Things In Which Women Are Better Than Men

There is always a cold war between men and women. Both genders try to prove each other smarter, better and stronger in every possible way. A man thinks he is better than a woman and vice versa. Well, instead of fighting, a matured outlook towards this attitude can help overcome the silly fights. Men are better in few things and women do other things well.
We all can’t be a jack of all trades. In few cases, men can deal with the situation in a better way whereas there are many things in which women are the only experts! Yes, there are few things which women can do better than men. Don’t believe. Check out…

Child care: Women are better in taking care of a child. Be it a newborn or a grown up child, women know how to deal with them. Men on the other side are weaker in changing diapers, cleaning stool, bathing babies or a young child.
Patience: A majority of men do not have patience for anything. Be it work, home or personal issues, men always lose their cool easily. Women on the other hand have lots of patience to deal with certain issues.
Comforters: When you feel low, call a woman. Even men believe in this funda. This is simply because women are better in this thing. When compared to men, women offer better comfort. So, if you want to seek some comfort, call a woman.
Cleaner: Men are often considered unclean when we look at their bedroom, computer screen or their wardrobe. They are not interested in keeping their wardrobe clean by folding clothes or keeping the bed clean. If you look at their computer screen, it is haphazardly covered with folders and files.
Not so serious car accidents: Women can be bad drivers but they are safer. This is another thing in which women are better than men. Men are rash drivers whereas women might drive slow but they are less prone to car accidents.
Less affected by recession: There are many laws worldwide that offer great benefits to women. Be it taxes, jobs or maternity leaves, women are safer when recession hits an economy.
Stronger: When a woman gets a small cut, she knows how to cure the cut. Men on the other side get scared and start panicking. If a man gets slight fever, he becomes weak and hits the bed. A nice excuse to relax a little!
These are few things in which women are better than men. Do you agree?