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tagIncest/TabooThis Really Sucks Pt. 03

This is an ongoing narrative that will not make much sense unless you have read the previous chapters in Part 1 and 2.
Warning: the story involves nudity and explicitly described sexual acts.
Chapter Five
I looked again at the paperback I has placed in my bedside table. It was clearly a romance novel, what my mum would have called a salacious bodice ripper. I knew she had a secret stash of these that she sometimes read when dad wasn't around. He wouldn't approve of his wife, the serious-minded doctor, reading this smutty garbage.
Of course, he accepted a long-standing meme that romantic novels were not works of literature, though some well-respected critics were now grudgingly admitting that the even most erotic of the genre did include some outstanding writing. Now that I had just discovered that my uncle watched porn, I wondered if that was also my dad's secret vice. Unlike my aunt, my parents had been the last people to ever let me see them naked. Of course, my aunt and Rob did not have kids to constrain their behaviour.
However, I had occasionally walked in on one or other of them in a state of undress. Once, I had even walked in on them doing the deed. At that age I knew the biology and assumed that they were trying to give me the sibling I craved. But that was only after I processed the startling sight I had walked in on.
Back to the paperback, I opened a page at random and read a few lines. I found myself immersed in a vividly written passage describing a very adventurous copulation in exquisite detail. I could feel myself getting hot. I read a little more and reached for the rabbit but realized I had not yet put live batteries in it. Shit! I closed the page and put the book down.
A thought struck me "Why did my uncle have these books and multiple copies?"
A possible, no probable, answer presented itself. He was the author. This is how he spent some of his time while closeted in his office. What a blast! These were not the five books supposedly on the business of farming he admitted to having written. The author was listed as Richard Ready. "Was that pen name, a lame pun, Dick Ready?" Frankly, I was disappointed.
I was on my way to the sitting room with a return to the studio still very much on my mind, when I almost walked into a woman wearing a mask who was rising from the sectional. I hadn't seen anyone in a mask except on TV. No one, other than health professionals, had been wearing them when we went into lockdown and left Toronto. Of course, I had been seeing all the advisories about physical distancing and wearing masks on my computer, but this was my first encounter with the reality.
"Hello" she said, backing away: "I'm Martina, Tony's wife. You must be Felicity. Oh dear, maybe you don't even know who Tony is. Rob came by on his way to town and I offered to drive over to keep you company. No one answered the bell, so I let myself in. I think you were taking a shower, so I just sat down to wait." All this time she maintained a wry smile as she looked me up and down.
"I know who Tony is" I said. "He taught me to ride, when I was eight." She laughed.
"I'm sorry I don't own a mask." I added.
"No, of course you wouldn't. It's not a problem. We'll just keep a hockey stick's distance between us." It was my turn to laugh. I was beginning to like this woman.
I figured she was in her mid-thirties or maybe a little older. She radiated good health and energy and was by any standards an extremely attractive woman. Lucky Tony!
"That's good then. Look, I can leave if I'm embarrassing you. Seeing you so nonchalantly naked reminded me of Jill, your aunt, right?" I nodded. "You look a lot like her…your features, I mean, not because you're naked, although she was naked more often than not. She'd even go around the whole property naked in the summer. When I came over, I'd usually join her."
Before she could sit down, I asked if she would like some coffee or tea. I felt I would be more comfortable moving around and doing something than just sitting there. She came with me to the kitchen, but I was glad to see she was careful to maintain physical distancing in addition to wearing her mask. When the coffee was ready, I served myself and indicated she should do the same.
Like Rob I take my coffee black. She was clearly quite familiar with where things were kept as she found the sugar and a teaspoon for herself. I kept moving nervously while I drank my coffee, all the time keeping well away from her.
"You are the first person I have seen other than Rob in almost a month. So, forgive my awkwardness."
"Of course, I don't think I have seen anyone but Tony myself until today. That's why I jumped at an excuse to come over." She paused. "Rob said you are another painter. I wish I had that talent. Both Jill and Rob are so good. Well, Jill was, I mean."
Then I realized she was the other woman I had seen in the paintings. I supposed it was natural if she and Jill were regularly naked together that at some point, she would be Jill's model.
