This Is Our Life Now Ch. 03

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tagIncest/TabooThis Is Our Life Now Ch. 03

Patsy couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth.
She was already well beyond the pale of motherly decency; so far today she had been facefucked by her son until he came all over her, and then allowed him to fill her pussy with another thick load soon after that. But somehow, explicitly inviting her son to fuck her in the ass defied belief for her. She was truly set on the path to depravity, and she had never felt better about anything in her life.
"Take it, honey. You deserve to have your mother's ass. You're such a good boy and you should be rewarded for it." Tyler was rock hard in her mouth as she pleasured him, making sure to get him nice and wet before the lube was even applied. Patsy was appreciating the full majesty of his equipment as she kissed up and down the shaft, paying special attention to his balls, which were likely full of another big load for her.
"I'm going to do it, Mom. I'm going to take your ass. That ass I've wanted for so long. Keep begging me. I like hearing you beg."
"Please, honey. Please take your big dick and shove it up my ass. Stretch me out. I know it will hurt but I don't care. It's the best way to show love for your mother." Patsy continued stroking him vigorously as she pleaded her case. "Her tightest, naughtiest hole… so intimate for a boy and his mother. Please, please make love to my ass, baby. I want it so bad. I want you to take my ass right now."
"Then bend over for me. Show me the ass I'm going to fuck."
Patsy stood and removed the sweatpants she had thrown on after their last session. She quickly got into position on the couch, knees on the cushions and leaning over the back of the couch. She was entirely exposed for her son's menacingly large cock.
She shivered as his hands began to grope her. He started with the round globes of her ass, then moved down her legs to her feet, savoring every inch of her. She was getting wetter by the second.
Then, Patsy felt the warm wetness of his tongue pressing against her asshole.
"Oh, dirty boy! Are you going to eat your mother's ass? That's such a filthy thing to do."
"Of course I am. We both deserve it." With that, he plunged his tongue deep into her savored her taste. He had always enjoyed eating a woman's ass, and this was the best he had ever had. He gripped his mother's ass firmly as he spread her open. When Patsy moved one hand to her clit, Tyler pushed it away.
"Keep your hands where they are. I'm going to fuck you now and you'll need the support."
"Oh God yes, put it in. Get it in me right now baby. Use the lube."
Tyler prepared his cock to split open his mother's ass, stroking the lube up and down his shaft. He then squirted some more on his hand and applied it roughly to Patsy's asshole, even plunging his thumb into her without warning. Patsy squealed in surprise at the unexpected invasion.
"Warn me when something is going in my ass, baby. At least as we're starting out."
"I'll do what I want with your ass," Tyler responded jokingly, but Patsy briefly went back to parent mode with a stern glare at him. He smiled back at her and kissed her ass deferentially.
"Okay, here is your official warning for what comes next. I have this big, hard piece of meat that I'm going to put in your ass. I'm going to be gentle at first but it's going to get rough eventually."
"I'm ready. Give it to me."
A shiver ran up Patsy's spine as she felt the head press against her tight hole. Her son was about to fulfill his biggest fantasy by making her a true 3-hole mommy slut. She was finally going to give up her anal virginity, and she was doing it with the perfect man for her.
"Alright Mom, here it comes." He pushed into her. Patsy felt that she couldn't breathe for the first few seconds of penetration as she fought against the urge to pull away and rescue her ass from what was about to happen. Tyler could feel her squirming and placed both hands on her hips to hold her in place.
"It's okay… we're going slow, it's okay. Just let it happen."
"It… hurts… oh fuck, it hurts… baby…"
"I know it hurts right now… let's just keep it slow, it's going to feel better. I love you."
"Love… you… baby. Oh… oh my God you're going… deeper… so deep."
"Yeah, I have to get this whole thing in you to make you my true mommy slut That's what you want, right?"
"Oh yes, honey… I want it." Tyler pressed forward until he was about halfway in his mom's virgin asshole and stopped to let her adjust.
"Oh… okay… oh, wow, it's so big. Feels so much bigger in my ass. Stop, stop, stop, please, just stay right there."
"I'll stay right here until you're ready. You'll get used to it. Most of my girls do eventually."
