Thilaga’s lust

I am not a story writer and I do not have expertise in that. It is a simple incident. I was studying in the college. One day myself and my friend were taking beer. We had taken three beers each and were in an intoxicating mood. Then we started talking about our class girls and the love affair. Then my friend told me in an uncontrollable mood that he had fucked his mother.

I just scolded him not to speak like that. He said it was true and narrated the incident. His father used to be on business trip at least 15 days in a month and that there will be only two persons at home- my friend and his mother. My friend Logy told me that one night he was once masturbating in his bed at about 4 am having our class mate Jayanthi in his imagination. He was meddling his stick violently with his eyes closed thinking that there was nobody to watch his stealthy enjoyment. Suddenly he felt that his hot rod was caught hold of by a hand. In a sudden panic, he opened his eyes and to his surprise he saw his mother sitting in his bed. I continue the story in my friend’s own words: I was totally shocked. All my excitement and sexual feelings drained. My mom was holding my penis. She asked me: why are you meddling with that? Not sleeping? I released the dick from her and told her Sorry mom. I was bit excited and could not control me. She asked me: are you doing it daily? I said No mom. My mom asked me whether I am having a physical relationship with anybody. I nodded my head in the negative.

My mother told me: Don’t feel shy. This is quite common, she said. She again caught hold of my penis gently and gave a mild shake. It was very nice. I started to resist but she did not leave. She kept on shaking my rod and I started enjoying that. I looked at my mom. She was in a sleeveless nighty with low neck. There was a black bra inside the nighty. I was totally confused whether to nourish the thought as I was caught between the pleasure and motherly feeling. She asked me gently; Do u know that I am also equally starving like you daily. She kissed my forehead and lips and told me. Logu, pl help me. I want you today. Nobody will know about it. I hugged her and kissed her lips. I told her that the very feeling of mother forbids me from being active. My mom looked at me deeply and gave faster movement to my dick. She whispered in my ears: you are my husband this night. I am your pretty wife your pretty wife. She put my penis into her mouth and gave a nice oral treat. It was totally new to me. I hugged her once again and started pressing her pretty boobs. Slowly, I removed the nighty and now she is in Blank bra and black panty providing contrast for her sandal body. I delivered a thousands of kisses allover her body and started licking her body.

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She wholeheartedly reciprocated the same to me. I started unhooking her bra in a haste. My mom teased me : are you in a hurry to drink milk again after so many years?. I blushed. I noticed her boobs in the dim light. It looked like two moons standing side by side with a nice valley in between. The nipples were like cherry fruits mounted on the ice-cream. The nipples were erect . I started pressing one boob and put the other one into my mouth. The experience was so thrilling and exciting. I bit her boobs violently and told her passionately. Mom, I see heaven in you. Mom told me. Do not call e as mom. I feel embarrassed. Call me by name, while we are enjoying. That sounded fine for me and I told her. Thilaga, this type of pleasure, I have never enjoyed. She told me that there are a lots more and both of us can explore and reach new horizons. Then she mildly pushed my face towards her under part. It was clean shaved with red pussy smiling in between. I started licking and thilaga started secreting a nice juice . I sucked it for 15 minutes while pressing her buttocks. Thilaga started moaning loudly and bit my ears gently. Thilaga became totally uncontrollable as I was. I lifted my head and inserted my erect penis into her vagina. It was completely hot and wet .thilaga cried helplessly. Come on logu fuck me fuck me. I pounded her pussy cat at least 100 strokes and she was making loud noise in ecstasy. I emptied the cum for the first time into a lady’s vagina. Thilaga asked me, how you feel. Mom, it is really wonderful. You are the greatest pleasure on the Earth. Will you give me this daily? My mom smiled at me.

We will continue to be partners when your father is on camp. Will you discard me when you get married? She asked me in a husky voice. No mom, you are my first treasure. You are my first wife. I embraced her. That night we have had sexual pleasure four times in different postures. It is continuing. In the day time, she is mom and night hours, my sweet wife. My friend me completed the story when we emptied the fourth beer. I suddenly felt the blood rushing to my cock. It was such a fantastic narration. I had seen logu’s mother Thilaga several times. She is an immaculate lady with a very fine structure quite similar to that of a cine actress. I used to admire her beauty but never thought she is so lusty to have an affair with her own son. I thought that her loneliness could be the reason behind it. I started going to logu’s house very often to see the face of Thilaga, now totally in a different point of view/ My conscience pricked me but I could not control my temptation. I thought how nice it will be if Thilaga agrees for sex at least once. At the age of 39, thilaga was extremely fine like an aunty. I was 21 with the same age of logu. If logu can enjoy thilaga, Why not me? I need not even have the guilt. One day when I went to logu’s house and pressed the calling bell. There was no response. The front door was closed but not locked from inside. I pushed the door and called : Hey… Logu, what are you doing.? His mother replied from inside.

