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Story Idea submitted by JC Smith.
Guest Characters:
John Sloan: 47 years old, 6'9, 263 lbs, 11 inch cock, son of Linda, husband of Amy
Amy Sloan: 42 years old, 5'5, 150 lbs, 40F tits, wife of John, mother of Ronnie
Linda Sloan: 68 years old, 5'9, 162 lbs, 42G tits, mother of John, Rachel and Trish
Rachel Sloan: 46 years old, 5'3, 117 lbs, 36F tits, daughter of Linda
Patricia "Trish" Sloan: 44 years old, 5'3, 122 lbs, 32E tits, daughter of Linda
Veronica "Ronnie" Sloan: 20 years old, 5'7, 112 lbs, 32F tits, daughter of Amy
On Monday morning, Kyle was fucking Candace on the couch, surrounded by their various female family members after a long and fantastic orgy the night before. All the boys were at camp or friends' houses, leaving Kyle to personally pleasure each slut who was under his roof.
"Fuck…" Candace moaned, Kyle grinning and picking up speed as his screamed and came on his dick, struggling to breathe as he drained her just before dumping his own massive load into her cunt.
They then kissed, moaning softly into each other's mouths as he continued to fuck her slowly. She then stood on shaky legs and made her way into the kitchen where Marie was preparing breakfast and made her way back to her brother with a cold beer, which Kyle quickly guzzled down.
Smiling at seeing his dick still rock hard, Candace began to stroke him.
"God, I tell you there's no one in this world like you Kyle," she said, beginning to suck him down.
"Better believe it," he laughed, taking another sip as she sucked him off. As everyone began to wake up, they heard a loud steady beeping coming from the road.
"What the hell is that?" Melanie asked as Emily opened the door.
"Ahhh it's a moving truck," she then told the others, "looks like we have new neighbors coming in across the street."
At that point, the door to the large truck opened and a tall, burly man stepped out. Blonde haired with a large mustache, wearing nothing but a tank top and shorts which not only showed off her muscular arms and legs but also a massive erection just straining to break free.
"Ooooh come look at the hunk moving in!"
The women swarmed to the door and began to ooh and ahh.
"Fuck, he looks like he can do some damage!" Victoria said.
"Imagine the power those shorts are holding back!" Selena then laughed.
Kyle squinted his eyes and finally got up to see himself, Candace yelping as she was soon sliding off his dick and onto the floor. At the moment Kyle got to the doorway, another car pulled up, a sedan and soon six women stepped out, making Kyle's mouth water and his dick swell.
All of them were beautifully stacked, with some of the biggest tits and asses he'd seen not attached to members of his own family. They also all bore a striking resemblance to the man driving the truck. The older woman among them, wearing a plaid button up shirt and jeans walked up to the man and everyone watched as they kissed lewdly.
Instead of pushing her away, the man kissed her back with the same amount of passion before pulling her shirt open and attacking her tits.
"Hey guys look!" Candace then exclaimed, the others following her gaze to the sedan where another of the women, middle aged had the youngest on the hood, fingering her pussy under her slutty skirt as they kissed as well.
"I think our new neighbors deserve a nice welcome," Victoria said, rubbing herself.
"Mmm… I agree," Melanie replied.
Soon all of them were upstairs, quickly getting dressed and making their way across the street. Approaching the house, they could hear loud music blaring from inside as Emily knocked loudly on the door. It soon swung open to reveal the youngest girl, wearing nothing but a pair of cut off denim shorts, topless and she drank a beer.
"Hello there," she said with a grin, her pretty blue eyes gazing at them.
"Hello," Emily extended her hand, "I'm Emily Anderson. This is my husband Kyle, my mother Victoria, his mother Marie and sisters Candace and Vanessa and those two are Melanie and Selena."
The girl smiled, staring at Kyle as she brushed the cold bottle over the bare nipples and bit her lip.
"I'm Veronica," the girl replied, "but everyone calls me Ronnie."
A loud shriek sounded from the house and they all entered to find the man from behind energetically fucking one of the other woman, his large hands pawing her huge tits as he slammed his dick into her pussy in doggystyle.
"Daddy!" Ronnie whined, "It's supposed to be my turn!!"
"You snooze you lose!" the woman laughed, Ronnie huffing and turning to Kyle.
"How about you, mister?" she asked, grinding against him.
Kyle looked over her father who was glaring at them as he continued to fuck the shit out of the buxom woman before him. He then saw his sluts watching him go like they'd never fucking before. He then saw a look pass the man's face. A… smirk maybe?
Before he could even respond however, Ronnie was unbuckling his pants and grabbing his dick. He grinned as he saw the look of excitement on her face.
