up, and I was quite pleased with the results. My light brown hair cascaded down in ringlets to my shoulders. A cute red, sleeveless blouse was unbuttoned enough to show off the cleavage I remained proud of. And to finish, a new denim skirt that finished at the knees above some far-too-expensive knee-high black boots.
With a tasteful amount of makeup applied, even I could admit I looked good.
The night started early with drinks round mine before the five of us headed into town. It had been a while since I'd drank so heavily, the wedding actually, so I wasn't too surprised to find myself far too drunk as midnight came around. Drunk enough to make mistakes and go along with silly ideas, like attending a grim rock bar.
It had been a favourite haunt of mine in my youth, but time hadn't been kind to the place. The black walls were covered with tatty posters and dubious dried substances, and the floor was sticky with countless spilled beers. And it was loud. So, so loud.
When I saw him on the dance floor I almost put it down to the drink. It wasn't the kind of place I'd expect to see him. Under more sober circumstances I'd have possibly avoided him. Instead I marched through the throng of sweaty people on the dance floor with a bottle of something luminous in hand to stand in front of Will.
"What are you doing here?" I shout, smiling at him as I rest a hand on his bicep. His eyes were slightly glazed but God did he still look good, with a fashionable white shirt which was buttoned down to reveal a little of the hair on his chest. Will leaned down and shouted back, mouth close to my ear.
"What are you doing here! Not your kinda scene!"
"Not anymore! But I can still party when I want." I laugh giddily, taking an uneven step back and keeping my hand on him still.
The friends we're with are ignored as we hold onto one another and have an awkward, loud, drunken conversation on the dance floor. We're not there for long, as after repeatedly being jostled by dancers, we decide to move away from the exuberance of youth and against a wall beside the entrance to the bathrooms.
We ramble drunkenly about life – about my kids, our respective journeys to a dank club, and the aloofness of his wife with him. He tells me that Hannah continues to be distant with him, spending more than a few nights out with friends during the week so they seldom spend anytime with each other.
It's while he's complaining about Hannah that I remember how he'd ended our last conversation. With that bait for the potential for more. At least that's how I saw it now. It's the kind of thought you just drop when you're sober. But when you're pissed?
"Hey," I shout, interrupting him. "Why did you say what you did last time?"
Will looks puzzled and shakes his head at me, brow furrowed.
"Say what?"
"That you'd wished you'd made me cum."
It seems to take a moment for those words to sink into his drunken head, because he just stares at me for a drawn out moment before eventually giving a shrug with one of his broad shoulders.
"Because I wanted to do something for you." he bellows over the raucous noise of music and out of tune singing. "Not like I wanna be selfish and just… use you. And… you're hot. Why wouldn't I want to do that for you? "
There is an easy answer to that – because I'm your sister in law. It's what should come from my lips, another warning of what we did being wrong. But Will had spoken with an honesty that comes with too much drink – he truly thought those things. That I wasn't just some quick fuck. And it's the most selfless thing a man has said to me in such a long, long time.
Despite the alcohol in my blood and clouding my thoughts, I know a moment of clarity in that I need him again. That I need him, selfishly, to make me feel wanted. I lean forward and speak, standing on my toes and speaking into his ear.
"You wanna come home with me?"
It's pretty obvious, I think, what I'm suggesting. Will takes a step back and looks at me, a hand on my shoulder as he looks over my face as if to check whether I'm serious or not. To make sure he understands. All I do is hold my breath, biting my lower lip nervously as I wait to see whether my gamble, that he feels the same as me, will bear fruit.
It feels like an eternity until he nods.
I breathe again and nod back at him, then look to where my friends are dancing. My heart is racing and I feel butterflies in the pit of my stomach as I consider what I've suggested and what he's agreed to. There's nothing sudden about this, not like the wedding. This is a conscious choice to fuck one another. For him to cheat with his sister-in-law.
"I'll… just tell my friends I'm leaving… " I tell him, then exhale slowly. "Just after I've gone to the bathroom."
Will nods and tells me he'll do the same and disappears into the crowd. I don't watch him go, and instead dive into the adjacent disabled bathroom, the door of which is ajar. Locking the door, I approach the mirror and stare back at the woman who's apparently trying to wreck my sister's marriage.