"Would it be OK with you if I stripped down now? I mean I know we've just met, but if it's OK with you, I feel we'd both be more comfortable." I did not know quite what my feelings were, but I think I must have nodded because she started removing and tidily folding her clothes in a very matter of fact way.
She was about five-eight in height with fullish breasts and a Mediterranean colouring that meant she did not look horribly whitey-white like the untanned parts of my body did. How I envied her that.
"You must have found coming here all very strange" she said, as she removed and folded the last of her clothes. I could not help looking at her standing there completely naked except for her mask. As she had said, she seemed completely at ease under my scrutiny which she appeared to accept as normal under the circumstances. In fact, she was appraising me with equal frankness.
"I love your pale translucent skin." she said. "If you are wondering about my skin tone, I have an Italian father and a Cree mother. They separated when I was ten."
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be. It was quite amicable. They are both alive and in good health and I still see them both now and again."
Judging by the number of clothes she had just taken off it was still very cold outside. She clearly knew the whole house well for she went over to the linen cupboard outside the bathroom and produced two towels which she spread on the sectional for us to sit on.
"My parents are both doctors." I said, "my father's forth generation Canadian and my mother was born in Belgium…Flemish, not French." I wondered why I was adding so much detail. "She was only three when they came to Canada, " Apparently, I could not stop myself.
We sat in silence for a minute.
"Jill had so many talents. It is a tragedy she was taken from us so soon. She was a good writer. Rob wrote too, four books about farming, which I understand were excellent. He also wrote one about the writers, sculptors, and painters of renaissance Italy. I really enjoyed that."
"What did Jill write?" I asked, although I now had an inkling.
"She wrote erotic romantic fiction. Very explicit, almost pornographic, some of it made me blush. Rob used to be quite embarrassed by it, but it was her books that sold like hot cakes."
I did not say anything.
"You should read one if only to know her better. Her pen name was "Dick Ready. Well, actually Richard Ready, but you did not need to be very bright to figure it out."
So, the rather banal and tasteless pun was my aunt's. Who would have guessed? I need not have blamed my uncle for the awful pen name, and I was certainly learning more about my aunt.
Then Martina asked.
"Excuse my asking but have you modelled for Rob? It seems you don't to have a problem with being naked."
"Yes, I have. Painting and riding are two activities we can share." I said thinking that saunas and hot tubs might better go unmentioned.
"Actually, we paint each other." I added, and then wondered if she would think that was weird.
Apparently not, for she said "Of course!" in a very matter of fact way. She took her coffee back to the living area and sat down on one of the towels on the sectional. I was still unsettled and stood making small talk while she drank her coffee.
"I sometimes let Jill and Rob paint me. They are both so talented."
So clearly nudity was the norm here when Jill was alive. I was learning so much about the aunt I never knew.
"Can I see your work?" she asked as she got up and carried her cup back to the kitchen.
"Of course." I was glad to be on the move.
In the studio the first thing that struck me even before I could turn on the lights were the heavy snowflakes falling in the near darkness outside.
"Damn, I hope that won't stop the boys." Martina said. It amused me to realize she was talking about Rob and her husband. "I expect Rob will pick up Tony on his way home. They shouldn't be too late."
As we had climbed the stair I had wondered if we had left our paintings still on the easels after our last session. Too late to censor them now. I was sure we had unless Rob had tidied them. I turned on the lights and she looked at the two easels facing each other. She walked over and looked at my painting of Rob.
"When you said you painted each other, I didn't think you meant at the same time. From the position of the easels, it looks like that's what you were doing." She looked at me and I nodded. "Surely you must both be moving about."
"Yes, if we need to, we can ask each other to stop and hold a short pose, but for the most part we are both very well versed in human anatomy and know each other's bodies well."
As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I wondered how she might interpret them. I blushed and thought to say more but wasn't sure I wouldn't just make it worse.
After a moment she nodded and said "Of course."
She went to my full-frontal rendering of Rob and looked at it. He had part of a bum cheek resting on the high stool, his body slightly turned to the left and his penis rising from his groin in a state of semi-erection. She spent a moment apparently enjoying the view."