Come Ravi. Sit there in the hall. Logu went to his grandpa’s place and will be back only tomorrow. I was about to leave. Ok, Aunty. I am leaving. Tell logu about my visit. Nothing special. Aunty’s voice came from inside. Wait. There is a notebook to be given to you. I am taking bath and will be back within five minutes. While I was waiting, I switched on the DVD player. My goodness. It was a xxx porno. Aunty must have been watching this before going to take bath. I felt nervous. I recollected the narration of logu. I could not control anymore. Slowly, I peeped into the bedroom. Aunty had completed her bath and was standing in front of the dressing table without knowing the fact that I am watching her almost in fully exposed with her boobs and central part covered. Her thighs were in sadal color and extended invitation. The man in the xxx movie is screwing her partner vigorously. I entered the bed room slowly. Aunty did not notice me still. I went still nearer. On seeing me in such a close range, aunty was taken aback. Suddenly, I hugged her and delivered a gentle kiss on her lips. Aunty did not relish this and pushed me away. The narration of logu was still running in my mind. I pulled her towel which was not tied tightly around her body, I could see the complete nude body of the aunty, a wonderful visual treat. I was shivering with desire and uncontrollable excitement. Suddenly, aunty slapped on my face and pushed me outside the room. I switched off the DVD player and waited in the hall to request aunty not to inform the incident to logu. It took five minutes for the aunty to come dressed in a saree with a sleeveless blouse. She looked like an angel in the white saree with her boobs like two mountains on either side of her chest. She was ferocious and thundered ; why are you sitting here? Get lost forever. I politely requested: Aunty, do not tell this to logu… Please. She pushed me again to the main door and asked me: Tell me, what made you to behave like this..? I kept quite. She repeated the question again and again. I mustered courage and told her about the complete narration of logu and that developed the temptation to enjoy the most beautiful angel. She was shocked. Has logu told you? I nodded my head in the affirmative. She paused for a while.

She came nearer to me. I was frightened and I said: sorry Aunty, I am leaving. Logu must have told me a lie and I was carried away by that. sorry. Aunty came still closer and hugged me. She told me: whatever logu told was correct. Come on. We will have a wonderful experience today. The person who behaved in a rude manner is now melting like an ice-cream. Come on Ravi, prove your skills. I suppose you will outsmart your friend. Come on …Handle me.. With a husky voice she took me inside her bedroom. I told her. Thilaga, you are simply marvelous and undressed her saree, petticoat and blouse. Now, she was in her white bra and panty. She removed all my dress violently and enjoyed my nudity. She caught hold of my erect penis and put it into her mouth and started sucking it like a lolly pop’ I squeezed one ball and put the other into my mouth. I moved to her wet cunt and licked the honey. Ravi do it.. I want you. She moaned. After the foreplay, she became too hot. Fire me.. Fuck me ..Oh, you are great.. You are my lovely husband. I am your wife. After continuous powerful strokes for about one hour, I started letting the cum inside her vagina. Thilaga pulled my cock outside and inserted into her mouth and sucked the cum. It is great, she said.

We have had two sessions like this and were in the bed without knowing the passage of time. Suddenly, we heard the sound of the calling bell. My goodness. We had forgotten to lock the door. Suddenly, we saw logu entering the house. We were totally nude and in the middle of the game. Before, We could prepare ourselves, logu started abusing both of us . I could not speak anything. Thilaga told Logu, This has happened only because of you. Since you had narrated our affair to Ravi, he is also tempted. Now, don’t have the possessive feeling. You enjoyed your father’s wife. Now he enjoys the friend’s mother. At least now we will decide that this episode does not go to others. Come on , let us three will have the game, Thilaga asked. We moved to the bedroom . Thilaga was in the middle. Myself and Logu were feeding the lust of Thilaga in different styles. It continued for some time until I got married. I have not heard of Thilaga thereafter.