"Damn!" she exclaimed, "you got a fucking PYTHON in here!"
Instinctively, he shoved his hand down her shorts and found her wet pussy, Ronnie gasping as he almost instantly found her clit. She then yanked his jeans down for his massive cock to spring out.
"Fuck…" she and the woman currently getting fucked by Ronnie's dad gasped at the same time. As the man grunted and stuffed her with his load, she barely seemed to notice coming over to touch and stroke Kyle's dick.
"God, I've never seen another which comes close to resembling John's," the woman said.
"I think it's about the same too," Ronnie replied, "maybe bigger."
John took offense, standing up. "Now that's just bullshit! No one in this world fucks better than I do!"
"He is pretty impressive Kyle," Selena said.
"See?" John laughed heartily, "even your own bitches agree with me."
Kyle snarled internally but kept his composure.
"What's going on down here?" the older woman from before asked as she came down the stairs. Behind were the 4 others, all 5 of them completely nude as they took in the scene before them. Ronnie was now riding Kyle hard in reverse cowgirl, his hands gripping her hips as she bounced on his dick.
The woman from before was beside him on the couch, Kyle sucking her tits. Meanwhile, on the opposite couch, John was fucking Melanie in missionary with her legs spread wide as he fucked her hard.
"HEY!!" the older woman shouted again.
Kyle and John stopped, Ronnie letting out a loud shriek as she came hard on Kyle's dick.
"I see I made your daughter come first!" Kyle sneered, "I could've given her 20 more of those!"
"You smug little…" John yelled, pulling from Melanie and getting ready to fight.
"Stop it!" the older woman shouted, "As much I'd love to watch you two hung studs fight, I think there is a much better way to settle this."
"Mom," one of the women behind her said, "are you suggesting a fuck-off?"
"I most certainly am, Rachel," she replied, "the stud left standing is the best of them all."
"Fine by me," Kyle replied.
"Very well," John said, "hope your ready to lose your bitches to me."
Kyle didn't reply, noticing John's mother, wife, daughter and aunts all had their eyes glued to his dick. He grinned slapped the older woman, Linda's ass, making her yelp and giggle.
"We'll meet here tomorrow at sunrise." Marie said.
John and Kyle shook hands, their cold eyes unshifting from the other.
"OH FUUUUUUCCK!!!" Emily screamed as Kyle was fucking her hard in missionary that afternoon.
"Yeah!" Kyle grunted, holding her legs spread wide as he slammed into her pussy.
He continued going, grunting deep as he unloaded in her pussy, stuffing her full of his hot load. He then pulled out and sat on the edge of the bed, lighting a blunt. Emily crawled over and took a drag, blowing out the smoke.
"Fuck them tomorrow like you fuck us," Emily said, "they won't stand a chance."
Kyle grinned. "Maybe, maybe."
Victoria stepped in and smiled. "My turn."
Emily sighed and passed her mother the blunt, Victoria taking a drag before kissing Kyle, blowing the smoke in his mouth before beginning to suck his cock.
Emily to feel the bed rocking, the sun not even up yet. She turned to see Kyle on his back getting ridden by Marie, sucking her huge tits as she bounced furiously on his cock.
"FUCK BABY!!!" Marie screamed, shaking as she came hard on his dick seconds before he unloaded into her pussy. They panted and kissed, Marie dismounted and smiling as she saw his dick was still rock hard. She then got on the floor and began sucking him off, Emily watching as she rubbed her pussy, still sore from a long hard night of fucking.
"Ready to show those bitches who's boss?" she asked Kyle, kissing him softly.
"Hell yeah," he replied, groaning as he came again in Marie's mouth, "those sluts won't know what hit them."
At 9:30 am, Kyle along with Marie, Emily, Victoria, Melanie, Selena and Candace made their way across the street to the Sloan house. Linda stood on the front porch with a wide grin on her face. She kissed them each and invited them inside, seeing John fucking his wife Amy hard in her ass.
"OH FUCK! OH SHIT!!" Amy screamed.
"Come on you two," Linda practically whined, stroking Kyle's now exposed cock, "Let's get started!"
"Just a little longer," John groaned, "Gotta get this nut!"
He gave a bellowing howl as he dumped his load in Amy's ass, continuing to thrust and pump more of his jizz inside her until it overflowed her ravaged hole as he pulled out. He walked into the kitchen and gave Kyle a pat on the chest with his sweaty hand.
"Hope you won't mind my sloppy seconds," he laughed, "I'd just hate to start an orgy with a full load stored up."
Kyle growled softly but Marie reassured him with another kiss. The whole family came in and chatted while Kyle and John simply glared at one another from across the room. Kyle learned the Sloan family dynamic. Linda was the family matriarch and had been a pornstar before she retired to take care of her children, John, Patricia and Rachel.