The guilt that I feel is potent. It's not enough that I've fucked Will once, I want to do it again? If my family were to find out then it would tear us apart – my daughters would lose an aunt they loved because I just happened to fancy the pants off her husband. I couldn't do that to them, could I?
My thoughts are interrupted by a rap at the door. I don't know how long I've been there, but perhaps it's too long for a quick wee. Feeling a tiny bit of resolve, I unlock the door and open it to see Will stood there, looking concerned.
"You ok?" he asks, hand finding mine and giving it a squeeze. And in that squeeze, that subtle show of affection, I felt that resolve go. With an insistent tug on his hand I pulled him to me, dragging him back into the bathroom and kissing him before the door shut behind him.
Because I know if I don't act here and now then it won't happen. And despite everything, all the risks, I want it to happen.
Will doesn't waste time in kissing me back, our lips sloppily moving against one another as my hand fumbles to lock us in the bathroom. It makes a satisfying clunk, and then I turn my attention fully to my brother-in-law.
My hand slides up his soft shirt, along his body and up to cup his face as we kiss, and he responds in kind by running long fingers into my brown locks. It keeps me close to him, and I grind myself against him with obvious need.
He gets the picture, moving us from against the door to press me against a wall. Our sloppy kissing stops and we both breathe rapidly as uncoordinated, slightly numb fingers unbutton each other's tops. Will finishes first, pulling my open red blouse off my shoulders and kissing me again before I can even finish his, only managing two of his buttons before he's kissing along my neck.
It makes me breathless as he kisses down my chest and his teeth nip my breasts. "Will," I rasp, hands running against his exposed chest and then up and into his hair where I can guide him back to kissing me my lips
His hands rip the straps of my bra from my shoulders and down my arm as I groan into our kiss, feeling fingers roughly pinch my hard nipples until I gasp out. Will takes the opportunity to lift me up from the floor in his strong arms, enabling easy access to my tits. Making it easier for him to suck hard on my breast, nibbling my nipple until I'm groaning out loudly.
I almost don't know what to do with myself. My hands touch him everywhere while he sucks on my tits, wanting to experience this properly after the last time being too brief for my tastes. So I feel his broad chest, his wide shoulders and thick arms. And I trace the large, rock-hard cock in his jeans with my fingers and feel him grunt against my bosom as I do.
It's enough to distract him from my chest, holding me to him as he carries me to the sink I'd been standing at before and perching me on the edge. We both pull up my denim skirt past my pale, thick thighs and Will rips down my panties as I hastily undo his belt and jeans.
We both know what's about to happen and we both want it to happen as quickly as possible.
My hand grips his shirt against his stomach and I move my hips, offering my sex to him once again. I look down and see his large manhood slide against my wet lips before, exquisitely, it slides deep into me. He grips my behind and pulls me deeper onto him and sets himself properly. My hand grips the edge of the sink beside me just in time for him to start fucking me.
Just like last time it's fast and powerful, though this time it feels like his touch is everywhere. Grabbing my ass and pulling me onto his thrusts. Cupping my face as he kisses me passionately. Squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. And all the while he remains close to me, my hard nipples grazing his chest with every thrust.
Outside I'm aware of the powerful bass pumping through the club's speakers, setting the beat to our fucking. Whether it's on purpose or not I don't know, but the rhythm is perfect for me. I grab and squeeze Will's ass while my other arm hooks around his shoulder to support myself as my whimpers turn into moans only he can hear, adding to the cacophony of noise that envelopes us.
I nip at his earlobe with my teeth and my nails drag against the small of his back. Will twists his head to kiss me hard, tongue pressing against mine before he pulls back, teeth bared at me.
"So… fucking… hot." he growls, and I bare my teeth back at him, my tits bouncing heavily and drawing his attention away from my brown eyes. "And I love these," he hisses, and buries his head between them.
Rasps of breath whistle from my mouth as I grip his head and watch him suck and bite at my breasts like a man possessed, all the while not ceasing his relentless fucking of my cunt. "Fuck me," I demand of him. "Fuck me hard."

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