This Is Our Life Now Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooThis Is Our Life Now Ch. 01

This Is Our Life Now, Ch. 01
*Note: The "Patsy" depicted in this story is not intended to be the same mother as in my first story on Literotica, "All Mom's Holes." I simply think it's a good name for a mom and wanted to use it again in what I think is a better story.
Of course Patsy knew it was wrong. Of course she would never be able to admit what was happening. But that did not keep Patsy from acknowledging that the sex she was having with her son was the hottest and most fulfilling relationship she had ever had in her life.
It developed in a similar way to many stories that you read about the subject. After graduating from college, her son Tyler had moved back home. Patsy hadn't had anyone else living in the house for some time, and it took some getting used to. One morning, she exited the bathroom entirely naked, still somewhat wet from her shower, forgetting that her son might see her. Sure enough, he exited his room at just the right moment and got a full view of her nude, fit body. Patsy couldn't help but notice that his own subsequent shower was about three times its normal length. She knew what he was probably doing in there, and had to give herself a little pat on the back for still being able to turn a man on.
"I should start charging you for water, if they're all going to be that long," she joked when he came downstairs later.
"Sorry, Mom. I was just… really enjoying it."
"Nothing wrong with that," she said with a smile. "Actually, since I got that new hand-held shower head, I've really enjoyed some showers of my own."
Patsy had no idea where that came from. She never had talked or joked sexually with her son before, but it just seemed natural at the time. Tyler's jaw dropped comically.
"Sorry, too much information. Forget I said anything," Patsy said.
"No worries, Mom."
Patsy made sure to cover up better after the shower incident. Soon, however, she started to notice that her panties would briefly go missing, or shift around in her drawer in ways that she knew were not her doing. At one point, when loading the washing machine, she found a black, silky pair that had an obvious stain on them. Not only was Tyler jerking off with her panties, but he had had the audacity to cum right in a pair of them and hope she wouldn't notice.
Now, all Patsy could think about was the idea of her son masturbating with her panties. All she could imagine was the way he must look – his young, strong body with its muscular arms, furiously stroking his hard cock until he exploded into her most intimate garments. Was he loud? Did he say dirty things about her while he brought himself to orgasm? Did he moan for her as he fired off his thick load?
Patsy had to find out.
The plan was for her to go grocery shopping while Tyler was home and conveniently "forget" her purse, forcing her to return to the house much sooner than expected. With any luck, Tyler would already be jerking with her panties by the time she got back.
"Running to the store! I'll be back in like an hour," she called up to him.
"Sounds good. See you!" he replied.
Patsy left, closing the front door loudly to let him know she was gone. She drove off and decided to circle the neighborhood a few times before returning home. She wanted to give him time to get into it.
After about twenty minutes of killing time, Patsy pulled back up to the house, but stopped her car on the street where she knew it would be out of sight of Tyler's bedroom window. She walked around the side of the house and entered through the back door, making sure not to make any noise.
Almost immediately, she heard what she had been hoping for. It was a series of low, mostly wordless moans coming from upstairs. Tyler was clearly already well into his routine. Patsy removed her shoes and crept silently towards the stairs. She felt a tingle in her pussy as she imagined what her son was doing.
The wordless moans began to form coherent syllables. They also began to rise in volume.
"Oh… oh… oh God, yes… yes, Mom… just like that… just like that, take it just like that… suck my fucking cock, Mom. Suck that dick… oh, fuck yes, such a good mommy."
Patsy was getting wetter by the second as her son's vocalizations became more explicit in nature.
"That's it Mom… take the whole thing, take the whole fucking thing… get this cock nice and wet before I put it up your ass."
Patsy barely held in a gasp. Her ass? Her son was thinking about fucking her in the ass? She hadn't even thought about getting her ass fucked in years, but now that the idea was in her head it grew like wildfire. How would it feel to have a young, strong man use her tight, back passage? How would it feel for her own son to deposit a load of cum in there? How would she handle an assfucking after so long without practice?