Upon her children coming 'of age,' she introduced them to the wonders of fucking, with her, each other and their neighbors. When John knocked up his girlfriend Amy, her parents insisted they get married shortly before Ronnie was born. Thus it was incestuous family against incestuous family.
At about 10:45, Linda showed them all down to a massive basement. The room was completely empty except for bright stadium lights and a large wall to wall mattress on the floor. There was also a large digital clock on the wall.
"Wow," Emily said, "your basement setup is nearly the same as ours."
"Yeah," Trish replied, "we had a set up this way for our family porn videos."
"Speaking of which," Linda spoke up, "I hope you don't if I record today's festivities?"
"Of course not," Marie replied, "so long as you send it to us."
"Done and done," Linda said with a smile, grabbing a remote from a table and pressing a button, hi-tech cameras dropping from the ceiling.
"Now here are the rules. We have 12 sluts and 2 studs. That means all of us should be able to experience those two hunks of man meat. Fuck as hard as you want and when they're occupied there are dildos, vibrators and a bunch of other toys for us girls.
The clock will read 45 minutes a session when it beeps, it will reset and you must move on. At some point, you can fuck anyone more than once. Everyone understand?"
They all nodded.
"And away we go," she then said, grabbing Kyle by the dick and pulling him up the padded floor.
Kyle and John were each instructed to sit on two couches in the center of the room, both of them watching, salivating and stroking their dicks as the 12 sluts paraded in front of them, their sexy lips, huge tits and juicy asses just waiting to get pulverized. They leaned and shook themselves, teasing them with their tits and asses as they made out with one another.
"Alright you two," Marie ordered, "stand up."
They complied and Marie and Linda got to it, Linda sucking off Kyle and Marie sucking off John. Both men moaned as their opponents mother stuffed her mouth with his dick.
"Oh shit…" Kyle groaned, holding Linda's head as she expertly sucked him off.
"Fuck yeah…" John groaned, "suck that dick good…"
Meanwhile, Trish had her head between Candace's legs, Melanie sucking Amy's tits as Ronnie fucked her ass with a strapon.
"FUCK!!!" Selena screamed as Victoria fucked her pussy with a hard rubber dildo. Emily meanwhile was sucking John's nuts while Rachel was doing the same for Kyle.
Linda then pulled off Kyle's dick and turned around, shaking her huge ass for him, his dick still wet with the saliva of her skilled mouth. She then kissed Rachel, sucking her tits as Rachel held her mother's ass open for Kyle to slide right in. Linda moaned loudly as she felt his him slide in, Kyle fucking her as Rachel spit on her asshole.
"Ohhhhhh…" Linda moaned deeply, Kyle hammering his dick into her.
By now, John was back on the couch, Marie riding his dick as Emily sucked his nuts and ate his ass. Ronnie was now behind Emily, fucking her ass as Victoria and Trish fucked one another with a double sided dildo.
The room was a flurry of moans, grunts and screams, Kyle fucking Linda furiously, gripping her hips and slamming his hard cock into her ass. Rachel watched eagerly, her mouth watering as she watched Kyle batter her mother's ass.
"Can I taste it Kyle?" she begged, Kyle grinning and nodding, pulling out and shoving his dick into her wide open mouth.
She sucked him eagerly for a few moments before spitting on Linda's asshole again, Kyle sliding back inside. Linda cried and screamed, Rachel cheering.
"YES!!" Linda pleaded, "beat that ass up baby!"
"Fuck, this ass is incredible!" Kyle groaned, fucking faster.
"OH FUCK!!!" Linda cried.
Meanwhile, Melanie was fingering her pussy at the sight of Linda throwing her ass back on Kyle's dick, his large dick now fucking her pussy, slick with her cream. She kept squealing and crying out until she finally came on his dick, Kyle pulling out and walking in front of her, Linda instantly sucking his cock clean.
At the same time, Victoria was sucking John off as Emily rode his face. Victoria then mounted him, crying out as the massive cock filled her pussy.
"YES!!" she screamed, John hammering up inside her as he sucked her tits.
"FUCK!!" John yelled, squeezing her ass as he fucked the horny MILF frantically, her pussy having his dick in a tight grip. Selena meanwhile was riding Kyle as he made out with Amy. Marie was now straddling Ronnie, the girl energetically fucking her with her strap-on, sucking her massive tits as she did so.
"OH SHIT!! OH FUCK!!" Selena screamed, Kyle fucking her hard as well. Amy sucked and pinched her tits as she furiously rode Kyle's cock. He held her hips and began meeting each of her bounces with an upward thrust, Selena crying out and cumming several times.
