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Annie was raised in a strong Christian home.  She just graduated school, and was away from home more, working as many hours as she could at the grocery store . She also helped take care of an elderly family, doing errands and taking care of their home and dinners.    They had a grandson named Paul, who also just graduated school, but not from Annie’s school.  She had never seen Paul before, but felt her body respond and tingle. A warmth spread all over her the night they met, and she blushed.  She was a hot mess and beside herself.

They got to know each other over the summer and Annie learned what it was like to love another.  She had fallen in love with Paul.  Once the season changed to Fall, Paul went to Annie’s like he done many times before. But there was a reason this time.  Annie opened the door and was surprised to see him there. She was more shocked when he asked where her parents were.  Annie took him to them on the back porch.

He greeted them as a perfect gentleman does.

“Mr. and Mrs. Jones, I’vee her to ask your permission to date your daughter.”  Annie gasped, as did her mother.  “Annie is a very special and beautiful young lady whom I’ve gotten to know a lot, and I’d like to date her and …”

Her father cut him off. “Paul, you are a great young man as well. If your intentions are pure, to date Annie and not to pursue anything sexual with her outside of marriage, then you may date her, if that is Annie’s desire.”

“Yes father,” Annie said, her voice fluttering.

Fall turned to Winter, and Winter to Spring.  There was now a very strong chemistry and love and desire between them.  They were both getting aroused and frustrated when they kissed.  They both wanted more.  Paul had gone as far as running his hand over her tiny breasts and pressing them, grinding them, more than squeezing them.  Annie would often look in the mirror and wonder why she had such small breasts when her mother and sister had the largest breasts she knew.  She feared Paul would think she was ugly and not a real woman.

Annie had gone as far as running her fingers under his tee shirt and rubbing his toned, hot body. A few times, she ran her hand over the front of his pants and felt a hardness and heat.  Paul would often look at himself, holding his small penis. Fortunately, he knew he no problem getting hard. But he knew from seeing his brothers and guys in the locker that he didn’t have a penis close to average, let alone big.  He had no clue if he could even give her sexual pleasure.

As the spring flowers were bursting out of the ground, Paul paid Annie’s parents a visit, and asked their permission to marry Annie.  He father jumped up and hugged Paul and Annie, congratulating them, and Annie and her mother cried.  Annie and Paul were married mid-summer in a beautiful garden wedding.  As a wedding gift they were given a one bedroom bungalow that would need some work but Annie’s parents cleaned it the best they could. They also painted the bedroom and gave them a bed, couch, and kitchen table.  That is where the newly married couple would spend their wedding night as well.

Paul lifted and carried Annie over the threshold, and their lips locked in a deep passionate kiss.  Carrying her to their bedroom, he lowered them both down together, not once breaking their passionate kiss.  Annie pulled away nervously, and quickly stood up.

“I have to shower first.”

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She quickly found her bath bag, and the outfit her sister bought for her wedding night.  Annie cried, and was terrified as she took a long shower until there was no hot water.  She called to Paul to make sure he was not in the bedroom cause she forgot all her stuff.  He didn’t hear her as she walked out, her wet body wrapped in a towel barely covering her tiny butt.  Annie jumped and screamed when she saw Paul bent over naked, pulling on silk sleeping pants.  Paul jumped and quickly stood up and turned.  Annie saw her husband naked for the first time.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to his hard and small penis sticking straight out.  Paul went to hide it, and Annie spoke up.

“NO, please don’t!”

She was nervous, but couldn’t stop staring at the penis of which she dreamed. His penis was nothing like she thought, nothing like her sister told her about, and far from a “monster”.  Annie let her towel drop, and Paul saw his beautiful bride naked for the first time.  She was tiny, barely 5’3″ and about 100 pounds,pared to his 6’4″ solidly toned body.

Pauls eyes stared at her barely B-cup breasts with very puffy nipples that rose from her chest. She had a toned, sunken belly, above tiny hips which flared out. This gave her butt a very sexy wiggle. Her legs met at a soft tuft of brown hair, which covered her puffy mound and pussy lips. These peeked out and were visible from the gap between her thighs.

“You are sooo beautiful, my love.” Paul said.  Paul’s penis was bouncing and throbbing as a long string of liquid ran out of his penis, and towards the floor.  Annie made the first move and stepped in front of Paul.

“My I touch you?” she asked.

“Yes, please.” Paul responded.  Softly she reached down and wrapped her hard around his hard penis.

“No, No!” Paul cried out.

Annie pulled her hand away thinking she hurt him. She looked down as his penis pulsed and long strings of warm white liquid splashed against her belly, covering her.  Annie gasped and watched until he stopped.

“I’m sorry, Annie.”

“It just felt sooo good. More than I thought it would.”

Paul went to get a towel. When he returned, Annie was still in a daze and running her fingers through his cum on her belly.  Paul watched in amazement.

Annie looked up, and said “This is your cum. I made you cum.”  Annie had a huge smile on her face.

“That means you are attracted to me,” she said

“Yes, Annie!  A thousand times, yes!”

Annie smiled and giggled more when she saw that Paul’s penis was hard and throbbing again.

“Can I make you cum again?” she asked, and grabbed his penis.  Paul gently grabbed her hand.

“Slowly, baby. I want to make love to my wife and cum with you”.

Annie didn’t let go of his penis, and Paul bent down and kissed her, backing her against the bed.  Annie laid back on the bed, releasing his penis and spread her legs wide.  Paul’s heart was pounding as he saw her pussy open up for the first time.  So pink and wet. His cock was jumping and pre-cum leaking out in a long string again.

Annie held out her arms and Paul crawled between her legs and lowered himself down.  They both moaned as his penis pressed against her pussy.  Paul began pushing, but Annie cried out as Paul jammed hard into her clit.  He kept poking and pushing, getting frustrated.

Annie said “Relax baby, I think I can help.”  Paul moaned as she grabbed his penis and pushed him lower.

“Try there.”  Paul pushed himself into her.  Annie was tight, but so very hot and wet, and Paul slid against her veil.

“No, no, no!” Paul cried out again in frustration.

“Quick, take me, make me a woman!” Annie yelled out.  Paul pushed hard, and Annie cried loudly, as he tore open her veil. His cum shot deep into her, over and over again, and he collapsed onto her.  Annie cried in pleasure, and wrapped her arms tightly around her new husband.