Patsy knew she had to see her son's cock to answer those questions, so she steeled herself and began to silently ascend the staircase.
As she neared the top of the stairs, the angle of her vision allowed her to see into Tyler's room. He was fortunately facing mostly away from her, standing naked and jerking his cock with both hands. What appeared to be her favorite pair of lacy black panties were wrapped around his dick as he stroked it. He was looking at something on his computer screen, but she couldn't see what it was.
"Take it, Mom… take it you fucking slut. Take it up your tight ass… oh yes, oh fuck yeah, just like that Mommy… you love it up your fucking ass… I know you do… mmm yes, such a good Mommy for me… gonna cum in your tight ass, Mommy."
Patsy couldn't help herself from getting turned on at the filthy language her son was using to fantasize about her. He was fantasizing not just about committing the taboo act of sex with his own mother, but also roughly sodomizing her and giving her an anal creampie. Patsy almost got lost in her own fantasies before she snapped out of it at the realization that Tyler was about to cum.
His moans increased in volume as his strokes increased in speed. He was working his big cock with both hands as his filthy monologue rose to its climax.
"Oh yes… yes Mommy… yes Mommy… throw your ass back on that cock… gonna make me fucking cum… fucking cum up your slutty ass… thick load, filling you up… ohhh fuck I'm cumming for you Mommy… huge fucking load for your ass."
With this, Tyler started shooting his load into the pair of panties. Patsy had to smirk at the shamelessness he was exhibiting, clearly not concerned about her noticing any stains on her underwear later. He moaned wordlessly as his orgasm reached its peak and then quickly subsided. Patsy wisely crept back down the staircase to avoid being detected.
But what to do now?
She had clear confirmation that her son wanted her. And, in all honesty, she wanted him too. Of course it was wrong, but… maybe she could rationalize it in her head.
She was a mature woman who desperately needed to be sexually satisfied. He was a horny young man with no apparent romantic life and a cock that would make most guys envious. It was only logical that, when living together, two such individuals would take advantage of the situation by screwing each other's brains out as often as possible. Still, she needed to think.
She made her way to the kitchen where she had left her things after returning home, and decided to give Tyler a little surprise. Putting her shoes back on, she silently exited the house and went back to her car to pull it into the driveway. This time, she made no secret about entering the house, trying to make as much noise as possible. She slammed the door shut as she went in, and stomped her feet louder than normal on the hardwood of the kitchen floor.
"Tyler! I'm home! I forgot my purse!"
She heard shuffling from upstairs. Tyler must have still been reveling in his post-orgasmic bliss and not gotten himself dressed again. Finally he made his way to the bannister, looking clearly red in the face.
"Oh you're early…" he said, staring down at her. She thought she noticed his eyes darting down to her cleavage as he did.
"Yeah, I forgot my purse. At this point, I'll just stay home. Nothing super important I needed so I'll just go out again tomorrow. Hope I didn't spoil your fun with the house to yourself." She decided to give him an over-the-top wink, implying that she knew exactly what young guys get up to when they're alone.
"Oh no, n-n-not at all. Just hanging out."
"Cool. Well I need to get into my comfy clothes and then do some hanging out of my own."
Patsy ascended the stairs and entered her bedroom. She made an audible show of opening and closing several of her drawers, making sounds of consternation like she was looking for something, in hopes that Tyler would worry that she noticed her missing black panties already. Eventually she settled on one of her "boring" pairs of panties, a pair of sweatpants, and an old t-shirt she had gotten from running a 5k.
"Tyler! I'm just going to freshen up in the bathroom for a bit. Think about what you want for dinner."
"Sure thing, Mom!"
Patsy wanted to give Tyler time to return the panties to her hamper, so she spent about 15 minutes with her bathroom door closed and her radio on. She had also taken a mental image of the top of her hamper to remember what items had been where. Sure enough, when she checked after exiting the bathroom, several things had moved around. The most notable change was, of course, her favorite pair of black panties, now clearly stained with a not yet entirely dry load of cum.
