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"You can come up onto the bed if you want," she says. He stands up from the crappy, plastic desk chair he was sitting in.
"Yea, I'll move over there now," He walks over, briefly stops at her side of the bed to look at her, then steps up and sits next to her. She glances at him and then turns her attention nervously back to her string. He sits for a second but then impatiently wraps his arm around her. "C'mere," he says.
He pulls her in snugly and she blushes. She feels her body heating up under his physical affection. She starts squirming a little bit, not uncomfortable, but just nervous. He looks at her, slightly puzzled from her wiggling.
"I'm not- I don't not like it or anything, I just, I'm not used to this. I haven't done anything physical before," she splutters out. He quirks his head at her and smiles, not removing his arm. She draws her legs up and settles against him. She can't decide whether she wants to lean and rest on him or stay against the wall. She keeps wriggling around until finally, he's had enough. He wraps his other arm around her middle and lays his head on her back.
"Stop moving so much," he mumbles against her. She goes still. She wants to touch him so bad but she can't put her brain together enough to move them. She's unbelievably turned on. Alright, so cuddling is hot. Cuddling is really hot. Eventually, he leans back against the wall and puts his arm around her again.
She puts her legs down and her shorts ride up a lil bit. He brings his hand over and starts tracing the freckles on her upper thigh, and bam, instantly soaked. It was hot before, but the thighs, oh man, the thighs. Her brain completely froze. Her eyes are glued to his hand. She should look at his face, but seeing his fingers on her leg makes her lose it. His skin contrasts so beautifully against her paleness.
She starts making weird little stuttery breaths because the way he's touching her is so fucking hot. She's squirming a little bit again, twiddling her toes subconsciously. He ceases his tracing, "Are you okay?" he asks.
"Y-yeah, it just feels r-really nice," she blushes.
He turns his head so his mouth is pressing against her back, "Oh yeah?" he asks, "You like it when I touch you like this?"
She goes beet red, barely managing to squeak out the affirmation "mhm!" Her voice raises several octaves as he slides his hand higher up her thigh.
"I'm real sensitive there, you know, um.. erogenous zones and all." His hand was brushing against the rim of the leg of her shorts, so achingly close to where she wanted him to be. She felt herself gush more the closer he got to her sex.
"I- You're really-" She couldn't finish her sentences. He rose until his mouth was against the back of her neck. The feeling of his lips on her skin sent pleasureful tingles down her spine. "You sensitive here too?"
Her back arched slightly as he moved his mouth against her.
"I- my neck? I mean-" She started to say, assuming that's what he was talking about it. He moved his hand, though. It was the lightest brush against her shorts but she could feel his fingers through the layers. Her legs instinctively clamped around his hand and her hands wrapped around the arm **touching her** all while letting out a little "eek!"
He started to chuckle– his face still pressed against her neck. She felt every breath he exhaled with a heightened sensitivity. Her pulse had skyrocketed, her face was red, her breaths were shorter.
She felt him grin, "Oh? So I guess you like my hand where it is then."
Her brain almost short-circuited. She didn't know whether she should release him or pull him closer so she just gripped his forearm a little tighter. She was feeling so *much* she couldn't get any words out. "What if I just do this?"
He snakes his had out from in between her thighs and instead places them on her sides.
"What, what're you-" she manages to say before he pulls her to sit on his lap. They're looking at each other now, he's smirking and she's blushing so hard she's worried there won't be any blood left for her brain. He had scooched away from the wall slightly so her freakishly long legs would have somewhere to go, resulting in her crotch being flush with his, revealing just how much he was enjoying the situation. Her eyes widened as it dawned on her, "Your- Are you-"
"Yeah bunny," he rocked his hips in time with the pet name, "your little noises are so hot, you know that? I can't help it, you make my cock so hard." She lets out more squeaks, one from his thrusts and another from his words. Her hands grip his shoulders and she buries her head in his neck.