Patsy lowered her head and tried to take deep breaths as she adjusted to the feeling. It took a couple of minutes before she looked back at her son and nodded for him to continue. For the first time in a while, their attention was drawn back to the TV screen, where the son was railing his mother's ass with reckless abandon. She was screaming and moaning and begging for it harder as he worked his massive cock in and out of her from behind. It was a brutal, barbaric assfucking that both enticed and intimidated Patsy.
"None of that now, okay? Don't get any ideas back there."
"Of course not, Mom. We'll go slow. For now."
Patsy smiled and steeled herself for her son to continue plunging her depths.
As he pushed deeper, Patsy again felt like she couldn't breathe. It was such a big and intrusive piece of meat that was stretching her insides. She felt like he would tear her open.
"It's okay, just a few more inches. That's so good, Mom. You're doing such a good job."
Patsy couldn't form the words to respond but she appreciated her son's encouragement. She hoped he was this gentle and supportive with all of the girls whose asses he fucked with his deadly weapon.
Just when she felt like she couldn't possibly handle anymore, she felt Tyler's thighs press against her ass, soon followed by his balls against her pussy.
"Oh… oh my God, is it… is it all the way in?"
"All the way," responded Tyler with pride in his voice. "You've got the whole thing in your ass."
"This is so amazing… so amazing, baby. Your whole big cock right up my little ass."
"You're a true 3-hole mommy slut now."
"Not… ugh, not yet baby… you still have to… oh, you need to actually fuck my ass. Deep, in and out. I'm ready for it. A little more lube though."
"Sure thing, Mom. You're going to love this." Tyler lubed up some more once he had pulled his cock out, leaving Patsy with a deep feeling of emptiness. But she didn't feel empty for long as he re-entered her with more force than he had used before. As she felt him push deep into her in a matter of seconds – compared to the minutes it had taken earlier – she let out an animal wail of arousal, pleasure, and a fair amount of pain.
"Oh God… slow… so deep… oh fuck."
"Okay, nice and slow. I'm just going to go nice and steady in and out."
"Okay… fuck that's deep. I can… fuck, I swear I can feel you in the back of my throat, honey."
"Haha… you sure are getting impaled nice and deep. Such a beautiful sight from back here, the way you're stretching around me."
"Take… mmm take a picture baby. I want to see."
Tyler managed to grab her phone again without pulling out and snapped a few pictures of his cock in her ass at various stages of penetration. He even took a short video clip of himself thrusting slowly in and out of her. Satisfied with his results, he handed the phone back to Patsy so she could review.
"Oh, these are so good! So hot. I can't believe how much you're stretching me. You're going to wreck your mother's asshole, baby."
"It's what you deserve for getting me so horny all the time."
"Mmmm, fair enough. Okay, harder. I'm ready for you. Fuck my ass like you fucked my pussy."
Tyler increased his pace and force, now getting to the point where he was really slamming her. Her moans betrayed only the smallest amount of pain as she tried to focus on how great his cock felt in her.
"Send those pictures to Sara. Let her see how you're getting it," Tyler suggested as he pummeled her backdoor.
"Ugh… oh… oh, okay honey… I can do that… oh God you're going to… fuck, going to make me cum again."
Tyler slapped her ass hard as he pumped her deep.
"Not until you send those. You can cum for me after that's done."
"Oh, yes sir… sending now… and, sent."
"Good slut. Now take your assfucking until you cum. And get loud for me when you're almost there, I'm going to cum with you."
Neither participant in the incestuous anal fuck session was able to hold off for much longer. Patsy got things started with her grunts and moans becoming more high-pitched squeals and her declaration that she was getting close. This caused Tyler to grunt harder with exertion as he matched her intensity.
They reached their orgasms simultaneously, descending into a frenzy of maniacal thrusting, grunting, groaning, and filthy language that is not typically exchanged between mother and son. Patsy nearly blacked out from the pleasure of cumming so hard with her son's cock up her butt.
As they came down from their heights of pleasure, Tyler pulled out and Patsy felt a gush of semen drip from her ravaged back passage. She collapsed onto the couch, sitting upright and not caring that she was leaking a big load into the cushions.
On screen, the mother and son were in a similar position, reclining on the bed as they recovered from their own monstrous orgasms. Tyler still stood near the couch, catching his breath. Patsy noticed that his cock had barely lost any of its size and hardness.