It must have truly been a massive load if it still hadn't dried. Almost involuntarily, Patsy raised the panties to her mouth, allowing her tongue to snake out between her lips. She knew it was so wrong, but… was it really? After all, they were her panties… plus, Tyler had clearly been thinking of her when he shot this big load. He wanted her to have it. So really, the cum belonged to her. She could do anything she wanted with it, guilt-free. And right now, she needed to taste it.
Patsy had never loved the taste of cum. She swallowed because the idea of it was hot for her, but would never have said she enjoyed the physical act of tasting semen. After a few big licks, Patsy had collected what remained of her son's load into her mouth and closed her eyes, savoring the dirty feelings coursing through her. After nearly a minute of reveling in her incestuous fantasy world, she gulped it down. She had swallowed her son's load.
Of course, rather than simply satisfy her dirty curiosity, the act had the opposite effect. It inflamed her. She felt it in her bones. She needed more of her son's cum. She needed it directly from the source. And she needed it right away.
Determined to get what she wanted, Patsy walked straight to Tyler's room where he was lounging on his bed, absentmindedly flipping through a magazine.
"Hey, can we talk for a minute?"
"Sure," Tyler said, dropping the magazine. Patsy tried not to stare at the bulge she noticed in his gym shorts.
"It's just a little awkward, so I'll just go right ahead and say it… Baby, when I came home earlier, it wasn't exactly when I said I did."
A look of concern started to grow on Tyler's face. He knew what I was getting at.
"And when I got in, I could… well, I could hear you… you know, doing what you do sometimes."
"You heard…"
"Everything. Everything you said. All of it."
"Mom, I'm sorry. Really, I'm sorry. I'm so embarrassed, can you just give me some time?"
"Do you really feel that way about me?"
Tyler responded with a confused look before he was able to answer.
"Mom I promise, it's just fantasy."
"So you don't want to get me on my knees and shove your cock down my throat? You don't want to give it to me up my ass and tell me what a slut I am?"
"Well, I… I mean…"
"I think that's a yes. So… why don't you just fucking do it? I mean you're clearly comfortable taking my panties and jerking off into them. What's the matter with taking it a few steps further and acting out those fantasies? Stand up and strip. Show me that fucking cock." Patsy had no idea where this assertiveness was coming from. She hadn't planned for things to go this way, but in the moment it felt so right.
Tyler complied wordlessly, staring at his mother with a mix of lust and confusion. Patsy thought his muscular arms were the hottest thing about him until he dropped his pants and she got to see his cock from a full frontal angle as it grew harder and harder. It was a gorgeous piece of meat. A piece of meat that she would have inside her very shortly.
Patsy instinctively dropped to her knees as her son approached her. Her mouth slowly opened in shock at the size of the dick that was steadily approaching her face. Tyler wasted no time pressing the head to her lips and giving her a command consisting of a single word.
Patsy did as she was told, and her son pushed himself into her mouth firmly. He quickly reached the barrier of her throat, but continued pushing. Patsy relaxed her throat muscles to allow Tyler to continue thrusting into her. Within a few seconds, she was deep throating him. Tyler grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her down with his prodigious cock all the way in her throat. Patsy choked and sputtered, but remained at the mercy of her son.
Eventually, he relented and allowed her back up to breathe. Patsy tried to catch her breath as she stared up at Tyler. His entire demeanor had changed. The mild-mannered and quiet son she knew had been replaced by a dominant, hulking figure of raw sexual energy. She knew there and then that he was going to use her in every way possible. And she couldn't wait to fulfill every one of his dark, depraved fantasies.
Tyler had not released his grip on her hair, and promptly shoved her back down on his cock. He was being rough, brutal, and absolutely dominant. Patsy was getting wetter by the second.
"That's what you want? That's what you want, Mom? Getting facefucked by your son? Fucking slut."