"Very good." she said. "You clearly share your aunt's talent."
Then she walked over to Rob's painting of me with my heightened colour and jutting nipples. "Wow!" she said, and then "wow" again. I could see the colour rise in her cheeks.
I think she was going to say something more, but we heard the front door and the sound of voices. The 'boys' had arrived.
"Let's go see them" and she headed for the stair.
I took a moment to step over and lock the cabinet and pocket the key before following her.
They were just taking off their coats when we got down. Judging by the way they were stamping their feet, I figured they were pretty cold. They were both wearing masks.
"We had to walk in from the road." said Rob when he saw us.
"Is it that deep?" asked Martina.
"No, it's not too bad, it's stopped now, but a tree came down near the end of the drive."
"Hi Felicity, how are you doing? I don't expect you remember me, and I doubt I'd have recognized you." He said pulling down his mask to reveal his full face. Neither of them seemed surprised to find us naked. I suppose my aunt had established that as the norm.
"Of course, I would, Tony. Unlike me, you haven't changed much." He looked pleased. He was younger than Rob, but I guessed three or four years older than Martina, fortyish.
"Come on in and have a drink. You won't believe what Felicity has just been showing me" said Martina moving to the liquor cabinet. "You'll have a scotch, Rob."
"Thanks, Martina."
"Just a beer for me." said Tony, and I headed to the kitchen. I pulled two cold ones from the fridge, one for him and one for me.
Someone said: "Can you bring a couple of ice cubes?"
That surprised me, cut I put some in a glass. I had not seen Rob put ice in his scotch, just a little water on occasion. But then I realized Martina had poured herself something that might have been a red vermouth and she reached for the small glass of ice in my hand.
"Here's a present." said Rob, handing me a paper package. I opened it and half a dozen pretty cloth masks fell out. I looked at him quizzically, as I thanked him.
"The weather will be warming soon, and we may be meeting more neighbours."
He signalled me to sit on a chair close to him, while Martina and Tony settled on the sectional. As we were suitably separated this seemed to be the cue for everyone to take off their masks.
Martina left the room and soon reappeared saying "I've turned on the sauna and tub. You boys will want to warm up."
"We might at that, if the snow is done." said Rob.
"Felicity was showing me your art, she is quite the artist too."
"Please everyone, call me Phil." I said, I was quite enjoying the fact that Martina and I were naked in front of these clothed men. I don't think they minded either. I certainly caught Tony scoping me out. He too probably did not see many twenty-year-olds.
"I think your painting style has really developed, Rob. Wow!" Martina continued
"Phil has Jill's talent for realism, but you capture raw emotion."
Despite her praise I felt a little jealous, but I could not disagree.
We drank our drinks and made small talk; well mostly the three of them, about what Rob had been doing in town, lots of references to people and places that meant nothing to me. Tony had been doing farm work and chores since early in the morning. After lunch he had nodded off watching a replay of some famous hockey game against the Russians. He had been woken up when Rob got to his place to drop off some things.
As Martina already had a car at our place, he had hopped in Rob's truck to come over. So here they were. I noticed that while Tony and I were content with our beers, both Rob and Martina refilled their drinks. Apparently, Martina was drinking something called Dubonnet with a dash of vodka, a good dash of vodka. I had already observed that a couple of scotches tended to loosen Rob up. So, I was not surprised that when Martina proposed going for a sauna that he agreed.
It turns out not just the 'boys' are going, we all are. The men strip off right there in the living room just as Martina had done. No fuss, no jokes, just get your gear off (as the Brits would say) and get naked, no question of suits. Well, that's fine by me, I find the nude lifestyle agrees with me perfectly. Thanks to Aunt Jill, I already had an idea of what Tony would look like and it was not disappointing, slimmer than Rob, but really ripped.
Chapter Six
We all pulled on jackets and boots and went outside. The snow was gone, and the stars were stunning. The cold hit me like a wall, and I broke into a run, getting to the sauna ahead of the others. I went in and ladled some water on the rocks, while the others arrived. Rob and Tony sat down beside each other, and I sat beside Rob leaving Martina to sit on the other side of Tony. All thoughts of physical distancing had been forgotten. It's amazing what a little alcohol can do.