"Wow… that thing is amazing. It never goes down."
"It takes a lot. You could… still suck it if you want. I wouldn't mind."
Patsy looked up at her son incredulously.
"After where it just was? Are you serious? Do other girls do that for you?"
"Some of them…"
"I'm going to say no to that. Maybe… maybe for your birthday or something, if you really want. That's just maybe one step too far."
"Fair enough. But… just remember, this morning you had never even seen my cock. Now, you just finished letting me sodomize you and you're dripping my cum onto the furniture."
"True. Today really has been crazy."
"So, who knows what I could have you doing by tomorrow? Or tonight, even?"
Patsy knew she couldn't be trusted to stay within any sort of boundaries of propriety, not after the day she had had. But it was fun to tease her son a little bit.
"I may be discovering my dirty side, but I'm still a lady. Do that sort of thing with the sluts your age if they're so into it."
"Or maybe with Sara."
"Or with her. But right now if you really want that thing sucked again, go clean yourself off. I don't even know how you could possibly still have any ammo left."
"Since you're offering…" Tyler smiled at her before heading to the bathroom to rinse off.
When he returned, his cock was still rock hard and Patsy knew she had plenty of work still left to do.
"You ready for some more cock, slut?"
Patsy gulped nervously as Tyler re-assumed his forceful, dominant persona.
"Yes, baby. I'll suck you again."
"Just open your mouth."
Patsy barely had time to comply before Tyler's cock was in her face. Holding her hair with both hands, he forced her down almost to the base with one motion. She choked, but he was relentless, thrusting through any protest or attempts at resistance from her.
"Good mommy… doing your fucking job as my cocksleeve. Letting your own son fuck your face after he's had your other holes too. You're going to get one more load from me and then you'll get a break."
Patsy just nodded as her mouth was mercilessly stuffed full of cock. She could hardly believe that this was the same man who not long ago had been gently walking her through the process of her first anal sex. Like their first encounter that afternoon, he was showing his truly dominant side, and Patsy knew it was what she really wanted from him.
"Mmm… so rough, baby. I love it."
Tyler's response was a firm slap to her face. Not enough to hurt, but enough to send a message.
"No talking. Right now you're just a fucking hole."
Tyler plunged back into her throat as Patsy accepted her position. She noticed a difference in style as he used her face like a sex toy. This facefucking was less emotional than the one earlier had been. It was almost clinical in its execution. He stared down at her impassively as he railed her throat. From looking at this face, one might not even have realized he was enjoying himself. He was simply performing a task that needed to be done.
Patsy's face and throat were used this way for about five minutes in her estimation before Tyler pulled out and began to stroke himself in front of her. He kissed her roughly, seeming to enjoy the sloppiness that he had caused by violating his mother's throat so roughly and causing her to gag and spit.
Standing back up straight, he returned his stiff cock to her mouth with force, saying only a single word.
"Cumming," he stated as he held her in place. Patsy braced for it. When it came, it was not a great quantity, something for which Patsy was secretly grateful. When his cock finished spasming in her mouth, Tyler pulled out and smiled down at her.
"So good. I'm done for now."
"Finally," Patsy choked out as she gulped down his load. "That thing has to be tired," she said, indicating his softening, but still massive piece of meat.
"It could use a break for sure."
Tyler collapsed onto the couch next to her, putting an arm around her shoulder and pulling her close.
"So, no regrets from today?"
"No regrets. It feels… right. And dirty. And sexy, and perfect."
"Good. I want this to continue."
"It will, honey. Like I said, this is our life now. But we have plenty of time to think about the future. What are we doing tonight?"
"Has Sara responded to the pictures yet?"
"You horny fucker! Already thinking about my friends right after I just wore out that dick."
"Just curious," Tyler laughed.
"But, no, she hasn't, since you're so curious."
"How about dinner?"
"Like a date? You want to take your mother out on a date?"
"Why not? You're the hottest woman in town, and I'd be happy to take you out on a date."
"Okay," Patsy said through a beaming smile. She hadn't felt so sexy in a long, long time. "It's a date."
They kissed again, this time with romance and passion. It was the beginning of something beautiful for both of them.

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