As Tyler began thrusting in earnest, Patsy could respond only with the glug-glug-glug sound of a woman having her face and throat thoroughly violated. She had never been treated this way, and she loved it. She loved the feeling of helplessness as his thick meat pummeled her mouth. She loved being controlled by the fit young man standing over her. And she loved that it was her son using her this way.
"Take it, slut. Take that cock. That's right… that's right, just like that. That's what you want. You like getting your face fucked? Answer me." Tyler pulled out to let her follow his instructions. Patsy panted for a few seconds before choking out a "yes."
"Louder." Tyler's open hand slapped Patsy's cheek firmly as he gave his command. Patsy had never been so shocked – or turned on – in her life.
"Yes! Yes, this is what I want! I love getting my face fucked."
"By who?" Another firm slap caused Patsy to moan with pleasure.
"My son… my strong, dominant son… with his big thick cock."
"Take some more." Tyler used both hands to force her down this time. He was merciless. Patsy had no idea her son was capable of this. Part of her brain wondered how much she could really handle, but she was willing to give it her best shot. As her lips were held forcibly down at the base of his cock, she felt him begin to twitch in her mouth. He was about to cum right in her throat.
However, Tyler pulled out right when she thought she was about to have her throat flooded with cum. He gripped the base of his cock tightly and took deep breaths in and out, calming himself back from the edge of orgasm. Patsy looked up at him with anticipation as she caught her breath. Her eyes watered uncontrollably and the makeup she had been wearing was ruined.
Tyler loomed over her, staring down with a predatory glint in his eye.
"I'm about to cum. You're about to make me fucking cum, Mommy. It won't take much more of your slutty throat to get me there."
"It's OK baby, I can take it. If… if you want to cum in my throat."
"I know you can take it. But we need to make a decision right now. Two things can happen. I can push my cock back in your throat, shoot my load, and watch you take all of it. After that, we're going to do everything. Every hole. Every fantasy either one of us has. We're going to be inextricably linked forever as a mother and son who commit depraved, incestuous acts."
Patsy swallowed hard at the idea. It was a big step to take.
"Or," Tyler continued, "you can stand up and walk out right now. You haven't made me cum yet. We could maybe say that we technically haven't done anything wrong. We were just… caught up in a moment. We won't talk about it again and we'll go back to normal. Just an average mother and son."
Patsy looked up at her boy. His cock hovered not far from her face as she made her decision. She thought about how lonely she had been before Tyler moved back in, and how starved she had been for a good fucking. She thought about how wet she was from getting used by her son just now. And she knew there was only one possible answer.
"Do it," she said confidently. "Use me. I want to be your whore mother from now on. Every day. Any way you want me, I'm yours. This is our life now. I'm sure, baby."
Tyler leaned down and raised her chin up. He planted his lips firmly on hers. Their tongues met as they kissed passionately. Patsy realized in that moment that they hadn't even kissed yet, but gone straight to her facefucking. She loved it, and knew she needed more of everything from her son – tender, loving attention like this and the rough, dominant treatment that they had started with.
Tyler ended the kiss and unceremoniously shoved his cock back into her mouth. He gave a few shallow thrusts before pushing back into her throat. Patsy gagged several times at the abrupt intrusion but kept her composure. True to his word, Tyler did not last much longer.
"Throat or face, Mom? Where's my cum going?"
Patsy couldn't speak with the thick cock in her throat, but she raised a hand to tap her forehead, asking him for a facial. Tyler pulled out and started stroking right in front of her face.
The first spurt of semen hit her forehead with unexpected force. She had no idea guys could cum this hard. The second blast was nearly as strong, landing on her left eye. A third coated her cheek. After those three heavy spurts of cum, Tyler shot several smaller ropes that he managed to get on her lips and chin. Patsy was covered as thoroughly as a woman could be from a single load. She felt dirty and disgusted with herself, but in a way that only served to turn her on.
"Oh, honey… that was so much cum. I'm covered."
"Yes you are. Not for the last time."
Patsy smiled up at her son – her new master. She had never felt so right about doing something so incredibly wrong.
To be continued…

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