Victoria meanwhile was now getting fucked in doggy by John, her hair tight in his fist as he slammed his dick inside her. Beside them, Melanie was riding the strap-on of Trish, screaming as she bounced frantically, Candace behind her, fingering her ass as she squeezed her juicy Latina tits.
"OH GOD!!" she screamed as her ass repeatedly collided with Trish's thighs. As Victoria screamed and came on John's cock, Melanie followed soon after, kissing Trish as she dismounted to recover. John then grunted and pulled out of Victoria, stroking his dick and shooting his load all over her face.
"OH FUCK!!!" Selena screamed as Kyle rammed her cunt hard and deep.
Trish then sucking off her brother as Candace sucked off her dildo. Kyle, having fucked Selena to yet another intense orgasm was now roughly giving it to Amy in doggy, biting her ear as she screamed, Kyle's dick exploding deep in her cunt.
"YES!!" she cried, "give me all that hot cum!!"
Linda meanwhile found Victoria strapped with the biggest dildo in the prop box and began to suck her off, getting lubed up before she began to fuck Rachel's ass furiously.
"Oh god yeah…" Rachel whimpered, Victoria unleashing hell on her ass.
Behind them, Kyle was getting sucked off by Ronnie, the girl moaning as she pleasured his dick. She struggled to make it all the way to the base but persevered, sucking all the way to his nuts before pulling off, leaving his dick coated in her slimy saliva before turning her ass to him.
He began to fuck her pussy, Ronnie crying out as she gripped her hair and began to fuck her good and deep.
"YESSSSS!!!" she screamed, "FUCK ME!! OH GOD!!"
Victoria was still fucking Rachel, now eating her mother's pussy while she was continually railed from behind. Melanie was also getting fucked doggy, by John while Emily, Amy and Selena made out with each other, Emily and Amy scissoring as they each fingered Selena.
"Ooooh," Melanie screamed, John slapping her ass while she threw herself back.
"Good girl," John groaned, sweat popping from his head as watched the sexy Latina MILF cum on his dick. He grunted and pulled out, turning to see Kyle ramming Linda in missionary with long strokes, his mother screaming as she began to squirt on Kyle's manhood.
Meanwhile, Candace was spitting on Trish's pussy, fingering her asshole as she began to eat her out. They then began to 69, Trish energetically tonguing her pussy as Cassidy cried out in pleasure.
"OH FUCK ME!!" Linda screamed, holding Kyle close and clawing his back as he grunted, continuing to fuck her hard.
Meanwhile, Rachel was riding on Victoria's dildo, Victoria sucking her tits as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Ronnie was fucking Selena's ass while she was eating Candace whose face was being ridden by Trish. Kyle then pulled from Linda to have Amy suck him off as she fingered Linda's gushing pussy.
"Oh fuck…" Kyle groaned as he fucked Amy's face as she was massaging his swollen nuts as he did so. It wasn't long before he let out a groan and shot his load down her throat. Soon enough, Kyle was sitting, Amy riding him aggressively as she made out with Linda.
John was now getting sucked off by Emily, moaning as she stroked and slobbered on his dick.
"Ohhhh fuck…" he groaned, Emily pulling off.
"Yeah, you wanna shiver that huge cock between my fucking tits?"
"Fuck yeah," John replied, Emily spitting in her cleavage just as John positioned it just right and began to ram his cock between her soft mounds, fucking them for a solid 6 minutes before Emily resorted to sucking him off again.
"Oh my god!" John groaned, holding her head as she again began sucking his dick agressively. "Mmmm…"
He groaned and pulled out, pulling her to the couch and entering her in a spooning position and sliding his dick into her ass, beginning to fuck her rapidly as she squeezed her tits.
"OH FUCK!" Emily screamed, "that ass feel good wrapped around your big hard cock?!"
"So fucking good!" John yelled, fucking her even harder as Emily rubbed her clit.
"OH FUCK!! DESTROY THAT PUSSY!!!" Amy screamed, Kyle fucking her brutally, pulling out to the tip and slamming his dick back in. He then stood, fucking her even harder, Amy screaming like a woman possessed as he gave her all his hard dick.
Amy screamed as she came violently on his dick, Kyle continuing to ravage her. He flipped her over and spread her legs, fucking her long strokes as he squeezed her tits, Amy screaming louder and louder.
"OH FUCK YEAH!!!" John groaned as he pounded Emily's ass, his rigid and swollen cock spreading her out.
"FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!" Emily pleaded, her eyes rolling back as he clenched her hair, his nuts slamming against her clit. She arched her back, taking his aggressive thrusts with all the more energy.

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