We had only been sitting a moment when Martina lent across Tony and put a hand on Rob's penis.
"Hello, old fellow" she said taking hold of it and giving it a shake. "Long time no see, but I don't expect you've been missing me."
I was stunned and both Rob and Tony let out gasps and turned bright red. Martina saw their reaction and turned even redder.
"But I…I thought…"
"I'm old enough to be her father." said Rob
"He's her uncle!" Tony practically shouted.
"Yes, but only by marriage, and Felicity said, well implied just now. She…"
"I said we knew each other's bodies well." I interrupted. "My bad! I was talking anatomy when we paint each other…and Martina's right we aren't blood relations. No risk of incest here."
"I'm so sorry, I just thought…" she paused. "I mean Tony if you'd seen their paintings of each other. They are so…so sensual, so…"
"No need to apologize." I said, I hesitated, then took the plunge "I wish you'd been right. I've been like a hormonal teenager having so many horny dreams and fantasies I've practically worn out my fingers." There I said it.
"Well, from the way he paints you I think Rob has too" she said. "If you two really have not done it, it's time you did. It would be healthier for both of you. Just my opinion." She laughed.
Rob just looked at her, he looked acutely embarrassed and sighed. "You're right, but I thought I owed her mother. I mean I am kind of like her guardian."
"No, you're not. I'm twenty. I'm my own person. The number of times in here that I've wanted to reach out and touch you like Martina just did. What's with that by the way?"
Rob said nothing, then Tony said "We have had kind of an open relationship between the four of us. Your aunt started it. She really wanted to have sex with me but would not go behind Rob's back. It all started from there."
I was shocked but not surprised considering they clearly had spent a lot of intimate time together. Rob still said nothing, at last he said "We'd done it for over two years before Jill got sick and she wanted it to continue as her ability, but not her desire, to have sex diminished. She would watch and participate as much as she could. So long as Tony and Martina were OK with it, she wanted us to continue after her death…sort of in her memory. And we did for a while, until I sold the land and they moved further away."
I could hardly believe it, but now looking at the three of them, I could. They were all healthy attractive human beings, who had been living in close proximity. My Aunt Jill may have been my mother's twin, but what a different personality…or did I not really know my mother?
They were silent but all our blushes had faded, so many truths had been spoken.
"Let's go to the hot tub" I said. No one answered but we all got up.
That little session of true confessions, while startling, changed everything. We didn't spend time with birch twigs we just dropped in and before Rob was even properly seated, I summoned my courage and grasped his penis below water level. I gave it a shake or two, my fingers barely closed around it. I gave it one or two slow pumps and was gratified at the speed of the response. I was holding a stiff and erect cock. I longed to see it.
"Stand up, I dare you" I whispered. He gave me a wry smile but to my delight he did.
Martina and Tony looked, and she said "Perfect" and I knew she had grabbed Tony.
"Up boy." she said, and Tony also stood up. He was even a bit longer than Rob, but was he as thick? What was in the water around here? I knew just by looking, they were way beyond five or six inches or whatever the average male's cock was supposed to be. They both had to be more like eight inches, how rare is that?
Martina ran her fingers up and down Tony's, not stroking, just playing. Rod sat down before I could do the same, but I took a firm grip below the surface of the water.
Tony sat down again and asked Martina to stand up. She did so, but I did not really see the point, until I realized he had slipped behind her. From the way she lowered herself slowly, first with a giggle and then a little yelp, I suspected she was sitting on more than his lap.
Looking me in the eye she began to gently raise and lower herself. I longed to be feeling Rob's hard cock under my bum. I let go of his penis and stood. I moved across him then lowered myself until I felt its hardness pressing along the crack between my butt cheeks. That felt good. I could feel it trying to explore and I lifted myself a little higher until I felt it pushing against my labia. I wiggled until I felt the tip was between them the lowered myself forcing it up into my ready vagina.
Could I take it all? It was much larger than any I had had before, but this had been my fantasy for many weeks. Rob had remained relatively passive, but now he thrust up slowly as I accustomed to his size. I settled down content at last to enjoy the feeling of being fully filled.

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