"You can't- Your words, I-" She's shaking slightly as he starts to move against her again. "What about them? You're so embarrassed but you've heard it all before. How many times have I told you I want to pump you full of my cum, huh?" She lets out a little moan at that. "After all our phone calls, bunny, there's no reason to be shy."
"Ah- but I- but this is different," she gasps out, matching the movement of his hips, "you, you're body, you're here. Not just a voice, I can, ah- feel you. So good, I don't- I can't-" His hands are gripping her hips tighter with each movement they make together, he's rocking against her harder with each shaky breath she lets out. He spoke huskily into her ear, "Now that I'm here, we can do all the things we talked about. I could tie you up or fuck you against the door," she opens her mouth against his neck as he continues, "or I could shove my cock down your tight little throat or finger you 'til you're begging me to fuck you. I can do that now, bunny."
He snaked his hands up against her thighs and into her shorts, needing to feel more of her skin. "Please," he heard her whimper against him. She pulled her head away from his neck, her hands sliding up to cup his face, and kissed him. It was sloppy but her lips were soft and her mouth tasted like coffee. Her fingers had moved to tangle into his messy black hair, tugging on it slightly. Without breaking the kiss, he started to unbuckle his belt. He pulled his jeans down to his knees and moved away, although she didn't want to stop.
"Shorts off," he demanded. Her lips were parted and slightly swollen. Her pupils were blown wide and her cheeks were flushed all pretty. She nodded her head then stood up. She slid her shorts down, revealing more of her creamy white thighs, and threw them off the bed. While she was up, he tucked his legs beneath him so he could better thrust up against her. Then his hands were immediately back onto her hips, guiding her to sit down on his lap. Now the only barrier between them was their underwear. She could feel the hardness of his cock through the thin cotton panties she wore. She was dripping wet from his previous touches and his dick twitched against her clothed folds.
He started to grind his cock against her again. "Fuck, bunny," he panted out "you feel so good."
"Ah- so do you," she moaned out. The friction was the most intense thing she had ever felt. He's cock fit so perfectly between her slit, sliding back and forth, bumping against her clit in the most delicious way. He was getting closer and closer to coming with each slide against her warm cunt. He buried his head in her neck, attaching his lips to the skin there and sucking. She let out a loud moan at that. He could tell she was getting close because she couldn't keep any rhythm in her movements.
"Are you gonna cum for me baby? You gonna cum all over my cock?" he teased her.
"I'm- so close," she gasped out. He moved his hand into the narrow space between them and pressed his thumb against her clit, moving it in little circles against her. The overloading sensations were enough to push her over the edge. She arched against him, letting out small moans and pants as she rode out the sensations. Tears formed in her eyes from the intensity of it all; he hadn't yet ceased his thrusts. He sped up, trying to cum before she was through. Still hazy and coming down from her orgasm, she kissed him, running her fingers through his hair again. Fuck, he was so close, he just needed a little more. She separated her mouth from his and moved her hand in between them, pulling the top of his boxers down below his cock. She pulled her own panties aside and brought her cunt down onto his cock. She could barely fit in more than the tip, as she wasn't prepared, but it was still good. He felt himself teetering on the edge of cumming. His cock was weeping pearly white fluid and it helped him slip in just a little more. He stroked his cock a few times, she kissed him again, tugged his hair the way he liked it. She clenched her walls against the head of his dick and he came, moaning into her mouth.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he growled against her. His cum gushed into her pussy, some even overflowing down his cock. She was shaking from the new feeling, being bred. He slowly removed his cock from inside her and collapsed against the wall behind him. "That was-" he started, panting, "I can't believe I came in you."
She got off his lap and laid down against him, resting her head and one hand on his chest. He started to run his fingers (the clean ones) through her hair.
"It was hot," she slurred, blushing, "but we're all messy now."
He groaned, "yeah I gotta clean us up before this shit drys."

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