Things Men Should Do Before Her Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is not just about women but also there spouses. Men also need to prepare for her pregnancy. The decision should be mutual and not individual. While a woman changes her lifestyle before getting pregnant, even a man has to look after few things before her pregnancy. What men have to do before planning pregnancy with the partner? Find out…

Say ‘No’ to parties: If you are a party freak, it is time to leave partying. You are planning to become a father and the unhealthy lifestyle can damage the sperm quality. Tobacco and alcohol reduces the quantity and quality of sperm. These unhealthy habits also slows down motility. It is also helpful as passive smoking during or after delivery can be risky for both wife and baby. Quit these habits 1 year before pregnancy.

Consult your doctor: It is very important to know if you are suffering from disease which is harmful for your wife or baby. You can also know your genetic history to be careful if required. Through tests, you can know your sperm count and quality which will fertilize with the egg.

Prepare: Before welcoming a newborn in your family, be prepared financially. You are responsible for the growth and care of your baby. To provide sufficient facilities, you have to start saving and cut down unwanted expenses. Medicines, doctor visits and other requirements for both the wife and baby can be expensive. So, men need to prepare while planning pregnancy.

Stay fit: By staying fit, you not only burn you extra body fat but also improve the sperm count. Exercises flushes out toxins from the body which can be harmful.

Men need to do these things before their partner is getting pregnant. This is important to have a safe and healthy gestation.